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Archive-name: Casual/workgirl.txt

Archive-author: Jeff Thompson

Archive-title: Hard Working Girl, A

    *** This story is based on the experiences of Miss Sharon Henderson ***

        'What is life all about?  I wish somebody would tell me, someone 

   whose opinion I respect, that is.  Until that happens, I can only be-

   lieve that life is just one hard slog from start to end.

        I'm now twenty-one, and for the past two years my weekly routine

   has hardly changed.  Monday to Friday I study medicine at University

   where I am a live-in student, and the evenings are spent doing tutorials

   or catching up on some writing.  I hope one day to be a hospital con-

   sultant but have a further three years to go in order to get my degree.

        Saturdays I work from ten until six as a checkout operator at my 

   local Sainsburys to supplement my grant, which means by Saturday night I 

   am absolutely fed up with work.  I've found the only way I can cope is

   to just let go and enjoy myself for a few hours, which for me means get-

   ting screwed, hard and as often as possible.

        Since coming up to Cambridge I've had sex with an awful lot of men 

   and been called a slag many times, but I don't care.  So long as I can 

   fuck my brains out between Saturday night and Monday morning, I can face 

   the week ahead with my soul refreshed.  Its so good for the complexion 

   too, and the few blemishes that I used to have are now gone, leaving me 

   with peachy perfect skin.  I'd recommend any girl to fuck as much as she 

   can while she's young and horny, and ignore the stupid do-gooders who're 

   only jealous anyway.  By now I must've persuaded dozens of young girls

   to become as sexually promiscuous as I like to be, and whenever we meet

   they all look really lovely now and are enjoying life to the full.

        Every Saturday after work I cycle back to the hall of residence and 

   have a lazy soak in the bath before preparing myself.  When I've dried 

   myself I rub masses of body lotion into my skin, paying particular at-

   tention to my tits, cunt lips and arse.  By the time I have finished, 

   my boobs glow like rich creamy globes, each topped with a rigid brown 

   teat begging to be sucked, and as my puffy lips protrude down from my 

   cunt a really horny sex-loving feeling starts to permeate my crotch.

        After brushing my hair and putting the minimum of make-up on my 

   face, I then dab Chanel 19 onto a few crucial areas of skin before get-

   ting dressed.  The objective is to get noticed, so I don a flimsy pink 

   lace-up camisole with suspenders attached, stockings with the words 

   "love" and "sex" tracing a pattern up to the thigh, and a very brief 

   wrap-over skirt which blows open to the waist.  My full milky breasts

   and hard brown nipples are left completely visible through the sheer ma-

   terial of the camisole top, while sexy high heeled shoes complete my

   wanton appearance.

        To save money I usually catch a bus to my first call, and ignore

   all the looks, nudges and stares from the other passengers.  My destina-

   tion is a working mens hostel in the cheapest part of town.  I've become

   well known there for my Saturday night visits and a crowd normally gath-

   ers by the time I arrive at about seven-thirty.  There are two large

   dormitory type rooms and I make my way into one or the other, then take

   off my skirt before I lie back on one of the beds, spread my slendour

   legs wide apart and frig my bare cunt until the juices bubble out.

        The men there are mostly labourers working away from home, and I 

   love their down-to-earth dirty language with "fuck" and "cunt" in almost 

   every sentence.  Usually, it doesn't take many minutes of fingering my 

   pussy before some of the bolder ones make a move, and I love to just lie 

   there while they take turns at pumping hot spunk into my womb.  Ooh,

   just thinking about it now brings a tingle to my randy cock-loving cunt. 

   At weekends I'll fuck anyone to get lots of spunk into me and I never

   care what the men look like as they're reasonably clean, their cocks get

   hard and they can shoot plenty of cum.

        Last Saturday was about average and of the thirty or so men present 

   about a third of them were spunky enough to give me a sound fucking. 

   The best night had been a couple of weeks earlier when a crowd of Dutch-

   men swelled the numbers and I ended up having seventeen of them.  They

   were really into dirty sex, which is something I adore, and they took

   turns shoving their sweaty cocks deep into my wet cunt before having me

   suck them off.  I then let their cum dribble out my mouth into a jug,

   and they finally poured it all into a large syringe before injecting all

   their spunk and my saliva deep inside my horny sperm-loving body.

        Their customary routine is to get drunk most nights, and by nine 

   o'clock most of them have drifted off to a working mens club nearby, so

   I re-fasten my little skirt and set off in the other direction.  

   Naturally, by then spunk is streaming down the insides of both my

   thighs.  Now I know some girls would use tissues or something to mop

   themselves up, but I like being reminded of sex and just letting their

   juice leak out freely and run down both my legs is the best reminder of


        Last week, I was walking away from the hostel when a man approached 

   me and asked if I was doing any business.  I thought it was a real hoot 

   him thinking I was a genuine prostitute, so I told him he could fuck me 

   standing up for a tenner and he handed me a ten pound note straight from 

   his wallet.  He offered to use a condom but I snatched it out his hand

   and threw it away saying what's the point of eating sweets with the

   wrapper on!  He then took me behind a building and shot his hot load up

   me to mix in with all the labourer's spunk.  Wasn't that a nice dirty


        My next stop is a wine bar where I head straight for the ladies.  

   There I take my skirt off and massage the semen into my skin before 

   running a bowl of water and washing my cunt.  Althought I think its a 

   silly shame, some men are a bit fussy about other men's spunk so I have 

   to go through this tidy-up rigmarole.  Sure, I get funny looks from

   women who come into the loo but I just stare back at them and carry on

   wiping my crotch until I've finished.

        The bar is one of those chrome and glass affairs with high stools 

   ranged around the walls, and attracts trendy singles like flies.  I get 

   an empty glass from the bar and sit on a stool so my skirt falls open, 

   exposing my suspenders and pubic bush, and its a bad night if I haven't 

   been approached within two minutes.  If its for a quickie round the back 

   or in somebody's car I always return to the bar afterwards and try for 

   another straight away.  One week I got screwed four times this way in 

   less than half an hour, then shamelessly sat on a stool so my cunt lips 

   hung apart and a group of impressionable young girls could see the cum

   oozing copiously from my randy slit!

        Whenever a man takes me back to his place I tell him I'm meeting my 

   boyfriend at the disco later so he'll have to drive me back after we've 

   fucked, and this story always works.  Its usually after ten-thirty be-

   fore I get into one of the city centre discos, and by then still more

   semen is running out of my sex-loving hole to soak my creamy thighs. 

   But because of the subdued lighting nobody notices all the juicy spunk

   dribbling down my stockinged legs, and even if they do its assumed to be

   perspiration or my own randy sex-juices.  I adore feeling the wetness

   run down my legs!

        Discos are like fantasy palaces, where people can pretend to be

   what they aren't and nobody minds.  Because of this my clothes or lack

   of them don't stand out half as much, and with all the low-cut micro

   minis being worn, a lot of tits, suspenders and panties are on show. 

   The discussion in the Ladies loo is usually whether or not to screw with

   the guy they're dancing with.  Sometimes they ask me what to do, and I

   always say they should forget the risks, ignore the goody-goodys and get

   as much sex as they possibly can, because its a proven fact that girls

   bodies need plenty of semen to develop a smooth milky complexion and to

   promote their hormones.

        I get a real kick from talking young girls into being promiscuous

   without caring who they fuck, and one lovely petite seventeen-year-old

   went completely cock-crazy after I'd spoken to her.  She's since joined

   in the swinging scene, screws with absolutely anyone, and simply adores

   being gang-banged.  I also convinced two teenage sisters, who both now

   advertise in several contact magazines, and each wants to be first to

   have had a thousand men spunk inside them.  But I must admit the young

   schoolkids who con their way past the doormen are the easiest converts. 

   I must've persuaded dozens of fourteen and fifteen year old girls to be

   nice little sluts and love to see their changed appearance after their

   first few one night stands, with their tight micro-skirts and bra-less

   young tits being felt-up all over the dance floor!

        But the real reason why I visit discos is simply because I like the 

   raunchy music and atmosphere, although I do get a kick from sucking off 

   strangers who sit next to me in the dark alcoves.  If I have a drink in 

   front of me I don't swallow their spunk right away, but let it dribble 

   from my mouth into the glass while they watch, then knock it back in one 

   gulp.  I never ask their names.  Who cares about names when its cock I'm 

   after.  Usually I can persuade one or two men to let me sit across them 

   and feed their stiff cocks up my pulsating sheath.  Its great having a 

   man shooting spunk inside my cunt only a few feet from the packed dance 

   floor, while loud sexy music is booming around the room.

        If no-one asks me to sleep with them I go straight back to my room 

   when the disco closes, throw my things on the floor and climb into bed.  

   Instead of washing, I revel in the juicy dirty feeling as God knows how 

   many men's spunk keeps leaking out of my hot cunt all night, and next

   morning I'll reek of sperm and there'll be a thick dry coating of spunk

   on my peachy thighs and bum.

        Sunday mornings I spend doing my laundry, but after lunch I always 

   pop round to a nearby large house which has been rented by eight male 

   students.  They have regular pot-smoking sessions, but drugs aren't the 

   reason why I go there.  Once they get high they don't care what they get 

   up to, so we play a stupid game where I take off my knickers and pull my 

   skirt right up before lying on the carpet.  Then they blindfold me and I 

   have three guesses at whose cock is in my cunt before the spunk rushes 

   into me.

        But one week they fooled me by getting some twelve and thirteen

   year old lads off the playing fields, and of course they all orgasmed as

   soon as they'd pushed their cocks inside me.  By the fourth premature

   spunking I guessed something was up and took off the mask.  I was an-

   noyed at first and told them next time they bring people off the street

   to make sure they're old enough to fuck me!  Of course, being the jokers

   they are, the following week they smuggled in a sixty-five year old pen-

   sioner and it was ages before he managed to pump his weak spunk into my


        Afterwards I usually make us all Sunday tea, and leave around seven 

   to make my way down to the lorry park.  As I said earlier I like to fuck 

   my brains out at weekends, and sometimes this makes a great finale.  On 

   Sunday a lot of continental drivers stop there overnight, and there are 

   usually about sixty or seventy large container lorries parked there.

        Quite simply, I walk up and down the rows of trucks knocking on all 

   the cab doors asking if they want to fuck me.  I don't get all that many 

   refusals and I love the dirty feeling as French, Spanish, German, Ital-

   ian and Greek drivers each grab my bum with their filthy hands and shove 

   their foreign cocks right up my cunt before shooting more and more and

   still more creamy spunk into my horny young womb.  Yes, Sunday nights I

   just go spunk crazy and make a real pig of myself!

        Pretty soon my stockings are absolutely soaked in spunk as it runs 

   thickly out of my cunt and down both my legs, so much so that it starts 

   trickling into my shoes as well.  Still I keep on offering myself to be

   fucked more and more until eventually I can hardly walk straight.  Un-

   fortunately, I have to leave the compound at ten o'clock when the secu-

   rity men lock the gates, and it is always with reluctance that I lurch

   back to the University where I just drop into bed to sleep.  Then next

   morning I'll put my things in the wash and clean myself up before get-

   ting dressed in my "normal" clothes again.

        OK, so maybe some highly moral people don't approve of my life-

   style, but at least it gets me through the hard slog each week, and if I

   get my degree in three years time it will all have been worth it.  Also,

   the considerable number of girls who have thanked me for leading them

   into uninhibited sex are living proof of its natural beauty.

   Yours very sincerely,  Sharon


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