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Archive-name: Casual/roadtrip.txt

Archive-author: Bob Brinsfield   (c) 1991

Archive-title: Road Trip

       It started out to be a terrible day. My boss and I had a

bad argument about work assignments. It ended with me being

fired. I was in shock. I left that day not knowing what I would

do. After going home and watching as much daytime tv as I could

stand I decided to take a drive. I just drove aimlessly for a

long time , not going anywhere in particular.

       Soon I noticed that I was on the highway heading south.

When I glanced out the window I saw the prettiest woman I had

ever seen in my life hitchhiking. I had not been on the prowl

but I stopped and picked her up.

       She told me her name was Debbie and that she had been on

her way to Florida when her car broke down. Being the good host

that I am I volunteered to take her to a gas station , but she

said forget that I'm going to Florida.

       I told her of my plight and since I was not in any rush

I would take her to Florida but we would have to stop somewhere

tonight. She said that would be great. At that time I did not

think that anything would happen between the two of us. The

talk in the car did not indicate to me that I had one hot

and horny bitch with me. I soon found out that she enjoyed

sex as much as I do.

       We stopped at a little motel off of the highway and

I checked in. When we got to the room she noticed that

there was only one bed. I told her that , that would not

be a problem as I would sleep on the chair. My next move was

to take a shower so I went into the bathroom and started the

water. By the time I was undressed Debbie had joined me. She

told me that she has wanted to fuck for the last hundred or

so miles. Again being the good host that I am , who am I to


       Debbie took me by the hand and led me into the shower.

That is where the fun began. We started kissing each other all

over. I bent down and sucked on the lovliest set of tits I had

ever seen. At the same time Debbie had got a hold of my cock

and was stroking it in a very pleasing way. I knew that if she

kept that up I would erupt soon. She must have sensed that also

because she got on her knees with my cock in her face. I shot

my hot wad right on her face. She screamed with excitement

when my cum hit her.

       Again being the good host and all that I picked her up

and stood her against the wall. I then buried my face deep in

her crotch , she knew that I love to eat pussy. My tongue

quickly brought Debbie to what she described as fanfucking-

tastic orgasm. We then dried each other off and headed for

bed. The first thing Debbie said was I want to fuck. I did

not need to hear that twice. We climbed in bed and began

a night that I will not soon forget.

       We must have drifted off to sleep at some point

because I woke up to find us cuddled together in a

tangled mass of flesh. If someone had walked in and saw

us they would have had a tough time seeing where one ended

and the other began.

       When Debbie woke up she asked me if I was in a hurry

to leave and I told her that I could stay for a few day's

before my money ran out. We spent most of that day just

cuddled the way we were when we woke.

       After getting dressed and a bite to eat we came

back to the motel and Debbie jumped back into bed. She

told me to fuck her in the face , so I jumped into bed

and started shoving my dick into her mouth. We got a bit

loud and rough this time because the people in the next

room started to bang on the wall. At the same time Debbie's

head was hitting the headboard everytime I shoved my dick

in her mouth. I did not hear Debbie complain though so I

kept going. Soon I was oblivious to the neighbors complaints

also. I was so turned on that I soon exploded and Debbie

took all of it. She swalled hard and just kept drinking

until she swalled every drop of my cum.

       It was then my turn , so I moved myself down her

body slowly , licking and kissing everything along the

way. Finally I arrived at my destination , her warm wet

cunt. I teased her with my tongue until she could not

stand it any more. Then I moved in for the kill , I buried

my tongue deep in her and ate her pussy like it would be

my last. After a short amount of tongue action Debbie's

body tensed up and her legs were trembling , as she

screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear "I'm

cumming !".

       I kept eating her until her body was trembling all

over. At that point her breathing was so heavy that she

was passing out. When I finally stopped Debbie told me

that she had never been eaten like that before. I then

moved back up her body slowly and pushed my dick in that

warm wonderful place called a pussy and this time we didn't

fuck we made love. We started at a slow but steady pace

increasing it slightly from time to time , until we could

both feel orgasm building. We then picked up the tempo and

shortly after that I exploded. At the same time Debbie

screamed and again the neighbors heard I'm sure. We then

cuddled and passed out.

       The next morning we checked out and headed for

Florida. The last time I saw Debbie she was with her

freinds in Florida. I had to head home to get my life

straightened out.

       When I got home I had five messeges from my old

boss so I called him and he asked me to come back to

work. I told him that I would need one more day off

to relax after my adventure. I went back to work in

a couple of day's. So all's well that end's well except

I do miss Debbie every once in awhile.


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