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Archive-name: Casual/sex-shop.txt

Archive-title: At the Sex Shop


Sorry folks, this is not no hot steamy sex story.  This is my

first posting.  I just thought I'd relate an experience I had one

day when I went to a sex shop.  Even though I've been sexually

active since I was 15, I'm still very timid when it comes to

expressing my sexuality.  Just so people can see that not

everybody who reads this board is a Hugh Heifner type.  Maybe you

can even identify this story with your own period of sexual



     Wait, there's more!  I saw one of those ADULT ONLY stores

here in Kitchener and I thought about going in. (Well it was more

of a wanting to get out of the cold thing, because I was walking

around for about an hour looking for and trying to get to 2

different stylists that turned out to be closed).  So there I am. 

I see the store across the street.  I think;

     "Neat there's one of those sex shops, hey why don't I check

it out, this days' been a total bust anyway, might as well get

something out of it since I'm right hear."  I stop, turn to cross

the street, but then I hesitate.

     "No.  I should just go to the bus stop and head back home or

go to campus."  I start walking again. I look up the road and

realized there's no bus stop in sight.  Actually I there's not

even a bus stop that runs on this road and I'm walking in a

direction away from home and away from the closest bust stop I

know of.

     "Turn around fool!"  I turn.

     "Last chance.  The bus stop is all the way back there and

you'll never be this close to an ADULTS ONLY store again without

a reason not to just go inside and check it out"  I stop, fixate

on the store, as if I was trying to figure out if it was really

and ADULTS ONLY store.

     "It looks closed, the way things are going today the I'll

believe it if the whole town is closed"  I start walking towards

the bus stop.

     "You'll never know if it's open if you don't go up and

check."  I stop again, and again fixate on the store's front


     "Yep.  It's definitely one of those ADULT ONLY stores.  I

don't see any people inside it must be closed.  Of course you

can't see any people inside the windows are all tinted so that

people can't see inside.  That's the way they all are.  Oh.  So

lets go.  Ok."  I start jay-walking across the road, and get half

way between the traffic, then I stop and panic.

     "I get it!  The windows are all tinted up so no one can see

what goes on in there.  What is in there?  What if people go in

and are never seen again?  What if I go in there and they kid-nap

me, drug me up, and force me to perform in their sex movies? 

Hey, that wouldn't be so bad.  I'll probably be pretty good at

it.     Come on, get real, nothing like that is going

to happen."  Now I look to the left and right of me, and realized

I froze in the middle of the road.  I'm starting to act like that

girl in the story At The Mall.

     "That's it!  No more hesitating.  Your going in that store,

your going now, and your not going to chicken out!"  I walk. 

Across the street.  Across the parking lot.  Now I'm approaching

the door.  The whole time I'm scanning the front window to see if

I can get any idea of what's inside before I have to comment to

going in.  I still have the escape option to veer off to the

submarine shop beside it if I just can't go through with it.  As

I get closer, I notice I can see into the store through the mail

drop slot, but the only thing I can see is the floor of the

store.  Now I'm committed, I'm too close to the door to make it

look like I was going to any other place.  I franticly look for a

open or closed sign, but I can't find anything.  Now I'm wishing

the door to be locked.  I pull the door, and its open.

     "Dam!  You did it now.  I was just bluffing.  I didn't want

to go in here.  Now here we are in perverts heaven.  How are we

gonna get out of this one now?  Turn around!  Abort!  Abort!  I

repeat abort the mission!"  It's too late.  Just the repetitive

procedure of opening a door and entering it didn't allow me to do

anything in between.  Once it started, I couldn't stop, I didn't

know how.  I never opened a door half way before then turned

around.  Try it some day, once you start opening a door it takes

a lot of mental effort to just let it go and turn around without

entering.  To make matters worst, the door hasn't even closed

behind me and the clerk starts talking to me.

     'Hi there, good afternoon.  How are you today?'

     "Shit!  Why is he talking to me?  I hate it when store

clerks talk to me."  And that's in regular stores.  I get all

nervous and want to leave, so you could imagine my panic now. 

Surprising a calm confident voice leaves my mouth.

     'Oh, good afternoon. I'm ok'  I wipe the snow off my shoes

on the matt and walk the rest of the way into the store.

     "He must have been talking to me, I'm the only one in the

store."  I continue to walk into the store right up to the

counter, glancing at the shelves on my way.

     'I never been in one of these stores before, so you just

have movies and magazines.  I guess you don't have any gadgets

and toys?'

     'No, but we will have soon.'  Now I notice there's another

guy sitting behind the counter, but the first guy does the

talking and goes into a kinda sales pitch.  I nod and look


     'I see, ya, well I just thought I'd stop in and look around. 

I see these places popping up all over the place so I finally

decided to check it out'

     "You mean you finally got the nerve to go into one of these

stores.  Ssshhh!  Let's just look around and get out ok."  The

clerk goes on saying more stuff, but I'm already to caught up in

the covers of the videos just off to my left.  Since he's on my

right, he's not blocking my view.  Good thing for him, because

I'm being so unconsciously rude now, and so into the titles, that

I might of just pushed him aside if he was.

     "Pay attention!    Don't want to look like a

drooling pervert"  Good timing I caught myself just as he was

going into his closing statements and answer with a polite,

     'Thanks'  So I turn to the shelves and start browsing, and

just then the second guy jumps up and says,

     'And next weeks special will be on whips and chains!'  We

all laugh, and I continue browsing.  As I go through the store I

realize this place really well laid out.  Everything is

categorized and presented professionally.

     "This place is better maintained than some regular video

stores I've been in.  What did you expect, a pack of dirty old

men hovering over a box of unmarked tapes"  They had everything:

Girls on Girls, Bigins, Oral, Anal, Black, White, Asian, and

Inter-racial, Adventure, Sports, Kinky, Detective, Couples,

Amateur, even New releases.  And I sure I didn't see them all. 

They even had a Gay Men self, but I quickly walked by that

section.  I didn't want the store clerks to see me looking

interestedly at that self, they might think I was gay (not that

there's anything wrong with that).  So I completely circled the

shop and made my way back to the counter.

     'Well thanks, have a nice day'

     "I'm outta here!"  But then suddenly the clerk came from

around the counter.

     'Well since you took the time to come in and see the place,

I might as well tell you a little more about ourselves'

     "Oh no, here it comes.  They're gonna tell me I can't leave. 

The make-shift studio is in the basement and tonight I'm the

guest star.    Get a grip"  He actually goes on to

tell me that every movie in the store can be bought or rented. 

The price to buy is $69.95 and to rent is $4.99.  Also, when you

buy a movie you can trade it in at some later date and half it's

purchase price will be put towards anything else you buy.  Then

he showed me a special sale shelf where the movies where going

for 3 for the price of 1.  He said people could even become

members and get some special privileges.  Like a product list,

mail catalogues, etc.

          'Well, I wasn't planing to get anything today, but I'll

probably come back and get something over the weekend.'

     'Ok, so see you later.  Have a nice day.'

     'Ok, thanks again, bye'  "See that wasn't so bad."


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