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Archive-name: Casual/welsal.txt


Archive-title: Welcoming a Salesman

When he knocked on the door, she was ready for him.  She had 

piled her hair up on top of her head so that her long, graceful 

neck showed and she had put on a black string bikini that was 

designed to arouse.  The bra cups were so tiny that when she 

wriggled her shoulders her breasts threatened to break free, and 

the cups were so sheer that she might as well not have been 

wearing anything for the way they let her taut nipples push out.  

The bikini bottom was even more outrageous.  It didn't even 

completely cover her mound.  Her ash blond hair curled up around 

the edges of the satin triangle.  When she sat down and crossed 

her legs the crotch strap doubled over on itself, allowing even 

more delicious skin to show, hot pink skin and a tuft of silky 


She opened the door to him and smiled.

"Hello, my name is...." he began, stopping short when he saw what 

she was wearing and how she looked.  His eyes flitted from the 

tips of her breasts to her crotch and back again before he was 

able to continue.  "Uh, yes, I'm Rodger Smith.  I was told you 

were interested in my product."

"Please come in," Helen said.


As he brushed by her, Helen noticed a decidedly rosy look to his 

earlobes and cheeks.  She was getting to him already!  Determined 

to capitalize on her gains, she closed the door, asked him to sit 

down, and then, instead of sitting down herself, she turned her 

back to him giving him a view of her ass.  The seat of her bikini 

didn't cover any of her ass.  The crotch strap cut into her 

crack, exposing both domes, and the black triangle only began to 

flare out at the point where her nether cheeks began.

When she thought he'd had enough, she turned around quickly and 

caught him in the act.  He was gawking at her bottom, his cheeks 

flushed, his eyes wide.

"Uh, the product, yes," he said, straightening up in the chair, 

tugging at a suddenly too tight collar.  "Just which product are 

you interested in, Miss....."  He glanced at his notebook.  

"...Miss Peters?"

"Call me Helen," she said, taking a seat across from him.

"Which product interests you, Helen?" he said, fighting to keep 

his eyes on her face where they belonged.

"It's all so confusing," she said, shaking her head and very 

deliberately crossing her long legs.

Rodger could not help but look down and as he did he was lost.  

He could not look away.  Her sweet fork mesmerized him.  He 

stared at the thin black crotch band, at the soft fur that curled 

around it, at the distinctly bright pink and glistening flesh 

that it failed to conceal.

"Mr. Smith?" she asked

"Uh-huh," he said without looking up.

"Mr. Smith, I think you are staring," she accused him, uncrossing 

and crossing her legs again, making the narrow black band 

actually cut into the slit between her labia.

"Uh-huh," he said, his mouth open.

"And your getting all excited, too!" she chirped, pointing 

merrily at the huge bulge in the front of his grey slacks.


The sight of all that fresh pussy had the same effect on him as a 

full lobotomy.  It was all he could do to maintain autonomic 

nervous system function, to breathe, to blink.  He could not stop 

his mouth from drooling, nor could he swallow it, so he let it 

run from the side of his mouth.

Helen rose from her chair and walked over to him.  His eyes 

remained locked on her snatch.  She put her hand on his head and 

pulled him forward, making his nose and mouth come within two 

inches of her sex.

"Uh-huh!," he groaned, his eyes snapping shut as the musky smell 

of her sex surged up his nose.  The keen foxy scent acted as 

smelling salts on him, bringing him out of his confused stupor.  

He licked his lips and raised his arms, placing his hands on her 

bare buttocks.

"Not so fast!" Helen said, pushing him back in the chair.  Then 

she giggled.  "Oh!, It's even bigger now!" she cried in delight.

Rodger looked down at his own crotch.  The whole area of his fly 

was all pushed out of shape.  It was as if he had a tentpole in 

his pants, an active tentpole that jerked up and down, up and 

down impatiently.

"How big is it, really?" Helen asked.  "This big?"  She held her 

thumb and forefinger three inches apart and waved them under his 


Rodgers' face turned beet red.  "It's big enough!" he told her.

"I want to see it."


"If you show me yours, I'll show you mine." she teased.

"What's with you?  Are you crazy or something?"


"Mmmmmmmmm." Helen cooed.  "Crazy about that thing."  She climbed 

right up into his lap, throwing her legs over the arms of the 

chair, lowering her hot pussy right down on the double-knit 

swathed head of his cock.

"Oh, Wow!!" he cried as the heat of her cunt penetrated the 

layers of clothing and engulfed his erect knob.

Helen bumped her pussy into his erection insistently.  "Ooooooh, 

don't you like to fuck?" she hissed.

"Oh!, Wow!"

"Don't you want to fuck with me?"


Helen reached under her ass and groped his balls, dragging her 

crotch over the shrouded bulb of his cock.

"Oh!, Wow!!!" he groaned, his ass flipping up from the seat as 

the fingers fondling his balls triggered his hump center.  Then 

he was all over her:  trying to peel the bikini bottom off her 

ass, trying to draw sustenance from her nipples through the bra 


"Easy!, not so fast!" she said, hopping off him and out of reach.

He half rose out of the chair to come after her.

"SIT!!!"  she commanded.

He sat, his dick doing frantic push-ups against his thigh.

"You want me to enjoy this, don't you?" she said suggestively.  

"I mean you're not one of those male chauvanistic pigs who thinks 

a girl is always ready for it, are you?"

Smith denied the charge adamantly, while his cock nodded assent.

"A girl has to be in the mood, you know," Helen told him.  "I've 

got a right to be turned on too...."

"Hey, whatever you want...." he began.

"Great!" she said.  "Now you just sit there and enjoy yourself 

and let me do all the work."

The blonde dropped to her knees in front of him and proceeded to 

liberate his stiff cock from his pants.  Helen had never seen one 

so perfectly formed.  Her original estimate of its length was a 

little short.  His cock was a good seven inches long, and 

pleasently thick.  

"Oh honey!" she crooned, wrapping her hand around the hard shaft 

and pumping it up and down.  The head of his cock was distorted 

by the power of her stroke.  Going all flat and streamlined on 

the downstroke, and turning thick and bulbous on the upstroke.  

Up and down.  Up and down.  His dickslot gibbered at her, 

mumbling clear strands of pre-come all over itself, strands that 

oozed over the mushroom cap and settled on her fingers.

"Ooooh, Helen!"  Smith whined, clutching the arms of the chair as 

the girl whipped his pud into a dither.

"Nummmmm, nummmmm," she cooed, lowering her head while she 

continued to jack off his prick.  She pressed her lips to the 

slick knob, tasting the juices and sighing deeply, as if she had 

just sampled an exotic perfume.  One taste was not enough.  Helen 

sucked the juice from his bulb noisily, licking at his slot, at 

the folds of his nerve bundle, which glowed red with excitement 

just below the ever-oozing vent.

"Suck it! Oh! Suck it!" he beseeched her, watching her full lips 

slide smoothly over the tip of his cock,  moist lips engulfing 

hot pud.

Helen wanted very much to get it all into her throat, but she 

wanted to excite him quickly and as much as possible, so she 

concentrated on the head of his prick, inserting the tip of her 

tongue into his slot and munching on the tender spot of his nerve 


She wallowed in his cock, rubbing the hot knob, the sticky spunk, 

his excited trill bundle all over her face and neck, inudating 

herself with his raw male musk, with his seething smegma.  She 

handled and fondled and licked and sucked until the entire prick 

took on a bright red patina, especially around the pudcap rim 

which was so agitated from all the friction that it had turned 


Smith writhed and squirmed under her attentions, raking furrows 

in the chair's arms with his nails, begging her to finish the 

job, to send him over the brink.

Helen knew that wanting was even better than getting and that the 

more he wanted the more she would get.  She dropped his cock like 

a hot potato and sat back on her haunches, admiring her 


"Oh, darn!" he wailed, rolling his eyes up in his head, his 

cheeks flushing, his hand dropping to encircle his cock, to 

finish the job for himself.

Instead of slapping his hand away, instead of being furious at 

his attempt to "get along without her," she was delighted.  

"Ooooooh, yes!" she cooed, leaning forward, opening her mouth, 

licking his nerve bundle as he masturbated.

Even Rodger could not hold out against such a devastating 

assault:  to jack off into the open mouth of a lovely...and 

willing...girl.  His fist closed down tight about the base of his 

cock, causing the entire shaft to turn a strangulated purple, 

causing the already full bulb to swell even more.

"Uhhhhh!"  Helen whinnied, sensing his impending orgasm, licking 

the head of his dick like a popsicle.

With a grunt, he let fly.  His cock flexed, jerking up off of 

Helens tongue, up over the tip of her nose, and then the gusher 

broke loose.  Sperm, thick as library paste, belched from his 

nozzel in long strands, spattering over her forehead, landing in 

gooey drops along her hairline.

"Ohh.. Goody!" she said, wheezing with excitement, as the thick 

brew rolled down over her eyebrows, her eyelids, her cheeks.  She 

caught the convulsing cock by the neck and dragged its spurting 

head down to her mouth.

The second volley was even more copious than the first and it 

contained even less discernible fluid... this stuff was thick and 

creamy.  Like translucent toothpaste it flopped down on her eager 

tongue, shooting up to her tonsils, clinging to her wet lips in 


Helen whimpered as the stark flavor woke her taste buds, as the 

heady smell raged through her sinuses.  She closed her lips to 


A third charge broke over her upturned face in a white wave.  

Gobbets of hot spunk spattered her nose, her lips, her chin.

"Uhhhhhhh!" she ghasped, opening her mouth again, thrusting it 

down on the sputtering vent, sipping the gummy brew up from the 

depths of his balls as if his dick were a soda straw.

His mind, lost in the pleasure of his orgasm, Rodger pulled the 

tip of his cock from her lips and proceeded to rub the still-

spewing knob all over her radiant face.

Helen revelled in the heat of the moment as he literally painted 

her with his come,  using the velvety tip of his cock like a 

palette knife to paint the sweet canvas of her face.  When he was 

done, when his hot sperm covered her from forehead to chin, from 

ear to ear, he drew back, moaning from the aftershock of the 

thrilling deed, and Helen passionately touched her own gooey 

features, rubbing the sticky substance, pushing it down onto her 

waggling tongue.

The sight of her licking his sperm from her fingers was more 

erotic than any Rodger had ever experienced.  His fist pumped 

down over his cock with renewed vigor and his cock responded by, 

once again, growing rigid.

Helen gawked at the lewdly arching member so very red from the 

friction, but made no move towards it.

"Are you turned on now?"  Rodger asked huskily, his fist pumping 

, pumping.

By way of an answer, Helen rose and stood with her knees apart.

"Uh-huh!" he grunted as if he had been struck.

Her pussy was sopping wet.  The tiny crotch strap was completely 

saturated, gleaming with dew.  Her swollen labia had smooched out 

around it as if to swallow it up.  They, too, glistened; the  

fringe of fine hair that covered them no longer pale blond, but 

brown and damp, brown and plastered to the pouting lips.  Helen 

could smell the fumes it gave off:  incredibly musky and sweet.

Rodger, his nostrils dilated, got up from the chair and put his 

hands on Helen's slim shoulders.  His cock stood between them, 

thumping against his tie tack.

"Oooh," Helen said as he pushed down, forcing her to the rug.  

She didn't put up a struggle, but lay down on her back and opened 

her thighs.

"Grrrrrr!" he said, dropping to all fours and shoving his face 

between her legs.

"EEEEEEEK!" Helen wailed, feeling his hot breath on her buns, his 

teeth rasping over her tender pussy lips.

The fuck-crazed Rodger snatched up the sopping crotch band in his 

teeth and, growling like a terrier with a T-bone, began to shake 

and jerk his head about, streaching the band as if it were made 

of rubber, trying to drag the bikini off her hot bottom.

Helen could not believe the thrill she got watching him go at her 

shorts like that.  How he chomped and gnawed at them!  When he 

shook his head, he made the top of the strap rub over her 

inflamed clit, sending the delightful ripples of fuck joy rushing 

up her belly.  The more he tugged, the more the strap streached, 

until, by the time his appetite for it was sated, it hung halfway 

down her thigh, covering absolutely nothing of her pussy.

"Nummmm. nummmmm," Rodger gurgled.  It was his turn for some oral 

fun.  He lapped at her sloppy slit, squirming the tip of his 

tongue  in between her labia.

Helen went right through the roof.

"YEEEEEE!!!" she squealed as the drooling, wriggling tongue put 

her mind in orbit.  She forced her knees so far apart that the 

outsideof them actually touched the floor, giving him complete 

access to her juicy gash.

Rodger quickly accepted the invitation, mashing his whole mouth 

down on her sex, sucking hair, clit, labia, orifice right up into 

his mouth.

"OOOOOH!!" Helen grunted, her back arching up from the rug, her 

hands clutching her breasts, scooping them out of the flimsy cups 

and clawing at the stiff nipples with her nails.

Rodger released her pussy, showering the wrinkly vortex with 

hungry kisses, wallowing in the keen stench of her nectar.  

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he mumbled into the quivering orifice, 

falling on it with his tongue and penetrating it with little 


Helen slipped over the edge.  The squirming tongue did it.  As it 

flapped over the walls of her box, the earth gave way under her 

feet and she tumbled backwards, head over heels into the abyss. 

Her smooth bottom leapt from the rug to bump into his chin.  Up 

and down, it bobbed, making his tongue flick in and out of her 


"Uhhhhnnngh," Rodger groaned, raising his face from her flipping 


Helen opened her eyes and looked at him, at the shining dew all 

over his mouth and chin, at the terrible need in his eyes.  She 

shifted her fork in front of him,  offering it to him to fuck.

"You've got a tight box," he croaked.  "I'll loosen it up with 

this." He pointed at his hard and ready cock for emphasis.

Helen shook her head, grinding her hips sensuously, reaching down 

and holding her labia open, showing him the hot pink of her cunt, 

begging for penetration.

"I want to finger you first," he told her, quickly inserting one 

of his fingers into her channel.

Something was better than nothing in Helen's book, so she began 

to buck, forcing the finger to dip in and out of her snatch.

"Ooh!" she cooed.  "Ooooooh!

Rodger seeing how she enjoyed it stuffed a second finger in 

alongside the first.  It was a much tighter fit.

"Uhhh!"   Helen said as the doubly thick probe spitted her cunt.  

She was right back to work, humping ecstatically, making her 

pussy dive down over his fingers, spreading her juice over the 

back of his hand.

"One more," he said, inserting a third digit.

"Wow!" Helen cried, feeling herself being stretched as she hadn't 

been in years, feeling the wrinkles of her pussy, the ridges and 

valleys flatten.  It stung a little, but it felt good.  She could 

only move her pussy up and down the tripled probe with 

difficulty.  Her sloppy and loose cunt actually squeaked, so 

tight was the fit.

When Rodger was through exploring her cunt, he took his finger 

from her pussy.  Panting from his excitement, he climbed into her 

saddle, and without bothering to remove her bikini bottom, he 

fitted the head of his cock to her opening.  

"Oh, baby!" Rodger wheezed, as  he slipped into her fork, as he 

rubbed his super-lubed pudcap over the seething, and equally 

well-lubed flaps of her pussy.

"Go ahead fuck me!" she pleaded.

As soon as he felt the tip of his cock slip into the pocket at 

the nadir of her snatch, he flipped his hips and sent his cock on 

the journey up her cunt.

"OOOOOOOH!!!"  Helen howled, as his oiled piston surged up her 

oiled pipe.  It felt wonderful to have her pussy stuffed.

Rodger mumbled something about what a great fuck she was and 

pushed forward.  His cock slid further up her tight pussy, 

slipping deeper into her delicious depths.

Rodger caught her tightly about the waist and held her hips 

still, dragging his cock back an inch, making the bulb bump over 

her cuntal ridges.  Then he lunged forward and drove his hard 

shaft fully up and into her waiting vagina.  His cock was now 

deeply burried in her.  She could feel the wrinkles being ironed 

out by the thick head, the walls of her cunt yielding to his 

wonderfully hard and thick cock.

Rodger drew back, rolling his hips, making his cock twist inside 

her, opening her up even further.  Then he snapped his hips 


"Oh!" Helen shrieked as his tool slipped all the way in, as the 

bristling root butted up against her streached labia.  She had 

never been filled like this!  Filled beyond her wildest dreams.

His hips jerked, withdrawing his loving cock, then stuffing it 

all back in until the reddened labia smooched at his root.

Helen shuddered as he spitted her, as his pubis bumped her clit.  

A faint flicker of orgasm was building in her pussy.

"Uhhhhgnnnh!"  Rodger grunted, dragging his cock back and 

thrusting, falling into a broken, very slow rhythm.  In and out.  

In and out.  In slow motion, like dinosaurs fucking.  Every lunge 

a millenia, every backthrust an eon.

Helen began to feel the steam heat in her cheeks, the fever 

behind her eyes.  He was doing it.  He was making her like it.  

Every time his mound bumped hers, a spark would blossom in her 

loins, a spark that would flicker and then fade.  But his 

interminable thrusts fanned that spark.  Hard penis dragging over 

tender tube, making the glow of pleasure last just a little bit 

longer every time.

Puffing and panting, he worked faster, driving his meat into her 

at an almost normal tempo, fighting against the powerful urge to 

squirt brought on by the exquisite tightness of her pussy.

The glow between Helen's legs became a flame.  "Yes! Yes!!!" she 

whined, lifting her thighs up from the floor, throwing her knees 

up over his shoulders, giving him conplete access to her cunt.

Rodger bore down on her, pumping his butt like a fiend, making 

her pussy fart and sputter about his churning pud.

"YESSSSS!!!" she wailed. The flame ignited the fuse, and as she 

flipped her hips, fucking him thrust for juicy thrust, her whole 

body burst into orgasm.  She fought to keep from slipping under, 

to keep from fainting as the wall of sheer joy came down on her.

"Woweee!"  Rodger exclaimed as her pussy milked his cock hard, as 

his will power dissolved, as his cock flexed ominously.  

"Take it out!" she cried, grabbing him by the ears.

Rodger looked on helpless.

"COME ON ME!!!!" she bawled.

He pulled his orgasming dick from her pussy and floped it down on 

her sweaty tummy.

"Oh, yes! YES!!!" she squealed as the white goo spat forth, 

spritzing her stubby nipples, bathing her heaving tits in milky 

white sperm.


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