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Archive-name: Casual/summer.txt

Archive-author: Robert C. Smith

Archive-title: Summer Fantasy

The whole thing started one hot summer night as I was trying to make it home 

from a business trip in Ohio.  I had been driving for hours on Route 80, trying 

to make record time back to the Big Apple, when I noticed that my rented car 

was starting to overheat. I pulled off at the next exit and headed for the 

closest service station I could find.  

After driving for about 15 minutes, the damn car would go no further.  Now here 

I am in the middle of no man's land with no car.  Luckily, I saw what looked 

like a large farm house about 1/4 mile down the road.  I walked down and 

knocked on the door.  A beautiful young nurse nervously answered the door; 

after all it was about 1:30 AM. Her blond hair draped down her shoulder.  She 

looked so angelic and pure behind the screen door of the house. After I 

explained my problem to her, she seemed to relax a little. She introduced 

herself and told me her name, Ariel, and then asked me in to make any necessary 

phone calls.  I found out I couldn't get another car until tomorrow morning, so 

I asked her if she could give me a ride to the nearest motel.  She then told me 

she couldn't because she was on duty and had to check in on her patient on the 

third floor of the large house.  She then suggested I stay in the guest room 

until my car came in the morning.  Since I had no other options this would have 

to do.

She then showed me the guest room and where all the incidentals were and 

then offered me some drinks in the den.  As we talked I found out that she 

spent long lonely weeks caring for this half dead old man.  I drank and drank, 

and then decided it was time to hit the sack, so I went my room.

After a quick shower I was in bed. When I was almost asleep, Ariel quietly 

entered the room dress in a sheer black laced gown.  I could see her tempting 

breast through the gown, and her matching panties were held only by two small 


She climbed into the bed next to me and began to caress my cock, first with one 

hand and then with both. She rubbed it gently until it was hard.  Then she 

whispered into my ear, "I need you tonight!".  Before I could get an 


she was kiss and sucking my neck, moving gently down my chest, still hold my 

cock in her hand.  When she got to my dick, she began to lick my it with her 

tongue. She seemed to enjoy playing with the tip of my cock with her tongue.  

She then began to suck it, harderI. And harder.  It took all the strength I had 

not to cum in her mouth.  I moaned, "I can't take it!  I'm gonna cum!".  She 

whispered, "Not yet, I need it tonight".

She then sat up and pulled one of her panty strings and the panties fell off.  

Her pussy was shining with wetness, inviting me to action.  She then grabbed my 

head as she began to lie on her back and she pulled my head closer to her wet 

cunt.  Soon I found my lips deep in her pussy, licking and sucking out her 

sweet juices.  With each thrust of my tongue she moaned, as if to ask for more.  

She wrapped her legs around my neck so that she wouldn't miss one second of the 

pleasure.  Her pussy began to quiver and her legs began to shake, I knew then 

that I had opened her pleasure door.

After what seemed like an eternity, my tongue began to tire.  She must have 

realized this, so she rolled me on by back.  She grabbed my throbbing cock with 

one hand and slid it into her dripping pussy.  She rode my dick like she hadn't 

been fucked in ages.  She moved up and down on my cock, squeezing slightly 

when she moved upward, as if to squeeze to juices out of it.  With each move 

she moaned and whispered slightly, asking me not to stop.

She then leaned over, and began to kiss and suck my neck as she pumped her

burning pussy onto my throbbing cock, faster. And faster. Until we could take 

it no more, and we both came.  We both just laid there until we both fell 


That next morning I woke up alone, I showered and went down stairs to see if 

Ariel was still around.  But to my dismay I was greeted by another nurse, this 

one a little old lady, who told me that Ariel was now off duty.  My car arrived 

and I was on my way home, but all I could think of was my SUMMER FANTASY with 



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