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Archive-name: Casual/steven.txt


Archive-title: Steven



        He first caught my eye when I got off the freeway.  He was 

standing at the southbound onramp just off of Beach Blvd., his thumb 

was out.  As I waited for the green light, I noticed how broad his 

shoulders were beneath his unbuttoned shirt.  When the horn blew 

behind me I looked back to find the light had changed.  I decided 

I should fill my tank there at the Mobil station.  As I was pumping 

my gas I could still see him there.  Guys were cramming their necks 

to get a better look at me as I stood there.  I knew I looked good 

in my light blue tank top over the white leather miniskirt.  As I 

finished and got back into my car I drove down to Stark and made 

an illegal, "U" turn.  The line at the red light was just as long 

as usual.  As I waited I reached over and unlocked the passenger 

door.  Green light!  It seemed like all the cars were moving slower 

then normal.  Shit!  The light's changing and I'm still 3 cars back. 

Damn!  Just my luck.  Someone pulled over for him.  As he jogged 

up to the car I noticed the well muscled legs beneath his snug jeans. 

As he opened the car door and talked with the driver I decided I 

wouldn't mind sliding my hands up his thighs to grab his tight ass. 

Sigh.  The light changes and I see him wave the driver off and put 

his thumb back out.  My lucky day.  I turned the corner and pulled 

to the side of the ramp just ahead of him.  I sure liked the look 

of his body as he approached my car. 

        When he opened the door to ask how far south I was going 

I noticed the sudden pause in his actions as he eyed me from head 

to toe.  Before he spoke I said, "How far you going?" 

        "I'm on my way back to San Diego", he said in a quiet voice. 

        "Well, I think you just hit the jack pot.  That's where I'm 

also going.  Can I give you a lift?" 

        "Thanks, I'd sure appreciate it.  The last guy who stopped 

for me was only going to Irvine.  I was hoping another car would 

be going a little further than he was.  I'm glad I waited." 

        As we headed down the onramp, I could see out of the corner 

of my eye as he watched my thighs while I worked the clutch.  As 

he shifted in his seat I knew he was becoming aroused watching my 

lean, tanned legs as they disappeared under my white, leather skirt. 

I looked over at him as I asked his name.  When he returned my glance 

I saw the most gorgeous blue eyes I'd ever seen on someone with his 

dark brown hair.  I'd say he was around 22, at least. 

        "The name's Steven, how do you do?" 

        "I'm doing great.  Do you live in San Diego?" 

        "No, I just go to school down there at UCSD for now.  I was 

up here in Huntington Beach visiting my friends for the weekend. 

Where in San Diego do you live?" 

        I wasn't expecting that question.  So I just commented on 

the nice weather we had for the weekend.  "Gosh, it's almost 6:00. 

Are you hungry at all?  I haven't eaten since lunchtime." 

        "Now that you mention it, I am rather hungry.  I know 

of a quiet place just off of the next exit.  When you get to the 

end of the off ramp, turn right." 

        As I exited and noticed the lack of street lights, I could 

feel his gaze upon me.  Just thinking of him looking over my body 

got my nipples erect. As I shifted into 3rd I saw him again shift 

in his seat. 

        I just couldn't take it anymore.  I told him I need to get 

off at the next turnoff.  He agreed as I turned the car off the main 

road.  When he stretched even further into the seat, I pulled off 

the side of the small road.  When he asked if anything was wrong. 

I turned off the lights and the engine and told him I just couldn't 

drive any further. 

        "Are you alright?", he asked, quite concerned. 

        "No.  I seem to have become quite hot all of a sudden." 

I then turned toward him and pulled his seat to a reclining position. 

"I need you to help me." 

        "Name it.  I'll help you however I can." 

        When I heard that I turned and straddled his lap.  "I need 

you to fuck me real bad."  As I grounded my hips into his lap he let 

out a low groan.  I pushed the seat back until it could go no further 

and thrust my tongue deep into his mouth.  As I ran my hand up and 

down his hairy chest I felt his cock straining tightly against his 


        "I'm hungry.  Please!  Help me.  I need to feel your hard 

cock deep inside of me." 

        He then quickly unzipped his jeans and the most splendid cock 

I'd ever laid eyes on quickly jumped out.  I couldn't stop myself 

then.  I just had to put it deep inside my hungry mouth.  He groaned 

as I went all the way down to his balls.  He was in ecstasy.  Quickly 

I lifted my cunt to his mouth since I was wearing no panties underneath 

my tight leather mini-skirt.  "Suck me!  Suck me!"  And he put his 

mouth and tongue into me like I've never had done before.  Ohhhh..... 


        "Oh God!  Yes!  Yes!!!  More...please more....."  When I'd 

had enough I lowered myself down onto his glistening, wet erection. 

Slowly at first so that he could feel how tight I was.  And when 

I had sunk down as far as I could go he went wild.  He lifted my 

hips just enough to pump wildly in and out of my wet, awaiting cunt. 

God!  How I wanted him.  As he started moaning I reached down and 

felt his balls tightening up.  I knew he was close to coming so I 

started fingering my hard clit and went crazy.  He got so turned 

on by the sight of it that he couldn't stop himself any longer. 

        That's when I climaxed.  My body stiffened and started bucking 

like mad.  He went wild.  He said he couldn't hold back any longer. 

He wanted to come. 

        I begged him.  PLEASE!  STEVEN.  PLEASE CUM!  I NEED YOU 

TO CUM NOW!!!  FUCK ME HARDER!!!  OH YES....  He then came in an 

explosive orgasm.  He fucked me like no man has EVER fucked me. 

I came again and again.  Never had I cum so much.  As it all eased 

down and our breathing slowed back to normal we fell into each others 

arms and drifted off to sleep. 


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