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Archive-name: Couples/bathtime.txt


Archive-title: BathTime

I am submitting this story for your pleasure.  The usual disclaimers

apply.  This story should not be replicated in any manner other than email

without my permission.  It cannot be sold for money.  Comments are welcome

but just because I write erotica does not mean I want every guy in netland

to hit on me or make lude offers.

I lay on the couch, my head in his lap.  Staring up at him I realize how

lucky I am to be where I am.  He slowly and absentmindedly plays with my

dark blond hair as he sits entranced by the movie we rented.  All I can

think of his how wonderful he looks.  His deep green eyes and soft white

skin.  How his lean frame looks as he stands under the running water of

a hot shower in the morning.  How his light brown hair stands on end in the

when he drags himself out of bed, awakened by an obnoxious alarm clock.

I think...I can't wait until the movie is over.  Maybe I'll get up and

draw a hot bubble bath so it's ready.  Not sure I can move, his

carressing has put me in such a deep state of relaxation.  My mind

starts to wander again.  The bath will be nice.  He will blow bubbles in

my face and I will lean back against him so my bottom rests in between

his legs.  Maybe he will wash my hair and back, or maybe we'll just relax

and listen to the soft music in the background.  The candle will start

to flicker, reminding us that we really should go to bed for we have a

full day ahead of us.

I'll get out of the tub first and grab a green towel from the bar. 

Handing it to him, I get another for myself.  As we dry each other off,

he will embrace me and kiss me long, hard and deep, stirring emotions

I hold deep inside myself.  As we hold each other I can feel

somthing growing long and hard.  Knowing how excited we are both

getting, I take him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom.  The lights

are already off but I decide that a candle should be lit.  I want to see

his face, I want to look into his eyes.

Something funny must have happened in the movie because he's laughing. 

I like his laugh, just as I like his smile, the way he moves and the the

way he talks.   There is nothing fake about him and I appreciate that. 

He is so sexy, he doesn't even have to try.

The scented candle is lit.  The room starts to smell like vanilla and

the clean scent of our fresh bodies.  I lie down on the bed and wait for

him to come to me.  It doesn't take long for him to appear beside me. 

His lips meet mine and we kiss for awhile.  His hand start to slide down

my body.  When our lips part, he moves his down to my small breasts with

their tan nipples.  Nibbling at them, they soon become hard.  His hand

runs itself along the inside of my thighs and makes it's way up to the

prize.  A hot, wet pussy awaits his skillful fingers.

As he concentrates on pleasing me, I move my hand down his chest.  My

nails scraping against his skin.  As they near his cock, he shivers in

anticipation.  My hand grabs hold of his hard member and begins to slowly

move up and down.   His finger circles my clitoris and the

very tip of my lower lips.  Very lightly it circles, it speeds up for

awhile than slows down.  Occasionally it reaches down for more

lubrication but always returns to what it was doing before.  My body

begins to tense.  I beg for him to do it faster.  As he speeds up a

tingling feeling starts at my toes, causing them to curl, and rushes up

my body.  My stomach contracts and I become totally unaware of my

surroundings.  A moan escapes from my lips and I smile as my body finally


Now I pull away from him and lay him down flat on the queen size bed

with it's black cotton sheets.  My lips embrace his and my tongue

eagerly explores his mouth.  A little nibble on the ears and a love bite

on the neck and my tongue slowly makes it's way down his chest.  It

doesn't take too long for my mouth to find it's mark.  I run my tongue

along the shaft and around the tip.  A drop of precum appears and it is

soon gone down my throat.  Grabbing his balls in my hand I plunge my

mouth over his hard cock and start to move up and down.  As I move up my

lips wrap around and put a little pressure on the throbbing cock.  He

groans and I taste more salty precum.  As his hip start to buck mildly, I

relax my throat muscles in order to let his beautiful manhood slide all

the way in.  His groans are becoming more frequent and his body is

starting to tense.  I stop.

Sitting up, I position myself above him and quickly slip down onto his

cock, letting it slide into my pussy with ease.  My hips move in circles

at first but then I move up and down.  Slowy at first but then with more

urgency.  Rolling over, he is soon on top of me, pounding his cock

inside of me with such speed and strength.  Knowing that he is soon

going to cum, I match his speed and try to grab his cock with my pussy. 

It works....his body stiffens and a low long gutteral groan enters my

ears.  He shudders and rolls over onto the bed.  His face illuminated by

the candle shows utter contentment and a big smile.

As I pull myself out of my reverie I realize that the movie has ended

and he is staring at me.  I smile back at him, get up off the couch and

tell him that I'm going to start running the bath water.



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