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Archive-name: Casual/patricia.txt


Archive-title: Patricia's Pussy

     Patricia and I met in a popular night-spot, both of us without

a date as we'd watched the other couples conversing at the small,

rather cozy tables..  I noticed she was staring over at me quite a

bit, but I thought "let her make the first move..."

     It didn't take very long before we managed to make "direct" eye

contact with each-other.  Her stiff nipples were making it difficult

not to look at her large and well-shaped `tits', which strained her

bra as they pushed-out there, wanting to be "free"..  As the air-

conditioner was keeping the place very cool, no-doubt the effect it

was having on the ladies was very "revealing" to the men who were

there, as four out of five women had nice nipple erections..  So,

I did my best not to "look away" the next long glance we shared, and

motioned for her to join me at my table...which she did.

     "Hi!  I'm Patricia!", the nervous voice said as she sat at my

table.  I introduced myself, and was pleased that she wasn't lighting

up any cigarettes in her nervousness, which rapidly abated as we spoke.

I finally said "listen, this place is really pretty noisy, why don't

we go someplace where we won't have to shout at each-other?"  She said

"c'mon, I know of the perfect spot.."  I followed her out the door,

walked her to her car, and followed her off in mine.  The other spot was

a short distance away, and we met at the door, walking in as a couple.

Everybody knew Patricia there, and she politely introduced me to the

very attractive waitresses, who "winked" at her as we found a booth to

sit in..

     We spent most of the evening just talking, getting to know about

each-other, when I felt it was time to "leave" before we got too in-

toxicated to legally drive.  I felt pretty safe leaving my car there,

so we piled into hers, and headed to her place.  We hadn't gone more

than about a block or two, when at a traffic signal, Patricia leaned-

over, said "if I don't kiss you pretty soon, I'm going to go crazy!",

and proceeded to offer up her full, luscious mouth to me.  I kissed

her passionately until one of the driver's behind us, began to honk

the horn, telling us to get a move on, the light had changed..  We

laughed as we broke the kiss, and drove to her house..

     Once inside the house, Patricia led me straight back to her

bedroom....not wanting to go through any preliminary stuff on her

living-room couch.  As I was very "horny" by this time, and had been

beginning to wonder just how we'd be "in-bed" together, when she went

into her bathroom to "slip into something comfortable", I proceeded to

get "naked" and got under the covers of her rather large and very

comfortable water-bed....which was unlike others which I'd slept on.

This one didn't "slosh" or "sag" when you got into it, it just ever

so gently moved, as if filled with thick, warm `oil'...

     When Patricia finally came from the bathroom, she was wearing a

sexy `black' teddy, with "crotchless" panties, which revealed her

very pink and wet cuntal lips, as she sexily came over to join me

on the bed.  Her body was so well-tanned, the contrast of the pinkness

inside her, against the nice brown body, was "electrifying", and

when she lay down, she propped-up one leg to afford me a nice view

of that juicy, fragrant vagina of hers.....which was very ready for

whatever I wanted to put into it for her...  Patricia had freed one

of her large, nicely shaped `tits' and was pushing the nipple up to

her mouth, looking straight into my eyes as her pointy tongue drew

tiny swirls around the aureola, making small goose-bumps on it.  Her

nipple was "fully erect", looking like a nice cute "pink" pencil 

eraser, pointing up towards her caressing tongue...  Her other hand

went down to her crotch, as she lay on her side, and deftly moved

the panties away as her fingers slipped between her nether lips..

Watching them come-out, all "gooey" with her juices, as she massaged

her mons veneris in gentle, lazy circles, was very "stimulating", as

my dick began to rise and "throb" it's appreciation.

     "AAHHHHH!!!", moaned Patricia as her fingers found her tiny,

pink `clitoris', which had poked it's delicate shaft out of the

folds of it's protective hood..  I looked closely at the pearly tip

of her shiny and lubricated clit, and heard her "gasp" loudly as

I reached down and gently touched her there, barely making any real

contact with that precious pearl..  I then reached down to my cock,

which had a large, clear drop of shiny seminal fluid forming on the

tip, and put this on my fingertip.  Then, I slowly put that sperm

onto her anxious clitoris, mingling with her cuntal juices...  She

watched intently as I massaged my sperm into the tiny shaft of her

sensitive love bud..

     "OOOOHHHHH BABEEEE!!!!" she moaned as I ever so gently massaged

her pussy for her.   "OHHHHH YEAHHHH!!!!That's IT!!!" she sighed as

I pushed my finger deep and swiftly into her seething hole.  I was

surprised at how "tight" her cunt muscles were, as they tried to

clasp my finger as if it were a penis.....her hips moving forward

to allow me full access to her now soaking-wet vagina...  Her fingers

found my throbbing prick, as I finger fucked her, the stroking matching

the rythm of my probes into her snatch.  "OHHHH!!! What a nice, hard

cock, so beautiful, so strong!!!" she exclaimed, as she masturbated me

to a rock-hard erection.  I moved over to kiss her, and said, in-between

each kiss "God...where'd you get such a fantastic body from, lover???"

She answered "this body is ACHING to feel yours on-top of it, thrusting

deep into it!!!"  So, without further ado, I positioned myself between

Patricia's muscular, long legs, and let her guide my eager pole into 

her juicy cunt....first rubbing just the tip against her clitoris as

she began to buck up and down under me...her hips making fucking move-

ments even before I'd entered her.  Finally, when I really couldn't

stand the sweet torture of feeling her wetness, and not sinking deeply

into her, I pushed my hips forward, tightening my buns, and my dick went

right "in", smoothing-out the folds of her lust-slickened cuntal channel.

"OOOOHHHHHHH YEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" she cried out, as I rammed it in all the

way to her womb..   "CREAM MEEE BABEEE!!!!!" she shouted; "REAM ME AND

CREAM MY CUNT WITH THAT HARD COCK!!!!!"   The "spasms" inside Patricia's

pussy were so "intense" that they nearly knocked me out, as I pumped my

shaft in and out of her.  "AHHHHHH YEAAAAA!!!!" she sighed, as I moved

my buttocks in circular motion, swirling my searching, throbbing meat

into every last fold of her tight vagina..."AHHHH YEAAA!!!"  "AHHHH!!!

AHHHHH YEAAA!!! OOOOHHHHH YEAHHHH!!!" she grunted, as I pistoned my

aching dick into her belly...   "OHHHHHH YEA!!!!!! That's IT!!!"

she cried..

     Our sexual lust for each-other continued to "build" as we seemed

to be racing to some place, going somewhere frantically "in a hurry" as

we pumped and spasmed against each-other.  Patricia was desperately

trying to get me as deep inside her as humanly possible, and had now

spread her legs wide.....pointed her toes as her hands held her calves

apart for me.  This shifted her pelvis upwards, opened her so completely

for me, that my dick now made "direct contact" with the mouth of her

womb....the hard knot of her `cervix' kissing my cock's broad head on


DEEP IN MEEEE!!!" she panted as I pumped furiously and ardently into

her tightness..  "GIVE IT TO MEEEE!!!!" she wailed, as I began to

fuck her as if trying to crawl deep inside her.  There's something

`base' and `animal' in having a woman imploring you, in those terms,

to "screw her", as you're dick is swelling deep inside her, getting

ready to spew forth it's hot, molten gobs of thick, creamy sperm.

With Patricia's toes "curling" as her `orgasm' exploded inside her,

I pushed my hot, swollen prick into her tummy, and held it "deep" as

I planted my seed inside her....the bucking of my cock triggering

"spasms" of her clasping, hungry cunt...  "AAAHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!!"

"THAT'S IT!!!!!!GIVE IT TO MEEEEE!!!!!" she yelled, her hands now

kneading my ass-cheeks as I pumped "thick" "hot" cream into her

wonderfully tight pussy....  The force of my own `cum' nearly choked

me, as part of a `cry' attempted to leave, but was stuck in my throat

as I just "grunted" into her mouth as we kissed....her snake-like

tongue now half-way down my throat....

     Muscles "deep" inside Patricia held-tight and kept my dick from

retreating from her, even as I softened-up within her.  The muscles

held the head of my cock, and refused to allow it to move backwards,

out of their tight goodness.  With all the pent-up cream that I'd

pumped into her hole, Patricia's pussy was absolutely `virgin' tight

as I lay there, the two of us catching our breath as we just held

onto one another.  Her legs were now wrapped around my lower back,

and as she was still "rocking" underneath me, moaning loudly, I knew

we were just "starting" to make love..

     We "screwed" and "ate-each other" till morning.  When I'd thought

we'd done "everything imaginable" a couple can do, she got onto her

hands and knees, and said "fuck my ass....I want you IN MY ASS!!!", I positioned myself on the floor, behind her, and put my now

very tired, yet "rock hard" cock, up against her juicy ass-hole, which

was slickened from sperm and cuntal secretions.  It didn't seem that

I was going to go she pushed back against me, but suddenly,

without warning, the entire length just "popped-in" and I was "in"

all the way up to my aching balls.  "OOHHHH!" "AHHHHHH!!!" she

grunted, as I slowly worked my shaft "deep" into her bowels.  Feeling

my cock so far up inside her butt, was really a "turn-on", as the

ringlet of her anus clasped my slick and slowly fucking cock, going

ever so slowly "in-and-out" of her bottom.  Seeing Patricia's large

`tits' swaying as she rocked back onto me, her head now down on the

pillows, her butt "straight up" at my invading cock....I knew that

there was no-way I could hold off on my cumming.  When it was time,

I heard her "squeal" her `orgasm', as she wriggled around on my dick,

and I pulled-out, her still "opened" ass hole gaping at the tip of

my cock, as I let the jets of thick sperm shoot into her spasming

anal opening....each glob of sperm that contacted the anal tissues

making her "moan" very "loudly"....some of the cream now running down

to the puffy outer-lips of her well-fucked cunt...

     Once the last `jet' of cum had squirted into her ass-hole, I

pushed my cock up against the creamed opening, and pushed it back

into her rectum.....pushing the thick sperm deep into her bowels,

making me "glide" right into her.  "OHHHHH YEAAAAA!!!!!!!!" she

sighed, as I proceeded to continue to fuck her ass....reaching

forward to massage her pendulous titties...  After her second

"mind blowing" orgasm with me deep in her butt, I pulled-out and

went to wash my cock, as I intended to fuck her vaginally again.

We "ate and fucked" each-other until `noon', and finally, "fell

asleep" wrapped-around one-another.  My right hand cupping her

pussy protectively as we "spooned"....


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