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Archive-name: Couples/anne-i.txt


Archive-title: Anne and I

This is a story about my wife and I. I'll try to tell it as it happened,

but since 13 or so years have passed since our first meeting, some of the

memories have probably gotten better with age.  :)

It all started with a chili eating contest at a local bar... You know, one

of those silly things that one does on a dare. Your friends saying, "sure

sign up, I'll be there to help cheer you on." Bull! It was just me, 2

beers, a quart of chili, and about 15 other contestants.

I won't go into all of the gory details about the contest. The winner did

it in a minute and thirty three seconds, and then threw up on the guy

standing next to him. I did it in about 33 minutes.

Winning second place, was ok, I guess. The photographer was taking

pictures of me and the winner for some newsletter, and he kept saying one

more, one more. I looked at the winner, and he looked at me... We both

turned around and dropped trou for the camera. He wanted to see a smile.

How about a vertical one?

Time to pick up the beer cooler, and the six-pack of long necks, and head

home. Another chapter in life is closed. Or so I thought.

A couple of weeks later I'm sitting at the bar of the local watering hole,

nursing a beer. Checking out the ladies in the mirror that runs the length

of the bar, I see one a few stools down that keeps looking at me (or at

least I think she is looking at me), and then talking to her friend

sitting next to her. I happen to glance over and see a stack of papers on

her lap. Recognizing them as the newsletter from the beer distributor that

sponsored the chili eating contest, I ask her "Is that the new

SilverBird?" She says no, and then a look of surprise comes across her

face. She then says "I know who you are, I've seen your picture before.

Both FRONT and REAR!"

Now I'm trying to think fast. Where had she seen my picture before?

Especially from the rear. She then tells me that she works for the PR firm

that handles the SilverBird account. And that the photographer had brought

in the proof sheets from the contest. She said that she had a good time

looking at those tiny little pictures. A bit more interesting than the

ones the photographer usually brings in.

She says "Hi, my name is Anne, and I already know yours." I did the usual,

do you come here often bit. And to my surprise she said yes. I told her

that I lived in the apartment complex across the street, and made some

comment about it being close enough to crawl home if necessary. We ended

up spending the rest of the evening talking about nothing of consequence;

you know how the singles bar scene is. When we parted later that evening,

she said that when the new edition of the SilverBird comes out, she would

make sure I got a few copies. I said ok, and thought that was the end of


A few weeks later, I'm again in the bar, and I run into Anne. We say hello

to each other, and I invite her to play a few games of pinball.

BlackKnight, one hell of a pinball game. Especially when you have a good

buzz going. I kick butt as usual. We end up playing until closing time.

I ask her if she wants to go get some breakfast. It seemed like the thing

to do, and was wondering if I was going to get 'lucky'. We finish

breakfast, and I ask her if she wants to come over to my place. She says


We get to my place. The usual late 70's/early 80's bachelor apartment. I

had the essentials: a waterbed, a couple of bean bags, stereo, TV, and a

coffee table made from the stereo cabinet's packing boxes. A real plush


We settle into a bean bag, and did some kissing. After a while I decide to

make my move. I put my hand on her boob as we're kissing. Hmm, no

resistance, just a slight moan. This is going to be my lucky night!

After kneading her right breast for a little while, and getting a more

passionate response as time went on, I decided to move my hand inside her

shirt. I slid my hand under her shirt, and started kneading her breast

through her bra. Evidently that wasn't enough for her. Being the

accommodating person that Anne was, she raised up off of the bean bag so

that I could reach around and unsnap her bra.

Now that her breasts were free of the bra I was able to move my hand

around a lot easier. I started at the base, and very slowly worked my way

up to her nipple. And when I was almost to her nipple, I ran my fingers

around it, and then went back down to the base of her breast again. I did

this a few times. Each time getting closer and closer to her nipple. After

about the fourth or fifth time of doing this, I let my hand run over the

top of her nipple, and brought the nipple in between my fingers. By this

time her nipple was really hard.

We had been kissing furiously this whole time. Moving from her lips to her

neck and ears, and then back to her lips. When I put her nipple between my

fingers and started rolling it back and forth, I thought Anne was going to

suck the tongue out of my mouth. I thought, shit! What's going to happen

when I get to her clit? I was going to soon find out!

Having played with her breasts for a while, I decided to move my hand down

to her crotch. Anne's legs were already apart from laying on the bean bag.

At least I wasn't going to have to go through the hassle of trying to pry

them apart. 

I started moving my hand across her crotch lengthwise. Starting at the

top, and moving down towards her ass. As I crossed over her clit, I put a

little extra pressure on it which made her suck in her breath. In no time

at all, I could start to feel the heat of her cunt, and her jeans were

starting to a little moist.

As I was about to start unsnapping her jeans, Anne made the suggestion

that we move into the bedroom. I said sure, and helped her out of the bean


Once in the bedroom, it was almost like a race to see who could get their

clothes off the fastest. As I was undressing, I was watching Anne so I

could see what she looked like. She took off her top and bra, and let her

breast go free. Her nipples here rock hard. 

She then bent over to take off her pants which caused her breasts to

dangle a little. They looked so inviting, I just wanted to reach over and

put my lips around those nipples. She dropped her pants on the floor and

got into bed, and I wasn't too far behind her.

We were laying on our sides and immediately put our arms around each other

and started kissing again. I started running my hand up and down her back,

trying to pull her as close to me as possible. Whenever I moved my hand

down to her ass, I pressed us together at the crotch.

Anne then brought her leg up and over my outside leg. This allowed my dick

to rest between her cunt lips, which were quite wet by that time. She then

started moving her hips back and forth which allowed my dick to slide back

and forth over her clit. I'm not sure what it was doing for her, but I

almost shot my load right then and there. I knew it was time to slow down

a little.

I started kissing my way down her neck. I wanted those nipples! I finally

reached one of her breasts and started licking and kissing my way up to

the top. I licked my way around her nipple, and then sucked it into my

mouth. This elicited a very deep and loud moan from Anne. 

I alternated between licking and sucking on her nipples. Moving from one

breast to the other. As I was doing this, my hand wasn't idle. It had

found her pussy. It was slick with her juices, and had no problem gliding

my fingers over her clit, and then down to her hole. I moved my fingers

around her hole, and then I'd go back up to her clit. Each time I moved my

fingers down to her, I would be getting closer and closer to entering it. 

By this time her hips are starting to come off of the bed. Anne wanted my

finger inside of her. When I finally put it in, she clung onto me very

tightly. I think she came, judging by the amount of noise she was making.

I moved my finger in and out of her very slowly. With the heel of my hand

resting on her clit, I was able to put some pressure on it to make her

feel good all over.

I decided it was time to do a little more exploring. The wonderful smell

of her pussy was calling me.

I got up on my hands and knees, and started kissing and licking my way

down. I stopped at her navel and gave it a good reaming, and then

continued my way down.

I brushed my lips over her cunt and blew my warm breath over them. Moving

from the top to the bottom. I then stuck out my tongue, and drug it back

up. Pausing ever so slightly at the entrance to her hole, and then up

further to her clit.

I then started moving my tongue back and forth over her clit, and then

down to her hole, and back up over her clit. The smell of her pussy was

wonderful, and it didn't taste too bad either!

In the mean time, she wasn't idle either. She grabbed hold of my dick and

started licking it from the base to the end. Up and down, up and down. I'm

not circumcised, and she managed to get her tongue under my foreskin,

moving it back and forth over the glans. The next thing I knew she had my

dick in her mouth and started giving me one of the best blowjobs I have

ever had.

After about 5 minutes of this, she asked me to put my finger inside of

her. I had my lips latched onto her clit and very slowly stuck my middle

finger into her. I guess I wasn't fast enough for her, because she raised

her hips to meet it. I then started moving my finger in and out of her wet

hole, all the while strumming her clit with my tongue.

All of a sudden, she started moaning real loud and moved her hips a mile

a minute. Her hands started pushing my head into her crotch. I was moving

my tongue as fast as I could, and then I heard it. Her pussy started

gasping, and then a bittersweet citrus taste invaded my mouth. I kept on

moving my tongue and fingers as fast as I could.

Anne then pushed me away saying, "fuck me, fuck me!"

I couldn't refuse a request like that. I turned around and brought her

legs up over my shoulders. I grabbed my dick and started running it up and

down her slit. Every time it went over her clit she jumped and said, "put

it in". I did this a few more times and then rammed it home. Damn it felt

great, really hot and cooking. Her hips started coming off of the bed as

I slowly moved my dick in and out. I was on the verge of coming and wanted

this to last a while.

Anne wanted none of this slow stuff. She said she wanted me to fuck her

hard. I then started picking up the pace. Pulling almost all of the way

out, and slamming it all the way in. We went on like this for a few more

minutes and then she started to shake, her hips had a life of their own.

I told her I was about to come and she said, "give it to me!" I made a few

more lunges and then came like I had never come before in my life. Anne

was right there with me, with her pussy gasping away, milking my cock for

all it had.

We laid there for a minute or two trying to catch our breaths. All the

while I was flexing my dick inside her, trying to get the last bit of come

out of it, and pushing my pubic bone into her clit. Every once in a while,

I could feel her pussy squeeze back. There was no way my dick was going


After a few minutes of this, she started moving her hips up and down as I

laid on top of her flexing my dick. Anne then grabbed my ass and pushed me

into her as much as she could while she orgasmed.

After she calmed down a little, I rolled off of her and started cuddling.

Moving my hand from her tits to her clit and back again. Sometime during

that time we drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I knew, Anne had her lips wrapped around my dick giving me

a good blow job. Waking up to blowjob is a great way to start the day...

Even if it was still night time.

I was on the verge of coming and told her so. Most of the women I knew,

usually pulled my dick out of their mouths and started jacking it. Not

Anne, she kept on bobbing and sucking. I flexed my dick a few times, and

then came as she swallowed it down. She sucked me dry and kept on going.

It didn't take too long for it to come back up.

Anne then positioned herself over my dick and sat down on it in one fell

swoop. She started moving her hips up and down very slowly at first.

Seeing her tits swinging there before me, I reached my hands up and

started rubbing and squeezing her nipples. This got her hips moving a

little faster. I then gently pulled her down by her nipples and pushed her

tits together, putting both of her nipples into my mouth. Her nipples were

about a half inch long and I was able to suck on both of them at the same

time without too much of a problem.

I then released one of her boobs and moved my hand down to our joined

crotches. I stared rubbing her clit up and down, and back and forth, using

her copious juices as a lubricant. This really got her hips moving and

body shaking. I had a difficult time rubbing her clit and sucking on that

nipple, but I managed. All of a sudden I heard that gasping sound again,

and then a warm wet feeling. Anne was moaning away, as she came again and


Anne finally settled down a little, and lay on top of me. Since I hadn't

come yet, my dick was still rock hard. After a while I started flexing it

inside of her. After the third or forth flex, I felt her pussy squeeze

back. We must of played like this for another 5 or 10 minutes before I

couldn't stand it anymore.

I wrapped my arms around Anne, and rolled her over so I was on top and

started moving in and out at a very fast pace. Anne spread her legs wide

and grabbed my ass trying to push me in deeper, all the while saying,

"pound it in harder, harder". That really got my hips going.

I started pounding my dick in as hard as I could. I was on the verge of

coming, and let her know. This got Anne's hips up off of the bed to meet

my thrusts. We really had that waterbed rocking and rolling this time. And

then we came, and came, and came. My dick just kept shooting, as I felt

her pussy trying to milk out every last drop.

I rolled off her, dead tired. I never had come so many times, in such a

short period of time in my life. I reached for Anne to cuddle, and was out

like a light.

To be continued...


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