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Archive-name: Couples/amateur.txt

Archive-author: Pamela Lewis

Archive-title: Amateur Night

     We first saw the sign on the "strip" as we headed

towards the beach.  The sign in front of the lounge said

"Amateur Night-Mondays".  Craig teased me that I should

enter.  It was said in a joking way that meant he would

laugh it off if I did but also meant that he wished I

might take it serious.  I wasn't particular interested in

showing my body to the world (atleast not more than you

could see in my bikini) so I laughed and we changed

subjects.  It was early on Saturday morning and the strip

looked gaudy and lifeless in the sunlight.  It needed the

darkness of the night for its light to come on and bring

it to life.  All the people were either still home in bed

or already staking their claims to sections of the beach.

     Craig and I were staying at a nice place right on

the beach.  I was a little nervous since this was our

first weekend together.  We had been only dating about a

month and a half and were just getting use to each other.

Sex was just starting to get good as we learned each

others likes and dislikes.  This weekend was a big step

for us.  I had been looking forward to it since Craig had

suggested it two weeks ago.

     There is something so sensual about the beach...the

hot sun warming, the pounding of the waves, wearing

skimpy clothing, the night life of the bars, a strange

bedroom where you don't have to clean up afterwards.  I

always over indulge all my appetites at the beach.  I eat

too much, drink too much...

     We arrived at the hotel and checked in.  Our room

was high up in the hotel, overlooking the beach.  As

Craig set the bags in the room, I opened the sliding

glass door to the balcony and stepped out.  It was going

be a beautiful sunny day.  I couldn't wait to sit out on

the beach.  Craig disappeared into the bathroom and I

swiftly changed into my bikini.  It was a white strapless

number cut high on the sides that really set off my tan

and dark hair well.

     Craig exited the bathroom as I was collecting my

things for the beach (lotion, towel, glasses, book, etc).

He let out a wolf whistle and I just laughed.

     "That's worth the three hour drive alone!" , he

said.  He came up behind me as I continued to pack my

things for the beach.  His hands encircled my waist and I

leaned back against him.  The beach would still be there

in another hour (or two?).  His hands slid under the top

and pulled it over my breasts.  Both hands took a breast

and started to fondle them.  I purred.  For two minutes

we just stood there, him slowly fondling my breasts and

me leaning back against him.  I could feel his bulge

staring to grow against my backside.  He was kissing my

neck, and finally I turned around so that I could return

his kiss.

     "You definitely have too many clothes on for the

beach", I said.  "How do you ever expect to get a tan

like that?"  I started unbuttoning his shirt.  He just

stood there with his hands on my breasts while I

unbuttoned his shirt and pants.  I lowered his pants and

he still did not make any move to let go of my nipples,

which he was rolling between his fingers.  "If I don't

get some help, we'll never get you undressed" I told him.

He reluctantly let go and I pulled the shirt off his

shoulders and helped him step out of his pants.

     We hugged, his hairy chest against my bare chest,

and walked to the bed embracing.  Craig fell back onto

the bed with me on top.  His hand entered the back of my

bikini bottom and I lifted momentarily to allow him to

remove the them.  I reached down and pulled his jockey

shorts down and off his legs.  We kissed again as his

hands went over my bottom and I reached for his cock.

     He gasped into my ear, "Sit on my face."  Not an

invitation he would have to repeat twice, one of my

favorite things is to be on top of a man's face, it gives

me such a feeling of control and power.  I waked on my

knees up to the headboard and lowered myself on his

tongue.  I looked in my reflection in the mirrored wall

over the headboard.  In the background, I could see the

ocean wave out over our balcony (we were up too high (23

floors) to see the beach or to worry about being seen

from the beach).  Craig's tongue soon had me dancing on

his face.  The room's temperature was swiftly rising from

both the heat we were generating and the open door to the

balcony.  My reflection was covered with sweat as I

continued to roll on his face.  I had a few small orgasm

and built to a large one.  After I came back down, I

rolled off his face (he did need to breath) and curled up

by his side.  His face was covered by my juices as he

held me close.

     Craig got up from the bed and walked to the balcony.

He closed the door and turned the air conditioner on

high.  "You are just to hot to handle", he joked.  "We

have a nice view of the ocean from here.  I hope we get

to see it eventually up close."  I could see that he

needed relief from more than the heat.  I got out of the

bed and joined him in front of the sliding glass door.  I

put my arm around him and looked out at the ocean.  I

bent down and took his cock in my mouth.  After a couple

of licks, I dropped to my knees and started to take him

into my mouth.  His hands reached into my hair.  After a

few minutes, Craig said, "I didn't work you up and get

you all wet for nothing.  I want to take you right here

on the carpet, where we can both look out at the ocean."

I knew that this was Craig's way of being nice to me.  He

knows that I don't like to suck cock to completion.  I

just have never developed a taste for sperm.  I moved

forward on my hands and knees to the edge of the glass.

Craig dropped to his knees and slid his cock into me from

behind.  He leaned forward over my back and I could feel

his breath on the back of my neck.  He thrust and I tried

to match his rhythm.  He had been denied too long, and

the pace quickly picked up.  Each thrust, I would open my

eyes out onto the ocean.  When he would withdraw,  I

would close them again and back up trying to keep him

inside.  Soon, we both were reaching a crescendo.

     Coming back to our senses, I shakily got up and

returned to the bed.  I picked up my discarded swimsuit.

A quiet afternoon on the beach was a perfect

prescription.  I started to head to the shower but Craig

stopped me, "Let's go down now."

     "But I need to clean up first", I replied.

     "But you look beautiful with that just fucked look.

All the men will be so jealous of me.  Besides, we can

let the ocean clean us."  Craig reached into his bag and

pulled out his swim trunks.  He looked worse then I did,

with my dried juices still on visible on his face.  I

quickly slipped back into my bikini and brushed my hair.

We grabbed our things and headed for the elevator.  In

the elevator, I could still smell our sex in the confined

area.  Part way down, the elevator stopped and a middle-

aged couple joined us.  The men kept sniffing around, not

quite able to place the smell.  When we got off, we both

broke into laughter.

     Reaching the beach, we set our towels and things

down.  The beach was already crowded and we ended up

fairly far up it before finding a suitable spot.  I

noticed more than one male's head turn (and a couple

female's as well) as we walked down the beach.  Craig and

I both ran into the ocean and splashed around.  We swam

out a little bit and rode a couple waves back in.  I got

out and toweled myself off and Craig wasn't far behind

me.  He helped rub the suntan lotion into my body and

then I returned the favor.  We laid out the rest of the


     Later, rested, showered, and refreshed, we went out

to dinner and than to hit the clubs.  I just love to

dance and the drinks and the music kept flowing.  At 1:30

a.m., we were still going strong.  The dancing and the

drinks were making me hot, so I did not object when Craig

suggested a moonlit walk on the beach.  It was quite

bright out that night,being near the full moon.  We

walked arm in arm.  We could see that we weren't the only

ones with that idea as there were other couples walking

down the beach.  Craig suggested skinny dipping and I

punched him (lightly) in the stomach.  I was slightly

drunk but I wasn't that drunk.

     Instead we headed for a sand dune.  But once again,

we had not been alone in the thought.  We heard moaning

coming from behind some brush.  Craig put his hand over

my mouth before I could speak and guided me down onto the

sand.  We crawled to the rise of the dune and looked

over.  There was a couple in the middle of the act.  She

was on her back in the sand with her legs spread, he was

in between them pumping furiously away.  They were not

far from the point of no return.  She was a cute blond

who was very young.  She had her dress hiked up to her

waist.  Her blouse was open and her bra and panties

rested on the sand next to them.  He was tall, very young

too, and had a medium size cock.  He had his pants and

shorts pulled down to his knees and was busy pumping her

and grabbing her breasts.  She was the one we had heard

moaning as she continued to "ohh" and "ahh".  Craig had

lain down next to me and his hand reached into my blouse

(I hadn't worn a bra that evening).  I was getting quite

flushed, watching their illicit act.  The boy's groan

joined the girl's and with one final thrust he came to

rest upon her.  Craig had unbuttoned my shirt most the

way down and was working on my pants.  His hand slid into

my panties and he could tell how excited I was.  I could

feel him rubbing his bulge against my leg and knew that

the show had affected him too.  The girl buttoned up her

blouse and pulled on her panties as the boy pulled his

pants back on.  She did not bother to replace the

brassiere, instead slid it into a small bag that was off

to her side.  They rose and walked off hand in hand.

     Craig said, "I want you now, right there!"  We slid

down the dune from our vantage point and took the spot so

recently vacated.  I lowered my pants and removed my

already unbuttoned blouse.  Jack had dropped his pants

and was raising his shirt over his head.  I pressed my

body against him and our mouths joined as the shirt

cleared his head.  I pushed him down to the ground on the

exact spot the couple had lain.  There was no need for

preliminaries.  I was already soaking.  I grabbed his

dick and guided it straight into my pussy.  I like being

on top (especially when it means not getting sand all

over myself) and was soon riding away.  I tried to keep

our volume down, considering the noise that had attracted

us in the first place, but Craig was being no help,

repeating "Oh yeah" over and over.We did not last long

and soon I collapsed on top of Craig, both of us spent.

     Craig whispered in my ear, "I think we have company

too!"  I heard giggling and looked up the dune.  A couple

of young (early teens) boys were up there getting an

eyeful.  I blushed deeply and quickly grabbed my blouse

and slacks.  I dressed quickly, forgoing my panties as

they had disappeared in the sand.  Craig dressed and

tried to comfort me.  The young boys had scurried away,

realizing they had been found out.  By the time we had

walked back to the car, I was not really upset about

having put on a show.  The more I thought of it, the more

I thought how I had enjoyed the show put on for us.  We

returned to our room.  After a quick shower, we fell into

a blissful sleep.

     I woke Sunday morning to a glorious feeling.  Craig

was between legs, lightly tonguing my pussy.  I kept my

eyes closed and just enjoyed the sensations in a half

awake, half asleep state.  He tongued me for over fifteen

minutes before my moaning gave me away.  I finally opened

my eyes and watched him continue his work.  I said,

"Now!" and he rose above me.  Where the other sex had

turned into raw animal passion, this was slow, unhurried

lovemaking.  He slid into me gently.  We kept up the slow

pace for over a half hour.  Almost imperceptibly, the

pace picked up.  Finally, we both came and just laid in

each others arms.  What a way to awake.

     It was already noon before we left the room.  We

grabbed a bite to eat and went back to the beach.  Later,

we walked by the dune that we had used last night.  Craig

held my hand tight.

     Sunday evening, we went out to eat again (we had a

three day weekend so we wouldn't have to head back until

Monday evening).  I had on a white halter dress.  Craig

was being most attentive.  At the restaurant, his hand

slid under my dress and he caressed my thighs.  I was

having a hard time eating my salad as his finger wormed

under my panties and entered me.  He would discreetly

remove his hand from under my dress whenever the waitress

approached.  After she cleared the salads away, I excused

myself and went to the ladies room.  I could plainly see

how flushed I looked in the mirror.  I removed my soaking

panties and put them in my purse.  Craig rose when I

returned to the table and helped me with my seat.

Sitting, his hand quickly discovered the reason for my

little trip and his face lit up with a smile.  After

dinner had been cleared away (I can't even remember what

I had!), the waitress asked if we would like dessert.

Craig teases me by not removing his hand for her final

visit and said that we were going to go somewhere else

for dessert.

     When we got in the car, Craig's hand once again

slipped up my dress.  My excitement was overpowering.  I

just wanted release.  I could smell myself in the

confined space of the car as he drove.  His fingers kept

teasing my clit, but always stopping short of giving me

release.  I was tempted to reach down and finish myself

off.  Craig pulled the car into a parking lot.  I looked

up expecting to see the hotel, and was surprised to see

that we were near the edge of the strip.  He had driven

us back to the strip joint that we had seen as we drove

in.  I didn't particularly want to go in, in fact, all I

wanted was to go back to the room and fuck.

     "What are we doing here?' I asked.

     "I thought that since you had stimulation all night,

now it was my turn." he replied.

"I don't want to go in there,  I want to go back to

the room." I whined.

     "Why do you want to go back there when the night is

still young?", he teased.  He wanted me to say it.

     "I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard and often NOW!"

I answered.

     "But what about me?  You've had all night to get hot

and bothered and I want to have a little fun now." he


     "I'll do anything you want as long as you take me

back to the room NOW!" I was running out of patience.

     "Anything?" he teased.

     "Anything!" I replied.

     "Okay, but I want you to do something special for

me." he gave me an evil grin.  I was to hot to notice and

just nodded my head.  He started the car and headed back

to the hotel.  "I want you to help me live out a fantasy.

I want you to enter that amateur contest tomorrow night."

he said.  I was almost shocked back to reality.  But I

decided to promise him anything, whether I would actually

do anything was another story.  His hand had once again

slid up my dress and was stroking me.

     "Okay, I'll do it, just give me relief." I told him.

He picked up the pace a bit and I finally came.  But he

kept working his finger in and out.

     When we arrived back at the hotel, I was ready to

come again.  He pulled his hand out though.  We walked to

the elevator.  I could see a stain on the front of my

dress.  I couldn't believe how hot and bothered I was,

especially after having had so much sex that weekend.

Luckily, we didn't run into anyone.  When we entered the

elevator, Craig pulled his zipper down and ordered me to

suck him.  I obediently dropped to my knees and pulled

his cock out.  I engulfed the head with my mouth,

unconcerned that it was a glass elevator (the glass was

smoked so it was unlikely anyone could have seen anything

anyway).  Craig may have talked a good game, but he was

not totally unaffected by our night out.  He was rock

hard.  When we reached our floor, we quickly ran to the

room (Craig didn't even zip back up).

     Craig was all over me as soon as the door closed.

We didn't even remove our clothing.  I just hiked my

skirt and Craig later untied my halter to get access to

my breasts.  Craig dropped his pants and undershorts to

the floor and pulled me down to the carpet.  He entered

me hurriedly, as I raises my legs over his head onto his

back.  This was exactly what I needed.  He pumped

furiously into me.  It reminded me of he couple we had

witinessed the night before.  I came and kept coming.

Craig finally shot deep into me and we both just laid

spent on the floor.

     Craig started to harden in my pussy.  "what are you

thinking about?" I teased him.  His cock throbbed within

me and he started to stroke again.

"You, and how great you'll look up on the stage

tomorrow." he replied.

     "What makes you think I will do it?" I asked.

     "You wouldn't go back on your word, besides, its a

long walk home" he kidded (atleast I hoped he was

kidding).  He rose up, helping me to my feet, never

disengaging.  We carefully walked to the bed and then

laid down on it.  It was a much slower pace then our

previous frenzy.  When we had finished, we fell asleep in

each others arms.

     I awoke with a similar sensation to the morning

before.  Craig was once again between my legs and I was

already starting to juice.  We made slow love again and

drifted back to sleep.  We finally arose from bed after

1:00 p.m. and ate.  Craig suggested that I call the

office and take another day, so that we might further

enjoy tonights experience.  I had been hoping he might

drop that.

     "I'm not to sure I really want to go through with

that" I said, hoping he would let me bow out gracefully.

Things were going pretty well between us and I didn't

want to screw them up too badly.

     "But you promised.  I think that you will enjoy it.

You certainly have enjoyed all the stares on the beach,

and on the dance floor the other night.  You were excited

by watching that couple and I bet if you are really

willing to admit it to yourself, that you were excited

having those two boys watch." he argued.

     It was true, I do like the stares, whether it be at

the beach or on the dance floor.  I wasn't too sure about

the two boys watching us, however, I had certainly

enjoyed the show the couple put on.

     "I'm not saying I will do it, but another day would

be fun." I conceded.

     "As long as you are not saying that you definitely

won't" he said with a smile.  Craig and I both called our

offices and took an extra day.  We returned for another

day on the beach.  Craig was very attentive, occasionally

slipping his hands into my suit.  I kept pushing him away

as I wanted to rest and I knew I couldn't think straight

with an itchy pussy.

     As the sun began to set, I knew I was running out of

time.  Craig joined me in the shower and immediately

dropped to his knees and buried his face in my mound.  He

certainly was not going to make it easy for me.  I

dressed for dinner in blue jeans and a blouse (I wasn't

going to make it as easy as the night before for him

either.  I even wore a bra!).  We ate at a nice seafood

place.  Craig tried to keep pouring liquor into me but I

paced myself.  I had been thinking about what he had

said.  I had a fantasy about being a stripper, but I

wasn't sure I wanted to turn it into reality.  I figured

that the lounge would be dingy, the women slutty, and the

men would all have beer guts.

After dinner, Craig looked at me expectantly.  "I'll

go look, but I won't decide till later." I said.  He

grinned and hurriedly drove us to the lounge.  At the

entrance, a bouncer told us about the cover charge.  He

asked if I was interested in competing for the $500.00

prize.  Craig said that I might be but we wanted to check

it out.  He said that we needed to check in with the

manager at the bar by 10:00 if I wanted to enter.  He

explained that the competition did not start till 10:30,

and that the regular girls worked before that.

     The room was semi dark and the music was loud.  I

clung to Craig instinctively as we entered the room

filled with men.  I could see just a couple of women in

the crowd.  It was not dirty or seedy.  The men were

mostly young, and only a few looked like they should be

driving around in pickup trucks with gun racks.  We

worked our way to the bar and I could just barely see the

stage area between all the men (there must have been over

300 of them!).  The stage was well lit from track lights

that hung down similar to the disco we had ben to on

Saturday night.  No one was on the stage and most of the

men were milling about.  Waitresses scurried about (fully

clothed, but in short cocktail outfits).  We found a

small table for two at the bar when two men got up and

left.  We could see the stage.  Although not the best

sits in the house, they would certainly be adequate for

our needs.  A waitress came to our table almost

immediately and took our order.  This wasn't too bad but

I didn't want to be too clear headed if I was going to go

through with this.  The waitress swiftly returned with

the drinks and Craig ordered another round.

     We both swiftly drank the first and the second had

just arrived when the stage lights dimmed.  We could

barely see the curtain move and then a spot light came

on.  A very well built blonde was on the stage.  She was

dressed in a dark blue velvet dress and was wearing

matching gloves that ran past her elbows.  She had a

matching set of pumps on her feet.  The room momentarily

hushed in anticipation.  The music came on loud.  It had

a disco style beat.  The girl started moving on the

stage.  She danced down the runway and back.  She was not

bumping or grinding, no pelvic thrusts or anything.  She

looked like she was just dancing like I might.  Then she

pulled one glove off, and then the other.  She threw them

to the back part of the stage out of reach.  She turned

her back too the crowd and lowered her hands to the hem

of the skirt.  She slowly raised it up her body and

finally took it over her head.  She turned and faced the

crowd.  She had on matching black bra, panty (more of a

g-string), and garter belt set.  She danced around the

runway and returned to the back part of the stage.  She

turned her back to the crowd once again.  The straps of

her bra fell down her arms.  Her bra must have had a

front hook because she pulled both cups to her sides.

The crowd hooted  and hollered as she threw the bra

aside.  She turned around and we could see her large

breasts.  She had very large pinkish nipples.  She danced

around the runway and shook her chest at the men.  Again,

she returned to the back of the stage.  Her back once

more turned to the audience, she unsnapped her g-string

and threw it to the side.  The crowd was really getting

loud.  She turned and faced the audience.  Her pussy lips

were completely shaven and she had a small blond thatch

over her pussy.  She took her time dancing around the

runway, pausing in front off men so they could get a

closer look.  She danced some more in the middle of the

stage as the music came to an ending.  She took a bow as

the crowd applauded enthusiastically.  She grabbed her

clothes and went behind the curtain.  She came back twice

for curtain calls.

     The next dancer was tall and dark haired.  She was

well built (but not as well built as the blond had been)

and had a dark tan.  Her dance was similar and soon she

was down to a white g-string (she had been dressed all in

white).  After she removed it, I was intrigued to see

that she too had her pussy lips shaven.  She had her

remaining hair cut into the shape of a heart.  Also, here

tan did not have any lines in it.  She looked incredible.

Craig was obviously enjoying the show (my hand reached

into his lap and found him solid).  It was getting close

to 10:00 and decision time.

     Craig asked, "Well, do you want to give it a try?"

     "I don't know, there are so many men."  I replied.

     "But you don't know anyone here, you'll probably

never meet any of these people again." he countered.

     "Good point, Promise you  won't tell anyone ever."

He quickly nodded his head.  He signaled our waitress,

and when she came, he ordered another round and asked her

if she could send the manager over so I could sign up for

the contest.

     The manager was late thirties, early forties, with a

slightly receding hair line.  "Great, now do you want to

join the contest?"  I shook my head yes.  "Okay, now I

need to double check your I.D. again (we had been carded

as we entered).  I showed him my driver's license.

"Looks okay, now here is an application.  Fill it out and

I'll take you back stage.  You won't be allowed back

stage (he had turned to Craig) though.  One of the girls

will help you get set.  We have extra costumes and

they'll explain the rules and tricks.  There are five

other girls tonight and they are already back there

getting ready.  You'll go on last to give you time to

complete the form and get ready.  I'll be back in a

minute to pick this up and take you back there."  He left

the table and talked with the bartender.

     The application was pretty straight forward.  It

just wanted basic information (name, address, etc.).

Most of it was taken up with a disclaimer relieving the

bar of any responsibility for about anything that might

happen.  My hand shook as I signed it.

     The manager returned and I handed him the form.  I

left Craig and followed the manager back stage.  Some of

the men turned and looked as we walked to the door.

Another girl was on so they didn't look long.  Backstage

were a couple of small rooms.  The first, he called it

the costume room, had three racks of exotic looking

clothes.  The tall brunette (with the heart shaped hair)

we had watched earlier put her head in the door.  She was

wearing a plain white robe.

     "Shelly, I want you to meet Pamela, she's going to

be in the contest tonight.  Do you think you can get her

set up?"  the manager asked.

     "Okay Gene, when does she go on?" she replied.

     "She'll be last so you'll have a little time." the

manager said as he headed out the door.

     "Hi, you a little bit nervous?" Shelly asked.  I

nodded.  "Don't worry, you'll do alright.  They will like

you." she said looking me up and down.  "Let's find

something good for you to wear.  What's your best color?"

     I replied, "White" as we stepped in front of the


     "I thought so, its one of my favorites too.  It

highlights a tan so well.", she said.

     "Your's is  certainly nice .  It must come from

living at the beach.", I said.

     "Yes, I know a nice little private beach.", Shelly


     "I'd love to go there sometime.  Where is it?" I


     "Sorry, its tough to find and you have to have

permission to go there.", she replied. " Now we have to

get started.  We start at the end and work backwards."

she said as she opened a drawer on a chest.  "Here's a

garter belt, some stockings a g-string.  The belts

adjustable and the g-string has velcros so it can adjust

to most any size.  It also makes it easier to take off."

Shelly said demonstrating how both sizes could be release

in the air.  "What size bust are you?" she asked.

     "34C" I replied.

     She opened another drawer and started searching

through bras.  She finally pulled a white one out and

handed it to me.  "It hooks in the front to make it

easier.  Now change into this and we'll find something to

go over it."  I started taking my clothes off.  "When you

get out there, make sure you smile.  Dance all you want

and have fun with it.  The crowd picks the winner and

they can tell if you are just going through the motions.

Make sure you are at the back of the stage when you take

anything off.  That way you can throw back to side and it

won't disappear into the crowd.  Anything you throw to

the crowd, Gene will make you pay for.  Also, be careful

you don't get to close to the edge.  We once had a girl

who fell into the crowd.  Not a pretty sight."

     I had taken off my blouse and bra and was about to

put the white bra she had picked out for me on.  "Hang on

one minute.  A little lip gloss well help highlight your

nipples."  Shelly handed my a jar from one of the tables.

I stood in front of a mirror and applied some brown gloss

to each nipple.  "Let me help you with the bra.  If you

don't get it on right, it'll rub the gloss all over and

they would look worse".  She helped line the lacy, semi

sheer bra up as I put it on.  "Now you are not allowed to

let anyone touch out there.  We'd lose our liquor

license."  I was actually relieved to hear that.  I had

taken my shoes off and was removing my jeans.  I had

piled the clothes on an empty spot on the dressing table.

     "You'll have about five minutes so don't go too

slowly.  But don't take it all off too quickly either.  I

can't teach you pacing in time but we will have someone

in the wings who will yell out the time remaining in

minutes.  Don't count on be able to hear them though.  If

you are doing it right, the crowd will drown her out."  I

had slid the g-string on and had adjusted the belt.  I

slid the white stockings up my legs and connected them.

     "Stick to the basics.  Don't try anything fancy.

I'd leave the stockings and garter belt on.  Some girls

try to take them off too, but it takes up too much time

and it takes practice to make it look graceful."  I stood


     "Okay, lets find something to go over that.  I know

just the thing."  Shelly disappeared behind one of the

racks and came back with a silk white night shirt.  "The

lights work so well on this.  All you have to do is

unbutton it down too.  No muse your hair taking something

over your head."

     Suddenly, an especially loud roar came from the

crowd.  "They must be starting."  Shelly said looking

over her shoulder into the hall.  I had been a little

self conscious of the open door as I changed, but had

only seen an occasional women pass by (including the girl

who had been on stage when I came back stage.  She had

passed by still naked, carrying her clothes.).  I put the

silk night shirt on and buttoned it up.  The music

resumed outside so the first contestant was probably on

stage.  My stomach flip flopped.

     Shelly must have noticed my tenseness.  "Relax,

you'll do great.  If you feel yourself freezing on stage,

just look up into the lights.  Then you won't be able to

see anyone.  No one is going to force you to do anything

you are uncomfortable with.  Lets go to the dancer's

lounge and wait."

     Shelly handed me a short robe which I rapped around

myself.  We exited the room (I was glad I had left my

purse with Craig).  As we walked down the hall Shelly

said, "Don't let the other girls intimidate you.  A

couple of them do this fairly regularly, trying to win

the money.  Its actually tougher for them as the men like

new faces."

     We entered another room.  It had mirrors and

dressing tables along one side and a couple of old

couches.  There was also a small wet bar to one side.

Shelly took me there and poured me a glass of white wine.

There were four other girls in the room, all wearing

robes.  The girl who had been on stage and that I had

seen walking down the hall naked, was now robed and

sipping a drink and smoking a cigarette at one of the

dressing tables.

     Three girls were sitting on a couch.  Shelly took me

to the couch and said, "Hey girls, we got another

entrant.  This is Pamela."

     I said hello to each of my three competitors (the

other was already on stage).  The first, an unbelievable

good looking blonde with a big chest introduced herself

as Lisa.  They must have had to check her I.D. twice as

she looked no more than eighteen.  She had on a black

wraparound skirt and a silk blouse.  It was obvious that

she had a black bra underneath.  The second girl was a

mid thirtyish brunette who looked a little out of place.

Her name was Ellen.  She was not particular well built

and was a bit hippy.  She looked really nervous and her

drink shook in her hand.  I was willing to bet she was a

housewife on vacation whose husband had put her up to

this.  She was dressed in a blue dress  that had a zipper

down the front.  The third girl looked to be in her mid

twenties.  Her name was Karen.  She had light brown hair

and a tight body.  She had a red teddy on and red


     Shelly took me over to the remaining dressing table

and helped me with my make-up.  The blonde that Craig and

I had seen first, popped her head in the door.  "Okay

Karen, your up."  Karen rose and followed the blonde out

of the room.

     A minute latter the crowd noise rose.  The first

contestant must have finished.  A moment later, a petite

blond entered the room, wearing a robe and carrying her

clothes.  She set the clothes down (some sort of pink

dress) and grabbed a drink.  She said "hi" to Shelly but

ignored me.

     Shelly whispered, "That's Elizabeth, she one of the

regulars I told you about.  The other one is Lisa.  Lisa

nice but stay away from Elizbeth.  She likes to play mind


     Ellen was looking more nervous.  She was to go on

next.  She had put down her drink and was tightly holding

her hands together.

     Shelly finished up with my make up and stood back to

admire the results.  "Beautiful!  Okay your going on

last.  After your done, pick up your clothes and come

back stage.  All the girls will be waiting for the

judging.  We will give you a minute to put the panties

back on.  Then put the robe back on and all of you will

go back on stage.  They will hold the judging.  Usually,

when they call your name, you step forward and open your

robe.  You don't have to because the judging will already

be over, but most everyone still dose it.  Take a bow and

return to the line.  They then announce the runner ups

and the winner.  The winner is expected to dance for

another couple of minutes, and then gets presented the

check.  The other contestants move back stage.  Any prize

money for runners up is presented when they are

announced.  Only the winner waits until after her encore.

Once back stage, everyone is free to dress and leave.

Your welcome to hang out back here if you want but no men

are allowed back stage.  We'll be at it until two.

Sometimes, if someone been really good, and they want to

do it again, Gene lets them dance a regular set with us."

Shelly said.

     The blonde put her head in the door and called

Ellen.  Ellen shook as she rose and walked like she was

headed to the gallows out of the room.  The blonde gave a

nod to Shelly.

     "Okay, I've got to go help Teri.  Are you going to

be all right?" Shelly asked.

     "I think so." I responded.  I was beginning to feel

a little more relaxed.

     "Good luck.  Okay Lisa, I don't think Ellen is going

to last to long.  Why don't you come out to the wings

just in case."  The two girls left.  I went over to the

bar to freshen my drink.

     Karen entered the room, blushing and looking quite

flush.  She had on her robe and had a red pile of clothes

in her hand.  She dropped them on the couch and went

straight for the bar.

     "How did it go?" I asked as I poured her some wine

and refilled my glass.

     "Great!  They were yelling and clapping.  I couldn't

believe how excited I was."  Karen's voiced cracked as

she spoke.  She took a gulp of the wine and sat down.  I

was wondering if she was going to faint.

     The crowd noise had dropped off and the music had

stopped.  It was too soon for Ellen to be done.  The

crowd cheered and the music started up again.  A minute

later, Shelly came in.

     "Pamela, you're next. Wait a couple more minutes and

then go out to the wings and wait with Teri.  Good Luck!"

she said.

     "What happened to Ellen?" I asked.

     "She got about half way through and froze.  Don't

worry, you'll do great!  Lisa will have the crowd all

warmed up for you." Shelly said.  Looking at the other

two girls she added, "Get ready for the judging."

     Elizabeth reached over to clothing pile and pulled

out sheer white panties.  She stepped into them and

pulled them up her legs.  As she pulled them up, I caught

a glimpse of a completely shaven pussy.  Karen had put

down her drink and was rummaging through her pile.  She

pulled out a red g-string, similar in design to the one I

was wearing (velcros on both sides).  She pulled it under

her robe and fit them on.

     I decided to use the bathroom quickly before I went

on.  I had a good bit to drink and didn't want to have

any accidents.  I went into the small bathroom that

adjoined the room.  I decided to test the g-string and

pulled both sides, just as Shelly had shown me.  It came

apart in my hands just like it was suppose to.  I

finished and walked out to the hall.  Teri signalled me

to  join her at the end.  I walked down the hall.  In the

costume room, I saw Shelly trying to comfort Ellen who

was crying.  I hurried along to Teri.

     Teri shouted onto the stage, "Two Minutes."  I

looked out behind the curtain.  The crowd had grown and

they were cheering Lisa on.  I looked onto the stage and

saw Lisa.  She was just returning to the back part of the

stage from the runway.  She was down to her black

panties.  She came over to us and pulled the curtain

around the lower part of her body.  Her hand swiftly

pulled the panties down and she threw them over her

shoulder onto the stage where the men could see them.  A

big cheer went up and she turned her back on the crowd

and danced out to the middle  All the crowd could see was

her behind but Teri and I had the perfect view of her

front.  Lisa had firm, large breasts with big pink

nipples.  She had a pink pussy with a fine patch of blond

pubic hair.  She was unbelievable.  She turned and faced

the crowd.  The men went wild.  She danced up the runway,

gyrating her hips and give the men a good view.  Teri

shouted, "One minute!", but the crowd noise was probably

drowning it out.  I had been feeling more relaxed, even

excited.  But now my stomach was tight and new fears were

entering my mind.  I wasn't sure now that I really could

go through with it.  The music came to an end and Lisa

stopped dancing.

     "The Lovely Lisa, lets give her a big hand for

coming out here tonight." a microphoned voice said.  The

crowd cheered as Lisa took a bow.  The stage lights went

out and she quickly retrieved her clothes from the stage

and headed for us.

     "Great show!" Teri said as Lisa came backstage.

Lisa took her robe from a hook behind us and put it on.

     "Thanks, they're ready tonight." she replied.

     "Hand your robe up and get ready, they are about to

announce you." Teri told me.  I put the robe on the hook.

     "Good Luck." Lisa said as she headed back down the


     "Go get them", Teri said as she gave me a small

boost out on the still dark stage.    I stepped to the

center.  The moment of truth had arrived.

     The announcer was talking about a promotion that was

upcoming at the bar.  "And now an accountant who has some

interesting figure to show us, let's give a big welcome

to Pamela!"  The music stared and then the lights came

on, blinding me.  The men roared.  I started dancing,

swaying my hips to the beat.  The satin white night shirt

shimmered in the lights.  I took Shelly's advice and

looked into the lights, losing myself in the music.  I

worked my way down one side of the runway.  I saw Craig

sitting at the table at the bar.  He caught my eye and

started to clap.  He was the vision of lust.  I turned my

back to him and inched up the night shirt so my g-string

covered (or should that be uncovered) behind was visible.

I shook it at him and the men nearest the stage went

wild.  I worked my way back to the stage.  I reached up

and unbuttoned the top button on the shirt.  The I

reached down and unbuttoned the bottom button.  I

alternated between top and bottom until only one was

left.  "Four Minutes!", I heard Teri in the wings.  I

teased the men by alternately opening the bottom and then

the top of the nightshirt.  They could just get glimpses

of the white underwear beneath.  I unbuttoned the last

button and pulled the shirt open.  The men cheered.  I

danced the length of the runway with the shirt wide open

and returned to the back of the stage and deposited it on

the floor.  I was beginning to really get into it.  The

men cheering and screaming was feeding my ego.  I decided

it was time to be bold.

     As I danced down the runway again, I could barely

hear Teri shout the three minute warning.  I decided to

forgo Shelly's advice on taking my clothes off at the

back part of the stage.  In the middle of the runway.  I

reached to the front of the white, lacy, push-up bra and

unhooked it.  I held the cups in place as I let the

straps fall down my arms.  I released the right cup and

pulled the bra completely off, exposing my breasts.  The

men were cheering loudly.  I looked in their faces and

could see their smiles and leers.  Surprisingly, Ii was

turning me on.  I shook my breasts at first one side of

the room, and then the other.  I looked up to see Craig

and shook them one more time in his direction.  It looked

like he was really enjoying the show.  I danced to the

back of the stage and deposited the bra on top of the

night shirt.  As I looked off in th wings, I could see

that the other girls had joined Teri.  Shelly was there,

having changed into a black dress.  There was no sign of

Ellen though.  I turned and faced the crowd, swaying my

hips.  I ran my hands under my breasts and pushed them up

towards the crowd.

     Heading back down the runway, I heard Teri shout

"Two minutes!"  In the middle of the runway, I reached to

both sides of my hips for the velcros fasteners on the g-

string.  I pulled, being careful to keep the cloth in

front of me blocking their view.  The string fell off my

back and I turned, shaking my naked bottom to all the

men.  I then pulled the g-string high in the air,

exposing everything to the world.  The men were cheering

more loudly than before.  I danced and gyrated down the

runway, waving the g-string wildly overhead.  I returned

to the back of the stage and threw the g-string with the

rest of the discarded clothes.  I put my arms behind my

head and danced down the runway once more.  I could feel

my pussy juicing and wondered whether that was visible to

the men.  I did not have to wonder about my chest though,

as the nipples were quite obviously erect.

     As I was dancing back up the runway to the stage,

the music came to an end.  I guess the crowd had drowned

out Teri's one minute warning.  I walked back to the

stage quickly.  "The pretty Pamela!  What a show!  Let's

give her a big round of applause." the announcer said.  I

turned away from the men and bowed, showing off my

bottom, then I turned and bowed facing them.  The were

clapping and shouting.

     The lights went out and I bent over and picked up

the clothes.  I walked to the wings where all the girls

were waiting in their robes.

     "Great show!" Teri said.

     "Yeah, you were hot!", Lisa added.

     "Super!", Karen said.

     Elizabeth gave me a dirty look.  Shelly came up and

hugged me, "You did great, are you sure you have never

done this before?"  It felt funny to be hugged by a woman

while I was still naked and I didn't want them to see how

excited I was.  Her dress felt good against my bare

breasts though.  I reached down through the clothes and

pulled out the g-string.  I quickly guided it between my

legs and fastened it on my sides.  Shelly handed me the

robe.  The stage lights came back on.

     "We've got the results, now if the ladies will just

return, we can crown our winner." the announcer said to

the room.  All four of us filed out back onto the stage.

I was the last one out.  The crowd cheered loudly.  "Our

lovely contestants folks!  Contestant number one,

Elizabeth!"  She dropped the robe and stepped forward to

the cheers of the crowd.  So much for just opening her

robe as Shelly had explained to me.  She took a couple of

bows and fondled her breasts.  She had small but firm

breasts topped with dark brown nipples.  "Contestant

number two, Karen!" Karen, not to be outdone by

Elizabeth, dropped her robe to the floor and stepped

forward to the delight of the crowd.  Her breasts were

larger and she had larger pink nipples.  She shook her

breasts to the men's applause.  Karen's body was

extremely tight and she looked like she must work out a

great deal.  "Contestant number four, Lisa!"  (I guess

they were not going to make any mention of Ellen) Lisa

dropped her robe too.  She definitely had the biggest

breasts of the group (I think mine might have come in

second, but Karen's were awfully close).  She took her

bows and returned to the line.  I started untying my

robe.  "And contestant number five, Pamela!"  I stepped

forward and ran my hands up my breasts as though to

present them to the men.  I took a couple of bows and

stepped back into the line.  I had really enjoyed the

men's enthusiastic response.

     "I know with such beautiful contestants, its hard

for tonights judges to make a choice.  All these women

are winners and will receive prizes.  But we are now

ready to announce the winners.  Our first runner up,

winner of a gift certificate for a new swim suit from

"The Teenie Weenie Bikini Shop", and a cash prize of one

hundred dollars is.." the announcer paused to build up

anticipation "Pamela!"

     I couldn't believe it.  I had come in second!  The

men cheered and Lisa reached over and hugged me, her bare

chest rubbing against mine.  Shelly had come out of the

wings put a sash over me.  She hugged me and gave me a

kiss on the cheek.

     "Congratulations!"  She handed me the gift

certificate, a one hundred dollar bill, and a small batch

of flowers.  "Walk down the runway and wave", Shelly told


     I took the flowers in my hand and walked down,

waving to the cheering men.  It might not be the Miss

America pageant, but I felt proud.

     As I returned to the line the announcer said,  "And

tonights winner of the grand prize, a gift certificate

for a new swim suit from "The Teenie Weenie Bikini Shop,

a free makeover including hairstyling and a pedicure from

the "House of Lenora", a dinner for two at the

"Beachcomber" and five hundred dollars in cash is.." once

again he paused, "Lisa!"  She squealed and leaned over

and hugged me again.  The she hugged Karen.  Shelly

placed a sash on her and handed her flowers and the

money.  They hugged too.  Shelly signaled to us to file

off the stage so I led the way to the wings.  Teri

congratulated me as Karen and I joined her in the wings.

Elizabeth stormed off down the hall.  I guess she was a

bad loser.  Shelly came back stage as the music started

again.  She had Lisa's flowers and money.  You can't

dance to well holding on to things.

     Lisa was already dancing on stage.  We watched her

move.  Since all she had on were here panties, it didn't

take long for her to become nude.  She danced a couple

more minutes to the delight of the fans.  She grabbed her

panties, (Karen had thoughtfully brought Lisa's robe back

with her) and came to the wings with us.  Everyone hugged

again.  The men were chanting "Lisa, Lisa".  She went

back out and took a couple more bows.  When she returned,

she put her robe on.  I still had my robe over my arm as

I had my hands too full with flowers and the money to put

it on.  Shelly gave Lisa here flowers and prizes and we

all went back to the room.  The brunette that had been

smoking in the room passed us going down the hall.  She

was headed towards the stage to do the next set.

     Back in the room, we shared a celebratory drink.

Elizabeth had already cleared out.

     "I've got to go change because I'm up next." Teri

said excusing herself.

     "Anyone want to stay around and dance some more?"

Shelly asked.

     "I'll stick around for one more set.", Lisa said.

     Shelly looked to Karen.  "I don't know."  Karen sort

of squirmed.  I knew how she was feeling.  I had enjoyed

putting on the show but there were now others needs that

would need to be taken care of.

     Shelly looked at me.  Feeling playful I turned to

Karen and joked, "I'll show you mine if you show me

yours."  After all, I hadn't gotten to see her show.

     Karen laughed and said, "You're on, but can you let

us go on soon?"

     "If you're in such a hurry, why don't you go on

together?"  Shelly suggested.

     "I'm game if you are?" Karen said.

     I wasn't to sure but decided to go along.  "Okay", I


     "Alright then, lets go to the costume room and see

what we can find." Shelly suggested.

     I told her that I would need to let Craig know what

was going on.  Karen said she wanted to let her husband

know too.  Shelly arranged for us to send a note.  I

wrote Craig that I had another surprise for him and that

he had better be ready afterwards.  Shelly took the notes

and said that a waitress would deliver them.

     As we entered the customer room, Teri was coming out

in a leather biker outfit.  Shelly told her what we were

going to do and she said that we could go on after her.

We returned the clothes that we had used before and

started looking for something to wear.  Shelly said she

had the perfect choice and disappeared into a rack.  She

came back with two red and white pleated skirts and red

sweaters with letters on them (FU, how original).  "How

about being cheerleaders?"

     Karen and I both agreed.  Shelly pulled out some red

cotton panties.  She also found two red push-up bras that

had only half cups.  She then went into the closet to

find the pom-poms and find some shoes.

     Karen took off her robe.  I marveled at how tight

and firm her body was.  I got to aerobics class twice a

week but she looked like she did it more regularly than

that.  "How do you keep looking so tight?" I asked her.

     "I'm an aerobic instructor." she smiled.  I should

have guessed.  She had a neatly trimmed mound of dark

black pubic hair.  Karen pulled her red panties up and

picked up the bra.  The red bra hooked in back and pushed

her breasts up.  It only covered the bottom half of the

breast and the nipple was still exposed.  I slipped my

robe off and pulled the panties up.  The red panties

covered more of my behind then the g-string had.  These

didn't have the velcros fasteners so would have to be

lowered down the legs.  Karen had slipped the sweater

over her head and pulled it down.  It seemed a little

small the outline of her nipples were clearly visible.

The sweater had a plunging neckline that showed alot of

cleavage.  I tried the bra on and tried to arrange my

nipples over he cups.  Shelly emerged from the closet

with two pair of red pumps and some red and white pom-


     "Hold on a second, I can see that you need your make

up retouched." she said.  I put the sweater back down and

Shelly grabbed the jar of lip gloss.    She reapplied

some to each nipple and tweaked them a bit.  "If they are

not already erect when you are about to go on, make sure

you pull them till they are.  That will make these

outfits look even better." she explained.

     Karen said, "Teri never put make-up on my nipples,

no wonder your tits looked so much better.  Will you do

it for me too?"  Karen pulled the sweater up.

     "You'll need a lighter color." Shelly said as she

returned the jar of lip gloss to the table.  She hunted

through a couple more bottles and finally found a color

she liked.  She applied some to Karen's nipples.

     "Ohh, that feels nice." Karen purred.

     She pulled her sweater down after Shelly was

through.  I had pulled mine on.  It felt about two sizes

too small and was so tight, I wasn't sure I could breath.

Shelly explained that was the only size they had and I

would just have to make due.  The skirts had been altered

to include a velcros fastener along one side, so that

they went on (and came off) like a wrap around skirt.  By

the time we had stepped into the pumps, we looked like

two of the sluttyish cheerleaders.

     We returned to the other room and poured another

drink.  Shelly stepped out to make the arrangements for

our show.  Karen helped me with my make-up and helped her

with hers.  We talked about some things and I found out

that she lived in the same area as I did.  We promised to

exchange phone numbers and to double date.

     "How do you want to do this?" I asked.

     Karen replied, "You know what might be neat?  I'll

let you take off my clothes and I can take yours off."

She looked excited.  I had never had any experience with

girls.  Tonight had been the closest thing, what with

Shelly putting make-up on my nipples, and giving and

receiving hugs from the girls while partly nude.  I must

admit I was excited by the prospects of her touching me

on stage.  Besides, she was married and wouldn't get to

carried away with an audience.  I agreed.  We work out a

little bit of a routine and then Shelly returned.  She

told us that the regular shows were usually longer than

five minutes, and that she had arranged for us to have

more time.

     We walked out to the wings.  I was more excited than

nervous, having already been out on the stage once.  I

felt I knew what to expect and was looking forward to

going out there again.  Teri was on stage, completely

naked.  The music ended and the crowd applauded.  She

took a couple quick bows and stage lights were


     I followed Karen on stage as Teri came off with her

leather outfit in her hands.

     "We have a special treat for you tonight.  A couple

of the ladies from our contest tonight have agreed to do

an encore.  Now to help boost your team spirit, Karen and

Pamela!" the announcer boomed.

     The lights came up and a drum roll started.  Instead

of the usual rock & roll music, Shelly had arranged for

some college fight songs.  Karen and I marched to the

middle of the runway.  We dig a few jumps and kicks.  The

men were cheering.  We kicked high so they could see the

panties under the skirts.  We shook are pom-poms and are

chests to the music.  I leaned forward and Karen lifted

my skirt so the men could see my pantie covered bottom.

She then did the same and I lifted her skirt.  We linked

arms and did some high kicks.  We threw the pom-poms to

the back of the stage.

     Karen stepped behind me and her hands came around

me.  She slid her hands across my stomach and up toward

my breasts.  The she slid them back down and took the

bottom of my sweater.  I raised my hands straight in the

air.  She slowly slid the sweater up, her hands grazing

against my bared skin.  She pulled it over my head and

threw at the back of the stage.  I started to lower my

arms but she told me to leave them up.  Her hands came

back to my belly.  She slid them slowly up until they

were resting on the half cups of the red bra.  Her

fingers slid up and pinched each nipple.  The room had

gotten suddenly quiet.  The men were staring, most of

them open mouthed, as she fondled my breasts on stage.  I

saw Craig.  He was sitting there, open mouthed, obviously

amazed and excited by what we were doing.

     I lowered my arms and Karen stood back.  I could see

the lust in her eyes. She looked like she had completely

forgotten she was onstage in front of a roomful of men.

I was about to repeat what she had done to me but Karen

reached out and pulled me to her in a hug.  Our lips met.

Her tongue entered my mouth.  Her hands reached up for my

breasts .  I reached down and pulled her sweater up.  We

had to break the kiss as I pulled it over her head.

     I whispered, "Don't forget we are not alone."  That

seemed to break her out of her trance.  She released my

breasts and stood back.

     She went to one side of the runway as I went to the

other, letting the men see our near naked chests.  As we

passed in the middle, Karen's hand reached out and

grabbed my skirt.  The velcros gave and the dress

unwrapped from around my hips.  I reached over and pulled

hers.  I took her skirt and walked to the back part of

the stage.  It joined the pile as did mine.

     We  danced on opposite sides of the runway again.  I

decided it was my turn for some fun.  I snuck up behind

Karen and unhooked her bra.  I slid my hands under the

cups and removed the half bra.  My hands slid up to her

breasts and I fondled them.  They were already quite

erect, and the soft skin felt great.  I was quite wet and

could feel Karen pushing her ass back against my crotch.

Her hands reached around behind her and she placed them

on my bottom, pulling my closer to her.  I tried to break

apart, and Karen grabbed my bra to stop me.  She worked

her hands along the strap till she came to the hook.  She

unhooked it.  While she was putting my bra on the pile, I

took the opportunity to head down the runway.  Things

were getting a little out of control.  I didn't know if I

could stop if we kept on teasing one another.

     Karen caught up with me in the middle of the runway.

I turned towards her and she pulled me to her and we

embraced.  Her naked breasts rubbed against mine.  Her

hands slid down my back.  They slid under the panties and

onto my bottom.  I allowed my hands to follow suit.  She

had tight buns, and the skin felt so soft.

     "Okay, let's take them down together", Karen

whispered.  We both bent at the waist and started sliding

each other s panties down, with our hands within them.

When we had them down to the knees, we nearly tripped

over each other.  We both stood straight and let them

drop down to our feet.  Then we stepped out of them.

     Karen faced the crowd on one side of the runway and

I did the same on the other.  It was time to let the men

back into the act.  We switched side and strutted down

the runway.  Karen came up behind me and her hand reached

down for my mound.  I humped my backside against her and

could feel her pubic hair against my bottom.  She slid

her hand through my hair and reached my opening.  Her

fingers pulled the lips apart exposing the pink inside

for the men to enjoy.  The music stopped (we really

hadn't been using it for some time anyway).  I knew Karen

could feel how hot I was.  My hands reached back for her

pussy.  She was wet too.

     She stepped back.  I guess we both realized how

quiet the room had gotten.  They started another song

(back to rock & roll) but the spell had been broken.  I

think we were both suddenly embarrassed.  I know I turned

red.  We grabbed the panties and went and picked up the

pile of clothes.  The music stopped in mid song.

     The announcer said, voice cracking, "Unbelievable,

Pamela and Karen, Wow!"  The men started clapping and

cheering.  I turned and took a bow.  Karen had already

run offstage.  I saw Shelly and Teri standing in the

wings and joined them.  The crowd noise was getting


     "You had better go back out there and take another

bow", Shelly said.  "I'll see if I can get Karen back"

     I dropped the clothes and went back on stage in

nothing but the red pumps.  I took a few more bows.  I

saw Craig standing, applauding and yelling wildly.  I

could plainly see the bulge in his slacks.  I needed that

bulge now!  I returned to the wings and put the robe on.

The crowd kept screaming.

     "Where's Karen?" I asked Teri.  Teri just shook her

head and pointed back at the stage.  I rehung the robe

and went back out for one more curtain call.  I was

hoping Karen would join me.  I looked out in the crowd

and I saw Karen coming out the stage door.  She had

already dressed and she practically ran to a tall,

muscular man at the bar.  The men closed in around them,

many reaching out to her.  She dragged him to the exit

and I lost them in the crowd.  I walked offstage,

disappointed.  I put the robe on.  Shelly joined us and

we took the clothes back to the costume room.  Lisa

passed us on the way.  She was going to do another show.

Well, she would have a tough act to follow.

     "Karen had to leave.  She did leave you this note

though.", Shelly said.  I took the note from her and

opened it.  All that was on it was a phone number and her

signature.  I put the note in the pocket of my jeans and

dressed in my street clothes.  I was still burning up and

decided it was time for Craig to do something about.

Shelly said, "If you are ever back up here, give me a

call.  I'll take you to that beach we had talked about."

She gave me her number and then I headed for the door to

the bar.

     I didn't want to be mobbed as Karen had been so

Shelly arranged for a waitress to get Craig so we could

leave the back way.

     Craig still had the look of lust in his eyes.  He

also was slightly drunk.

     We embraced quickly and I said, "Get me out of


      Shelly showed us the back way out and suddenly, we

were out in the parking lot.  Craig was too drunk to

drive and I was to horny too wait so we ran down to the

beach and found a sand dune.  I tore my jeans and panties

down and dropped to my knees.  Craig just dropped his

pants,not even taking them all the way off.  He entered

me from behind swiftly.  It was savage and fast but I

needed satisfaction.  I never even got my blouse off.  I

collapsed in the sand and Craig rolled off of my side.

We just laid in the sand, naked from the waist down,

oblivious to the world.  Our breathing slowed downed to

more normal and I pulled my pants back on.

     Craig had sobered up a little bit.  He held me and

asked me how I felt.  I had mixed emotions.  I had

enjoyed putting the show on.  I felt a little guilty

though for having done so much in front of everyone.

Also, I was having mixed feelings about how excited other

women had made me that night.  I told him that I felt

fine and that I had enjoyed myself.  Craig looked

relieved and suggested we might want retire to our room.

He said that he wanted details of my experience but

wanted to be in a more comfortable environment.

     We drove in silence back to the hotel.  In the room,

I excused myself and went to the bathroom to clean up.  I

looked in the mirror and saw myself as for the first

time.  The extra heavy make-up that had looked so well

under the stage lights, looked garish.  I took a long hot

shower.  I put a sexy teddie that I had packed to impress

Craig with.  I wondered if it would still excite him

after having seen me in worse on stage.

     Craig whistled approvingly as I emerged from the

bathroom.  I told him that I wanted to hear his side of

the story first as I joined him in the bed.

     "Okay, the first dancer, what was her name?"

     "Elizabeth", I supplied him.

     "Yeah, she came out all dressed in pink.  She kept

moving so you never really got a good look at her.  She

had a bald pussy though!  I thought that was really

exciting.  Then your friend Karen came out.  All decked

out in a see through red nightie.  She had matching

underwear and a garter belt and stockings.  She was

tight.  She started out a bit slow.  She looked a little

nervous.  Once she took her panties off, the music

stopped and she was gone.  It didn't give us much time to


     I had begun to run my hand up and down his cock

lightly and it was responding.  His hand was

absentmindedly stroking my pussy slowly.

     "Then game that older lady."  He meant Ellen.   I

had been wondering what had happened to her.  "She looked

really tense.  She stayed to the back part of the stage

like she was afraid that someone would sneak up behind

her.  She pulled the zipper down her dress and pulled it

off.  She wasn't really dancing, more just standing there

trying to work up the nerve.  She finally managed to pull

her bra off.  She looked like she didn't want to let go

of it.  She had smallish tits that sagged a good bit.

One of the men shouted that she should put it back on and

a couple others had booed.  She suddenly turned and ran

off stage and they turned the music off.  Some old guy

stormed out of the bar.  I thought you were next and was

excited about seeing you.  Instead, that girl who won,

Lisa, she comes on stage in this black dress and white

satin blouse.  Boy was she a knockout.  The men went

wild, quickly forgetting about that girl before.  And was

she built.  Blonde, built and young, what a combination.

I knew she was going to win then."

     "Then you came on.  I couldn't believe.  You looked

so hot up there.  I've got to get you some garter belts

and stockings (Craig doesn't know it but I already have a

couple).  I could hear the other guys talking about you

and it turned me on.  I couldn't believe your nipples

when you took that bra off.  How did you get them to look

so nice?"

     I briefly explained that I had used lip gloss.  I

left out the fact that Shelly had actually put it on.

     "Then it was time to vote for the winner.  They have

these little boxes on the table that feed into a computer

somewhere.  Needless to say, I voted for you.  Then you

all were out on the stage.  I was really happy to hear

you picked as first runner-up.  You looked pleased too.

Then I sat there and waited for you.  My waitress came up

and gave me your note.  I didn't think I could wait much

longer but I really didn't have much choice.  They were

serving me free drinks, because you were in the contest,

so while I waited,I kept drinking.  I had a pretty good

buzz on by the time you and Karen came on.I couldn't

belive you were up there with another women, dressed like

a cheerleader.  I thought maybe I had too much to drink.

I shook my head but you two were still both up there.

Then you started going at each other.  I don't think

anyone ordered any drinks once she started pawing you.  I

noticed alot of hands disappearing under tables to their

laps as you went along.  Then there was just you on stage

taking curtain calls.  That girl you danced with passed

by me and grabbed this guy.  They both disappeared.  I

wonder if they were as turned on as we were and couldn't


     I decided not to tell Craig about getting Karen's

(or Shelly's) phone number just yet.  I told him about

the whole night, only omitting a couple of the details.

About half way through my story, he lowered his face to

my pussy and started to eat me.  I had a hard time

finishing the story and we ended up sixty-nineing until I

came.  He mounted me very tenderly, and we made love

slowly.  We dozed off.

     I awoke late in the morning (11:30).  Craig was

still asleep.  Since he had woken me so nicely the last

two mornings, I decided to return the favor.  I slid down

to his crotch.  I slid my hand softly over his cock.  I

looked at it closely.  I don't believe I've ever gotten

to see a cock close up as it slowly rose to full

erection.  I lowered my lips on it and kissed it.  Using

my tongue, I worked up and down the length of it.  He was

total erect but still did not show any sign of waking.  I

tongued his sacks and returned to the underside of his

rod.  My hands encircled his balls.

     Finally, I engulfed the head of his cock in my

mouth.  I sucked him in deeply.  I noticed that he was

pushing back, trying to go deeper.  I looked up at his

face but he still seemed asleep.  I stank my lips down

till I felt pubic hair on my chin.  He let out a low

groan.  His hips started to push up at a quicker pace.

He was definitely awake.  I could feel his spasm starting

in his balls.  I pulled off him just as he started to

shoot.  His cum shot into the air and landed on his belly

as I continued to milk him with my hands (as I said

earlier, I don't mind performing oral sex but cannot

stand the taste).

     "Good morning." I said.

     "Umm... Good morning!  That was great.", Craig said

with a smile on his face.

     I rose up to the head of the bed and kissed him.  We

just stayed in bed and snuggled for about an hour.  We

talked about the weekend and what had happened.  We

talked about the future.

     "Well I guess we can't stay in bed forever.  We had

better start getting ready to leave.  Check out time is

2:00.", Craig said.

     I went to the bathroom and turned the shower on.

After I had climbed under the warm spray, Craig opened

the shower curtain and joined me.  He helped me soap up

as I did him.  I purposely dropped the shop and bent over

lewdly in front of him to pick it up.  He took the hint

and entered me in one thrust.  Due to the cramped

conditions and our limited time, we did not last long.

He quickly as I had a nice little orgasm.

     Finally, we packed and checked out.  It was a long

drive back to the "real world".



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