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Archive-name: Casual/rtsqueez

Archive-author: The Dungeon Master

Archive-title: Right Squeeze, The

  Last year, I went to the Philippines on a business trip for my company. My

hosts, eager to please me in order to win a contract, were very accomodating.

A few days before I was to depart, they set me up with a beautiful and exotic

woman named Elena.

  As it turned out, she was one hot number! To begin with, most Filipino women

are small, but Elena was six foot two. She was built like Lynda Carter of

"Wonder Woman" fame: long gracious les, long jet-black hair, a nice curvy ass,

and big pointy tits with large nipples!

  We didn't waste any time -- she told me to shower up while she prepared

herself. When I had finished, I lay down on the bed in her spacious and

elegant bedroom. When she came in, I nearly creamed myself! There was

something special about her.

  Elena lay down beside me and, as we kissed, I felt her hands fondling my

balls. She seemed to be searching for something as she felt around. When I

asked her what she as doing, she said, "Just relax and enjoy yourself."

  Elena started to suck my cock voraciously -- and I mean SUCK! It seemed as if

she was going to suck me dry! As she did this she squeezed certain parts of my

sac and balls. She knew exactly what she was doing: because just when I felt I

was going to come, she'd squeeze something and I'd pump four or five times

without ejaculating and lose some of my erection. Then, seconds later, she'd

suck my cock back to life and continue as before. Talk about ups and downs!

What she was doing was very different from the well-known "squeeze" technique.

She continued her maneuvers for about an hour and told me that it was to

build up my supply of cum. When I ejaculated, she promised, it would be a

sensational experience.

  Her pussy was just begging to be eaten, so I went down on her. There wasn't

much pubic hair to tickle my nose, and I stuck my tongue between her slit and

licked around her clit. I was very surprised to see her clit enlarge -- to

about twice the size of clits I've seen elsewhere! Unlike most other women's,

her clit was not overly sensitive, and I was able to suck on it, which really

delighted Elena. In a few minutes, I could feel her body stiffen. Then, she

started to shake violently as she acheived her first orgasm. I continued to

munch on her mound for the next hour, bringing her off twice more.

  She reached over and squirted a scented, flavored oil into her cunt. When I

asked about it, she said,"Waut and see." My cock slid right in, and damn, it

was the hottest cunt I've ever been in! I pushed my cock as far as it would go,

pressing her down into the mattress. I could feel her vagina muscles really

tighten up. She looked into my eyes and gave me a devilish smile. But she

didn't stop there -- she was really squeezing hard now and had my cock in a

viselike grip! I'd never experienced anything like it.

  I tried to withdraw, but couldn't. She began to rhythmically stroke my cock

with her vagina muscles, making her belly undulate like a belly dancer's. It

felt so strange, yet so wonderful. I could feel myself starting to tense up.

But she knew what was going on: she reached down and grabbed my balls and

squeezed again that certain part, which deterred my urge to come. She continued

doing this for the longest time. A few times I was right on the verge of

exploding! The bed was just soaked from our sweat.

  Finally, Elena said, "Okay, you can do it now!" Once more, I mustered all my

energy and started pounding into her. Just as I was about to come, she stuck

her finger up my ass hole and squeezed my balls, and I shot my load into her

hole. Quickly she pulled out my spurting cock, and I hosed her down,

splattering her face, neck, and tits with thick white cum. I squirted at least

twice my usual volume of semen, which surprised me. When my cock stopped

throbbing, there was a pool of cum flooding around her belly button. My head

was spinning and I could literally see stars!

  Elena told me that she was trained since childhood in the art of pleasing a

man, and that she came from a long line of professional consorts, with

techniques and secrets passed on from mother to daughter.

  I've balled quite a number of women since then, but they just haven't even

come close to her. Just thinking of her while I jerk off makes my orgasm that

much grander. And needless to say, my hosts did get their contract!

                    THE END


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