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Archive-name: Couples/cards.txt


Archive-title: In the Cards

	My wife is as avid an Alabama fan as I 

am a Tennessee fan. The Alabama VS Tennessee football 

game is always a tense time around our house.  Tennessee 

has won the last few years and I haven't pushed it too 

much, because I knew that it would not last.  Also, in the 

overall series Alabama is way ahead.

	This year my wife and I were separated 

when the game was played because of a situation beyond 

our control. I knew Alabama would slaughter Tennessee 

this year; Tennessee was having a terrible season, while 

Alabama was ranked # 2 in the country. When I talked 

with her on the phone I said, "Well, I challenge you to an 

Alabama VS Tennessee strip Gin Rummy card game. The 

Tennessee football team was slaughtered by Alabama, but 

this Tennessee boy can make you say ' GO VOLS '." My 

wife's reaction was both humiliating and exciting.

	When we finally got together and had 

the kids settled she said, " Let's go up to the bedroom; 

this Alabama female is going to stomp your male 

Tennessee ass in a game of strip Gin. " The smile on 

her face and the wink of her eye told me that I was in for 

a rough game. My wife is really good at cards and can 

beat me most of the time. This was for the honor of 

Tennessee and I wanted to hear this avid Alabama fan say 

GO VOLS so I was going to try my hardest.

The first hand was a quick one - Linda won.  " Ok, big 

boy, off with the shirt. I want to look at that hairy 

chest."  The second hand was the same. This time she 

said, " And the Tide Rolls On !!. Take off your pants. 

We're getting there fast, aren't we ? "

I won the third hand, which helped me regain some of my 

confidence and I said, " Now, the Tennessee male starts 

his comeback. Take off your shirt and I think you ought 

to have to take off the bra to, if you are wearing one so I 

can see your tities." She replied,  " Since this is the only 

hand you are going to win I'll give you a break and 

take off my bra too. After all you are almost 

stripped; this next hand and you will be. "  I was still 

confident. My comeback was to be a short lived one as 

she easily won the next hand. Everything I played fit right 

into her hand.  With a wink and a smile she said,  " Now 

take off your panties, little man, and let me look at 

that dick. Do you want to play somemore ? "  I 

replied, as I took off my underpants, " But, I don't have 

anymore clothes !! ". Her reply was,  " I know, the Tide 

has Rolled all over you, this has been a slaughter just 

like the football game. This next hand will be for 

your ass. Are you game ? "

I thought I might be able to win a few hands in a row and 

still pull off the win so I agreed. I lost this hand too. Linda 

laughed out loud, winked at me and said,  " I've stripped 

you and now your ass is mine. I know you want to 

hear me say GO VOLS and I want to hear you say 

ROLL TIDE. Let's play one more hand. If I win you 

will say ROLL TIDE whenever I tell you to for the 

next week; if you win the same goes for me saying 

GO VOLS. You can deal. " I said, " Ok, the odds are in 

my favor and I would love to hear you say GO VOLS for 

a week. "

This hand lasted longer because she was holding 

everything in her hand. I discarded the card she was 

waiting for and she went out with a flourish.  " I love this. 

I told you this Alabama female would destroy you. I 

even gave you two chances after you were stripped. 

Now say it." I reluctantly said ROLL TIDE. Linda said, " 

What ? I can't hear you." So I said it louder.


OVER YOU in cards now come over here and see 

how it's going to roll over you in another way. " With 

that, out went the lights and the tide rolled all over me 

again.  It was all in the cards.




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