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Archive-name: Couples/analbeth.txt


Archive-title: Anal Beth

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     I had known Beth for only a few months.  She was pretty by anyone's

standards, with nice legs, a firm behind, and somewhat small breasts (I

believe bite-sized is the term they are commonly called) with bigger than

average nipples.  We didn't make it until our fourth or fifth date, and I

can't say that the sex was spectacular.  Don't get me wrong, it was good,

but until we went to a hunting lodge one weekend with Joan and Bill, two

close friends, our sexual adventures were quite ordinary.

     We all went to bed early on the first night at the lodge, feeling

somewhat exhausted by the long trip and our hike into the woods.  Since

Beth always slept without clothes on, she turned off the light and slipped

under the covers, snuggling up next to me.  We couldn't do anything because

Joan and Bill were sleeping right across from us.

     At about 11:00 p.m., Beth arose from our bed and went downstairs.  A

while later I also got up and found her in the living room, where she was

lying on the couch, on her side, still completely naked, facing the back of

the sofa, in the familiar fetal position.  She appeared to be asleep.  I

slinked onto the sofa behind her and discovered, by her gentle stirring,

that she was still awake.  Not knowing what she was thinking, or feeling, I

turned on my side, so that my chest was pressed against her back, spoon-

like, and cradled her body against mine.

     I reached around her to cup her small, almost girlish breasts in my

hands, stroking and kneading them and feeling her nipples slowly gain

erection.  I moved my left hand down to her groin, pressing into the soft,

curly hairs, and began stroking there too.  She responded by pushing her

ass back against me, parting her legs in the process, leaving her left leg

raised, lazily resting on my hip.  Then, in her assertive way, she reached

between her legs and took my cock in her hand, guiding it to, but not into,

her.  Still behind her, almost passive, my half-erect cock was between her

legs, and she was rubbing it in a slow, circular motion against her


     When I changed my position slightly in an obvious effort to slide

myself into her, she pushed the shaft back, then whispered, "Uh-uh.  Not

there; I want you here, in my ass."  So saying, she placed the head of my

cock right in the middle of her anus, then rubbed it back and forth across

the diminutive opening.  At first, I thought she was teasing me.

     "Are you serious?" I asked, somewhat incredulously.  We had never done

that before, and I remember wondering if this was something about Beth's

sexuality that I hadn't known.

     "Just do it.  I want to feel your cock inside my ass," she said

softly.  She rubbed the cockhead a few more times against her nether

opening.  "Mmm, David, I want it deep inside my ass."

     My cock was already so wet from being rubbed between her moist pussy

lips that it broke the sphinctoral plane with surprisingly little effort.

She grunted as the cockhead broke the barrier, then hissed between her

teeth. "Slowly," she said, "work it in slowly."  She shifted her hips

slightly to accommodate the unaccustomed presence of something inside her


     "Am I hurting you?"

     "A little," she replied, punctuated by a gasp of breath.  "Oh, it

feels so fucking big!"

     I squeezed her breasts hard, flattening them against her chest, as I

softly kissed the nape of her neck.  "I don't believe how tight you are!"

     "Are you in all the way?" she gasped.  "I feel like I've been split in


     "Just a little more."  I pressed my cock forward, then felt it being

tightened like a vise by her sphincter muscle.  I seemed to gain ground

only by easing back slightly and then pushing forward.  She grunted and

moaned a few more times before I finally pressed my wiry pubic hairs into

her lower ass.

     "How's that?" I whispered.

     "Fucking unbelievable!  Don't move for a few seconds.  I have to get

used to it."

     I continued kneading her breasts and kissing her neck and shoulders

while my sheathed phallus remained completely motionless inside her.  I

could tell the entry had been somewhat painful for her, but that was not

unexpected.  The walls of her rectum were warm and smooth against my cock.

From time to time, she contracted her anus around the sheathed sword, as

she tested the elasticity of her anal muscle.

     The anal contractions were beginning to have an effect on me.  "If you

keep that up," I said after a particularly tight contraction, "I'm going to

come.  I feel close already."

     "No! Please, don't come yet!  You just put it in, you haven't really

fucked me yet.  Can you hold off?"

     "I'll try.  I can't tell you how good it feels!"

     "The pain is subsiding," she said.  "Give it just a few more seconds

and you can start moving in and out a bit."

     "I'll come for sure, then," I pleaded.

     "No you won't.  If you do, I'll never let you do this again!"    

     Now that I had discovered this side of Beth, or should I say the

backside of Beth, I knew that I would want to take her anally, and often,

again.  Maybe she wasn't being serious, but her warning was sufficient

incentive to do everything I could to keep from spilling my seed inside


     My reward for holding off?  Pure ecstasy!  With the pain all but gone,

Beth began moving her buttocks in a slow, circular pattern, while my

ensconced cock, a prisoner inside her, obediently followed.  Somewhere

along the line I began to slowly piston my manhood.  The dual phenomenon of

our syncopated rhythm sent the both of us to a high we had never before


     Beth was beside herself, having discovered an animalistic instinct she

never knew she had, and, with the discovery, she developed a far different

attitude toward our love-making.  Outside of a few "dirty" words like

"fuck" or "suck", said in the heat of passion to titillate me, she had

never been one to be vocal about her needs--until now!  "OH!  Fuck my ass!

Give it to me!  Oh, my ass!  I love it in my ass!  Oh, David, it feels so


     Her voice could be heard through the house.  "Hey," I said softly,

"the others will hear you."

     "Just shove it in me!  Make it hurt!  Fuck my assssssssss!"

     Her immodest exclamations, within earshot of the others, drove me to a

new frenzy.  I started pumping her like a madman, driving my cock in and

out of her beautiful, tight ass with complete abandon.  She grunted, she

groaned, she bucked her ass against my abdomen, snorting rather than

breathing, trying to pull me even further into the dark abyss.

     My hands on her breasts were no longer gentle.  If she wanted to feel

hurt, I would be more that happy to oblige.  I took her turgid nipples

between the thumbs and forefingers of each of my hands and squeezed the

nubbins sharply, painfully.  It was this final, almost desperate gesture,

that seemed to do the trick.  "I'm coming!" she cried.  "I'm coming!


     Miracle of miracles, just as her anal contractions (I assume from her

orgasm) gripped my cock, I let loose also, filling her with spurt after

spurt from my sheathed sword.  It was, without a doubt, one of the best

fucks I had had in long time.  I hoped she felt the same way.

     We both came down slowly.  I didn't dare withdraw myself from her.  I

just let the old guy fall asleep inside the dark hole, feeling every once

in a while a tiny anal contraction that only served to remind me of what we

had just done.  Finally, my limp member fell out, on its own, sliding onto

the inside of her inner right thigh, still wet from my spending.

     Beth turned her naked body completely around until we were belly to

belly, chest to chest.  She wrapped her arms around my back and held me.

She pressed her loins into mine, our pubic hairs mingling.  "That was

great," she whispered sexily.

     I smiled.  "I'm glad I held off, like you asked."

     "I had no idea I could get that turned on back there.  I guess I'm

what you call anal-erotic."

     I laughed.  "Would you really have denied me the pleasure if I had

come earlier?"

     She laughed also.  "You'll never knew, my sweet David, will you?"

     "I guess I never will."  When our lips met, her tongue went right for

my tonsils.  She ground her abdomen into me slowly, sensuously, creating

that familiar stirring in my manhood that had disappeared inside her

wonderfully tight derriere.

     I think she felt me growing, or at least sensed it, because she

slipped her hand between our clasped bodies and quickly located my semi-

erect penis.  Her tongue searched every nook and cranny inside my eager

mouth as she slowly stroked me back to hardness.

     "Don't you ever quit?" I asked, breaking the passionate kiss.

     "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your

door," she quipped.

     "So you're equating a beautiful assfuck with a mousetrap?"

     "Sort of," she giggled.  "I mean, show me a new way to get off, like

you just did, and I'll be at your doorstep, every night, wanting more."

     I smiled, then moved my hands to her buttocks, feeling the ass that I

had just fucked, and squeezed the globes between my fingers, prying them

apart, exposing her anus to the uncaring back of the sofa.

     "What are you doing, young man?"

     "I'm back at the doorstep again," I replied, searching for her anal

button with my middle finger and, upon finding it, pressing inward

slightly, not penetrating her, but letting her know that I was eager to

play back there again.

     "Don't you ever quit?" she laughed, a reference to my earlier

question.  She squeezed my cock tightly, then released it, before working

her hand toward the head and squeezing it once more.

     "I like your mousetrap," I said, pushing the tip of my finger into the

recently deflowered opening.  Beth laughed at my feeble attempt at humor.

     She was slowly masturbating my cock now, alternating the squeezing

with up and down movements of her hand.  "I don't ever remember him rising

so quickly again," she whispered.

     Just then Ellen came down the stairs from the loft.  I turned around

just in time to see her throwing a white terry-cloth robe over her naked

body.  Her tits were quite a bit larger than Beth's, but her nipples were

actually smaller.

     "What the hell is going on down here?" asked Ellen.

     Beth laughed.  "Did we wake you?"

     "All I could here was someone screaming 'Fuck me in the ass!' Wouldn't

that have awakened you?"  She didn't seem mad, just interested.

     "I told her to be quiet.  Now I'm embarrassed," I said.

     Ellen laughed.  "If you're as good as it sounded, there's nothing to

be embarrassed about.  It would be a good idea to go wash up, though, after

something like that."

     I blushed.  "You're right, will you please excuse me."  I pried myself

away from Beth, then walked quickly past Ellen.  I couldn't help but notice

that her eyes were on my erection.

     I washed thoroughly, even my balls and anus.  I had no idea what might

happen the rest of the evening, but I wanted to be prepared for anything.

I dried myself by running a towel back and forth between my legs, making

sure I worked it well into my ass crevice.  When I returned to the living

room, Ellen was seated on the sofa next to Beth, who was still reclining on

her side.  Ellen sat in such a way that she blocked my view of Beth's hairy

pussy, kind of facing her, her left forearm resting nonchalantly on Beth's

rib cage.

     Beth's left arm lay across Ellen's lap, kind of flopped there for want

of a better place to put it.  Ellen's robe had ridden pretty much up her

legs, but she had the garment wrapped around in such a way that her charms

were well hidden from view.  For decency's sake, I held the towel I had

been drying myself off with in front of my crotch.  My flag was at half-

staff beneath the towel.

     "Can I ask a personal question?" Ellen asked of Beth.

     "If you want," she replied.

     "Did it hurt?"

     Beth blushed profusely.  I smiled.  "You mean what he just did to me

with that monster cock of his?"

     "Uh-uh," replied Ellen with a broad smile.

     A pensive look, quite serious look came over Beth's face.  "At first,

it hurt a lot.  I thought the bastard was going to split me in two.  But

after a while, I became quite used to it.  I really wanted it inside me

after the pain went away.  It's such a different, filling sensation, to

have something in your ass."

     "Makes me wish we had tried it on the first date, instead of waiting

until now," I said, only partly in jest.

     "It makes me wish I let someone do it ten years ago.  Just think, I've

missed all that time.  Have you ever done it, Ellen?"

     It was Ellen's turn to blush.  She lowered her head in embarrassment.

"Yes," she whispered in response.

     "What are you acting so shy about?" laughed Beth.  "You didn't like


     "Mmmm.  I loved it.  I've been turned on know...anal things

ever since I was a teenager.  Man, I don't believe I'm talking so openly

about it."

     "You better define 'anal things,'" said Beth.

     Ellen really blushed at that question.  "Well, I like to do things to

people's....uh...asses, and I like to have things done to mine."

     "Like what?" asked Beth.  Ellen had really piqued her interest.

     "Like....."  There was a long, pregnant pause.  I could almost see her

mind thinking.  "Like having my anus....ah.....what's the term?..."  She

seemed to be searching for just the right words.  "Ah, you know...rimmed,"

she blurted.  She paused for a moment, quiet and pensive.  "Do you know

what that means?"

     "I don't think so," said Beth, quite honestly.

     "It's like when someone licks you back there....with their tongue."

Her face was red as a beet now.

     "I see," said Beth, raising her eyebrows as her interest began to

become more and more aroused.

     "And I like to do that to others, too."  She seemed more animated now,

more open, like she was confessing something she had held back for many

years.  "Am I embarrassing you?" she asked.

     Beth smiled.  "Of course not, please go on."

     "If I'm not getting rimmed with a tongue or fucked by a nice cock in

my ass, I like to have someone put a dildo in my backside.  Oh, just

thinking about it turns me on!"

     Just hearing about it was turning me on.  My manhood was coming back

to life, beginning to peak its head through the towel over my lap.

Nervously, I pulled the towel completely over it.

     Ellen looked straight into Beth's eyes.  "Would you like me to show

you something very special?"

     Beth gulped.  She thought for a few moments.  "I'm game."

     Ellen turned her head and looked at me.  "May I borrow her for few


     "Oh, yes...Of course.  I'll leave."  I started to get up.

     "Why don't you stay and enjoy the show," said Ellen sexily.  "I don't

mind if Beth doesn't."

     Beth looked at me with her expressive, puppy-dog eyes.  I could read

the sexual excitement in them.  "Maybe he'll get some new ideas," she said,

giving me a little wink, an obvious invitation for me to remain and watch.

     "He just might," said Ellen, pulling apart the sash on her robe,

letting the top loosen, permitting my hungry eyes to spy on a good deal of

her ample breasts.  She looked over at me for a brief second, as if she

were pondering her next move, then stood and nonchalantly shed the robe

completely, dropping it fall to the floor at her feet, before sitting back

down.  It all happened so quickly, in one fluid motion, my mind had to

adjust to the delightful fact that there were two quite pretty ladies in

front of me, and neither had a stitch of clothes on!

     My eyes darted from Ellen's full, hanging breasts, with their silver

dollar-sized areola and thick, brown nipples, to the soft, light-brown

triangle of curls which tapered quite nicely to a 'V' at her lower abdomen.

She made absolutely no effort to hide anything from my view.  To the

contrary, I think she kind of enjoyed showing her more than adequate body

off for me (and, I'm sure, for Beth as well).  I made a mental note to ask

Ellen later if she trimmed her pubic fleece, so delicate did her treasures

look.  The growth of her curls was quite sparse; in fact, I found it quite

amazing that Beth's thick forest of much darker curls completely hid her

cuntal slit, whereas the thin crack of Ellen's pussy was quite visible

through the hairs.

     Ellen devoured Beth with her soft, bluish-green eyes.  Her voice was

soft as the morning.  "Would you like me to give you a rim job?"

     Beth seem mesmerized by this woman.  She managed only to nod her head

in affirmation.  Her hand was just below Ellen's melon-like right breast.

For a second, I thought she was going to cup it.  I tried to imagine her

doing so, hoping that she could read my mind, but my little trick didn't

work, she just kept her hand stationary beneath the hanging globe.

     "Kneel on the floor.  Rest the top of your body on the sofa cushion,"

said Ellen, her voice devoid of its previous nervousness.

     Beth curled her legs to her chest and pushed herself past the still

seated woman.  I loved her nakedness.  My cock was now throbbing.

Stealthily, I slipped my hand under the towel and got a good grip on

myself.  This is one show I knew I would really enjoy.

     "Like this?" asked Beth, moving to a kneeling position at the far

right side of the sofa and leaning forward, resting her chest on the blue

velvet cushion and the side of her head on her forearm.

     "That's just fine," said Ellen, sliding off the sofa and moving to a

seated position to Beth's left.

     Ellen leaned slightly forward, her left breast scraping Beth's hip.

"So this is what you had to work with.  What a perfect ass!"

     I thought to myself, "How true!" as I watched Ellen place the palms of

her hands over each of the twin hemispheres and gently squeeze the pure

white flesh.  "Mmm, that feels good," husked Beth.

     "It's going to feel a whole lot better when I'm through with you.  She

leaned further down and planted a soft kiss on the upper left buttock while

she sensuously ran her fingernails all over Beth's ass, raising tiny goose-

bumps across the alabaster surface.

     Beth hissed loudly, between her teeth.  "Oh, that feels nice!"

     "It's called the warm-up," said Ellen, running the tips of her fingers

in a straight line inside the crack of Beth's buttocks, all the way down to

the anal region.  She was careful, however, not to touch the recently

deflowered rosebud.  It was obvious she knew exactly how to extract every

ounce of sexual excitement from her willing victim before she really


     Beth's breathing was becoming more labored as Ellen played tunes along

the inside of the ass crack.  "I hope you're not too modest," she said,

"you're boyfriend is about to get an eyeful."  I didn't comprehend the

meaning of her words until I watched Ellen move her hands to Beth's lower

ass.  Using primarily her thumbs for leverage, she pried apart the two

halves of the split pumpkin, exposing the pink, round anal button that I

had only recently deflowered.

     "I've never felt so exposed," said Beth, feeling both of our eyes on

her most private area.  She kept her head uplifted and stared straight


     "Relax," whispered Ellen.  "We're all friends."

     "Friends usually don't examine each other's assholes," quipped Beth.

     "I like to look at yours," said Ellen.  "It looks so tiny.  How did

her ever get his cock inside you?"

     "Very carefully," I said, and we all laughed.

     Ellen seemed somewhat jealous that I had been the fist to invade

Beth's most private area.  She looked at me with a slight look of disdain.

"Men don't know how to take good care of a woman's ass.  It takes a woman

to do it right."

     Beth immediately became defensive.  "I think he did just fine just a

few minutes ago.  I'm still tingling inside my ass."

     Ellen got more perturbed.  She turned back and examined the opened

anal region.  "Wait until I finish with you, honey.  I'll make you forget

about his cock."

     She seemed bent on proving to Beth that she could better satisfy her

sexual needs than I could.  It was a contest now, between me and her.  I

had already played my part, now it was her turn.  It didn't really matter

who was better--Beth was the real winner of the contest because all she had

to do was sit back and enjoy.

     For the rest of the session, Ellen completely ignored me, blocking me

from her mind, concentrating only on the job at hand--giving Beth the best

anal sex she was capable of giving.  She ordered Beth to stretch out on the

carpet, prone, on her tummy.  She did so, making a lovely picture with her

cute, curved ass and tightly closed legs.  She was perpendicular to the

sofa, her head almost touching its base.  Ellen then turned and sort of

squatted over Beth's naked back, placing her knees on either side of Beth's

ribs.  From my vantage point, almost directly behind my prone girlfriend's

feet, I had a nice view of Ellen's light-haired pubic area, which she

didn't seem to mind.  Her boobs swayed from side to side with even the

slightest of movements; her nipples were dark and erect.

     Ellen leaned forward from the waist, causing her tits to hang

delightfully downward, like melons on a vine, and placed her palms on the

back of Beth's upturned thighs.  "Open your legs!" she commanded, urging

her on by applying pressure with her hands upon the delicate, supple flesh.

Beth obligingly opened up, knowing that she would be baring the length of

her hairy crotch to the both of us--Ellen from above and me from behind.

In doing so, her cuntal lips parted stickily, exposing the soft pinkness of

her slit.  Her vaginal entrance was quite moist, providing ample evidence

that the anticipation of her sexual involvement with another woman was a

real turn-on for her.

     "Raise your ass up!" ordered Ellen.  Beth obliged once more, poking

the hemispheres upward, providing a prominent display of smooth, white


     To my complete surprise, the seemingly affectionate Ellen raised the

palm of her right hand over the upturned cheeks and gave the right buttock

a good, hard slap which resulted in a loud cracking sound.  Beth screamed

out, "OUCH!  That hurt!" and reflexively lowered her abdomen until it was

once again flush with the floor.  Immediately, a red blush appeared where

the hand had met her flesh.

     "It's supposed to," husked Ellen, knowing that her straddling position

over Beth's back prevented her from easily escaping any further blows.

"Get your ass back up!"

     Without a word of protest, Beth presented her tail bone once more,

knowing that Ellen would probably deliver another slap.  She was right--

Ellen raised her left hand this time and drove it hard onto the unmarked

left globe, rippling the surface of the ass all the way to the top of

Beth's thigh.

     "AHHH!" Beth cried, but, quite surprisingly, kept her backside in its

upturned state, an apparent indication that she was not opposed to

receiving more of the same.  I could see Ellen's fingerprints imbedded on

the soft, smooth skin of Beth's ass.

     Beth looked down at the reddened buttocks and waited for a few

moments, studying the buns and the condition she had put on them, allowing

the pain and the tingling to subside.  "How does your ass feel?" she asked.

     "It's tingling all over!" blurted Beth.

     "It feels kind of good, doesn't it, Beth?"

     Beth gulped.  "Y-yes, sort of," she replied.

     "Do you want some more?"

     I could almost see Beth's mind racing as she sifted through a host of

responses to Ellen's question.  She could suggest, politely, that she had

had enough.  She could tell her to go on and risk the consequences of more

pain and, perhaps, humiliation.  After all, her she was getting spanked on

her bare bottom by a woman, her legs spread wide, exposing even the inside

of her sex, with her boyfriend seated right behind her, watching everything

in rapt attention.

     Finally, she answered the question with one of her own.  "Will it hurt

very much?"

     "A little," replied Ellen in a soft, honest tone.  "It's supposed to."

As she replied, she began scratching the surface of the dimpled cheeks with

her fingernails, exciting the flesh beneath.  Beth shivered at the touch.

     "I...I guess it's okay," said Beth, obviously questioning in her own

mind if she had given the right answer.

     Ellen dug her fingers into the opulent flesh of each cheek, opening

the crack once more, exposing the pink button which she regarded as her

eventual target.  This would all be part of her "warm-up" to the coup de

gras to come.

     "I like the way your skin ripples when I spank it," she husked,

leaving the cheeks spread for a moment longer as she continued to visually

examine the exposed anal region.  When she let the cheeks bounce back into

place, I knew that Beth was about to receive a bit more than she had

bargained for.  Ellen raised her hand over her shoulder this time as she

swung it on a downward arc, lighting a fire on the exposed flesh as it

struck with a vengeance.  Ellen's breasts shook like jelly as the blow

landed.  As I watched the unbelievable scene developing before me, I

stroked my cock harder beneath the towel.

     "AHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHH!" Beth cried as a searing pain lit into her

backside.  "Not that hard!"

     "I'll decide how hard!" exclaimed Ellen, her brow furrowed.

     At that moment, Bill, Ellen's husband, came down the ladder from the

loft and, wide-eyed, looked at the two naked women.  "What's going on?  You

guys woke me up."  He was wearing only boxer shorts.

     Ellen looked up at him.  "Sit and watch, if you like.  You may not

approve, but I'm giving Beth a first hand look at a new adventure, no pun

intended," she said with a wry smile.

     Bill looked over at me, at the towel over my lap, my hand

conspicuously beneath it, then back at Beth's spread legs and her gorgeous

reddened ass.  He seemed to want to apologize for his wife's behavior.

"From time to time she likes to get on the wild side," he said to no one in


     "Sit down and watch, if you want," said Ellen.

     Beth hadn't bargained for more audience.  She closed her legs,

tightly, not desiring to give Bill the same free show she had been giving

me.  Ellen recognized her reluctance immediately.  Instead of ordering her

to open up and display her treasures, however, she merely began massaging

Beth's recently spanked ass cheeks with slowly kneading fingers, working

the flesh beneath her fingers like putty.  She seemed to know exactly what

to do to soothe Beth's obvious humiliation, leaning forward at the waist

and continuing the massage along the backs of Beth's delicately textured


     She kept the massage going for several minutes, without speaking,

working the entire buttocks and the tops of Beth's legs with a smooth

precision.  "That feels nice," Beth sighed, coming out of her stupor.

     Purposely, Ellen's massaging fingers curled around Beth's lower ass

cheeks every so often and, for the briefest of seconds, opened the crack

there to expose the pink rosebud.  She seemed to be getting Beth used to

the idea that it wasn't necessarily wrong to exhibit herself to three

people at the same time.

     In time, Beth's breathing became more labored, the kneading fingers

giving her a new sexual glow.  Almost imperceptibly, Ellen leaned forward

and placed her hands a bit further between Beth's tightly closed legs.

With the gentlest of urgings, she pushed against the inner thigh muscles

and watched as Beth's legs parted just a little, relaxing her inhibitions.

     "You have a beautiful body," whispered Ellen, abandoning the legs in

their half-parted state and returning her manipulations to the reddened ass

cheeks.  Beth's position allowed a few of the curls of the back of her

pussy to peek out from between the 'V' of her legs.

     Ellen alternated between massaging Beth's buttocks and lightly

scratching the flesh with her fingernails, causing Beth to begin moaning

once more.  The moans were a signal to Ellen that her plan was working.

She leaned forward, tits hanging downward again, much to my delight, and

returned her hands to the insides of Beth's legs.  This time her urging was

more insistent.  The barrier now broken, I watched the legs open once more.

I looked over at Bill.  Her was staring right into the opening.

     Ellen decided to go for it all, risking losing Beth to pure

embarrassment, but knowing that if she was successful, no barriers would be

left.  She moved her hand along the inside of Beth's now spread legs, all

the way to her hair-filled crotch.  She ran the index fingers of her hands

along each side of the exposed pussy lips, pressing softly into the pouting

flesh.  Beth moaned again.  Ellen went for the kill, moving her fingers

into the cuntal crack and slowly parting the labia, obscenely exposing the

still moist (even more moist than before) vaginal entrance and the engorged

clitoral hood.

     It was a bold move on Ellen's part, but the foreplay had left Beth in

a transfixed mood, her modesty long forgotten.  Ellen knew she had won, and

planted the victory flag by running two fingers into the pink divide and

easing them right into the naturally lubricated cuntal opening.  Beth

gasped out loud as she felt the fingers enter her.  Bill and I excitedly

watched the two digits slowly disappear into the splayed portal.

     "It's like a lake!" exclaimed Ellen, moving her fingers back and forth

inside Beth's canal.  The slurping sound that we all heard was ample

evidence that Beth was past the point of no return.  Her moans were now

loud and prolonged.

     Ellen withdrew her glistening fingers and brought them to her mouth.

Incredulously, I watched as she greedily sucked the cum-laden digits,

tasting Beth's pungent juices on her tongue.  When she took the fingers out

of her mouth, she looked back down at the twin spheres beneath her.

     "Show me your ass again," she ordered in a firm, somewhat demanding

voice, then watched as Beth unhesitatingly offered her upturned cheeks to


     "Higher!" demanded Ellen.  "Present yourself!"

     Beth arched her back even more, raising her abdomen well off the

carpet, poking her ass out smartly.  "That's much better," said Ellen.

"What do you want me to do?"

     "Spank me!" cried Beth.

     "Reach back and open yourself up first.  Show us that cute little

button!"  Ellen was in complete control now; Beth would be willing to do

anything, and she knew it.  She felt Beth's hands work between her own

spread legs and then come to rest on the still glowing ass cheeks.  Boldly,

Beth pried her own flesh apart, exposing the tiny button.

     Ellen pounced on the opportunity immediately, leaning over until her

chest was planted in the small of Beth's back, flattening her breasts

against Beth's body, digging her sex into the upper part of Beth's naked

body.  In another instant, her face was inside the parted buns, planting a

soft kiss on the crinkly rosebud.  Beth screamed out, as if a jolt of

lightning had struck her, as Ellen worked her tongue into the puckered


     Almost as soon as she began, Ellen straightened up and ordered Beth to

move her hands away from her ass.  As soon as she complied, Ellen drove a

hard slap onto the exposed flesh.  Beth cried out in pain.  Ellen used her

hands to pry the lower ass cheeks apart once more, drove her head between

the splayed globes, and darted her tongue into the nether portal again.

The time Beth's moan was longer and louder.  We couldn't see what Ellen was

doing to Beth's asshole with her tongue, but whatever it was it was causing

her to beat her toes into the carpet.

     Ellen lingered longer at the opening this time, rimming the rosebud to

her heart's delight.  Finally, she straightened up again and drove several

more stinging spanks upon the completely reddened ass, causing Beth to emit

shrill cries of pain and pleasure.

     Ellen continued to alternate the spankings and the lickings,

increasing the length of her rimming each time, and increasing the number

of hard, cracking slaps with each new round.  Beth was now beside herself,

making animalistic sounds from deep inside her throat, breathing

tremulously.  It was obvious to everyone when her dam broke.  For the first

time in my life I saw a woman actually squirt out jets of clear cum,

flooding the carpet between her spread legs, as the orgasm took control of

her entire spasming body.

     "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried, straightening her legs out and shaking

them violently as a few more streams of cum spewed out of her pussy.

     The look on Ellen's face was one of satisfaction, knowing she had

really done something to my girlfriend that she would never, ever forget.

But there was still a look of sexual desire written across her face.  She

eased herself off of Beth's back and planted her buttocks on the sofa, then

raised her feet off the floor and brought those, as well, to the cushion.

The effect was to utterly expose her sex.

     She looked down between her own spread legs to the still writhing

Beth.  Her brow was more furrowed than before.  Sexual excitement flushed

her face.  "Do me!" she ordered.

     Beth looked up at the splayed, wide-open sex.  She had never even

thought of doing it to someone of her own sex, but Ellen had removed every

inhibition she had known in the last half-hour.  She literally dragged her

exhausted body to a kneeling position between Ellen's invitingly opened

legs and plunged her head between them.  Ellen bucked her hips upward,

forcing her steaming crotch into Beth's face.  Beth gave her all, shaking

her head from side to side, then up and down, fighting to get her lips and

tongue into every nook and cranny of Ellen's sex.

     Ellen was beside herself, moaning loudly, her head thrown back against

the sofa.  She moved her hand to the top of Beth's head and tried to guide

the incessantly devouring tongue even further into her.  She even raised

her legs into a wide 'V', her toes pointing skyward, as Beth licked the

length of her slit and sent her head spinning.  "Eat me!  Eat me!" she

cried, feeling the magic about to happen.  "I'm coming!  I'm coming!"

     Her entire body seemed to shake with her orgasm as wave upon wave of

sweet ecstasy spiraled from her loins throughout her spasming body.  I had

never seen a woman come with such intensity.  To my surprise, Beth kept her

head between Ellen's legs even after the initial shock waves had died down,

laving her sex with slow, wide swipes of her full tongue, tasting the

copious flow of juices running from the steaming cunt.

     When it was over, both women stood up, naked and sweating, and

embraced, breast to breast.  Bill moved to Ellen's side and put his arm

around her.  Ellen turned to embrace him.  Beth looked over at me, red-

faced, then walked toward me and planted herself on my lap.  Her body was

soft and warm and slightly sweaty.  We watched as Ellen and Bill went up

the ladder to the loft, leaving us alone.

     Beth looked at me as I cuddled her in my lap.  There were tears in her

eyes and she began sniffling.  "What's the matter?" I asked.

     "I just embarrassed myself," she replied, between tiny sniffles.

     I cupped her left breast gently, moving my thumb lightly over a nipple

that had never been so hard.  "You just shone in my eyes," I said softly,

pulling the towel away from lap and throwing it on the floor, allowing my

erection to rub against Beth's thigh.

     "Are you serious?"

     "Very serious," I replied.  "I thought you were great."

     "I've never done anything like that before," she said softly,

searching my eyes for a sense of truth in my replies.

     "There's nothing wrong with what you did.  The both of you enjoyed it,

and I enjoyed watching."

     "You won't think I'm some kind of slut?"

     I laughed.  "Do you think I'm bad for masturbating while I was

watching the both of you?"

     Beth's eyes lit up.  "You didn't!" she gasped.

     "I did," I confessed.

     "Did you....ah....did you...."

     I helped her with her shyness.  "Did I come?"

     "Yes," she smiled.

     "No," I replied.  "I was saving that for you."

     "I'm wanton, David," she whispered.  "I think I'm over-sexed!"

     I squeezed her tit harder, then pulled her closer to me.  "We have

something in common," I said.

     "You're sure you didn't come," she said, sliding her body down mine

until she was on the floor, her head just above my engorged cock.

     "Good," she whispered, grasping the shaft in her right hand and

lowering her mouth over me, her lips shaped in the familiar 'O'.  She took

the penis into her, sucking it slightly.

     "That feels good!" I sighed.

     She stopped sucking for a moment.  "Don't be afraid," she husked.

     "Afraid of what?"

     "Afraid of coming in my mouth," she whispered just before lowering her

head over me once more and enveloping me with her warmth.

     It didn't take long for her magic to work.  She couldn't have bobbed

her head up and down on me for more than a deliciously sweet minute.  I

didn't tell her I was coming; I just let it happen, spilling my seed into

her as she swallowed each and every drop.

     The very next afternoon Beth was washing her hands at the kitchen sink

when I came up behind her and pressed myself into her rear, putting my

hands up underneath her sweater, feeling and gently squeezing her breasts

through the thin cotton bra.

     "You're getting me started again," she said.

     "Mm-mm," I mumbled into her hair.  I could feel my cock beginning to

grow between her ass cheeks.  I knew she could feel it, too.

     Turning around then, she put her arms around my neck, our mouths found

each other, and we pressed our bodies together, tightly.  It was as close

as we could get without actually fucking.  I reached down to the through

our meshed bodies and gently kneaded her skirt-covered abdomen, pressing

lightly just above her pubis.

     "Don't you think the others will miss us?" she husked, moving her

pelvis slightly against my roving fingertips.

     "Let them find something nice to do.  I've already found it."

     "I guess you have," she whispered sexily, frenching me with her tongue

and bringing her hand to the back of my neck, gently scratching me there

with her fingernails as I boldly moved my fingers lower and cupped her

pubis through the blue denim skirt.

     "That's nice," she sighed, breaking kiss and moving her cheek next to

mine, gaining access to my super-sensitive ears.  She took the opportunity

to blow soft, warm air into my left ear, sending chills all over my body.

     "Blow in my ear and...."

     "And you'll fuck my brains out," she interrupted.

     "That's a promise," I said.

     "I'll hold you to it," she whispered, breathing her words against my


     Her buttocks were pressed tightly against the counter.  Her legs were

opened as wide as the somewhat tight denim would allow.  When the tip of

her tongue found ear canal to its liking, I nearly busted my gourd.

     I moved both of my hands to the bottom of her sweater which lay

loosely around her waist and, in one quick motion, pulled the soft wool

over her girlish breasts, exposing the plain white cotton bra.  She was

never one for really fancy underthings.  Someday I would teach her how to

dress sexily underneath her dignified exterior.

     "Aren't you going to take it all the way off," she asked, somewhat

surprised that I left the sweater bunched beneath her armpits.

     "When I'm ready," I replied, lowering my head to her chest and

planting my lips right in the center of the right cup of her bra.  The

nipple beneath the thin garment was already turgid.  I bit the nubbin

lightly, through the bra cup, causing Beth to moan softly.

     There were no more formalities between us.  If the weekend had done

nothing, it left us both with the understanding that we could do anything

we wanted to each other's bodies.  There was no more pretense to our love-

making.  We were both surprised to learn that we would do the same things

in front of an audience of our friends that we would do in the privacy of

our bedroom.  There was no longer a need for modesty on either of our

parts.  We were beyond that now.  It was the perfect relationship.

     As I gently bit the nipple pf her left breast, I worked my fingers

beneath the strap that ran from cup to cup in the front of her bra and

moved my fingers beneath the cotton until I found the softness her other

breast.  How could I mind if these mounds were only cupcake-sized?  They

were sensitive to the Nth degree, especially her nipples, which I loved to

suckle like a baby.

     "It's a lot more pleasurable if you suck on the real thing," she said,

reaching behind her back and unhooking the clasp which held the bra in

place.  I felt it loosen over my hand, so I pushed it upward, baring her

breasts, and let it mingle with the sweater still bunched above her chest.

Immediately, I clamped my lips on an available nipple and sucked greedily,

deriving my own pleasure just listening to the soft moans my efforts were


     I continued sucking on her elongated nipple for several more delicious

moments.  She seemed to find the most enjoyment out of my sucking the

nubbin as hard as I could, drawing it deep into my mouth, then playing a

rhapsody upon it with the tip of my tongue.  Each time I did that little

number on her, she drove her loins against mine, really hard, pressing her

pubis against my cock, dry-humping me.

     I tried to pull my lips away from her swollen nubbin, but she reached

behind my head and pulled my face back into her tit, urging me on with

animalistic noises that seemed to come from deep within her throat.

     I was almost afraid to abandon the area for fear of being smothered by

her tit.  Finally, I spoke into the nipple, without pulling my head back.

"There is something else I would like to suck," I said, placing my hands on

her hips and pulling her lower body into mine, hoping she would get the


     My ploy worked.  Immediately, I felt Beth's hands press downward on my

shoulders.  "Kneel!" she commanded.

     Who was I to disobey such an order?  I fell to my knees like a wounded

deer, still holding on to her supple hips.  Her skirt-covered abdomen was

now inches from my face.  The blue denim called to me.  As I felt Beth's

hand press lightly on the back of my head, I moved my face forward and

planted my still eager lips right over her pubis, pressing into her skirt

with my chin.

     "Yes!" she cried as I started chomping on the denim, dry-eating her.

     I was really turned on now.  My hands moved from her hips downward,

along her tightly stretched skirt, until they came to rest on the backs of

her knees.  As usual, she wore no stockings.  I had told her long ago that

bare legs turned me on.  She pressed her pubis against my mouth as my hands

began their upward trek, this time along the satiny softness of the backs

of her thighs.  In the process, I was slowly pushing her skirt higher.

Finally, I had to move my head back to give the material room to move ever


     It wasn't long before the white 'V' of her panty crotch came into

view, and with it, the deliriously wonderful smell of her sex which I knew

had long ago began to moisten the plain white, silky undies.  As my lips

moved toward the reinforced panty crotch, I moved my hands all the way up

the back of her skirt and clasped her ass, tightly, even being so bold as

to move my fingers beneath the panty leg and feel the warm skin of her ass.

     It was easy, then, to move my lips over her pubis once more.  This

time, however, I could feel the thick forest of curls beneath the thin

material, and I used my tongue to find the swollen clitoral hood, hidden

beneath the panty crotch.  With her skirt around her waist, there was

nothing to stop her legs from opening wider.  Without asking her to do so,

Beth leaned back into the counter and opened her legs wide enough for me to

have easy to the entire length of her panty crotch.

     "Mmm," I sighed, "did I ever tell you how much I love panties?"  I

planted hundreds of tiny kisses on the insides of her thighs in between

nuzzling my nose or lips in her sweet-smelling, albeit still protected


     Beth giggled.  "I think you might have mentioned it a time or

two...OH!  That feels nice!  Kiss me right there....a little

higher....that's it....perfect....use your tongue....AHHH!"  She pulled my

head flush against her completely moistened panty crotch.  I paid special

attention to the clitoris and vaginal entrance as I ate her right through

the silky material.

     Finally, after what seemed an eternity of crotch kisses, I stood up.

Beth kept her legs well opened, so I was able to work the head of my penis,

still inside my pants, right up against her box.  She wrapped her arms

around my shoulders and hugged me.

     "What would you like me to do?" I whispered, my face just inches from

her partly opened mouth.

     "What are my choices?" she said with a sexy grin, her head slightly

cocked to the side.

     "Well, let's see....I could pull your panties down and eat you."


     "I could pull your panty crotch to the side and fill you with my


     "Mmm, which hole would you fill?" she cooed.

     I smiled.  "What are my choices?"

     Beth laughed.  "My ass and"

     "Say it!"

     She looked so serious now.  "It sounds so bad."

     "Say it!" I said quite firmly.

     "And my cunt," she blurted, her face turning a bright shade of red.

     "Say it again, Beth.  Tell me what you want me to do."

     "I want you fuck them both--my asshole and my cunt!"  She closed her

eyes, obviously embarrassed with herself.  This boldness was new territory

for her.  We had come a long way in just a few short months.

     "If I can't do them both, which would you choose?"

     "I...I guess my pussy."  She pressed her crotch tightly against the

erection in my pants.

     "And what would you do for me?"

     "Do I have to say it?" she said in a pleading voice.

     "Yes," I replied.

     "I would suck your cock and...."


     "And lick your balls....even your asshole if you want me to."  Her

face was really red now.

     "Undo my belt buckle and unzip my trousers, Beth.  Take my cock out

and look at it."  She licked her lower lip, sensuously, as she slid her

body down mine until she was kneeling on the floor in front of me.  There

was a wild, wanton look on her face.  The thought passed my mind for the

briefest of seconds that I had created an insatiable monster these past few

days.  She seemed always ready for getting it on now, alone or in front of

others, with me or with one of my friends (male or female).

     Before touching the belt, she leaned forward and kissed the area of

the pants that bulged with my manhood.  "I love to see your cock, your

beautiful cock," she sighed as she moved her fingers to my belt buckle and

deftly undid it.  The waist button was next.  Then, using the fingers of

her left hand to hold the waist band in place, she drew the zipper down

with her right hand, slowly freeing my cock from the tight confinement of

my trousers.

     "And what do we have here?" she smiled, parting the front halves of my

pants and pulling them over my hips and then down my legs, leaving me clad

in a shirt and underpants.  I looked down at her; her eyes were fixed on

the swelling in my shorts.  The palms of her hands went to my hips.  She

licked her lips again.

     "An old friend of yours," I said.

     "A close friend of mine," she retorted.

     "How do you greet closed friends?"

     "Mmm," she sighed, "with a kiss....with a nice, soft kiss...."  She

moved her fingers to the waist band of my shorts and slowly drew the

material over the head of my skyward pointing cock, only far enough to

expose the flared cockhead, red and waiting.

     She leaned her head forward and planted a soft, dispassionate kiss on

the exposed cockhead, a kind of "How-nice-to-see-you-again" kiss.  She then

pulled her head back and, staring right at my tumescent member, slowly drew

the shorts all the way down, pulling them from side to side until they

rested at my thighs, the moved them the rest of the way down in one smooth

motion.  I stepped out of the pants and shorts which had encircled my feet

and kicked the clothes to the side.

     I felt really sexy, standing in front of Beth with my shirt-tail to

either side of my standing sword.  The way she affectionately stared at it

made me feel good.  "You have a beautiful cock," she whispered.

     "Thank you."

     "You know, if we weren't such good friends, I would pay you good money

to let me suck it for you."

     "How much?" I laughed.

     "It's priceless," she sighed.

     "I'll have it bronzed," I quipped.

     "Oh, no!  It wouldn't be the same.  It's not only the hardness, it's

the texture, the color, the feel...."

     "Still, it's only a cock.  There are millions of others like it."

     "Mmm.  But this one is my cock!"  She grasped the middle of the shaft

in the palm of her right hand and squeezed it, causing the head to flare

even more.

     "Look how red it gets when I squeeze it!"

     "I guess that sort of normal, Beth."

     "Does it stay all red like that when it's in my mouth....or my

pussy...or my...ass....?"

     "I really can't say, and I don't know if there's really a way to find

out.  I mean, I can't see it when it's inside you."

     "Do you think if I sucked on it a little, and then pulled it out--real

quick--if it was red when I pulled it out it would have been red when it

was inside my mouth?"

     I was beginning to become impatient with her joking around.  "Why

don't you just try it," I said, trying to sound as exasperated as possible.

     "My, aren't we becoming testy," she said with just a slight smile.

     "I hate to waste a hard-on," I said.

     Beth looked lovingly at the still erect shaft.  "It will never go to

waste as long as I'm around."  She looked up at me, with those puppy-dog

eyes of hers, which seemed more full of the devil now than I had ever seen.

She licked her lips, sensuously.  I gulped, anticipating that those thick

lips soon be wrapped around my cock.

     Her gaze went on for several moments.  Finally, I lost my patience.

"Suck me, please," I begged.

     "I thought you'd never ask," she said with a broad smile, pulling the

cockhead down until it was almost perpendicular to my body.  I watched her

lips form the familiar 'O' I longed for.  I wanted to plunge myself into

her, but decided to wait and let her do all the work.  After all, I had

waited long enough.

     The wait, dear reader, was more than worth it.  I don't know whom she

had been practicing on, and I didn't care.  I just closed my eyes and

enjoyed the pure, sweet ecstasy of the moment.  She began with something

she never done before--using the tip of her tongue to rim my pee-hole.  She

continued that for about a minute, changing only the amount of pressure she

applied to the endeavor or the rhythm of her tongue, sometimes slow,

sometimes fast.  Finishing that, she began sucking the entire cockhead,

once more varying the pace of her actions.  Sometimes, she sucked so hard

on the morsel of meat her cheeks were almost completely caved in.  The

feeling was utterly fantastic.

     She stopped for a moment, letting my cock slide our of her mouth,

across her lower lip, where I watched a thin strand of her saliva jump from

her lip to my cock.  She looked up at me again.  "You like?"

     "I like," I replied.  "I like very much."

     She simply smiled and opened her lips once more.  This time she drew

the penis all the way inside her mouth, coating it with a copious amount of

her saliva.  At the same time, she placed her fingers under my balls,

cupping them gently, feeling their weightiness, balancing one and then the

other.  Then she did something else she had never done--she took the cock

out of her mouth and went right for my left testicle, sucking it softly

into her mouth and running the tip of tongue all over it.  I groaned loudly

from the pure pleasure of her action.

     Having devoured one testicle, she went to work on the other, sucking

it back and forth, teasing it with her tongue, nibbling on it ever so

gently.  Then she got brave--she opened her mouth as wide as she could and

took my entire sack inside it, resuming her sucking and licking, working

the tip of her tongue between the testicles.  She kept it up for a good

five minutes, non-stop, while I revelled in the absolute sexual enjoyment

of it.

     When she stopped and looked up at me once more, I am certain she could

tell I was beside myself.  "You're fucking fantastic!" I gasped.

     "Turn around!" she commanded.  Her face had a look of pure desire.

     I turned, showing her my hairy butt. I could feel her eyes on my

nakedness.  "Bend over a little and spread your cheeks apart!" she ordered.

     I opened my legs a bit more, for balance, then bent at the waist and

moved my hands to my backside.  She had never seen my most private area,

nor had she expressed any interest in it, at least up until now.  I felt

funny, prying my ass cheeks apart, exposing my anus to her.

     "Hold still," she whispered, then moved her head forward and began

kissing, ever so softly, the inside of the splayed crack of my ass, being

careful to avoid, at least for the present, the puckered ring so near her

lips.  She used her tongue to lick the entire length of my crack, back and

forth, perhaps a dozen or more times, each time stopping just short of the

anus.  She seemed to be working up the nerve to do something she had never

done before (though Ellen had already done it to her).

     Her tonguing of my ass crack would have been enough if she lad lost

her nerve.  I could have turned and pulled her up to me, pulled her panties

down, and stuck it to her.  That alone would have been most enjoyable.  I

had almost given up on a rim job when Beth reached around to my front and

grasped my cock, slowly stroking it.  Almost simultaneously, she pursed her

lips and surrounded my anus with them.  I moaned loudly.  The feeling was


     At first, she merely kissed the puckered opening, building up more of

her nerve with each passing moment.  My continuous moans told her I was

really enjoying her work.  The dual sensation of a hand job and an anal

kiss was as pleasurable a time I had had sexually in many years.  I didn't

want it to ever stop.  But the best was yet to come!

     Beth's tongue moved out of her mouth slowly, almost imperceptibly. It

took me several seconds to realize that the tip of her tongue was actually

tickling my anus.  Her movements were subtle, calculated to increase my

pleasure by the tiniest of degrees.  Had she just plunged her tongue into

me, the sensations wouldn't have been so agonizingly wonderful.  What she

was doing was leading me, in her own way, millimeter by millimeter, into an

ecstasy I had never known.

     Then she did another thing that no woman had ever done to me until

now--she actually sucked my anus into her mouth!  "AHHHHHHHH!" I cried out.

The feeling was exquisite, exquisite beyond any words I can use to describe

it.  I know she had never done this to anyone, yet the pleasures she was

giving me paled before everything else that had ever happened to me


     When she began to slowly work the tip of tongue into the center of my

anal opening, to begin the actual rimming of my asshole, I thought I would

faint from the sheer enjoyment of it.  I could actually feel my ring

expanding as her tongue went deeper and deeper into me.  Women had tried to

do similar things to me in the past, but none came close to Beth was doing

to me now.  Not satisfied with having penetrated me, she soon began

pistoning her tongue in and out of my anus with varying rhythms and speeds.

I derived the greatest pleasure when she kind of wiggled her tongue as it

moved forward into my lower rectum.

     She was insatiable once more, unrelenting in her desire to feed her

tongue into my greedy asshole.  I knew the exquisite pleasures she was

giving me, from front and back, would soon take their toll, and it did.

"Beth!  I'm going to come!" I cried.

     Instead of relaxing, she pumped my cock faster and drove her tongue

further into me than I would have thought possible.  I shall never forget

the unbelievable feeling of my asshole contracting around her tongue as I

came in torrents, spilling my sperm on the linoleum floor below.  Having

spent, I literally dropped to the floor in a tired heap, completely


     Beth excused herself and went to the bathroom, where she cleaned up

and returned.  She had taken the time to fix herself up, straightening out

her sweater, refastening her bra, and pulling her skirt back into place.  I

started to get up, but she knelt beside me for a briefly and whispered in

my ear, "You're not done yet."  Her breath smelled of mouthwash.

     I turned over on my back, wearing only my shirt, my cock at half-

staff.  She smiled as she cradled my head in her right arm.  "I'm not done

yet," I repeated, my face turning quizzical.

     "Don't you have something for me?" she whispered.

     "Like what?"

     "Oh, I don't know."  She gently eased my head to the floor and stood

up.  From my prone position, I had a worms-eye view of the world, and that

world included a perfect look right up her blue denim skirt, all the way to

the white-pantied crotch.  Not satisfied that I could see all that she was

willing to show me, she shifted her legs to either side of my head,

straddling it, improving my vantage.  The picture was delightful!

     "I like the view from here," I said.

     Looking down at me, she smiled, wickedly.  "I'll bet you do.  Most men

would give their left testicle to be where you are."  Her hands were on her

hips.  She was queen of the mountain.  Was I her willing slave?

     "Why am I getting the view for free?  Do I have to give up my

testicle?"  Beth's panties were caught in her crotch, offering me a nice

look at the outline of her cuntal crack.

     "It's not for free, you'll have to pay for it, but I need your balls

for other things."

     "I'm broke.  I can't pay for it."

     "You don't need money--just stick out your tongue."  I played her

silly game, sticking my tongue out.

     Beth sing-songed a little, "Open you mouth and close your eyes and you

will get a big surprise!"  I hadn't heard it since I was five years old.  I

opened my mouth, allowing my tongue to wag like a worm on a hook.  Who

knows what kinds of fish might swim in these waters!  I refused to close my

eyes, however.  Giving up this view would be pure torture.

     Beth hiked her dress well up her bare, white legs, exposing even more

of the front and back of her silky, white panties.  I felt my loins begin

to stir once more as my cock, as if on cue, began to spring back to life.

"Mmm, we seem to be growing bigger again!" she exclaimed, her eyes fastened

on my growing member.

     "Reflexive action," I acknowledged.

     "Play with it," she said, quite nonchalantly.  At first I didn't

comprehend what she had asked me to do.

     "Excuse me?"

     "Play with your cock--make it nice and hard for me," she said, this

time with a voice barely above a whisper.

     I didn't need much encouragement.  No matter what I did, I knew I

would be the recipient of some great sex.  Our relationship was filled with

that now, and I loved every moment.  I grasped my cock in my left hand and

began milking it, slowly, while I looked up and enjoyed the lovely sights

between her legs.

     "Squeeze it more tightly," she husked.  "Keep your tongue out!"

     If my hand stroking my now almost fully erect penis was a catalyst for

more sex, my tongue was the bait, and Beth knew it.  Ever so slowly,

without taking her eyes from me masturbatory activities, she began to lower

her ass and crotch closer and closer to my face as she worked herself into

a squatting position.  Her widening legs pulled the pantie crotch out of

her cuntal crack and spread the reinforced silk to either side of her

crotch.  Only a few dark brown curls peeked out of the sides of the white


     "Move your hand faster," she husked.  "I like to watch you jerk off."

     I obeyed her, increasing the speed of my hand on my shaft, not feeling

the slightest bit of embarrassment.  To the contrary, I kind of enjoyed

putting on a little show for her.  If that's what turned her on, I would do

it forever.  She moved her crotch even closer to my waiting face, stopping

sort of plastering me with her sex.  I could smell her now, that familiar

odor of pungent womanhood I had come to love.

     "Is your tongue still out?" she asked, unable to see my face anymore

with her skirt in the way.

     "Yes," I replied.

     "Good, don't move it.  I am going to fuck your tongue," she whispered.

I was somewhat surprised by her crudity, but anything that Beth said or did

now.  She reached her left hand between her squatting legs and grasped the

edge of her crotch with her fingers.  In one quick motion, she pulled the

panty crotch to the other side, baring her curls and the pink, gaping slit.

The entrance to her moisture-laden vagina was wide-open and inviting.  I

continued stroking my tumescent cock.

     "What do you want to do to me?" she asked.

     "I want to eat you."

     "What do you want to eat?"

     I could tell she wanted me to talk dirty to her.  I could almost tell

by the sound of her voice when needed a little vocal stimulation.  "I want

to eat your pussy."

     "Where does your tongue go?"

     "In your cunt.  In your beautiful cunt," I replied.

     "Where else?"

     I gulped.  She was leading me on now.  "In your ass, if you want me

to."  Since she had already done it to me, reciprocating might be fun.  "Do

I have a choice?"

     "No," she replied.  "The choice is mine.  Your choice was to bring me

here this weekend and turn me inside out.  I'm a totally different woman

now than I was two days ago.  There is nothing I wouldn't do."

     Whatever her choice was, I wanted her to make it soon.  Her womanly

smells were intoxicating me; I was like a dog in heat.  "Let me suck your

cunt, Beth!" I pleaded.

     In an instant, she smothered me with her hairy crotch, pressing her

sex against my face, covering my nose and lips and cheeks with the copious

flows of her cunt.  I shoved my tongue into her vagina like a man

possessed.  She screamed out loud and began moving her crotch in a slow,

sexy, circular motion over my ensconced tongue, spreading more of her

juices over my face.

     As I felt for every nook and cranny inside the warm, dark opening, I

felt her unbuttoning my shirt.  As I tongued her for all I was worth, she

pulled my shirt to the side, having unbuttoned it completely, and began

scratching my chest lightly with her fingernails.  I knew I couldn't come

again, so soon, but I stroked my cock frantically, knowing Beth was

watching my every move.

     It was one of the most pleasant pussy-eating experiences I had ever

known.  Beth continued to churn her crotch over my face while I tongued her

slit with increasing vigor and enthusiasm, causing her to make all sorts of

animalistic sounds.

     Then, almost as soon as it had started, it stopped.  Beth pushed

herself into a standing position and moved off slightly to the side,

removing the glorious worms-eye view I had had of her now steaming crotch.

Her completely flushed face was somewhat contorted; I could almost see her

mind racing with sexual thoughts.

     "Follow me!" she ordered, then turned and walked toward the living


     Shedding my shirt which she had thoughtfully unbuttoned, I followed

her.  Her skirt had fallen back into place; I admired the way it fit over

her tight little ass.  I felt odd, me being entirely naked and her being

entirely clothed, as we moved into the living room.  As she turned to face

me, I stopped.  Her eyes darted immediately to my erection.

     "Come closer to me," she commanded.  I felt like I was completely

under her power.

     As I neared her, she brought her eyes to my face.  Our eyes met.

Using only my thoughts, hoping that somehow she could read my mind, I told

her I wanted to fuck her brains out.  Her lips broke into an understanding

smile.  "Strip me," she said.  "Make me naked for you."

     I wasted no time in moving my hands to the bottom of her sweater.  I

drew it swiftly upward, over her head, then up and over her raised hands.

Throwing it on a nearby chair, I turned my attention back to her.  I had

seen sexier bras, and I had seen cups that were filled much more, but Beth

knew how much I adored her bite-sized breasts and super-sensitive nipples.

I moved closer to her and put my arms around her back, quickly locating the

hooked strap.  In the process, my erection brushed lightly against her

skirt-covered thigh.

     I fumbled slightly with the catch, then finally unhooked it.  Beth's

girlish tits sprang into view as she bra slid down her arms onto the floor,

falling like a handkerchief.  Her pink nipples were already elongated,

looking so inviting in the center the darker areola.  I wanted to suck them

immediately, but wanted her naked even more.

     The denim skirt had no belt.  There was a button just under her tummy

and a zipper beneath, somewhat like a man's.  I put one hand inside the

waist band of the skirt as Beth obligingly held her stomach in, while I

used my free hand to unbutton and unzip her.  The material parted into a

wide 'V', exposing her upper abdomen and the top of her white panties.  I

pushed the skirt downward, over her hips, past the bikini-styled undies,

then watched it fall of its own accord in a circle around her feet.

     When my cock accidentally brushed against Beth's now bare thigh, she

looked up at me and grinned, sheepishly.  "It gets in the way sometimes,"

she said with a slight smile, lowering her head to gaze upon it once more.

     I admired the fullness of her pubic region, how her mons veris seemed

to fill her panties so completely.  She was one of the few women I had

known who really knew how to carry themselves when they were naked.  It was

perfectly natural to her that I placed my thumb inside the waistband of her

tightly clinging silky-whites and drew them over her hips.  I knelt I one

knee to complete the task of lowering them to her feet where she helped me

shed them for her.

     I remained kneeling, for the moment, my face inches from Beth's now

naked abdomen, and gazed upon the delicate beauty of the thick patch of

dark brown curls which adorned her pubic region.   I felt her hand touch

the top of my head and thought she was going to pull my face into the curly

forest.  Surely she knew I was admiring her treasures there.

     Instead, she whispered, "Stand up, I want to feel you next to me."

     We had one thing in common--an appreciation of the joy one feels when

one naked person embraces a similarly undressed person.  The feeling of

thigh meeting thigh, the hardness of the erection against the softness of

the female abdomen, the sensation of a woman's pubic hairs pressing against

your leg, the joy of her breasts flattened against your chest, gave strong

sexual urges to the both of us.

     "I love you," I whispered.  It was the first time I had told her so.

     "I love you, too."  We kissed, timidly at first, then with increasing

intensity as we pushed our abdomens into one anothers.

     "I like you naked," I said into her mouth, not even breaking the kiss.

     "You're so hard!" she husked, pressing her pubis even harder into mine

in order to punctuate her statement.  "I want you to fuck me so bad."

     "Let's go to the sofa," I suggested.

     "I want you to do something first."

     "What's that?"

     "Do you remember what Ellen did to me?"

     "You mean last night?"

     "Yes," she demurely replied, her head lowered in embarrassment.

     "How could I forget," I said.

     "Would you do that for me, too?  I think I would like that."  She

closed her eyes briefly, then opened them.  It was a sensual gesture,

partly out of shyness.

     "You mean to spank you or to use my tongue on your anus?"

     Beth blushed, profusely.  Her eyes looked pensive.  "How about both?"

she finally blurted.

     I smiled.  "If you want me to."

     "I want," she said, her voice soft as the morning.  "I'm clean there;

I washed extra good all over when I took a shower earlier."

     "I wasn't worried about it," I said with a slight smile.

     She broke our embrace and turned 180 degrees, facing away from me.  It

was obvious that she wanted me to examine the cute little buns that I would

soon be enjoying.  "Kneel on the sofa cushion," I implored, then watched

her walk on padded feet to the velvet-cushioned settee.  Her ass looked

particularly inviting as she mounted the sofa, planting her knees on the


     She turned her head to the side and looked back at me.  "Like this?"

she asked.

     "Poke your buns out more," I suggested.  "That's it....and open your

legs just a little....Good....Oh, Beth, your ass is exquisite."

     She giggled like a teenager.  "Are you sure you want to go through

with this, David?"

     "I'm sure," I replied.  "Open yourself up for me."

     She threw a furtive glance my way as I moved closer to her, my hard-on

raging.  "You mean...."

     Interrupting her in mid-sentence, I said, quite firmly, "I mean spread

your ass cheeks--now!"

     She blushed once more, turning her head away from me, facing the

front.  Her hands moved to her delectable buns.  She mumbled something

unintelligible as she used four fingers of each hand to pry apart the two

globes.  There was her anus once more, round, puckered, crinkled, light

pink in color.  It seemed so tight, I wondered how I was ever able to take

her there last night.

     "This is a little embarrassing," she said with a nervous twinge in her


     "You weren't embarrassed when Ellen opened you up back there.  I got a

real nice view then, you know."

     She giggled nervously again.  "It's a little different when someone is

standing directly behind you with a big erection."

     I laughed.  "Do you want me to fuck you there again?"

     "Mmm.  What a nice idea!  But I would like you to do some other things


     My mind raced.  "Like what?"

     "Do you remember how Ellen spanked me?"

     "Of course."

     "I want you to make it hurt even more."

     I looked at her, wide-eyed.  "She was spanking you pretty hard.  It

would be difficult for me to...."

     "You have a belt on your pants?" she interrupted.

     I couldn't believe my ears.  "Yes," I replied.

     "Use it!" she begged.

     At first I thought she was kidding, but the look in eyes, that

assertive glance, told me different.  "You want me to whip you with my

belt?" I asked, somewhat incredulously.

     "If you don't want to...."

     "Oh, no," I interjected.  "I just wanted to understand what you were


     "If I need to make it more obvious, I will.  I want you to use you

belt on my ass.  Double it up in your fist and wail away.  I really want

you to, David."  She was doing more than pleading, she was begging.  I bent

down and picked up my pants, then drew the leather belt through the loops.

Beth looked back at me, still blushing, as I doubled the inch-wide leather

in my hand.

     "How hard?" I asked.

     "As hard as you want," she husked.

     "What if the others come in?"

     She smiled, wickedly.  "Won't they be surprised!!!"  She arched her

back and presented her lovely buns.  They were mine to do whatever I wanted


     I watched Beth bite her lower lip, nervously.  She looked at me once

more.  "Don't hold back," she whispered.  "I want it to hurt."

     I had no idea how badly she wanted it to hurt.  When I drew my arm

back and gave her what I thought was a fairly good whack with the leather

belt, right across the center of her ass, she jumped slightly and gave out

with a quick, shrill cry.  Her buns rippled slightly, and a red welt

appeared instantly.

     "Mmm, that's nice," she said, quite matter-of-factly.  "Can you do it

a bit harder?"

     "Are you serious?" I asked incredulously.

     "It gives me a nice glow, David.  It doesn't hurt that bad; it sort of

hurts nice," she laughed.

     She had to be serious.  She really didn't want me to hold back.  My

fear of hurting her too much was pretty much overcome by her seeming

indifference to the first stroke against her split pumpkin.  "If I didn't

double it up, it would sting like hell," I told her.

     "No, not yet.  Work me up to it, slowly.  Show me how strong you are

with the belt like that first."

     "All right.  It's your rear end."  I reached back and gave her another

good, hard lash.  The loud crack of leather against flesh resounded

throughout the room.  She screamed again, louder this time.  I knew it had

to have hurt her more than the first one.

     She was breathing quite heavily now, waiting for the pain in her ass

cheeks to turn to the glowing tingle she yearned for.  "That's better," she

said, taking a deep breath and then letting it out.  "Whew!  What a glow!"

     "Your buns are starting to turn red as a beet," I said.

     "I know.  I can feel the heat!  I hope you're enjoying this as much as

I am."

     I admitted to myself that it was sort of fun letting out some of pent-

up aggressions and nervousness.  "I hope you don't get mad at me later for

doing this."

     Beth laughed.  "The only time I'll get mad is if you get wimpy or

scared and start to hold back.  Can you do it just a teensy bit harder?"

     "You're a glutton for punishment," I quipped.

     "I guess I am.  Turn up the heat, baby!"

     This time I held nothing back, driving the belt across her lower ass

with such force that as she screamed she lunged forward into the sofa.  Her

ass rippled like crazy.  She quickly brought the palms of her hands to the

glowing fire at her backside, trying to rub and soothe the pain away.

     "Oh, that one hurt!" she blurted.

     "I was afraid it was getting too much," I said apologetically.

     "Hey, who said it was too much.  That's just about right.  You're not

going to believe this, but that last one made me cum just a little.  This

is fantastic!"

     "What kind of a monster have I created this weekend?"

     Beth laughed, despite the pain that was still burning her buttocks.

"A very sexual one," she replied.  "Of course, if you can't do it, there's

always Bill...."

     I think she made the last comment to stir me up.  She was really

asking for it now.  Without telling her, I let the belt loop drop from my

hand, watching the double strand become one.  I knew this one would sting

like hell.  "Move your hands away from your ass!" I ordered.

     Even as she moved her hands off of her gorgeous ass, I was moving my

arm back and taking aim at the delectable, perfectly rounded globes.  This

time I heard the belt whistle through the air just before it landed sharply

across the sensitive backs of her thighs.  The crack of leather against

skin and ear-piercing scream melded into one.  The force of the stroke

caused her to fall on her side crying "AHHHHHH!  OHHHHHH!" between labored


     "Do you still want Bill?" I shouted over her cries.

     "I was just kidding.  OH!  My legs are on fire!  OH!  That one hurt

like hell!"

     I think I was finally getting to her.  She wasn't nearly as uppity

now.  I was in control of the situation at last.  "Get back up on your

knees.  Present yourself!" I commanded.

     She literally dragged herself back to a kneeling position, then bent

at the waist and arched her back, raising her ass invitingly upward once

more.  The last stroke had left an ugly red welt across the backs of her

thighs.  "Do you want more?" I shouted.

     "I....I don't know.  It hurts like the dickens," she whimpered.

     I figured she had had enough.  There would be other times for me to

test her threshold of pain.  I knew what she liked now, what she needed.

My erection needed something of its own right now.  I moved directly behind

her.  "Open your legs wider!"

     Obediently, she spread her legs wider, gaping her fig.  "You're not

going to whip my pussy!" she cried.

     "I should, to teach you a lesson, but I have other plans for you.

Reach back between your legs with your hand."  I watched her hand pop out

between her parted legs.  I bent my knees slightly and eased my cock into

her waiting fingers.  She grasped me tightly, then stroked the tumescent


     "I love your cock," she husked.

     "Put it in your cunt," I demanded.  It was the first time she had ever

heard me refer to her sex in such vulgar terms.

     "I'd like for you to do my ass," she begged.

     "I intend to.  I need your pussy for lubrication.  Put it in!"  Beth

pulled the phallus toward her gaping pussy, centered it beneath her vagina,

then helped me ease it into her.  Her hole was as hot as I'd ever known it!

     "Oh, David, that feels nice!  I want you deep inside me, baby.  All

the way in!"  I shoved myself all the way inside her, to the hilt, pressing

my pubic hairs against hers, allowing them to mingle.

     "Oh, David, that feels nice!  I want you deep inside me, baby.  All

the way in!"  I shoved myself all the way inside her, to the hilt, pressing

my pubic hairs against hers, allowing them to mingle with hers, working my

pubic bone against her clitoral area.  She pushed her sex against me,

straining to arouse her clit.  I pumped her, slowly at first, then

increased the rhythm, then decreased it.  Sometimes I shoved it deep inside

and held it there while she bucked her vagina up and down on it, while

other times I rode the crest of her undulating hips as we fucked in unison.

     The weekend had changed Beth.  She was no longer reticent about saying

what she wanted or doing things she probably would not have dreamed of

doing only a few weeks ago.  Our relationship had changed also.  I knew now

that she would find nothing wrong with my making love to some other girl in

front of her, nor would I find fault if she wanted to screw my best friend.

We both knew we would always come back to each other.  As I fucked her, I

felt a closeness that I hadn't felt in a long, long time.

     "Are you going to fuck my ass, or not?" she said with a slight laugh,

but I knew she wasn't kidding.

     "What's your hurry?  You feel great right here!" I exclaimed, stuffing

her box once more, knowing that my teasing her would make her want me in

her other opening all the more.

     "You promised, David," she husked as her breathing became

conspicuously heavier.  She was almost begging.

     "Reach back and open yourself up for me," I ordered, then watched her

hands move to her lower ass cheeks and obediently pry the two halves apart,

exposing the crinkled 'O' to my leering eyes.

     "More," I insisted.  "The wider you spread, the better I'll make you


     She felt no inhibitions whatsoever about showing me her most private

of areas.  She seemed eager to put her anus on display, and did she ever!

Using primarily the middle fingers of each hand, she pressed into either

side of the rosebud and spread the petals apart.  "Like this?" she asked.

     "That's nice, Beth.  I like that.  I've never seen you so open."

     "I'm opening it for your cock, David.  Your beautiful, beautiful cock.

It's hungry for you inside there.  Please put it in.  Please!"

     I withdrew my glistening manhood from Beth's steaming pussy while she

continued to expose my next target.  I moved the head of my cock between

the widely opened ass cheeks and touched the splayed anus with the

cockhead.  "AHHH!" cried Beth at the first touch of my member there.

     "It seems awful tight," I said.

     "I can take it.  I don't care if it hurts.  Just put it in slowly.

Oh, yes....slowly....AHHHH!  I can feel it going inside me, David!"  I

began taking her asshole, millimeter by millimeter.  "UH!  It hurts just a


     "Do you want me to stop?"

     "No!  Please!" she cried simultaneously with a loud breath.  "Just

keep easing it like you are.  OH!  It feels so big, so fucking big!"

     I watched the cockhead slowly move into the expanding sphincter, while

Beth moaned and groaned.  She kept her hips quite still, making me do all

the work.  Finally, I saw the head become completely swallowed by the tight

anal mouth.  "The head is in!" I triumphantly exclaimed.

     "Oh, shit, does that feel good!  Even the pain feels good, David.  It

hurts so nice!  How does it feel to you, baby?"

     "Tight, tight, tight!" I continued my upward pressure, feeling the

anus tighten its grip on me as my shaft inched into the sensational

opening.  Beth was beside herself once more, making those purely

animalistic sounds I had come to learn were the precursors of a building

orgasm.  I was half-way in now, and she was moaning softly, from deep

within her throat.

     The remaining part of the journey deep into Beth's soft-tissued rectum

was a piece of cake.  With the sphincter relaxing with each passing moment,

the path yielded no resistance.  Still, she did not move, allowing me the

pleasure of filling her completely before doing anything herself.  The

excursion into her ass was pure ecstasy!  Before I knew it, my pubic hairs

were pressing flat against her anal region.

     "It's in all the way, Beth," I said with a sound of satisfaction in my


     "I can't tell you how fucking good it feels.  Oh, baby!  I never knew

it could be like this!"

     I felt her anus contract once or twice around the shaft. "Mmm, I like

that," I whispered.

     "David, I want to try something.  Do you know how I can sort of milk

your cock with my pussy?  You know, squeezing it while you're inside me?"


     "I want to try it with my ass.  It might even be easier because I can

squeeze you tighter with my anus."

     Who was I to argue with such logic.  "What do you want me to do?" I


     "Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I am going to do it all for you."  She

let go of the cheeks she had been spreading, letting the soft flesh

encompass my ensconced prick.  "Just stay perfectly still and enjoy."

     An enjoy I did!  During the next five or ten minutes, Beth treated me

to the most fantastic sex I had ever known!  As I remained unmoving, she

started to work her impaled ass over my cock, up and down, from side to

side, back and forth, in a slow, sexy circular pattern, all the while

expanding the rubbery portal which had now accommodated my phallus.  Then

she did something no woman had ever done to me--she worked the shaft all

the way into her hot rectum and, once she had done that, began contracting

the anal muscle upon it with ever tightening grips.

     To make matters ever better, she began contracting her anus like that

in sensual movements all the way up the shaft, using an upward shifting of

her hips to kind of draw me into her slightly, and then milking the sword

with her contractions.  It was like a blow job with her asshole!  The

sensations, as she moved her tightening anus upward, were, to put it

mildly, unfuckingbelievable!

     I had thought she had done everything to me that could be done until

she found my cockhead with her anus.  The milking stopped and the nibbling

began!  She worked the elastic hole over the head with such perfect control

I might have thought she was using her lips instead of her asshole.  Little

by little, her efforts began to throw me into a tizzy.

     "I'm going to come, Beth!" I shouted.

     "Okay, baby!  I'll help you.  Let it happen!  Come inside my ass!  I

want to feel it inside me!"

     She worked her nibbling asshole around me and simultaneously began to

slowly piston herself upon my engorged cock, moving up and down over the

imbedded member while tightening and loosening her sphincter.  That did it!

With a loud "AHHHHHH!" I exploded into her in jet after jet of sweet,

glorious cum as I coated the soft rectal tissues with my hot sperm.

     We both fell onto the sofa, on our sides, with my cock still in her

ass.  Every once in a while, as I slowly came down from the greatest sexual

high I had ever known, Beth would tighten her sphincter around my deflating

member, a gentle reminder of what she had just done to me.  I embraced her

like that, in spoon fashion, for a long time, in silence, planting soft

kisses on her neck as I cupped her right breast in my hand and gently

kneaded the pliant flesh.

     Like the other night, my cock sort of plopped out of her ass from

sheer exhaustion.  It was a signal for her to turn her body all the way

around until we were facing each other.  She plastered the front of her

warm body against mine, throwing her arms around my back and squeezing me


     I looked into her expressive, puppy-dog eyes.  She didn't have to tell

me how much she had enjoyed our last scene; it was written all over her

face.  With the fingertips of my right hand, I smoothed away some hair from

her brow.  "You're fantastic," I whispered.

     Beth smiled.  "I'm still tingling inside my ass.  Even my pussy

remembers you," she laughed.

     "I hope so," I smiled.

     "You can do anything you want to me, David.  Anything.  Any time you

want.  My ass, my pussy, my mouth--they're yours."  I felt her breasts

flattened against my chest.  She began lightly scratching the back of my

neck with her fingernails, then pressed her pubis into mine, entwining our

hairs there.

     "And you can do anything you want to me, Beth.  You don't have to ask.

If you feel like doing it, anywhere, just do it."

     "Won't the supermarket manager get upset?" she laughed.

     "Only because he's not getting any!"

     "Mmm," she said with a bright, sexy smile, "Maybe I'll have to give

him some!"

     I laughed.  "As long as I get mine first."

     "And last..." she whispered, moving her soft lips to mine and kissing

me with a warm, gentle, passion that belied her more aggressive sexuality,

but gave evidence of her love for me.

     It was a weekend we would never forget.



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