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Archive-name: Couples/brownstn.txt


Archive-title: Brownstones and Balconies

A spring evening, warm wind languishing down the streets, tossing the 

leaves from a long winter into a doorway.   We stroll along among the  many

people out enjoying the night.  Turning in at the brownstone, we  pull up

short in the doorway for a quick kiss.  Mmmmmmm, I started to  pull away

but your hand came up and slid behind my head, tugging,  bringing me back

down.  We chuckled and our teeth clicked.  I slid past your lips, past your

soft cheek and on to your ear.  What delicacies are your ears, tender

whorls inviting me deeper into a trance.  The words come easily to my lips. 

I tell you in a whispered urgent tone of my love.  My hands  on your ribs

feel your breath rising and falling, catching with the  words.  How I do

want you, in an urgent way in the doorway of this  apartment building,

people walking by close, talking.  I come back to  the reality of your palm

against my chest, my thumbs against your  nipples, my fingertips resting

lightly on your sensitive ribs, breath  heaving.  We sigh and part, the

spell broken for now.  

Running up the stairs, laughing, ringing the bell, and being swept into 

a party already in progress.  The noise, the heat, the heavy aromas of 

so many bodies, so much perfume, and smoke and other more animal odors 

of people in heat.  Like a wash it hits me and I struggle with the power 

of it.  Nasty comes my mood, with a feeling in my teeth of wanting to 

bite.  I go into the living room.  


It's great to see all the people again.  It's been a while since we got 

together and the conversation flows fast, the jokes and the taunts and 

the barbs, blood pressure raised quickly and just as quickly dropped.  


The hours pass in human time until midnight chimes.  I raise my head to 

scent you.... in the kitchen, out of all the odors, I follow yours.  

Pushing past the press of people in the hall.  The feel of bodies 

pressing close for that tantalizing instant, a hand on the shoulder 

takes on such power, the gentle slide of fingers on lightly covered 

flesh.  A hand strokes me as I go past, I flatten myself against the 

silk covered torso, up against the wall.  My hunger flares as I bear 

down on the hips, pulling them to me, the sudden intake of breath at the 

feel of my swelling desire.  I break the clinch and swipe the back of my 

hand over the lips and teeth that are bared in front of me.  A hand 

truculently grips my balls and I rotate my hips in longing.  Moving on 

into the kitchen, I cast my thoughts ahead to excite you.  


Sure enough you hear me come through the door, though I make no sound 

audible to the human ear, and certainly none distinguishable in this 

din.  I can see the shake of your head, then your shoulders sway.  The 

movement travels down that delightful spine, the muscles of your back 

that have arched so often above me and beneath me.  Your hips start to 

sway just as I come up close and press against you.  You push back, 

distracted, missing a cue in your conversation.  


Embarrassed, you half turn and playfully slap at my hands which have 

circled your waist.  Trying to draw me into the conversation, 

unsuccessful, you turn and see the half smile about my lips and the 

come-on look in my eyes.  Come on, come on, come on, come onto my stiff 

cock you delicious lover.  Come with great gasping breaths while you 

lock me in with your desire.  Desire sparks desire, mine and yours.  You 

bite your lip.  I lean forward as if to whisper in your ear, but all I 

do is groan, and turn away.  Torn by the need to seduce the delicious 

green eyed beauty you were talking to, and the need to, to, to, Ohhhh 

Damn!  Just the need to be with a lover who has laboured long and hard 

to show you some ecstasy.  


I'm already passing back through the horde, smiling, grinning, lips 

touching, good night!  Goodnight!  See yas later, eh?  


I mentally tug on the cord tied to your crotch.  The others knotted 

about your nipples.  Through the mass of flesh I feel you move to 

follow, leaving, the green eyes follow you hungrily.  


I grab my long coat and go out on the balcony for a breath of air, the 

party just inches away behind the sheer curtains.  The sound fades as I 

draw a deep clear breath.  I lean over the railing to see the people on 

the street just a few feet below.  A swish of the curtains, a temporary 

blocking of the sound as you come through the door and put your arms 

around my waist, leaning your cheek on my back, moulding yourself 

against my buttocks.  I don't move, frozen, waiting to see what will 

happen.  Your hands have such a life of their own, strong and soft, 

slipping inside my coat, inside my shirt, tweaking me, stroking, sliding 

inside the cotton.  They slide to the sides of my hips and grip me 

lightly almost carelessly, then snake sensuously inside the pockets of 

my slacks.    Uuuuunh!  What a grip, tender, strong, light.  I would go 

far for a grip like that, teasing me out here on the balcony with the 

party behind us and the people below.  Your fingers slide delicately 

over my erection, teasing...... back and forth, up and around.  


I feel you shiver and realize you are just wearing your shirt against 

the cool night.  You turn me around and face to face, you stand inside 

the folds of my long warm coat.  Our breaths turn instantly to steam.  

You press a finger to my lips, then with a teasing smile and a pat to my 

pressure point you turn to bend over the railing, your back to me inside 

my coat that hangs nearly to my ankles.  I laugh and slide my hands in 

your pockets.  You reaction is swift, bending your knees, rubbing the 

crease of your bum up and down against me, spreading your knees to give 

me access to the delights of your musky dampened crotch.  


My fingers slide over your backthrust hips, down the inside of your 

thighs, teasing, then return to your belt.  I can hear your breath catch 

as I undo the catch of your pants.  They are so roomy, I can slide my 

hand down inside to tantalize your bare thighs.  You arch your back 

lower, raising your hips in that unmistakable rutting movement, a gentle 

roll in time with my fingers sliding, pressing, gripping you through 

your underwear.  Your pants fall in a puddle around your ankles and you 

gasp as the cool night air puffs kisses against your dampness.  Oh, so 

ready to get fucked.  I grasp your underwear, pull it down slightly 

until I can move it to the side.  My cock springs easily from it's 

confines, and I let go for the few seconds it takes to lubricate and 

slip on a condom.  You shiver in cold, and at the thought of the latex.  

I don't delay, since you are already hyped.  


I guide my charger to your opening.  Damn, the underwear gets in the 

way.  Frustrated, I take out my clasp knife and cut through the flimsy 

material.  It falls in tatters inside the puddle of your pants.  

Gripping the nape of your neck with my left hand, and my erection with 

my right, I bend my knees and nose it up inside you.  You grunt and flex 

your knees to take it in.  Your back arches down.  My hand entwines your 

hair to pull back your neck.  You are shaking with the urge to be 

driven.  Slowly, you are opening to accommodate my length.  I slap your 

hip with my open hand, and reach around in front to feel your desire.  

Grabbing you hard and forcing you back with my fingers, I slide all 

inside you.  The warmth of your buttery buns pressing against my 



I lean forward, still holding back your head, and my teeth graze the 

straining side of your neck.  You wince and jerk at the pain, but there 

is nowhere to move to.  I have you right where I want you, spread open, 

split naked in front of me, hot and panting, skewered on my stiff poker,

ready for the serious stuff.  You start as a voice sounds from the party 

inside but I tighten my grip, flexing my knees and take a newer deeper 

thrust.  The slippery juice of our rut is matting the hair above my cock 

and on my balls.  I feel it on the inside of your thighs when I press 

there with my long fingers.  I lean closer over you, pressing you into 

the railing, moving inside you now and using my hand and fingers at the 

same time.  Your sleek muscles grip me and you move as if to rise up 

again.  I growl and sink my teeth into the back of your neck.  My hand 

that held your hair slides up under your shirt and squeezes your nipples 

in time to my grinding fingers and crotch.  I see your eyes staring 

blindly at the passersby on the street below, your mouth slack, your 

whole body tensed, pleading, anguished, pleading to be taken over the 

edge, your lower opening welcomes me.  Aaah!  The voices only inches 

behind us and I feel you start to quake, to shake, to squirm your ass 

gainst my belly, grabbing my hand and using it on your crotch to fully 

satisfy your lust.  


I growl against you one last time, then slowly relax my grip.  My hands 

ache with the tension, my knees are weak, I slump over you, my cheek on 

your shoulder.  My erection recedes and falls out with a silent plop.  

You realize your nakedness and bend to draw up your pants.  I remove the 

condom into a kleenex and stuff it into my pocket.  I slip my half-hard 

member back inside my pants and zip them up.  You turn from your re-

dressing and close your teeth on my collarbone.  Turning your head coyly 

to the side you look so inviting.  I know you are thinking of the green 

eyes in the kitchen and the long night before the dawn ahead.  



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