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Archive-name: Couples/barefoot.txt


Archive-title: Barefoot in the Park

    As you are aware of, I sure did shave my CUNT.  I think that it's great 

knowing that Merlin knows that it's shaved, especially when I wear a skirt 

(mini-skirt).  When we go out, he is always trying to grab me on my ass.  

How's that for being married almost 10 years?  No one else knows he is 

really after my twat.  It feels so good  when he teases me.  Once it was 

raining last week. I only had on my raincoat when I picked him up from the 

bar.  He likes to watch those topless girls in New York.  I don't want him 

driving after he has a couple (2 or 3) drinks.  You know how those cops 

are.  We never got home until 5:00 A.M.!  He had a better time after I 

picked him up.  

    First I pulled out his cock while I was driving.  Then he saw a 

park-like  setting with lots of trees.  We got out and trudged in the rain 

until we came across a pavillion.  There was a beautiful place to fuck.  No 

one would see us.  He took my raincoat off and was he suprised to find 

nothing on underneath.  I took all his clothes off while he just watched 

and looked at me.  I took his cock (stiff) and hungrily licked and sucked.  

I ran my tongue around his member. It tasted good.  His cock was jabbing 

the back of my throat.  I was cupping his balls with my other hand.  I love 

to suck cocks. I suck until the cum starts to ooze out, then I lick that 

too.  "Fuck me!", he said.  But I like to make him wait.  I said to him, 

"I'm going to suck that cock off, until you almost cum." So, I went to 

work, manipulating his balls, exciting him even more.  I was determined to 

give him the wildest fuck he ever got.  

    I laid down and pulled him on top of me. As I licked and kissed his 

ear, I held his hands so he couldn't do any thing to me yet.  I like to see 

him so horny that he would suck my juices out.  Then my hot tongue reached 

down his throat as he rolled me over. As my hand found his throbbing cock, 

he kissed my neck and ears.  With my hand so close to my twat, I put my 

finger in my twat and lightly rubbed it almost to a climax.  My wet, 

scented finger then went into his mouth.  He loved the taste.  He likes to 

make me a slave in loving.  As he reached up to squeeze my tits, I took his 

huge cock in my hand and guided it into my wet pussy. It felt so good!  He 

shoved it into me so hard.  Of course, I was not going to let him cum yet.  

I climbed off him and turned to see his huge cock staring at my face.  He 

grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me toward his waiting mouth.  My bare 

pussy was being licked and kissed.  My smooth, hairless cunt was already 

wet before he licked it. His tongue was expertly licking the inside of my 

hole. His tongue lightly flicked at my clit, which was protruding from my 

arousal.  I pushed my hips up so he could go inside deeper.  His tongue 

darted in and out of my love hole.  He hadn't shaved in a few days, so the 

stubble of his beard stimulated me too.  That's something I had never been 

able to feel with a hairy pussy and it felt fantastic!  Without any hair 

down there, he gave me a tongue-fucking more eagerly than he ever had 

before.  With his mouth on my cunt I felt sensations flooding me as I had 

never felt before.  My entire body shook all over as I came to a wave of 

climax after climax.  

    I wanted him to enjoy it longer so I didn't stop licking him. I leaned 

over and started to lick his waiting prick. I love the hot gripping feel of 

his hands on my body.  As I sucked up and down on his cock, I rubbed his 

balls sensually.  Naked and hot, I kept my hands on his swollen cock while 

I sucked and shoved his cock down in my throat.  With my experienced 

tongue, I touched the tip of his cock and lightly touched the slit with my 

fingers.  My wet fingers then slowly slid down to my twat again. I took his 

balls into my mouth and sucked on them very gently.  I wanted him to shoot 

his hot, white cum into my pussy.  

    Slowly, I lowered myself onto his huge, throbbing prick.  I could feel 

it throbbing inside me, ready to burst forth with its flood.  I just held 

it tightly in my pussy for awhile, then slowly began moving up and down.  

I'd quicken my pace for a few strokes, then return to the more leisurely 

pace.  My own passions began mounting again as I continued to caress his 

cock with my bare pussy.  Suddenly, he rolled me over onto my back and 

began thrusting vigorously.  I threw my legs up around his shoulders as he 

pumped his growing member into me.  "Oooo!  Fuck me hard, lover.", I said.  

"Pump that huge cock into me!  Ooooo!  Ahhhh!  Ohhhhhh!"  As I peaked over 

the edge of another orgasm, I could feel his hot, thick stream bursting 

into my loins!  I dug my nails into his back and pulled his body tighter 

towards me with my legs as we both climaxed together.  



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