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Archive-name: Couples/bedroom.txt


Archive-title: Bedroom

It started out as a lark.  Tim, my boyfriend, was hanging  around

in my workroom while I was trying to finish up some  sculpture that

had been ordered.  Specifically, I was making  stoneware copies of

an original that I had made several months  ago, so it wasn't as

if I was doing anything really creative.   Tim would tease me a

little just to keep me interested in him  then he would go off

around the room looking and asking all  sorts of questions.  At one

point he came back to me saying  that he was surprised that none

of the men I had sculpted were  built anything like him and, to

make sure I didn't  misunderstand him, he cupped the bulge in the

front of his  pants.  Now, mind you, Tim isn't one to brag but he

certainly  would have reason to if he wanted.  His cock is a good

9  inches long and 2 inches in diameter most of the way.  The

first time we made love I was sore for two days afterward and  not

because I had been a virgin.  Or maybe I was in the sense  that I

had never before been fucked by such a prodigious  weapon.  I

wouldn't have even let him near me if I hadn't been  so horny that


But back to my story.  When Tim teased me about not using his  cock

as a model for any of my sculpture, I got this crazy idea  of using

his tool directly for duplication just like I do with  my original

sculpture.  I told him about my idea and he was  certainly less

than enthusiastic to be sure.  But then I  teased him a little

about being afraid to let anyone see his "secret weapon".  That was

almost enough to convince him he  should let me make a mold of his

dick.  When I told him how  simple and harmless it would be he

finally agreed.  

I instructed Tim to completely disrobe before we proceeded  because

we didn't want to ruin his clothes.  I took off my  clothes, too,

more because I wanted to be naked with him than  because of any

danger to my clothes.  While I mixed the  special powder with ice

cold water, Tim ran his cock up and  down my ass making me have

second thoughts about what we were  about to do.  I really wanted

to fuck.  

But it would be a waste of good material to stop now so I  started

slopping the stuff onto his stiff cock.  As the icy  material hit,

Tim reacted first with a few choice words about  my trying to kill

him, then with his cock dropping several  degrees in elevation.

Now, one thing I didn't need at this  point was an impression of

his limp cock so I handed him the  gloppy mixture and told him to

continue to spread it on while  I knelt behind him and began

tongueing his asshole.  I don't  particularly like doing it but

it is guaranteed to turn him on  no matter what.  Sure enough,

within seconds his rod was as  stiff as before.  

I continued my tonguing until the material set.  This stuff  sets

up within 2 or 3 minutes.  I could tell the time had come  because

Tim complained about not being able to put any more  on his cock.

At that point I reached around to test its  firmness.  It was

ready.  I tugged it sharply which caused Tim  to yelp in pain.  I

had pulled out about 15 pubic hairs but  even more the suction

developed from this mold of his cock  sucked his prick more than

he'd ever been sucked.  As I  continued to pull it off, he

complained that I was going to  suck his balls right through his

cock.  With that I gave his  balls a sharp pinch causing him to go

partially limp and  freeing up the mold.  

Tim helped me mix up the quick-setting plaster that we would  use

for the first model.  It is pink because it is used by  dental

technicians to model gums for false teeth.  We figured  that would

add to the realism.  Within a minute after we had  poured the

liquid mixture into the mold it had set hard.  I  peeled the mold

off hoping it would be able to be used several  times.  The

likeness was astounding.  Although it was cold  plaster I got hot

just peeling it.  

Tim was even more fascinated with it than I was.  After all, I

had see his cock close up but he's always been 18 inches or so

away.  As he examined and felt this stone imitation of  himself,

his cock became almost as stiff as the plaster model.   He self-

consciously tried to open his mouth wide enough to  encompass the

model and realized it would be impossible.  It  also dawned on him

just how such a tool would feel sliding up  his ass like he's slid

his into mine.  

That day I didn't give him a chance to worry about anything  since

by that time I was ready to be fucked.  But it did give  me some

ideas for future projects.  

In fact my next project was a model made of a stiff rubbery

substance with the firmness of tire rubber. It will bend slightly

but not easily.  It was also black as a tire although the finished

product was smooth and almost glossy in places.  The material takes

up heat so that it feels much more comfortable to the touch than

the plaster model I had made before.  I had molded  a six inch

handle on the base of it so that it would be easier  to work with

during construction but it turned out it was too  good to cut off

afterward also.  

While putting the finishing touches on it I got so hot my  pants

were literally showing the dampness through both layers  of cloth.

The shape and size were Tim's but the color made it  look like the

cock of a black man.  I decided to call it the  Black.  As I said,

just working with it was getting me horny so right there in my

workshop I shamelessly dropped my pants and proceeded to insert my

new toy between my legs.  My mind told me that it was exactly the

same size as Tim but the blackness brought to my imagination the

vision of a tall black dude fucking me.  By the time I had the

entire shaft inside, I was literally whimpering with pleasure.  

The next day Tim came over and I got this awful idea in my  head.

As usual, Tim's thoughts were on sex and within an hour  of his

arrival we were naked in my bed.  Telling Tim I wanted  to try

something new, I spread hand lotion all over my hands  and began

to massage his cock and balls.  He was delighted at  the sensation

and didn't fuss at all when I slipped a finger  down along the

crack of his ass.  In fact, he was so preoccupied with what I was

doing to him that he readily turned  over on his knees when I asked

him to.  Pretty soon, I had one  hand pumping a very slippery cock

and the other prying open  his anus.  

By first slipping one then two fingers into his ass I knew I  was

heightening the sensations he was getting on his cock.   When I

felt he had reached the proper degree of relaxation, I  quietly

placed the Black against his hole and pushed with all  my might.  

It slid easily until it was half buried in Tim's ass hole but

there it stopped.  But Tim let out a yell that could have  woken

the dead.  Leaving the Black for a moment, I grabbed  Tim's balls

and told him that I would rip them out if he let  out another cry

like that.  I squeezed just enough that he  knew I meant business.

However, he began moving his bowels in  an effort to dislodge the

black menace.  That simply gave me  the opportunity to slide it all

the way in.  Tim moaned and  begged me to please remove the giant

cock.  To see my macho  boyfriend completely at my mercy gave me

such a thrill.  But I  didn't want to kill him so I yanked the

Black out...almost.   Having been fucked in my ass, I knew that he

would then beg  for it back to fill the void and reduce the vacuum

I'd just  caused.  He did, while gasping for breath as if I had

slugged his stomach.  This time I pushed it in slowwwwwly then

began a series of slow ins and outs.  

Tim's cock, which had shriveled when I had first inserted the

black, was now as stiff as ever and I was getting so turned on,

I wanted it inside me.  I crawled down between his legs and

pushing myself under him managed to bring him back down inside  my

throbbing love pot.  He held my feet tenderly while his  balls were

crushing against my swollen clit, the Black was  sliding in and out

of his bum, and he was sobbing.  I moved  the angle of the dildo

to what I knew would massage his  prostate better and immediately

got a yelp of surprise and  pain from Tim.  That was followed by

spasmodic jerks that I  have come to recognize as impending


I wasn't very far behind.  As Tim started to come, I pulled  the

Black out all the way, then pushed it back in all the way.   Again

and again I fucked Tim's ass furiously as he fucked me and his

come seemed to last forever.  God, what a feeling!  

The next model we made with the mold was of flesh colored latex.

This time we included a tube from the base to the tip so that

liquid could be pumped deep inside whatever the cock was penetra-

ting.  Then we molded a couple of balls free hand and attached them

loosely to the prick.  Inside the balls were rubber balls which we

glued to a Y connection and that to the cock tube.  When we were

done the result looked even more like Tim's cock except that

squeezing these balls dumped their load.  The Y even had a special

connection that prevented liquid from coming back in unless pressed

in just the right way.  

Now it was my turn to be exploited.  Tim gently worked the Black

into my ass until I was more or less relaxed.  Then he substituted

the Squirt, as we called him, having filled the artificial balls

with what he told me would be a "soothing" solution.  He then

washed the Black and inserted it into my vagina.  I felt full but

not uncomfortable.  Tim positioned me on hands and knees in front

of him so that I could suck his cock while he played with the toys

sticking in my bottom holes.  

As I gulped on Tim's throbbing cock, Tim pulled and pushed, in a

more or less random fashing, the two artificial rods that were

fucking me.  I was definitely getting into the action as my pussy

was getting wetter and I was losing touch with reality.  I felt

liquid squirt up into my intestines.  It jerked and spurted in like

Tim's sperm would have and I had a mini-climax right then.  This

was going to be fun, I thought.  

After a minute or so of enjoying the friction of the three cocks,

I suddenly realized that I needed to shit, badly needed to shit.

I tried to remove Tim's cock from my mouth to alert him to my

problem but he was too far gone to let me.  Tears were welling up

in my eyes as I struggled to hold in the rising tide.  I saw then

that Tim knew what my problem was and my distress was actually

leading him to a climax.  I couldn't free myself and soon, in

addition to the cramps that were racking my bowels, I felt Tim's

hot sticky cum hit the back of my palette.  I gagged.  I felt like

I was suffocating now.  But still he continued.  

Finally, his hardness left and I pulled away and ran to the toilet.

Yanking out the Squirt, I opened my bowels and pushed.  What seemed

like a gallon of putrid liquid rushed out giving me an instant

high.  I even began pissing before I realized that the Black was

still in my front portal partially blocking my pee hole.  While I

sat there catching my breath, I noticed the empty Fleet Enema

bottle on the edge of the sink.  No wonder I had had such an

uncontrollable urge.  I wanted to be furious at Tim but when I

thought of how I had violated his backside, I decided that we were

now about even.  



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