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Archive-name: Casual/tight1.txt


Archive-title: Tight

     "Oh babe, what a magnificent cock you have.  That was better 

than I ever imagined it could be."

     "What do you mean, better than you imagined it could be?"

     "I thought that was clear enough"

     "You mean you never..."

     "Never what, you mean...fucked in the ASS...or fucked in the 

ass by YOU?"

     "Well I guess you have ass fucked before, so you must mean 

me, right?"

     "That's very presumptuous of yourself, to think that hard 

cock still twitching in my ass is that good."

     "Then this WAS your first?"

     "Yeah, and boy did, live up to expectations."

     "Well to tell the truth it was my first time too."

     "No, don't bull shit me.  The way you slipped it in, so 

smooth and gentle.  I was ready for the rape of my rosy little 

anus.  Fred told me you were well hung."

     "Fred?  And what else has he told you about me?"

     "Oh, let's just say, more than enough, if this performance 

was any indication."

     "God, your ass is tight and sleek...I think I could 

get hard again just looking at it.  Not to mention the fact your 

tight little hole still has a death grip on it."

     "The better to keep you hard my dear, don't you like being 


     "What do you think, it's your ass it's stuck in.", shoving 

what was left of my hard-on in deeper.

     "I think I like you doing it...doing my 

do like my ass don't you?"

     "You need ask, this boner in your tight little butt should 

be all the answer you ever need."

     "I guess it was rather redundant."

     "So how long have you been planning this little, or should I 

say big seduction, slash, scene?"

     "Well let me just say all the elements came together at the 

right time and the opportunity presented itself.  You know what 

they say?"

     "No, what?"

     "Opportunity may knock, but you have to open the door.  My 

back door in this case."

     "Oh and what a lovely door it is too!"

     "Well I try and keep it in shape."

     "But what made you want to ass fuck with me in the first 

place?  All the other women I have ever been with just go nuts if 

I so much as touch their little buds with my cock."

     "Well it all started about a week ago.  

               My roommate is always bringing her boyfriend home 

         for the night.  We have this house that overlooks the 

         beach and has a solar room for a porch.  I had fallen 

         asleep on the big old couch out there when I was 

         awakened by voices.  It was dark and for some strange 

         reason I just lay there staring up at the stars for a 

         moment before getting up to excuse myself and beat my 

         usual hasty retreat to my room."

     "So what does that have to do with ass fucking?"

     "Do you want to hear this story or not?"

     "Alright, I'll shut up...go on"

              "Well, as I was about to raise up to leave I heard 

         her say something to him about being her back-door man.  

         I was curious since she had often bragged about what a 

         great lover he was and that he had introduced her to the 

         pleasures of being fucked in her behind.  Well I was 

         shocked at this revelation and called her bluff.  But 

         she insisted that it was all true.  I told her no one 

         would ever put his cock up my ass.  Not only had she 

         said that having him work her tight rear end was 

         absolutely the hottest thing she had ever done, but that 

         he often stuffed a big rubber prick up her cunt before 

         entering her.  Since the door to my room was closed I 

         could only assume she must have thought I was already in 

         out of the way for the night."

     "So what did this guy look like?"


     "Hank, is one of those blond beach boy types...golden tan 

and keeps his body in great shape.  But I had only imagined what 

the rest of him looked like, at least up till now and I wasn't 

about to miss out on checking out this pecker that was supposed to 

be heaven on earth."

     "So were you disappointed?"

              "I hate to admit it, but I was getting wet out 

         there just at the thought of getting a peek at this 

         prime poker.  Well when I finally peeked over the back 

         of the couch, she was already peeling his shorts down 

         his hips.  The bulge in his crotch told me he wasn't 

         there just for a good night kiss.  He kicked the 

         crumpled cloth at his ankles out of his way.  Spinning 

         her around he quickly slipped the zipper at the back of 

         her dress down to the small of her back.  Peeling the 

         white summer dress from her shoulders, stopping just 

         long enough to squeeze her breasts before letting it 

         fall to her feet, he ground his bulge into the cleft of 

         her ass.  Her head tilted back as his hands circled her 

         naked breasts, holding each nipple between his thumb and 

         forefinger.  Rolling them gently as a low groan slipped 

         from her lips.  My hand was already slipping under the 

         waistband of my jogging shorts.  The tingle in my groin 

         telling me my own little bud was growing stiff and hard 

         as his cock."

     "Jesus, I would have loved to have been there on that couch 

with you."

              "She wasn't wearing any panties, who knows where or 

         when they disappeared.  Her high heel shoes thrusting 

         her ass up and back as he snaked one hand down her belly 

         and slipped it between her legs.  Instinctively she 

         opened her thighs giving his hand better access to, what 

         must have been, a rock hard clit.  My own fingers 

         slipped between my outer lips as I sent them on 

         their mission of relief.  Feeling them enter the slick 

         warm folds I turned my attention back to the scene 

         before me.  Her mouth hung open as one hand worked the 

         glistening patch of fur between her spread legs while 

         the other darted from nipple to nipple, alternately 

         pulling and rolling them with his skillful fingers.  Do 

         me babe, do me good I want it....give it too me...all of 

         it, she groaned, as his hands worked her body.  Reaching 

         behind her she slipped her thumbs into the waist of his 

         jock-strap and quickly squatting to the floor pulled 

         them down his thighs.  His great cock sprung free, half 

         erect, waiting for her.  She spun around and slipped the 

         giant head between her lips."

     "Like some one else I can go to the head of the 


              "Her hands clung to his ass as she drove his weapon 

         down her waiting throat.  Quickly she worked her lips 

         down his shaft to the base.  Her nose buried in the 

         blond patch of fur covering his belly.  Slipping one 

         hand free, she found and squeezed his huge balls.  

              This guy was hung like a horse.  My own clit was 

         buzzing as I wished I was the one swallowing that 

         twitching monster.  Her other hand dropped down between 

         her thighs, her fingers working her now dripping honey 

         hole.  Slipping in and out, then farther back to circle 

         her tiny red bud.  I could see the shiny wetness as she 

         continued spreading her juices over the tight little 


              Her other hand gripped and worked his balls as his 

         hands slipped through her hair.  My own clit was a hard 

         little button as the hair on my neck tingled.  Would 

         he...would he really fuck her in the ass?  I couldn't 

         believe that hunk of meat she had down her sucking 

         throat would ever fit up her tiny rear end.  

              I no sooner wondered when she stood straight up in 

         front of him, stared deep into his eyes, fixed his stare 

         and turned and bent over the back of the old overstuffed 

         chair.  Reaching under the cushion she handed him a long 

         slender object.  From my vantage point I couldn't tell 

         what it was other then it seemed pink in color.  He 

         backed away from her ass as she protested; "Do me babe, 

         do me in the ass."  

               "Do you want it all?", he asked.  

               "Yes...for Christ sakes yes... do me all... give 

         me the double... do me double.", she pleaded.  


               With that he raised the object he had in his hand, 

         positioned it at the mouth of her dripping box and 


               "Come on do me babe.... shove it in... fill me... 

         give it to me.", she pleaded as he waited.  I wanted to 

         dash in there and jam it in myself.  

               My fingers churned my rock hard bud... I was on 

         the verge.  I knew I would explode when he finally 

         drove, what I could now tell was, a giant rubber cock up 

         her steaming cunt.  

               "Like this baby", he taunted as he plunged it in.  

               The long thick phallus filling her shaking ass 

         till the big rubber balls stopped the forward thrust.  

               "Yes... God... yes... Oh... I dreamed about it all 

         day... now give me the rest... come on fuck me... fill 

         me... I have to have it... I have to have that big dick 

         of yours...come on know how tight it is... 

         you want it... I know you do", she begged as the huge 

         rubber cock twitched in her heaving belly as her first 

         orgasms undulated along its length.  

               My knees pulled up to my chest as the first 

         electric jolts shot from my own pulsing clit.  

               Slowly he rubbed his magnificent prick up and down 

         the crack of her ass.  "Come on babe... right in here", 

         she said reaching back with both hands and pulling the 

         cheeks of her ass apart.  

               I could see the tiny puckered hole, red and wet, 

         there at the center of her silky white ass.  

               Gently he settled the purple head against the 

         tight puckered opening.  "Yes my darling... give it to 

         me... I need it... I want it... bugger me... fuck my 

         little ass."  The words drifted across the room to my 

         ears....I could not believe this was the same demure 

         woman with whom I had roomed for the last two years.  

               The cheeks of his ass went hollow as he flexed his 

         well muscled flanks.  "Yeah, baby take... take it all... 

         you know how you like it... ride my stallion... open it 

         up... let your prince of cocks in your back door", he 

         urged her.  

               "Yes... babe... come on push... push babe... push 

         that magnificent dick up my tight hole.... feel how 

         tight I am... let me feel it.", she begged as he pressed 


               My eyes fixed on her shaking ass as the jolts from 

         my buzzing clit seemed to race back between my own legs.  

         I could not believe it.. The more I watched the action 

         of his mighty weapon...the more my own behind itched.        

         I worked on my clit, dipping in and out of my own boiling 

         hot honey pot. 

               Slipping my fingers farther south they circled my 

         own tight little bud.  A warm glow was spreading over my 

         own ass as I watched transfixed at the sight before me.  

         My demure little roommate taking this great stud's cock 

         up her tiny ass.  

               "Yes, that's it... drive it home!", she groaned in 

         a low voice as he gained entrance passed her tight 


               My own finger as if with a mind of its own entered 

         my own tiny hole as I felt the warm glow spreading up my 


               "You're tight tonight baby, real tight", he spat 

         through clenched teeth.  

               "Tight for you my sweet... fuck me sweet... slip 

         that big slick cock in my back door... let me catch the 

         head with my tight little ring.  Feel it babe... feel 

         how tight I am for you."  Her head was pulled back as 

         she arched her back as his cock reached deeper into her 

         bowels.  "Fill me... shoot me full.... shoot your hot 

         load.", she pleaded.  

               My own index finger now buried deep in my own back 


               He sawed his mighty cock in and out.  Sweat 

         covering his body as he assaulted her tight rear end.  

               "Come babe... fill me with your cum... shoot... 

         blow your seed up my tight rear end.", her voice urgent.  

         His pace quickened as he slammed into her shaking rump.  

               My own fingers were working my backside with as 

         much pleasure as my throbbing clit had once given me.  I 

         could not believe it, I could almost feel his cock in 

         me.... God I wanted a cock in my ass.... a big hard 

         throbbing cock. 

               His jaw clenched as he pumped his hot load up her 

         shaking behind. 

               "Yes... yes... yes... my hot fucking stud... fill 

         me... fill my little hole... love it... love it like you 

         taught me... drain those balls... give me your lovely 

         hot sticky load.... yes... yes.. yesssssss.", she 

         trailed off as the convulsions shook her body.  

               His head thrown back, his final thrusts burying 

         his squirting member deep in her heaving rump.  The 

         dildo filling her cunt stretching her tight and snug 

         around his convulsing cock.  

               My own ass tingled as I worked my finger into my 

         own musky hole.  The orgasms shooting between the tip of 

         my clit and the pulsing little muscle that gripped my 

         finger.  I bit my lip as my body felt the waves flow 

         over it.  Nipples to clit, clit to anus, anus to clit 

         and back to my nipples.  It was as if my whole body was 

         a lightning rod for jolt after pleasure gathering 

         jolt... wave after wave of pure hot electric pleasure.  

         Covered in sweat I watched as he pulled his huge weapon 

         from her stretched hole.  Cum covered the still purple 

         head as she lay shaking, the huge rubber dick still 

         buried deep in her cunt.  I rolled on my back, closed my 

         eyes and knew then and there I wanted a real, flesh and 

         blood cock.  I wanted one, dare I say it, up my OWN 

         ASS!, and I wanted it bad.  

              The next thing I knew the sun was shining in my 

         eyes.  Was it a dream?  I thought, then I found my hand 

         still buried between my legs and looking into the living 

         room, there on the floor, by the old overstuffed chair, 

         was the biggest rubber dick I had ever seen.  My clit 

         was buzzing again just looking at it.  I had to do it 

         and I had a plan."

     "So how did you get here and what made you so sure I would 

fuck you... and in the ass as well?"

     "Well that's a whole other story, I think that will keep a 

little longer", she said as she wiggled her ass against my 

renewed hard-on.  The lusty story from her sweet lips breathing 

new life into my sagging cock.  Was it true, I still don't know, 

but it sure had the effect she was after.

     "You like my little story?"

     "Yeah, I like....your...", as I jammed the shaft deeper up 

her back side.

     "Oh, yes...yes...come for me...fuck my little ass 

hole...come babe...", her words echoed in my ears as I lashed her 

tight little passage.  Maybe I was dreaming?


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