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Archive-title: Bermuda

A couple of years ago my wife and I were in Bermuda, and

something happened that was both exciting, and surprising.

We came back to the room late one night, slipped into our

robes, and went out to the balcony for a nightcap.  These

balconys had a solid wall about waist high, and were large

enough for a table and chairs.  Well, my wife was leaning

with her elbows on the wall of the balcony looking out at

the ocean, and I came up behind her and put my arms around

her.  My hands worked their way inside her robe, and soon

my hard cock was pressing into the small of her back.

I slid my hands up her legs, pulling the hem of her robe

with them.  She was naked underneat as was I, and my hands

were all over her.  As we both stood there exciting and

playing with each other, I caught something out of the

corner of my eye.  Without being obvious, I took another

look and discovered someone sitting two balconys down.

What I had seen was a cigarette, and saw it again as he took

another puff.  He was sitting down, and I could only make

out his head above the balcony wall.  My first thought was

to go back inside to continue undressing my wife.  But,

before I could react, she was switching places with me and

turned me to lean against the wall while she kneeled in

front of me.  As her hands went inside my robe, I knew

what she had in mind.  I was thinking of a way to move

inside without coming right out and telling her someone

was watching us, but when she took my cock in her mouth

I felt it would wait at least a few more minutes.

Well, she soon had my robe at my feet, and I resolved myself

to the fact that some strange guy was going to watch my

wife suck my cock.  What surprised me most was discovering

that I not only didn't care, but that it was actually

turning me on more.  She was sucking and moaning, and I

was moaning and I suddenly had the urge to give this

guy an even better show.  I pulled her up and slid the

robe off her shoulders and let it fall.

Now my wife wears some pretty skimpy bikinis, but here I was

stripping her completely naked while some other guy

looked on.  I turned her around and leaned her back

over the balcony.  I was behind her and we both had

a great view.  She spread her legs, and my cock slid

right into her soaking pussy.  I looked out of the corner

of my eye, and although I couldn't see what he was doing,

by the way his head was moving, I could swear he was

jacking off.  Seeing that, I put my hands on her hips

and really started fucking her.  Here I was fucking my

wife like there was no tomorrow, all the while knowing

that someone was watching us.  We were soon both cumming,

and I'm sure our "friend" was also.  My wife and I still

make comments about our nights on that balcony (yes,

we gave him another show two nights later) but I never

told her about our visitor.



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