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Archive-name: Couples/amputee.txt


Archive-title: Date with an amputee

A nice evening at her place, I thought as we got out of the

car.  Good wine, a wonderful sex goddess, and a good dinner

lying happily in my stomach.  What else could a man ask for?

"To fuck like crazed weasels!", I muttered as I watched Jennifer

slink up the walkway, with her one flawless leg catching in the

light from the street light.  "What's that, dear?" she said,

pivoting to look at me.  A flash of white skin caught the dim

yellow light where the stump I'd been thinking about through

dinner was.  "Nothing, I was just muttering to myself.  They

tell me the insanity isn't anything to worry about unless I

start st-st-stu-stuttering."

Her infectious laugh filled the still air as we went into her

apartment.  I walked in and took off my shoes and watched as she

placed a crutch tip on either side of her red pump and lifted

her right foot out in one fluid motion.  She was worth another

hungry look in the room light.  That oft-admired bare leg was

perfect right down to the way the toes curved.  Her hips and

backside were pushing against her tight death-by-red dress.  A

bit further up, her full breasts were pressing hard against the

fabric, with firm little points crying out to be touched.  Her

pretty hands flexed around the grips of the aluminum crutches

that helped her look so athletic.

Her eyes sparkled above her wide smile when I finally looked up

at her pretty face.  She turned and hugged me, and said, "Could

you pour the wine?  There are stem glasses in the cupboard above

and to the left of the sink."  She then headed to the sofa as I

uncorked the bottle and found the supplies I needed.

I thought about her as I made busy in the kitchen.  I'd met her

how long ago?  Was it really only two weeks?  From the first

time I'd seen her hop past me at the pool, I'd been addicted.

That stump, ending just above the knee, had just not been out of

my mind since.  But nor had her breasts, her earlobes, her very

fingers - she was just everywhere!  I'd almost jumped her in the

Japanese restaurant earlier when, after I gave her right foot a

good massage, she slipped said bare foot up above my ankle and

started rubbing my leg.  Yes, she'd be a dish in any language,

and that truncated thigh just made it more exotic.

I handed her the glass of chardonnay I was not taking a sip of,

and sat down on her left.  "That dinner was pretty nice," I

said, "You have good taste."  "So do you; where did you find

this wine?  It's splendid!"  "Well, I had a recommendation from

a friend who plays wine master, so I can't take credit.  But I

am feeling particularly smug about inviting you out tonight."

"Well, it's about time!  I've been waiting almost forever for

you to decide you didn't mind dating a gimp," she retorted,

poking me in the shoulder.  "Heck darlin', that's almost the

best part," grabbing her finger and holding on.  "Or haven't you

been paying attention when I've been staring at you?"

"You stare at everything, that's why I like you.  So many guys

either think the stump is weird or don't mind in theory but have

problems in practice.  You like all of me, and it's wonderful."

She intertwined her fingers with mine and moved closer.  "Do you

have plans in the morning?" she breathed.

I said, "Well, I was hoping to be here, you wonderful tart!" and

wrapped my arm around her shoulder, pulling her close for a

kiss.  The kiss that came back was incredible - I thought my

zipper would split from the force of my erection.  I felt her

breast heaving under my hand as I slipped it down the front of

her dress; the moan I heard when I touched her nipple proved

that she was as horny as I was.  As I undid her buttons to free

those golden globes, I felt her left hand pull out my shirt and

start to explore my back.  Then her right hand moved to meet

mine as she whispered, "There's one more part that needs

attention," and she slid my hand down her body to the tip of her

bare stump.

I thought I'd burst right there.  Her thigh felt firm and smooth

right down to the end, where little undulations indicated where

the sutures had gone when the doctors had finished making her a

uniped.  More low moans came as I explored the scar, and I felt

her reach down to free my penis from its confinement.  Her hand

wrapped around it gently, and she made a pumping motion that

made it even a little more rock-hard than it had been.

Then she stood up and spun around with a little hop.  Hiking her

dress, she lifted her stump out for the kiss it immediately got,

and she pointed it at my penis.  The contact almost sent me to

the moon; I managed to think about multiplication tables long

enough to not ejaculate all over her thigh.  I pulled her down

to straddle me as she hiked her dress.  She said, "I've wanted

you in me since you smiled at me and told me that dreadful joke

about the one-legged virgin."  "Oh, yeah - Hopalong Chastity!" I

managed to grunt as I felt her dampness ensheath my throbbing

member.  "I thought I'd either break the ice or get hit by a

crutch.  What an asshole, eh?"  It was her turn to grunt as she

started to work her hips.  "No, you're a big prick, but that's

okay as long as you're my prick."  I just replied by seeing how

much of Jennifer I could cover with kisses between strokes as my

hands felt her breasts, the tip of her stump, her back, and the

sole of her foot.

Suddenly, it became clear that her dress and my shirt were two

things that needed to be elsewhere, and with some frantic work

we managed to fling them behind us.  Her heaving breasts were a

thing of amazing beauty, and her flat stomach quivered as I ran

my tongue along her cleavage and across her nipples, and I knew

that she was not going to be very long.  I pulled her face down

and sucked on her lips like she'd done in that mindblowing kiss

at the start, and with her first contraction I felt myself

carried over the edge.  I held what seemed like a couple of

eternities until the wave of orgasm hit me full-force, feeling

like it was going to blow my head off.  We kissed again as she

slumped on top of me, spent.  Reaching for a glass of wine, I

gave it to her, and she sipped and then kissed me again, letting

the fruity fluid run into my mouth, cutting the thick film my

tongue has developed.

"Oh, Jennifer," I sighed, "we have got to keep doing this until

we get it right."

"Hey, we've got all night, and all day tomorrow, too.  It does

look pretty promising.  Do you suppose it has a chance?"  At

that point, we started laughing too hard to even tease each




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