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Archive-name: Casual/rendez2.txt


Archive-title: Rendezvous II-Hetero

There she sat, Karen and Scoot, hanging out. It was wonderful, his kisses,

his embraces, his strength.  She felt as though it would engulf her as

he swirled his tongue inside of her mouth and she tased his sweetness.

It was too much, his hand on her legs was slowly making her hornier and

hornier:  almost driving her ot of control.

"Stop," she said:  she turned around and put on some country music to

slow down the tone.

His hand kept going up and down her thighs, it was getting faster and

faster and faster:  The stimulation was making her hot and wet and weat

all over.  Karen's brow was getting damper and damper as the heat built

up between her thighs.  Finally, to torment him, she reached between

his thighs and started to stoke his penis:  slowly at first but with

growing rapidity.  At least, she thought, all is fair in love and war...


Scott started sweating as his penis grew harder and harder... the tension

was almost unbearable and  his penis felt as though it would explode.

It was getting to the point of no return... but Karen knew what she was

doing, she was slowly building up the tension inside of him:  feeding on

his sexual frustrations and his sexual desires. It was geting too much

for him, she knew, as her hand rubbed up and down and made him feel like

a sex object.

"Oh, Karen, stop..." he gasped.  Scott started taking off his pants

but Karen promptly stopped him.  It was too early, she thought, it was

probably a little beter to tease him some more.

"Karen, I want you..." these were words that she heard a million times.

None of them meant it -- it always seemed like a farce.  But, this

time, for some absurd reason, it seemed as though Scott really wanted

her in more ways than one.  His body pressed hotly against her crotch,

Karen could feel that she was getting more and more moist by the minute.

The heat, the tension was getting unbearable and her desire for sex was

just getting too severe.

"Scott, stop," she whispered unbelievably as he stuck his hand into

her pants, sticking his fingers so that they would stroke up and down

her wetness.  "Stop Scott, you're going too fast" -- she knew that he

thought that she wanted more but she had to say it anyways; it was just

all part of the good girl image that all women had to keep...


More later...

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