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Archive-name: Casual/


Archive-title: Suzie and Her Five

  The night started out as any other normal Thursday party night.  We wnet 

over to Joe's to watch the Simpson's & Cheers, drink a few bers in 

prepartion for going uptown.   

There was an unusual amoint of tension in the air as Susie walked in the 

living room.  All the guys stopped to stare.  She has massive 40C 

tits...and she loves to show them off.  Tonights attire was no different.  

A tight black mini, a low cut black sweater, and a barely there tank top.  

She looked good.  She was ready for action.  

She checked out the availible guys in the room.  They were not much.  There 

was Joe, who was going out with her roommate.  (not a good idea, she had 

already fucked Shelly's boyfriend once).  Doug, he was cute but she had had 

too many sexual experiance & postions with him already.  They had went out 

for awhile just to fuck.  The rest were just average guys that did not 

really turn her on.  She was looking for the guy, you know the one who 

gives you the Fuck me eyes from hell.  And makes you cream in your little 

lace panties right there!  

Susie, drank a few beers...flirted with some of the guys...(practice you 

know).  She realized that all this beer was making her horny as hell!  She 

asked dear ole' Doug if he wanted to go outside for a smoke.  Doug who was 

a little tispy himself said sure.  She didn't really want to fuck Dough 

again... she was saving that for later but a little four play may hold her 

off till another guy came along.  They kinda relaxed against the air 

condtioner unit.  He slipped his hands inside her sweater and sqeezed her 

left nipple.  His reward was a small little gasp of pleasure.  She wanted 

to return the favoe and slid her hands into his bermuda shorts, fondleing 

his balls.  He really did have a nice set of balls.  He pushed her a little 

farther back and let his hands roam her soft thighs.  He was suprised to 

find out she wore no underwear and took advatage of the situation.  As he 

finger fucked her, she writed up and down, crying out in ectasy.  Within 

moments she had her first orgasism.  Soon she pulled down her skirt, fixed 

her and went back inside.  

Everyone else was ready to go uptown & hit the bars, to drink & dance.  She 

jumped in Scotty's mustang and they sped up toward Trash Cans the favortie 

of her little group.  Susie was not 21, but with a show of her ample 

cleavage she was usually marked high.  

She went to flirt with the bartender, a friend of hers she occasionally 

fooled around with.  He gave her his house special!  She went upstairs to 

scope out the place.  There were a few frat boys she remembered from some 

parties, a few randoms that were in her classes and then the bouncers.  

They was a new one on duty tonight,  At least one she had never seen 

before.  He had sandy hair, blue eyes, nice build, and a great little ass.  

She went up to him & started flirting.  Putting the coy little hand on his 

shoulder, touching his thigh.  Alas though he was soon taken away by some 

rowdies at the other end of the bar.  Susie was real horny right now & 

decide to go into the DJ booth to cool off.  But Phil, didn't think that 

was what she had in mind.  He programmed a few CD's and had her give him a 

blow job.  She was real good a licking his hot throbbing cock.  She love to 

take it all the way in her mouth and suck on his balls.  It was one of her 

few pleasure giving oral sex.  She knew jsut the right amount of pressure 

to put on his dick.  She loved to play and lick and tease.  She also did 

something that most girls hated. She swallowed.  She loved the taste of 

sperm coming down her throat.  His love tool shooting his sweet load in her 

warm, inviting mouth.  

Soon the cd's were over she reapplied her lipstick & went out to dance.  

Her bouncer had made his way back towards the dance floor. Told her was 

about to go on break & did she want to join him.  Boy did she.  They went 

downstairs so he could clock out.  He then led her down to the basement 

where the beer cooler was.  It was a pretty hot night so the cool air felt 

good.  Susie was so excited her sweet juice were almost running down her 

legs.  She quickly pulled his hard cock and guided it up and into her.  He 

was long and hard & he knew wahat he was doing he also loved to tease.  He 

would pull it out anfd make her beg for him to put it back in.  She came 

many times.  All of the sudden the cooler door opened.

In walked Derek the bartender she knew.  Seeing such a sigh as Susie 

sprawled across a few cased of MGD, made him instanly hard.  Susie was 

always up for a goodthreesome  so she offered her ass to Derek.  He mounted 

her from behind... Together all thre found a rhythm that made them scream in 

passion.  After 20 or 30 minutes, the 3 finally spent laid there exhausted. 

 derek had to get back upsatirs so they all got dressed and rapidly went 

back.  Susie went back dancing with her friends.... and started hitting on 

Scottie while wondering if he would make it number 5.


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