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Archive-name: Casual/sexysal.txt


Archive-title: Sexy Sal

When I was single, about ten years ago, I dated an attractive slim waitress

from a sandwich shop that I visited often.  Sal was her name. She was divorced

for the thrid time and so was I, but only twice. I liked her naturalness and

openness...and her good figure, of course.  Sal invited me home to meet her

mom and her eleven year old daughter, Betty.  I liked Dora, her mom, and her

beautiful, blonde Betty.  Both greeted me warmly and seemed pleased that Sal

had brought a decent guy home.  We visited a while, and I got a nod from Sal.

I suggested that the two of us go for a walk in the cool evening air; and we though that was exactly what Sal had in mind.

     We found a nearly deserted underpass, really a walking tunnel, beneath the

interstate.  When we walked into its darkness, I felt Sal draw closer to me and

put her arm around my waist.  We were both not dressed for the evening's cool

temperature.  I drew her close to me, face to face, and held her close for a

minute.  We didn't have to talk.  We kissed gently, then frenched one

another's eager mouth.  Then we kissed long and passionately.  She pressed her

erect nipples against my shirt so that I could feel them.  I grew very hard

and hot.  It seemed that Sal did too. She rubbed her tits against me some more,

so I reached up under her silky blouse and fondled those hot, erect nipples

to my heart's content...but not my cock's!  She fondled my cock for a minute

or two and we realized that the tunnel would never do.  I said, Let's go to

my may take a half hour, but it will be worth it."  Sal

agreed, and we rushed to my bed.  It was so wonderful, undressing each other

for the first time.  And Sal loved it when I sucked those erect nipples.  But I

wanted much more.

    I laid Sal back on my mattess on the floor and laid my head on her belly.

I looked up at those beautiful tits with their nipples pointing hotly at the

ceiling.  I fondled them between my fingers and kissed her silken belly.  When

Sal moaned with pleasure, I moved lower and kised her pussy, gently, while I

squeezed her hot nipples hard.  She moaned some more and spread her long sexy

legs.  I kissed her cunt as 'passionately as I had her mouth forty minutes

earlier.  I kissed her pussy until she "came".  She pulled me toward her face

...and I knew she wanted my hard, six inch dick in her cunt.  I kissed her

mouth and she licked her cum off my lips...eagerly.  I nearly shot my cum

into her right felt so sexy having her eat her cum off my lips.

Sal thrust her hot hips up at me...over and over I shoved my dick

into her sopping wet pussy.  She loved every stroke...and so did I.  As I

finally shot my hot jets of jissm into her cunt...she climaxed again with

noisy delight.  "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Yessssssss!   Now, baby, she cried.

"I want all your cum...and I want to eat it too."  She meant what she said.

I lay back on the mattress, and Sal started licking me clean.  I was in heaven

until she said, "Oh my god, it's after ten.  I've got to get home to put

Betty in bed.  Please take me quickly.  We can do this kind of loving again

soon...I hope."  I hoped so too.  And we did, but that's a story for another



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