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Archive-name: Couples/caramel.txt

Archive-author: Appolonia Kotero 

Archive-title: Caramel and Chocolate

Part I

     It was a hot day in August.  Rex and his girlfriend Violet

were at on a large remote rock in Rock Creek Park picnicking.  They

ate quickly because of their intense hunger.

     Violet was a beautiful girl.  She had light brown hair which 

fell softly around here beautiful face.  Her hazel eyes lit up as

she gazed at Rex.  Her black leather dress hugged her large breasts

and her sexy hips.  The deep slit of the dress showed her  lovely

caramel legs and slightly showed her vulumptuous hips.  Rex  was

getting excited.

     Rex was a nicely built man.  His faded blue jeans and matching

jacket suited his muscular build.  Everytime Violet was  around

Rex, she was in heaven.   His dark brown eyes were gorgeous.  She

loved his wavy jetblack hair and dark brown skin.  Just like a rich

piece of chocolate, delicious.

     Rex and Violet sat there near the mini waterfall listening to

the water furiously hit the rocks.  They gazed into each others'

eyes not speaking.  Words were not necessary because they both knew

what they wanted.  Violet was hungry for chocolate and  Rex was

hungry for caramel.

     As Rex softly stroked Violet's calf she closed her eyes.  She

moved closer to him.  They were both sitting on the ground on a

blanket.  Rex kissed Violet slowly but demanding.  Violet pressed

her breasts against Rex's massive chest, closer and closer until

they both formed a ball of hot and sweaty passion.  Rex gently laid

Violet down on the blanket.  He kissed her sweet caramel neck. 

She WAS delicious.  He unzipped her tight dress and brought his

mouth to her ample breasts.  He sucked hungrily.  Violet moaned in

pleasure.  She involuntarily reached for his throbbing cock because

of her intense pleasure.  Within seconds her dress and lace panties

were balled up at the foot of the blanket.  She madly ripped off

Rex's clothes.  She pulled him so close to her that their hot flesh

stuck together.

     Rex entered her gently.  She gasped in Rex's ear, it sent

chills through her body.  Rex pumped her slowly in a rhythm.  The

cold breeze felt good on Rex's buttocks.  Violet moaned with each

pelvic thrust.   She was in paradise.   Oh how she did love

chocolate.  It tasted so sweet.  Rex pumped her until she exploded. 

Rex then came.  They folded the blanket over  their unclothed 

intertwined bodies and looked up at the clear blue skies and the

soaring birds which occasionally landed on one of the beautiful

oak trees.  Rex looked deeply in to Violet's eyes and said, "Ilove


     "I love you too.", Violet said before she kissed Rex.

     "I want some more chocolate, Rex."

     "What's mine is yours.", said Rex.

     Violet kissed Rex's mahogany chest softly.  She then worked

her way down to his fuzzy navel.  Rex's body lifted in pleasure. 

She put her wet tongue in his navel while he stroked her soft hair. 

She then took his erect shaft in her mouth and sucked hungrily. 

Her circular motions and intense suction no longer permitted Rex

to hold in his feelings of ecstasy.  He was a wolf howling at the

moon.  They did not notice that Rex's best friend Marcus was hiding

behind the bushes videotaping the whole event!

     Before Rex had the opportunity to cum, Violet crawled on top

of him, expertly inserting his Moby inside of her.  She rode him 

wildly until they both came simultaneously.  Then Marcus jumped out

of the bushes with his video camera and Rex and Violet grabbed

their belongings and ran quickly to the car.

Part II 

     The sun shone brilliantly through the bedroom window awaking

Violet.  She looked over at Rex who was sound asleep.  His 

uncovered naked body was half under the blanket but Violet could

still see his huge erection.  He began making slight pelvic 

thrusts while mumbling, "Oh Violet, emmmmmmmmmm."  Violet quietly 

moaned as she thought of how Rex had fulfilled her every wish the

previous evening.  She got out of the bed putting on his robe which

hung on the back of the bedroom door and headed for the kitchen. 

Violet began making coffee and it wasn't long before she heard Rex

out of bed.  While he showered she began setting the  table for

breakfast.  Rex appeared in the kitchen only in his robe and

slippers.  He came over to Violet who was flipping pancakes  and

said, "Good Morning, honey." as he patted gently on the ass.

     "You were having a rather erotic dream this morning, weren't

you?" she said as she served their plates and they sat down.

     "That's what you do to me, Violet.  You really get me


     Violet didn't respond.  She remained silent throughout the

breakfast.  After they finished eating, she then cleared the table

and placed the dishes in the sink.  While she was washing the

dishes, Rex came over to her.  He lifted up the robe she wore and

began fondling her buttocks while he kissed her neck.  She

continued washing dishes even though he had raised up his robe and

stroked her bare ass with his dick.  "Come on, Violet.", he

whispered before nibbling on her ear.  She began pulling away and

putting the clean dishes in the cabinets.  She still had not

spoken.  When she finished she went to the bedroom to make the bed

because she knew that Rex hadn't made it.  Rex followed her

hypnotically in the bedroom hungry for what existed between her

delicious caramel legs.  She straightened the bed sheets and

fluffed the pillows.  Rex took off his robe and closed the door. 

As she bent over to get the comforter which had fallen on the floor

he pushed his massive dick against her clothed ass and threw her

playfully on the bed.  He turned her over and kissed her wildly

pushing her robe up.  Rex searched awkwardly for her love canal

with his large fingers.

     "No!!!", she exclaimed.

     "What's wrong, sweetheart....Is it something that I have

done?"  Silence............Rex  looked deeply into her lovely hazel

eyes.  She looked up at Rex's handsome chocolate face.

     "I'm scared."

     "Of what?"

     "What Marcus might do with that video tape of us making love."

     "Honey, there is nothing to be worried about.  He is my best

friend and we are always playing practical jokes on each other. 

  I am sure he will call me today laughing about it and after he

shows me the video tape at his house, then he'll give it to me."

     "Are you sure?"

     "Leave it up to me, baby.  Trust me?"

     "O.K.  If you are that certain."

     Then Rex quickly undid the robe which she wore.  He then began

nibbling away at his delicious piece of caramel.  He began at her

neck working his way downward.  Her tasty nipples were a deep rich

caramel.  Rex ate hungrily.  He licked her stomach so lightly that

it sent chills of ecstasy through her vulumptuous body.  She

caressed Rex's black hair as he moved lower and lower. 

     "Yes, Rex.  Yes, yes, yes....", she softly whispered.  He

licked her clitoris harder and harder as she moaned louder and

louder.  "Yes, Rex.  Oh, OH, OHHHHHHHHHH!", He licked her to orgasm

and her vagina began to contract.  Her shiny hole looked so

inviting and delicious that Rex could not resist.  Her juices had

already begun to come out of her vagina and Rex tasted them with

delight.  Oh yes, Caramel was rather delicious indeed.  Rex made

her cum so  much that she lost count and stopped only when his

tongue became tired.  Sleep quickly fell upon Violet.  "She is such

a beautiful creature.", Rex thought to himself.  Rex leaned over

and kissed her on the forehead.  He then covered his Caramel

Delight with the comforter and left the bedroom to call Marcus.



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