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Archive-name: Casual/wo-name.txt


Archive-title: Sex Without Names

     I like to dance.  Going out to a club to hear the latest music

is a good way to spend a Friday night for me.  The dance floor is

always packed with guys and girls just doing their own thing.  Some

of the girls are really hot while others are not.  But it's fun

just to be there.

     The last time I went to the local club (the only one anywhere

near the small town I'm from), a peculiar thing happened.  The

music had just ended for the night (it was midnight, the local

curfew for those under 18) and all the patrons were filing off the

dance floor toward the exits.  I was walking with my arms down at

my sides.  All of the sudden, I felt a hand pinching my ass. 

Instinctively, I swiped back with my hands to catch whoever it was. 

Since this has happened twice before, I'm really curious to find

out who keeps groping me.  I caught a wrist and held on tightly. 

I didn't look around at who it was right away, but I dragged her

with me despite her protests.  When I finally came to a place that

I could confront her, I stopped and wheeled around, still holding

onto her wrist.

     What I saw surprised me.  Totally.  I looked down into the

greenest eyes I have ever seen.  She was about 5'6", had long blond

hair, and she was really tan.  Her face was totally hot.  I was

almost mesmerized by her eyes.  But I couldn't forget the business

at hand.

     "So, can I pinch you, too?" I asked.

     "I don't think so."

     "Well, it seems only fair, since you pinched me..."

     She sat there and considered for a little while, then nodded

her assent.  So I reached around and made like I was going to pinch

her.  Instead, I groped her.  I basically took her whole ass cheek

in my hand and squeezed it gently, massaging it with my fingers.

     "Hey!  That's not a pinch!"  But the smile on her face and

especially in her eyes told me that she wasn't displeased.  Her ass

was very firm and very tight.  So I didn't let go.

     She stood on her tiptoes and whispered a proposition into my

ear.   I, with no other plans, agreed.  We cruised out to my car

and hopped in.  She gave me directions as I drove, leading me to a

place out by her house that is really secluded and that the police

rarely patrol.

     And did we go out in the boonies.  I thought I lived in a

rural area.  My neighborhood looked like New York City compared to


     After a couple of dirt roads we arrived at the spot.  It was

beautiful.  The car was framed by several fir trees.  Through the

boughs we could see a small pond, shimmering in the moonlight. 

Very romantic.  What we were about to do almost seemed degrading to

such a beautiful setting.  Almost.

     I turned off the ignition and turned to face just in time to

catch her attack head on.  If I hadn't turned, her tongue would be

buried in my ear.  We sat and kissed for a few minutes, then we

played tonsil hockey.  I won.  Our hands didn't stay idle for long. 

Hers started roving up and down my chest, caressing me.  I lightly

massaged her back before moving down to her ass again.  I took a

cheek in each hand and kneaded them.  A soft moan from her throat

told me that I was on the right track.

     Pretty soon each of us lost our shirt.  I fumbled with her bra

clasp before finally mastering it.  We parted long enough to remove

the bra from between us, then resumed our embrace.

     I kissed from her mouth back to her ear.  I nibbled on her ear

lobe, around her earring, before sticking my tongue in her ear.  As

soon as my tongue entered her ear, she grabbed my chest and sucked

in a quick breath.  I continued nibbling on her ear.  Meanwhile, my

hands had found her breasts, which although they were not very

large, they were high and firm.  I massaged them, starting from

where they met her ribs on the bottom.  I slowly worked my way

inward, stopping just before I reached the nipples.  I teased her

for a while, touching her everywhere but her nipples.  She finally

grew so frustrated that she tried to move her breasts into my

hands, making me touch her nipples.  When I finally pinched her

nipples, the effect was electric.  Her fingernails dug into my

chest and she nearly screamed in my ear.  I could feel her hips

churning against me, cueing me that she was coming.

     After she had settle back down, she climbed onto me, pushing

me up against the car door.  I slid down on the car seat so that

she was laying on top of me.  We resumed kissing.  I moved my hands

down to her pants, slipping one inside of them to caress her ass

and attempting to undo her pants-button.  I got it undone and then

pulled down her zipper.  I began pushing down her pants and she

wriggled back and forth to help me remove them.  Her panties soon

followed her pants.  With much effort, we rolled over in my front

seat without falling to the floor.

     I proceeded to kiss my way down to her breasts, sucking on

each nipple, then down to her belly button, where I stuck my

tongue, and finally down to her pussy.  The soft V of blond hair

pointed the way.  I spread her lips with my fingers, exposing her

inner lips and her clit.  I flicked my tongue out and hit her clit,

resulting in a moan from her.  I then got down to work.  I fastened

my lips to her clit, alternatively biting, flicking, and sucking on

it.  Two of my fingers were working in and out of her vagina.  Her

hips gyrated in rhythm.  All of my motions became faster and

faster, and she began to build to orgasm.  Just before I felt her

clench up, she screamed softly, "Oh yes!  More!  Faster,..."  She

then paused.  It was then I realized that she didn't know my name,

and I didn't know her name.  She paused because she was trying to

think of my name.

     Again, we rolled over, and she proceeded to remove my pants

and underwear.  My penis was rock-hard.  As soon as she freed my

penis from its prison, she stuck it in her mouth, sliding almost

all the way down to the base.  A few quick strokes and she had me

on the edge.  I stopped her, claiming that I had a better way to

use my hard-on.

     We repositioned ourselves, me sitting on the passenger side,

and her straddling me.  She eased herself down onto me, sighing

with pleasure as she did so.  She pumped herself up and down my

shaft, utilizing the full length.  Soon, she was digging her nails

into the back of my neck and nearly deafening me as she came.

     Again we repositioned ourselves, this time me taking her from

behind.  I started pumping into her, getting closer and closer to

the brink with each stroke.  Finally, I could hold off no longer

and I pumped furiously into her, filling her.  She, feeling the

release of my hot semen inside of her, began to orgasm with me. 

When the tremors passed, we collapsed together.

     When we had calmed down enough to regain our motor skills, we

redressed ourselves and I drove her home.  I dropped her off at the

end of her block (didn't want her parents to see the car drive up). 

Since then, I have seen her a couple of times at the club where we

met, and we have had similar sessions in the same place.  But to

this day I still don't know her name.


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