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Archive-name: Couples/camping.txt

Archive-author: June and Lizzie Smith

Archive-title: Camping

Dawn started her night with Sean down at the beach, talking about what they 

liked to do (sexually) with their sex partners. Dawn said she wanted to have 

sex at the waters edge. She wanted the water to splash upon their bodies. She 

thought this would double her thrills. Sean thought this would be different. 

Dawn went on by saying, "I want to go swimming." Sean said, " I'll show you 

later what I want to do. Let's go swimming." Sean stood up , took dawn by the 

hand, pulled her up towards him, slowly he took off Dawn's top, placing his 

lips upon her small breasts, sucking on her nipples, and cupping her breasts at

the same time. He was going from breast to breast with his mouth, flicking her 

hard nipples with his tongue, this turned her on. Dawn started taking off his 

shirt, rubbing his bare chest, feeling his nice biceps. Sean came up to her 

lips, kissing them ever so softly. Dawn went down and started kissing his chest

all over. Sean took off his shorts, so did Dawn, revealing her shaved pussy.  

"Let's go in the water, " she said. In the water, Dawn wanted to get him hard, 

so she played with his dick. He was having fun of his own.   Playing with her 

ass, squeezing it as he pressed himself against her. Letting her feel that he 

was sensually aroused. They swam back up to the beach, where they laid on the 

shoreline. Holding each other, kissing and feeling each others body, "God, it 

feels good to touch our wet bodies together." Dawn thought. she rolled Sean 

over and climbed on top of his ready body, letting her pussy just slightly touch

the top of his hard dick. Sean helped her off, and laid her down so he could

let his tongue inspect her pink pussy. He went down and kissed her cunt; it 

tasted sweet. He started licking her clit.  "His tongue is so strong," said 

Dawn.  She took her hands and placed them on his head shoving his face into her 


He licked making sure he didn't miss a drop. Dawn came about four times. She 

pulled him up to her because she wanted to feel him inside her. he put his rock

hard dick into her tight pussy, pumping slow at first. the water came up over 

their bodies slapping their sexual organs, this is putting shivers into their 

already burning sex. harder dawn said, Sean did just that ramming harder and 

harder he fucked her, grabbing her hair, shoving himself deep within her, Dawn 

grabbed his ass, as he let out a sigh of relief letting his body cum inside her.

Dawn threw her arms up and laid, full of satisfaction. they were both happy how

things turned out. 

George and i walked over to his tent, inside there was a queen size air  

mattress. George found some candles and he lit them and placed them in 

different areas of the tent. This was very romantic. He turned some soft music 

on. George led me to the bed, where he laid me down. Taking off my  top and 

sat on top of me. He massaged my breasts. I laid there watching. I pulled off 

his tank top to reveal his chest. I ran my fingers through the  hair on his 

chest (I liked this) George turned around and brought forth some baby oil. He 

poured some on my tits, rubbing it on my body. He took off my shorts and his 

too (damn, he looked good) putting more baby oil on me and massaged my feet, 

legs, belly, tits, hands, arms, shoulders, and my neck. He kissed me. We were 

both naked and with the candles lit, it made our bodies look beautiful, so we 

sat around looking at each other's body. I told him, "It is your turn" i laid 

him on is back,i poured oil on his chest, only I rubbed it in with my body, 

rubbing my tits on his chest, brushing my long brown hair in his face. I moved 

down and started kissing his chest. I let the tip of my tongue run down his 

neck back to his chest and down to his cock where I liked it from top to 

bottom, I played with his balls gently, squeezing them. I continued licking his

prick. I placed my mouth over his head, closing my lips, letting my tongue go 

around and around, up and down, then I began to lick the sides of his pole. 

leaving my lips on his head, letting my tongue slide out between me and him. I 

went down as far as I could, letting my tongue lick as much as I could I pulled

up slowly and started kissing and biting softly. what I did then was took a 

piece of ice (nickel size) placed it in my mouth went back down to his dick, 

letting the ice move inside my mouth, using my tongue to push the ice from side

to side, letting it touch his dick once in a while, the ice melted fast. I slid

up to kiss his lips and lowered my pussy down on his wet dick. Up and down I 

went, slowly at first, around and around. George grabbed my hips and rammed me 

down on him. He rolled me over threw my legs in the air over his shoulders, 

grabbing my hips, thrusting deep in to me, I didn't stop cumming. Faster he 

fucked me, he was cumming to. I felt his love throughout my body. Afterwards, I

had him take a piece of ice (marble size) place inside my cunt. This made me 

feel more relaxed. Remember everybody, foreplay is where it all begins.



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