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Archive-name: Casual/river.txt


Archive-title: River Encounters

        It was a hot summer evening in July of 1988.  I was camping in

Yosemite National Park... down in the valley, lower river campground. There

were billions and billions of stars in the sky. It was an absolutely

breathtaking evening, the kind that lovers dream about.  But, alas, I had no

one, no lover to share this wonderful evening with, so I decided to lay in

the back of my truck with the tailgate open, and look at the stars and dream.

   It was very warm, still about 80 degrees at 9pm, so I was only wearing a

very short pair of shorts and a nice cool tank top that my breasts had a

habit of always falling out of. As I lay in the back of the truck, all alone,

   I heard a voice say "Hello, looks like you are enjoying yourself, may I

join you?" At first, I was quite startled, and a bit aprehensive about this

"stranger", but when I looked at him, I realized that he was the same man

that my kids accidently threw water on at the river eariler that day, and I

was immediatly embarrassed about the incident, but at the same time, for some

reason, I was turned on by this very good looking man, who unexpectly came

out of the night. It was like something you'd read about in a romance novel

or something like that. Anyhow, we got to talking, and I found out that he

was all alone, widowed, we seemed to have lots in common, and I was VERY

attracted to him, and I felt like he was thinking the same thing. I am not

one to have sex with someone who just appears out of the night, however, I'd

be a liar if I would have said I wasn't thinking about how it would be to

suck on his cock. We talked for hours about this and that, and very

unexpectedly, he said that he really liked me, was attracted to me and the

kindness that I had been showing him, and wanted to know if he could kiss


   Of course I said yes, and he took me in his arms, and kissed me

a passionate kiss. I could feel my juices immediately begin to wet my

panties. After that first kiss, we spent the next two hours or so kissing and

hugging and just enjoying each other and the beautiful evening and talking

about life and other profound issues. We decided to take a walk down to the

river, and enjoy the moonlight reflections on the water. The whole time we

were talking, and walking together, I kept thinking how much I wanted to make

a move on this guy, as I could tell he was very shy, and even though I knew

by the conversation we were having, he really wanted to do more than just

kiss and hug. I decided to break the ice, and ask him if he'd like to go for

skinny dipping, he said that sounded like a good idea, so we walked back to

the campsite to get some towels and blanket. We walked back down to the water

and took off our clothes. I couldn't help but notice the moonlight reflecting

off of his gorgeous body, and something else, he had a hard on that he seemed

to be quite embarrased about when he realized that it had caught my eye. We

both entered the water and swam across the river to the other shore. We sat

in this little "pool" that the river had formed near the shore. The water

felt very nice on my body, however, it also made me feel very horney. I

dunno, somthing about the water, and the freedom of no clothes really makes

me hot. I decided it was time to make a move. I put my hand around his

already errect cock, and a smile came across his face. I suggested that he

sit up on a rock that was in the water, so I could give his cock some mouth

to cock resucitation. He eagerly complied with my request, and I began by

taking his cock and balls into my mouth and deepthroating them.  He began to

moan with pleasure, and grabbed my tits, and began to suck on them. This

drove me nuts, as he was very good at it.  My nipples were hardened like

little rocks, and my pussy juices REALLY began to flow. I wanted his cock IN

me. I told him to lay all the way back on top of the rock, so I could put his

cock in my hot, wet pussy. He did, and I slowly slipped his cock into my

pussy, he moaned loudly with pleasure, as I S L O W L E Y lowered myself on

his cock. I began to ride his dick like a dog in heat. Slowly, squeezing my

pussy muscles the whole time driving him nuts. I have very good control over

my muscles, and I can squeeze very well. He said it was feeling too good, and

he was gonna cum if I didn't stop. To tell you the truth, it felt damn good

to me too!!.. Well, I said we can't have you cumming so quickly, so I got off

of him, and said "Would you like to butt fuck me"... He very eagerly said

yes. I traded places with him, and lay across the rock, with my pussy and

asshole fully exposed to him. He stuck his cock in my ass, ever so gently, it

felt sooo good!!!!... He pumped his cock in and out a few times, and said

he'd never felt anything so hot, tight and good... He grabbed my tits and

fucked my asshole with great delight. He was driving me crazy, and I could

tell he wouldn't be able to stand it much longer either. I told him to fuck

me harder, he did, I could feel a fantastic orgasam coming on..he pumped

harder and harder, squeezing my tits, and rubbing my nipples.. I screamed

with pleasure, as I began to cum, again and again, I felt the hot stream of

cum shoot up into my asshole and down my crack as he moaned very loudly with

pleasure... He came and came, it felt sooo good... I turned to him, he

embraced me and kissed me. We swam to the other side of the river, got out

dried off, and put our clothes back on. He smiled and said to me "who says

camping alone isn't any fun?" We saw each other every night over the next

week we were both there, and had several more late night river rondevous,

including one were I tied him to a tree on the river, sucked, fucked, and

teased his cock until he begged for mercy. What can I say, I sometimes like

to play rough!!  Needless to say, it was a summer vacation I will remember.


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