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Archive-name: Casual/skiholdy

Archive-author: C.Thompson

Archive-title: Skiing Holiday, The



      It was a stunning start to the day Sarah thought as the powder snow

rolled down the hill following her trail in the virgin snow . Not that

she had any idea where she was in this tall pine forest or even that

it mattered,as it was certain that eventually she would leave the forest

or stumble across some landmark or maybe even spot the chairlift that

had taken her up here.

    Sure enough a few minutes later the trees thinned out to reveal a small

clearing with an old mountain hut just off to the right hand edge with

surprisingly some ski's propped up outside the door. Being an inquisitive

person sarah came to a halt in front of the hut in a flurry of snow sending

a fine mist up into the shining sky. Breathlessly she undid the bindings on

her boots and planted her ski's in the snow while wondering who would stop

here on a morning such as this. Deciding that she souldn't stand about all

day she moved over to the hut door but stopped still when a familiar low

moaning sound started coming from the direction of the hut.Quietly now she

moved she moved around the hut and finding a crack in the wood wall peered

in through it. The sight that met her eyes left her breathless as a tall

blonde man could be seen face down in a young girls blonde pussy slurping

his tongue up her hole. The girls legs where splayed wide open for this

licking and her firm breasts were being caressed by both her own and his

hands, her taunt erect nipples being flicked in unison as soft moans

escaped her lips.

    Watching eagerly sarah realised that her own pussy had now dampened

considerably and after realeasing her own well formed and some would say

well endowed breasts to the sunlight she slowly slid her ski pants down her

thighs. As sarah moved into a more comfortable position she quickly took

the ski boots off and then turned back to watch the show while sliding her

hand down her body. She gasped when she noticed that the couple had now

changed position and that the girl was now down on her knees with her mouth

at his crotch while he was standing up as they rocked slowly back and forth.

All sarah could see was the girls puffed out cheeks and his large heavy balls

rythmically bouncing off her chin. Seeing this caused sarah's hand to go

towards her own soaking pussy even faster and as her hands reached the

swollen pouting lips her fingers scooped the love juice which had started

to trickle out down it and massaged it back into her juicy pussy while

slipping her fingers in and out. As she felt herself orgasming she saw the

couple stop their rocking suddenly as the girl started to gulp hard and

he let a loud moan escaped his lips. This was too much and sarah came

violently with a low gutteral cry of joy as her fingers were pulled even

further up into her pulsing vagina.

    As the orgasm finished her eyes opened and she noticed that inside the

couple had now disengaged and both had a slightly puzzled look as they

looked around the hut. All that sarah saw was that his cock was still hard

and rampant covered with a wet sheen of saliva and cum. Getting up off her

own knees she walked to the hut door and opened it letting the sun shine

behind her as the couple saw her tall and agile brunette figure naked in

the sun with her pouting vagina leeking juices into her pussy hair and down

the inside of her thighs.

    Stunned the couple did nothing until sarah walked over pushing him to the

ground and then they grinned to each other and sarah as she lowered herself

down onto him while her lips sought out his. But before their tongues

contacted the girls blonde pussy appeared beside their heads and both

tongues snaked at the all too willing pussy as sarah and his hard cock

slid up and down together as one. Now this thought sarah as the orgasms

rocked her was better than ski-ing any day .





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