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Archive-name: Casual/oriental.txt


Archive-title: Oriental

    When Tim woke the next morning, he filled his car and headed

off.  From town their was only two ways to head, North or South. 

As he flipped a coin he said to himself "Heads North, Tails South." 

He looked at the coin,  "South it is."

    The second day of driving, he stopped for lunch and realized

that he would run out of gas before the next town.  The more he

looked around, the more he came to realize, this place was


    In the town  he had left the day before, the women were still

wearing coats and sweaters.  Even though spring had just started,

hear the women were running round in Bikini's and shorts.  Tim

looked around and found a casino to go into.

    Tim had just finished loading his remaining quarters into a

slot machine, when over at the bar, he noticed a petit oriental

woman staring out onto the gaming floor, sort of looking off at

nothing in particular.

    As she turned her body toward Tim, he looked at her, and her

short red dress might as well have had neon letters on it saying

suck my tits and fuck my pussy.

    When the slot came up blank, Tim moved over to the bar and

said, "waiting for somebody."

    The young lady looked at him, wet her lips and said, "No. 

But I am meeting Mr. March in a half hour.  But While I am

waiting, I thought I would begin the search for Mr. April."

    "Oh, you like more than one at a Time, huh?", said Tim.

    She spun her stool so she was facing Tim and extended her

hand and said, "My name is Miyoko.  You sound like a sexually

liberated man.  Well, I'm a sexually liberated woman in search of

a mate."

    "Sounds interesting," said Tim, "what do I have to do."

    "Well," said Miyoko "I don't want to sound like some kind of

slut, but I could give you a suck job like you've never had

before, and then slip you meat into my tight cunt and milk you


    Tim answered, "If you feel up to it, we can rent a room and

see if your body agrees with what you think."

    "I'd love to, but like I said, in a few minuets I've got to

meat a gentleman.  Right now, I'm just looking for Mr. April."

Said Miyoko.

    "Who the hell is this Mr. April." Asked Tim.

    "Actually, I don't know.  I hadn't picked him yet." 

Answered Miyoko.  "But you never know you might be Mr. April


    "I have no idea what the hell your talking about."  Said

Tim.  "I've never laid eyes on you before tonight."

    Miyoko explained "March and April are just names that I use. 

Like I said.  I'm looking for a sexually liberated man.  Last

names aren't important.  Besides, I only spend one month with a

guy then I move on.  The Mr. March that I'm meeting in a little

while is the gentleman that I've been fucking and sucking me for

the past month."

    "I see." Said Tim.

    "And you know," continued Miyoko, "Their is only a Week in

March, and." as Miyoko ran her leg up Tim's to his crotch, "that

means that it is Time for me to start looking for a new cock. 

Are you interested."

    "Keep your panties on bitch." Tim said as he lifted her

dress a little.  "Or in your case keep your dress on.  Their are

some things I don't buy without sampling."

    "I think I understand what your saying." said Miyoko as she

moved her stool closer to Tim's.  "You want to take me upstairs,

slip me out of this flimsy dress, and find out just how tight my

snatch is, how suckable my nipples are, and how talented my

tongue is.  Right."

    "You read my mind."  Said Tim.

    "I'll make a deal with you," said Miyoko as she handed Tim

some money.  "You rent us a room.  And as soon as I'm through

with Mr. March.  I'll call the casino and have them page Mr. P.

F. April and then I'll let you know wear to pick me up."

    With not knowing how long Miyoko would be, Tim rented a room

and took the remainder back to the casino and sat down at a

blackjack table.  Tim knew that with how much was left, he could

spend several hours on the table, and with the free drinks, he

would be feeling pretty good by the Time Miyoko was ready.  

    To Tim, it seemed like it took forever, but it was actually

only a couple of hours before he heard over the casino speakers,

"Mr. P. F. April pick up a house phone.  Mr. P. F. April please

pick up a house phone."

    It was only a couple of blocks to wear Miyoko said to meet

her.  She walked over to the car now wearing what only looked

like some kind of oriental wrap.  She leaned in the window and

asked, "Did you get us a room."

    "Paid for till noon tomorrow."  Answered Tim.

    "We need to make one stop along the way." Said Miyoko.  "I

need to pick up some clothes."

    "What did you do with the dress." Asked Tim.

    "I'll explain later." She said as she wrote something down

on a piece of paper.  "Here are my sizes, I can't possible go in

to a store like this."  Miyoko turned spread her legs and licked

her lips as one of her bare tits spilled out of the wrap.  "And

besides that.  I like my man to know exactly what I have on as I

slowly dance around taking it off.  Once I'm down to my bear ass,

and tits, then the fun begins."

    "Don't keep me in suspense." Tim said as he ran his fingers

up the inside of her thighs and brushed them lightly across her

moist  lips. "What happens next."

    "Well......" Miyoko purred as she slipped one of Tim's

fingers into her hot snatch.  "Before I start taking it off,

you're stripped and sat in a chair, legs open facing me.  Then

after a slow sexy strip tease, I'll walk over to you, and deep

throat you till your nice and wet so that as I mount your pole

you slide into my tight hole nice and slick.  Then it turns into

a game.  I try to get you  off as fast as I can, while you try to

last as long as you can."

    Tim smiled at her and asked "What does the winner get?"

    She said, "I'm what's known as a two cum bitch.  The winner

gets to choose how we do it the second Time, be in control.  Like

if I win, I get to be in my favorite positions. . . .."

    "And if I win, I'd get to do you in my favorite positions."

Interrupted Tim.

    "You got it baby." Miyoko smiled and added, "And by the way,

I hate to loose and I give most men more competition than they

can handle."

    Tim slipped another finger into her cunt and said, "Well

we'll just have to see who is better now won't we."

    As they pulled up in front of the casino, Miyoko asked "Why

didn't stop anywhere?"

    Tim looked her in the eyes while opening her wrap and said,

"Why, your not wearing anything under this wrap.  I thought that

we could save some Time.  As soon as we get up to the room, you

strip me and I sit in a chair and we go at it till you beg me to


    Miyoko smiled and said, "A little cocky aren't we.  I'm

gonna ride you fuck pole so fast and furious you won't know what

happened.  Don't you feel how tight I am against your fingers?"

You think you cock can last in me.  Your dreaming."

    "Well I guess it's Time that we go find out don't you." Tim

said as he helped Miyoko out of the car.

    Upon entering the room, Miyoko kissed Tim and told him, "I

want to fuck you.  I want to feel you meat against my walls. 

Come on baby, lets get you out of these clothes."  She then

started to bite the buttons off his shirt while he slowly

unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor.

    When Tim was comfortable in a chair, he told her, "All

right, now it's your turn.  Make me hard baby."

    As Miyoko danced around the chair, she lifted her wrap and

asked, "Do you like my pussy?"  Without waiting for an answer,

she slipped a finger in and said, "Look how wet I am, how deep my

fingers can go.  Want to see my breasts."  She smiled and moaned

as she slipped a creamy white breast out from under the wrap and

pinched a cherry red nipple.

    Tim smiled as she opened the wrap and let it fall from her

shoulders to the floor in one motion.  He motioned for Miyoko to

come over and told her, "Take my cock in your mouth slut."

    "What?" Said Miyoko with a smile.  "Are we loosing are

patients already.  I told you the object is to get you off as

quick as I can after I begin touching you cock."  She knelt down

between his legs and continued, "I've had some men with so little

control they actually came before I've had a chance to fuck


    "Don't get you're hopes up to high bitch.  You've met your

match." Tim said as he grabbed Miyoko by the back of the head and

brought her mouth down over his cock. "I'll make you a deal, the

first one to cum is the looser."

    It was only a few minutes later that Miyoko Stood and rubbed

one hand over her hardened nipples, and the other over her

glistening cunt. While she looked him in the eye she said,

"You've got a deal."  Then without a word moved forward and sat

on Tim's lap taking his cock deep into her.

    Tim felt Miyoko use her muscles to squeeze his cock while

she rode him at a frenzied pace.  He smiled as he reached up and

grabbed her breasts pulling her forward to suck on her ripe

nipples, slowing her down in the process.  "Anytime you're ready

to concede you've lost let me know." Tim told her smugly.

    Miyoko let out a little growl as she pulled a way and

started grinding her hips in circular motions as she bounced up

and down.  "Oh, come on baby, fuck my cunt." She said as she

leaned forward then whispered in Tims' ear, "I want to fill you

shoot your cum deep into me."

    Tim stroked Miyoko's long black hair and ran his hands down

to her ass and slipped a finger in her cunt along side his cock. 

"Feels good doesn't it?" Asked Tim as he slipped his now moist

finger up Miyoko tight shit hole.

    "Oh . . .oh yes!", Miyoko screamed as she let loose with an


    Tim pulled Miyoko head toward him and kissed her while she

continued pumping his cock. "Now that I've won I get to do it

anyway that I want right?"

    "On the couch, the bed, on the balcony, or down in the

middle of the casino.  Anywhere, and anyway you want.  After I

taste your cum, I'm all yours baby." Miyoko said as she slid

between Tims' open legs.

    "Hold it just a second." Tim said.  "I want to know if I'm

going to be the Mr. April your searching for."

    "I don't know.  I've still got a few days till I have to

choose someone new." She answered.

    "So what your saying is this could just end up being a one

night stand, right."

    "You got it baby, now let me taste you." Answered Miyoko

    "Well," Tim said as he stood, "then I'm going to leave you

wanting more."  

    "No I lied, you're going to be Mr. April.  Come on sit back

down and let me suck you off."  Miyoko purred.

    "So what your saying then," Tim ran his hands across her

firm breasts squeezing gently.  "Is that if I let you give me a

blow job, then lift your tiny body and fuck you till you beg for

mercy, then I'll be your Mr. April"

    "Let me think about it for a minuet." Tim said while

Miyoko's hands were stroking his cock.  "Lay down on your back."

    "Why would I want to do something like that." She asked

    "One hell of a good reason." Tim said.  "After I've sniffed

you, licked you, nibbled on you and fingered you, you might get

to suck me off."

    "What guarantees do I get." Asked Miyoko.

    "None."  Said Tim. "It's a gamble.  Do you feel up to it?"

    Miyoko didn't answer, instead she walked over to the bar sat

on the counter. "Well seeing as how this is a casino," She lifted

her legs and placed each on one of the barstools.

    "So your game?" Tim asked.

    As Miyoko ran a hand along her shortly cropped snatch she

said "Belly up to the bar.  Tonight's special is a quint japanese

delight, and is now being served."

    Tim grabbed the remained stool and placed it between Miyoko

opened legs and sat.  "Umm," he said as he took a deep breath. 

"Smells good enough to eat."

    "Oh but it's so much better than good.  Take your Time and

make me want you." Miyoko said.

    "What do you want, huh." Tim said as he ran a hand along her

moist cunt. "Oh you taste so good" he said as his tongue

flickered over her parted lips.

    "Come on baby, fuck it." Miyoko said as she grabbed the back

of Tims head pulling his head closer.  "Yes, that's it.  Oh come

on do it to me."

    "You like it don't you bitch." Tim said as he slipped a

couple of fingers into her tight twat while sucking on her rock

hard clit.

    "Yes that's it, that's the spot." Miyoko screamed as she

bucked her hips against Tim's fingers and mouth.

    Just as she was on the brink of coming, Tim pulled away and

said, "You know what I think."

    "I think you should finish what you started." Answered


    "I think," Tim said as he stood up. "That I'm going to leave

you wanting more."

    "You bastard.  You fucking teasing bastard." Yelled Miyoko

    "And you aren't?" Said Tim.  "You want to go around and find

the perfect man to spend a month with.  Well I've showed you what

you'll have in store if you choose me."

    "I don't know who I'll choose.  That's the fun of it."  Said


    As Tim wrote his number down on a piece of paper he said,

"As you go to bed each night this week.  Think back to tonight,

how unpredictable I am.  How I can beat the games you play."

    "But," Miyoko muttered.

    "Trust me." Tim said as he ran a hand down between her legs. 

"I want to fuck you more than you know.  Take several long

enjoyable hours doing it to.  But I ain't going to play your

fucking game.  If you want me bad enough, you'll give me a call." 

With that he left.

    The next day, Tim had almost forgotten about Miyoko when he

got back to his hotel room their was a message for him from


    In a sexy voice he heard Miyoko say.  "I've thought about it

and I don't think that I can wait till the first.  I want you so

bad that last night I could fill your hands caressing me, your

tongue licking me.   What I need is to fill your cock pumping in

and out of me.  Please meet me at the casino tonight.  Listen for

the page of Mr. Hump."

    That night, Tim sat at the bar near the door.  He didn't

have to wait for a page, he recognized Miyoko as soon as she

walked through the door.  The red dress that she wore plunged in

the front below her breasts, and had a slit in the side up to her


    "Are you ready to give me the night of my life." Asked

Miyoko as she sat by Tim at the bar.

    "You know what that depends on now don't you." Said Tim as

he ran a hand along her exposed leg.

    "I'm a changed woman."  Miyoko said.  "I know that I cannot

beat you.  So what do you say.  A month of you fucking me anyway

you want."  She talked while they went up to Tim's room.

    "Like say one morning I wanted to fuck you in the back of a

car, and then in the afternoon take a walk in the woods and bang

you against a tree?" Asked Tim.

    Miyoko grabbed Tims hand and ran it under her dress to her

already moist pussy. "Only one request baby." Purred Miyoko. 

"I'm a woman.  Sometimes I'll get so hot and horny for no

apparent reason.  Every once and a while I'll need it bad."

    "Sounds fair to me." Tim said.  "But why are you meeting me

now.  Don't you still have a few more nights with your current


    "Can you show me a law on paper that says a girl can't get

fucked three or four times in one day." Miyoko said.

    "Only one other problem."  Said Tim.

    "I won't tell you wife." Miyoko purred as she ran her hand

along his crotch.

    "Shit.  I'm not married.  I'm on vacation.  I won't be here

next month."

    "What do you mean you won't be hear next month?"  Miyoko


    "I really didn't think that. . . .." Tim started.

    "You thought that it would be a one night stand.  It wasn't

even that."  She looked Tim in the eye.  "Why don't you move

here.  Plenty of good paying jobs in town."

    By now Miyoko was sitting on his lap.  "I really don't know. 

If it is this hot now, it must be fucking hot during the summer."

    "You god damn fucking tease!"  She said as she slapped his

face then stood And said,  "Do I at least get to feel your cock

pumping in my pussy again?"  Without waiting for an answer, she

pulled down his pants.  "Looks like you pecker likes the idea."

    Tim kept quite while Miyoko sucked on his balls then ran her

tongue up the underside of his shaft. "How long till you have to

head home?"

    "That's kind of up in the air.  I have a few weeks off

work."  Tim started as she slid his cock to the back of her

throat.  "Oh god that feels good."

    "Define a few weeks."  She said before taking his cock back

into her mouth.

    "That all depends up how long it takes for the snow to melt. 

I have this strange job that I remove snow during the winter and

landscape during the summer."  Tim said as he stroked the back of

Miyoko neck.

    "So it might be a month from now, Right?"  She asked

seductively as she stood before him.  Miyoko didn't have anything

on under her dress Tim found out as she lowered herself onto his

cock.  "I think that you're afraid of me."

    "Shit woman, I can make you come on demand."  Tim said.

    "I think that you're going to have to prove it to me.  Last

night was just a fluke."

    Tim picked Miyoko up and carried her over to the bed and in

one swift motion got her out of her dress and laid her naked body

down.  "Spread those silken thighs of your."  He said as he laid

between her legs moving down lowering his face to her crack.

    "Eat my cunt."  Said Miyoko.  "Stick your tongue in me and

eat my pussy."

    Tim gently split her lips until the clit popped out, then

teasingly licked it making it throb.  

    "Yes . . .yes.  Oh god that's the spot." She moaned.  Miyoko

was too busy to notice Tim reach to the nightstand and grab a set

of marble sized beads threat on a string.

    "No mercy."  Tim said as he continued to suck her clit and

slowly insert about ten of the beads into her asshole.  She began

to rock her hips in time with Tim's lashing.  As she came, Tim

pulled the beads out her ass.  As each popped free, Miyoko shook

with ecstasy.

    Miyoko laid their quietly for sometime before grabbing hold

of his cock.  "Are you just going to stand their, or are you

going to fuck me?"  She asked.

    Tim spread her legs and eased his cock into her waiting

hole.  As he rolled to his back, Miyoko didn't miss a stroke. 

Each time she brought her body down, he would raise his hips to

meet her.  "That's it, fuck deep into my body.  I want to feel

you shoot your cum into me."  She moaned as Tim let loose.

    Miyoko just laid there next to Tim.  Finally she said.  "You

know if you were to find a job in town, I could make an exception

in your case and spend two months having you fuck my brains out."

    Tim ran his hand along her breasts.  "Let me think about it. 

Give me your phone number and I'll give you a call before I


    "The hell you will.  I'm gonna get fucked by you every

chance I get  till you leave."  She rolled on top of him and

looked him in the eye.  "I'm gonna do every thing in my power to

make you want to stay."

    The more Tim looked around, the more he unconsciously

thought about moving.  With the lake nearby, Warm weather nearly

year round, and a Ski resort only an hours drive, it looked like

the best of both worlds.  The only problem was how to break it to


    The day that Tim was to leave he heard a knock at the door. 

When he opened it, Miyoko was standing their.  "Aren't you going

to ask me in?"  She purred.

    "Would you believe that I was just getting ready to call

you."  Tim said

    "No, I wouldn't." She answered.

    Tim said,  "I've already found me a job.  I just have to go

back, pack everything and then come back."

    "You wouldn't be teasing me now would you."  Miyoko asked.

    "Nope, their are too many things that I want to do to that

body of yours."  Tim said.  "I really do need to get on the road. 

You know I won't be back when you are ready to switch partners."

    "since I know your coming back, I'll give . . .shit I don't

even know his name, a few more days."

    Tim kissed her and felt her tongue slip into his mouth so he

sucked it in as though it were her clit.  "You know that it will

be at least a week before I make it back."  Tim said.

    "Well, for every week you're gone, I get to spend and entire

day fucking you." She said with a smile.

    It was a long drive back.  It seemed strange to Tim that he

would be making more money by playing music at a private club,

than he would as a landscaper.  Not only that, It would be a lot

more fun.


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