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Archive-name: Casual/scanners.txt


Archive-title: Scanners can be Dangerous (Sex) Toys

The last tale I told, about an affair I had a couple of months ago,

mentioned a scanner radio. Someone also reading

thought it appropriate to port my writing into that group though the

radio was mentioned but barely. I thought that was funny, but then this

happened to me just days ago!




My car broke down on the highway during my commute home. I managed to

pull it over, got out, clipped my scanner on my belt, locked the car,

and began to hitch hike up the road for help. It was cloudy and cold,

threatening rain. I hoped I would get a ride soon. Maybe it was my suit

and the attache case I carried, the fact that I was standing next to a

disabled car. In any case, I got lucky. A car pulled over and stopped

about one hundred feet beyond me.

I ran up to it and thanked my benefactor as I opened the passenger door

and jumped in. "I really appreciate this." I said. "Could you give me a

ride to the next exit with a service station?" "Sure" was all she said.

She signaled to traffic and pulled back onto the highway. After a few

seconds I had settled down after adjusting the scanner on my right side,

and took a real look at the driver. Exotic is the best word that came

to mind. She was strikingly pretty, long jet black hair, vaguely

oriental, perhaps of mixed race. She was also heavy, almost, but not

quite fat, with large breasts, a big buttocks, and strong looking calfs.

We were on the road just a minute when she asked me "What was that thing

hanging on your belt?" I thought for a second. She could only be talking

about my scanner. "It's a scanner" I said as I wrestled it off my belt

trying hard not to bend the antenna against the door too much. I finally

got it and held it in my lap. She glanced quickly at it and I heard her


Her eyes were glancing back and forth between the road and the scanner,

more particularly its antenna. I remember when I first got that antenna

that it struck me as being particularly phallic (an Austin Condor for

the those in the know), a little thin perhaps for a dildo, but painfully

long. "What does it do?" she asked. I explained it to her as best I

could. I also turned it on. It stopped on a highway patrol frequency and

revealed some poor slob being run through a licensing check. "That's

the Highway Patrol" I said. "Is that what it's for?" she asked. "Well,"

I said, "it's for getting all kinds of radio". In quick succession I

punched up some AM news, and FM music station, and the weather channel.

Next I hit the search button which at that moment was programmed to jump

through the 800Mhz cellular phone channels. There were conversations

going on all around us, and she was noticably interested in it all. "You

mean you can hear people talking on the phone?"

I explained the basic idea behind a scanner. She struck me as unusually

interested in it all, for a woman. I'm not sexist, but I've never met

more than couple of women among hundreds of scanner hobiests, and none

of them nearly as pretty as this one. All of this took but a few minutes

and we were pulling off at an exit. She continued to ask me questions

about the scanner as we approached a service station just off the


When we arrived at the service station she offered to take me to my

destination. She said she was going there anyway. I accepted her offer,

arranged for a tow, and called my mechanic. It all took about 15 minutes

then we were back in the car. She didn't say much for a while and then

said "This is my exit. I'm going to stop at home and get some things

first." "OK by me" I replied. We pulled off the highway and were at her

house about five minutes later.

When we entered the house she excused herself for a moment then returned

without her pantyhose. She invited me to sit down on her couch in the

living room, and sat right next to me. "Please show me that radio

again." she said. I unhooked the scanner from my belt again and turned

it on. As it sprang to life, she placed her hand on my thigh. I caught a

wif of an odor, the smell of a woman aroused. I still didn't understand

what was going on. What did the scanner have to do with her obvious

arousal? "That thing makes me very horny" she said. Her physical signs

of arousal made me very horny, and there is no doubt she noticed the

growing buldge in my pants. She suddenly turned and sat back on the

couch, still next to me, but not quite so intimately. "A lot of men are

turned off by aggressive women" she said. "I've never been turned off by

an aggressive woman".

She turned back to me then, leaned over and kissed me. As her toung

pressed its way into my mouth her hand crossed my thigh again and rested

firmly on my spear. I raised my hips to her touch and she pressed a

little harder. Suddenly she stopped, stood up, and said "come with me."

I stood up and turned the scanner off, intending to put it down. "Don't

turn it off" she said. "Bring it with you."

I complied and followed her around a corner and into a bedroom. She

closed the door behind me and stood with her back against it. I stood at

the side of her bed and faced her. "Take your clothes off." she said. I

placed the scanner on a dresser, still on, and scanning, by default,

local police and other EMS frequencies. I took my shoes off then began

to unbutton my shirt. "Pants first" she ordered. She stood still and

watched me. When my pants fell to the floor she steped up to me, dropped

down on her knees and reached for my stiffened shaft with both hands.

With one, she directed it to her wet mouth, took it in, and began to

massage it with hand and toung. The other she brought to my balls and

began to stroke them.

She continued to suck me, covering my malehood with layeres of saliva,

as I removed my shirt. I stood there for perhaps a few minutes

experiencing her ministrations as she also began to finger my ass. I

could have exploded right then, but I forced myself in refusing to let

go so easily. After another half minute she released her mouth. "Most

men would have come by now" she cooed. "We haven't been properly

introduced yet" I replied. She pushed me gently and I fell back onto the

bed. She stood up and lifted her dress revealing a magnificent mass of

black hair as she climbed onto the bed, over me, on her knees.

She leaned over me and grabbed my slick wet stick, stroking the tip a

few times over her sopping wet gully, shivering a little as it touched

her clitoris. Then she positioned the tip at the opening of her pleasure

chasm and with one motion impaled herself on my sword.

As she drove herself down on me, I thrust upwards to meet her. With my

arms I pulled her towards me unziped the back of her dress and opened

her bra. She sat up then, crossed her arms and pulled the dress over her

head. The opened bra went with it revealing the largest and most

magnificent set of brests I had ever had the pleasure of. I drew

her down again and turned my head back and forth teasing each swelled

nipple in turn as she continued to fall on my

accomdating spire.

She moved one of her hands to her slit and began to massage her clit. In

a minute or two she came with deep convulsions and groans as she

collapsed, her sweaty head next to mine where I could smell the passion

that continued to burn in her. Her cunt grew no less hot either as after

a minute she noticed I was still hard as a rock and said "you still

haven't come". "We still haven't been properly introduced" I said. She

rolled off me and onto her back.

I looked at her for a moment, perfectly relaxed. Sweat covered her body,

glistening on her brests, nipples rising and falling sensuously with

each deep breath. Her legs were spread and relaxed, waiting for anything

I might desire to do with her mystical forest and its magical well. I

knelt in front of her and teased her perfumed mystery until I revealed

her triumphant clitoris in its sea of love juice. I bowed to that clit,

stroking it with a toung determined to do what ever it takes to make her

reel in pleasure again. She groaned and arched, pushing her grand canyon

into my face.

I stroked her again and again. She ordered it harder, then slower, then

faster as she convulsed, twisted, and screamed through her second

orgasm. Only when she collapsed for the last time, did I stop licking,

pick my head up, and look her in the eyes. She smiled a little at me and

raised up her legs, spreading them a little more, knowing what I wanted

to do, and offering it to me. I took my pipe in my own hand placed it's

tip at the mouth of her dripping volcano and ramed it home. She gasped

as it found its mark, and I felt her love tunnel squeeze me, encouraging

me to let it flow. I fucked her now with out regard to control, to how

long I could hold it in, or what felt best to her. I fucked only to

experience my own explosion in her willing bore. When it came I groaned,

my arms collapsed as I shook and felt her rythmic contractions sucking

every last drop of syrupy juice out of my hose.

I rolled off of her and lay next to her. Both of us breathing heavily

now. She got up after a minute and walked up to the scanner standing on

her dresser. "Can you get those telephone conversations back?" She

asked. I stood up and took her place as I switched over to the search

mode in the proper bank. As I did this she reached around behind me and

began again stroking my cock and balls. When the scanner hit the first

cellular conversation she took my hand and pulled me back over to the

bed. "I won't let you go until you come at least once more" she teased.

and pulled me onto the bed.

This went on for an hour. She came four more times, twice while I

massaged her clit with a vibrator and used the scanner antenna as a

dildo! She screamed when it reached about ten inches into her steaming

pit, but she came, and came again. My second explosion filled her from

behind as I rode a top her luscious ass and she clung to the bed,

knees on the floor, filling her as I shook as waves of orgasm swept my

pulsing organ.

Two more hours went by. She revealed various kinds of sex equipment

stored around her room. Vibrating dildos, rope handcuffs, and other

toys. At one point I had to go to the bathroom. She insisted on

following me, that I step into the shower and let my warm river go on

her. She kneeled in front of my then flacid snake, held it between her

slipery breasts and ordered me to let go. I did, needing it so bad it

felt almost like an orgasm as she rubbed my balls through all of it.

Then she made me lie down between her towering legs and opened her dam

on me. Weak as I was that drove me wild. We showered, and I took her

standing up from behind while the hot water poured over both of us, but

my legs gave way before I could come. She pushed me down again in

the tub, and straddled my head with her knees as she rammed her needy

puss into my face. I licked where I know it feels good, and in minutes

she rocked with yet another orgasm as water still rained down upon us.

I was working on my third orgasm, she had nine or ten. I stood

between her tensed spread legs as she sat on a special chair with grips

above her head for the hands and stirrups for her feet, allowing her to

position herself on a seat that thrust her still demanding pussy straight

out onto my heaving jamb. As I forced my risen flag into her, trying to

release myself yet again she relaxed, stopped rising to meet my

pick, seemingly tired at last. After all she demanded of me, I took her

selfishly, like the first time, caring only for my eruption. I pulled

her ass towards me, pinning her with my massive cylinder. Her slippery

tube was a hot resevior for my last displosion, small but satisfying as

I felt the additional heat of my juices fill her, and dribble down her


I let her go and collapsed onto the bed. She got herself off the chair

and limped over to the scanner which hadn't made a peep in some time.

"What happened to the radio?" she asked. I struggled up, my knees a

little stiff, and looked at it. "Batteries are dead" I said. "Then you'd

better go home" was her reply. As I got dressed she put on a robe and

watched me. When finished, she let me out the bedroom door and out to

the front of the house. "You were going to give me a ride home" I

pointed out. "I'm too tired" she said. "Just turn left down the street,

there's a bus stop there". As I turned to go she said "You can come back

you know", and she reached out, touching the scanner antenna! "I will"

was all I could get out, and I left.

As I walked down the street to the bus, it was dark now, and cold. My

groin was strangely numb. I caught an unexpected wif of her passion. I

suddenly remembered the black scanner antenna melding with the wall of

her dark forest as she twisted her hips struggling to increase her

ecstacy. I wondered what people on the bus were going to think of it. I

also realized that if I'd put fresh batteries in the scanner this

morning I'd still be in there, probably for another four hours, and

maybe dead by then...


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