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Archive-name: Casual/trucker.txt


Archive-title: Trucker

	If I live to be a hundred, I will never figure out how strange

life can be.  I'm a truck driver which isn't the most common thing

in the world, but even stranger is the fact that I am quite

attractive.  I'm five feet two inches, weigh one-hundred and

fifteen pounds, have blond hair and blue eyes.  Every time I meet

a nice man, he asks me the same question men ask hookers.  "How did

a nice girl like you get into a dirty business like this?"  To top

it all off, I have four huge brothers who are also truck drivers,

and who have taken it upon themselves to protect my virtue at all

cost.  So you can see why it might be hard for me to get laid,

especially by a good man.

	I remember one man in particular.  It is almost comical.  He

buzzed me on the C.B. one afternoon while I was on a California

run, saying," Breaker for the good-lookin' blond that drives the

silver rig.  If you're within hearing, meet me at midnight at the

Stop and Slop on Exit 89."  His voice sounded nice, and I decided

to meet him.  Like I say, it isn't the easiest thing for me to meet

men in my profession.  So, I arrived promptly at midnight, and

guess who had beaten me there:  two of my four goonish brothers. 

It took all the convincing I could muster to convince these boys

to refrain from smashing the man to a pulp, but eventually I did.

	As they left, I turned to apologize, thinking that the man

wouldn't have anything to do with me now that my brothers had

threatened his life.  I was disappointed because the man was very

attractive.  I started to speak, and he reached up and touched my

lips with his fingertips.  It was like an electric shock struck my

body, and we suddenly melded into one another's arms and, from

there, in to my rig.

	I don't know what happened to me, but somehow I couldn't

resist his advances as he groped my tits, and mauled my pussy

through my jeans.  The next thing I knew, my pants were down around

my ankles along with my panties.  I felt like a schoolgirl as he

buried his face in my bush, and I was burning all over as he

tounged my clit furiously.  I grabbed two handfuls of his hair and

rode his mouth to ecstasy and back.

	I climaxed twice before he lifted from my snatch and planted

a pussy-drenched kiss on my slack lips.  I was putty in his grasp

as he produced his cock and found the hungry opening to my cunt. 

His bulging cockhead was almost too bog, but he finally managed to

break through the initial resistance and slide inside my heated

box, once past the outer ring.  I nearly screamed as he stretched

me beyond my previous imaginable limitations;  it was the biggest

cock I had ever had.

	As he started a rapid-bucking pace between my legs, I decided

that it was true what they said about pussy being elastic.  I had

to have an elastic box to take that huge cockamongous.  He kept

plunging like a wild stallion, filling and refilling my cunt with

a piston of steel-hard horsepower.  I throbbed and burned enroute

to my third miraculous orgasm.  It came when he tightened in an

incredible orgasm of his own.  That extra millimeter of superman

cock triggered an explosion of pleasure which engulfed my trembling

body with a starburst of ecstasy.  Then it was all over.

	We lay trembling and weak in sexual relief fopr a few moments,

and then redressed.  We didn't speak.  It seemed rather

embarrassing now that we were finished, so we hurried our dressing

and then made our way back to the parking lot.  He squeezed my hand

once before he disappeared into the night, and I remember his

parting words.  "Catch you on the flip flop.  My handle is Night

Runner."  I didn't mind the abrupt ending.  I knew that I would

indeed see this man on the flip flop, and I intended to make a

habit of catching him on the flip flop.


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