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Archive-name: Casual/


Archive-title: Motorcyclist, The

I had just spent a glorious week end at the beach sunning and splashing

in the waves.  The main purpose of my visit was to attend a family

wedding, but I took utmost advantage of the sun and water.  My skin was

a little more golden and I had noticed even

lighter streaks in my blond hair.  I was on my way home and week end

traffic was not `holiday busy`, but definitely week end busy.  I had been

driving for about 3 and a half hours and was planning to stop for the

night shortly

because the effects of the sun and swimming made me feel so relaxed to

the point of drowsy.

I love to drive fast in my red Trans Am and the traffic was

getting heavier in the left

lane from  those drivers who won't get over once they've passed.  Two

motorclyclists were ahead of me going at a good clip.  I noticed one

in an orange Harley Davidson sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off

at the shoulders

revealing  nice tanned, muscular arms and no tattoos.

He was smiling at his buddy and

they both gave this feeling, `Ain't this a kick!'  They were about to

pass a car towing boat when a Saab wanted to pass so the orange shirted

guy motioned him to go ahead.  What a nice guy.

We all got passed the car/boat, then the Saab and  the

motorcyclists moved over in the right lane and I passed.  As I passed I

gave them a big smile and orange shirt smiled back.  Some guy in a red

Porsche was desperate to pass me even at 85 so I pulled in front of the

motorcycles.  Orange shirt was still smiling at me.  We got locked in

this position for a while as the traffic streamed by.  Then I pulled

out and went a little faster, they kept up for a short time and then I

had the urge to move on, so I gave a thumbs up and took off.  

My favorite `half-way' motel wasn't far off and as I was checking in,

who should walk in but Mr. Orange shirt.  He had his helmet off

revealing curly blond hair and without his glasses he had perfect beach

boy blue eyes.  As I finished checking in I asked the clerk

how late the pool was

open and when I got my answer I said, "Great, I can't

wait to get in."

I got to my room and quickly changed into my fuschia suit; a one piece

but a great one piece.  Low in the front and high in the legs. I

clicked down to the pool and threw my stuff on a lounge chair. I dipped a toe

to test the water; just right, and dove in.  I swam under water, did a

couple of laps and got out of the pool.  As I walked back to my chair,

there was orange shirt  on the other side of the little table.  

He smiled and said, ``Hi, how's the water?''

I smiled back and repled, ``It's great, pefect temperature, really


He said, ``Just what I need after a hard drive.''  Continuing he asked,

``Do you drive a red Trans Am?''


``Did you pass me on the highway?''

I smiled and nodded and said, ``I just love to drive fast''.

``I thought I recognized these sunglasses.  Well, after trying to keep up

with you, I think I need a swim.''

I watched him strip off his orange shirt and dive in.  As he did

the breaststroke and a couple of dives I couldn't help appreciating 

his firm ass.  I settled back and closed my eyes and started fantasizing

about that ass pumping into me.  The background noise was

that `white noise'.  Kids laughing and water splashing. So relaxing.  

Some water was splashed all over me and I sat up startled.

``Sorry!'' said orange

shirt.  ``I got carried away shaking the water out of my hair.''  I

looked up  at his great hair and my eyes traveled slowly down to his

sensuous lips, nice pecs and medium chest hair then down to the fine line

of hair on his belly that when wet always

seems to point to the pelvic region.  My eyes continued to travel

downward and I unconsciously licked my lips as I saw water dripping from the

bulge in his suit.

``No problem, really.  I shouldn't go to sleep yet.''

He said he was going to get a beer and asked me if I wanted anything.  I

requested a diet soda.

When he returned we talked about the weather and what we had done that

week end.  I had just been to a relative's wedding in my hometown.  He had 

been the Best Man in a  wedding close to the town

where I had been.  We 

played `Do you know?' and found a couple of connections.  ``By the

way,'' orange shirt said, ``My name is Paul.'' ``Oh, mine is Darcy,'' and we

shook hands.  His fingers were a nice length and thick but not massive

and I noticed his clean fingernails.

Since this was an outside pool, we could actually watch the sunset and

were admiring the colors when a freaky thing happened.  Just as Paul was

setting  his beer bottle on the table a beach ball hit his hand

forcing the bottle to hit hard on the glass table top which broke.  A piece of

the table flew up and cut the side of his hand.  The parents of the kids

playing and the pool attendant came over, but Paul played it down and

everyone went away.  

We continued talking and I asked where his buddy was.  He told me that

his friend had gone on to his destination.  I looked at his hand again

and it was still bleeding.  I got up and knelt in front of him taking

his hand.  This gave him a very clear view down the front of my suit and

revealed a lot of cleavage.  At the same time I got a very good view of

his accoutrements in his blue speedos.

Looking directly into his blue eyes I said softly, ``Look, I have

band aids in my room.  I really think we should put one on your hand.''

As he gazed back into my emerald green eyes he said, ``Maybe we should.''

I gathered my things and led the way to my room.

Once we got to the room.  I went to my overnight bag and said, ``I know

you're going to laugh, but my friends used to call me Darcy Nurse

because I always carried band aids.  In fact I  put band aids on paper

cuts''.  He did laugh.

I walked over and picked up his hand.  ``Maybe you should sit down

here'' and I pointed to the bed.  I happened to have alcohol and a

cotton ball, so I swabbed his hand and carefully put on the band aid.

My left strap slipped off of my shoulder and was revealing all of my

breast except for my nipple as I worked on his hand.  With our wet suits

the air conditioning in the room was making my nipples hard

and Paul was gazing intently at them.

I finished.  ``There''.  

Paul stood up and said, ``Well, how can I thank you?''  

I smiled and said,  ``No trouble, really.''

We looked at each other and suddenly he was kissing me.  His hand gently

grabbed my long hair and his other hand circled my waist.  Then his hand

was at the back of my head and his other hand moved the left side of my

suit down

completely and he was cupping my breast.  Then he pulled the top of my suit

down to my waist, 

cupping my grapefruit sized breasts.  He started kissing my neck and

worked his way down licking and kissing.  ``Perfect'' he murmured,

``Just the kind I love to lick, suck and fuck.''  My hands were in his

hair, my fingers entwined in the curls.  He pulled my suit on down and

all of the way off.

``Ah, a true blond with hips to hang on to.''  He came back up and

started frenching my ear.  Chills were running through my body and not

from the air conditioning.  My hands were at the band of his speedos and

pulling down.   They were wet and were giving me a

hard time, but I managed.  As I tugged I ran my tongue over his nipples,

chest and stomach and released his erect cock. (I loved to watch it spring out)

``Mmm,'' I said, ``Perfect for fucking, licking, and sucking.''

``In that order?''  ``Not necessarily.'' I noticed his cock extended far above

the tan line of his speedos.  I took his cock in my mouth tonguing

to tease and watched his stomach muscles quiver.   

We kissed deeply with his hands rubbing and squeezing my buns.

My tongue and lips were busy with his nipples. 

Slowly carressing my sides with his thumbs teasing my nipples and his

tongue in my ear, he turned me around and sat me on the edge of the

bed.  He knelt in front of me and tongued down to my nipples.  Cupping

and bouncing them he started licking and sucking.  His hand found it's

way between my legs which instantly parted.  My hands were busy

with his neck, ears and nipples.  Then he pushed my shoulders back on

the bed and bent my legs up.  He stuck his middle finger in my hot, waiting

cunt and rubbed his thumb on my clit.

Suddenly we heard noises outside and realized we hadn't locked the door.

He got up and deadbolted and chained the door.  He and his cock bounced

back to the bed where I was still in position with legs apart.  He

looked down at me and said, ``You're very wet and I'm going to make you

much wetter.  When you come, do you scream?''  

I just smiled and said, ``You'll just have to find out, won't you?''  

``That sounds like a challenge.''

He knelt down and pushing my outer lips apart he dove into my pussy.

Licking and sucking he pushed his index finger into my ass. I was breathing

hard and my hips started bucking. Then he stopped, smiled and whispered, ``I

really want to hear you scream.''  He pulled me back to a sitting

position and started licking and sucking my tits.  His hands were

everywhere.  I reached down and gently ran my fingers over his steel pole

playing with the head.  I started gently pumping.  He pulled out of my

grasp and pushed my shoulders back on the bed and again dove for my pussy.

Wrapping his arms around my legs he licked and sucked, lapping my

juices.  My breath was coming fast and so was I as my hips rolled.  I

begged him not to stop and I came . . .  screaming.  

He continued to lap my

juices until my shudders stopped and then he grabbed me by the waist and

turned me over on my hands and knees with my ass in the air and he entered

me from behind.  He started slowly ramming his thick cock into my wet pussy

and  making wonderful squishy noises.  He held onto my hips and slowly

rammed again and again deeper each time.  ``You are so hot and juicy.

Does this feel good, Darcy?''  ``MMMM, yes.''

Then he reached forward, holding on to my

hanging tits and fucked me fast.  ``Oh, baby, this is great.'' he

gasped.   I thought before was fast but he let go of my boobs and rammed

at lightening speed and my chest fell onto the bed as he grasped my hips

and fucked even harder.  He slowed down and parted my ass cheeks rubbing

his thumbs in my ass.  ``Oh baby, I'm gonna come.'' and he wrapped his

arms around my waist, reaching down fingered my clit  and fucked me harder

spilling his jism and as he

squirted into me I came again.  He slowed his pumping but continued as I

finished my orgasm.  We fell onto the bed panting.

``I like the way you thanked me,'' I said with a big smile.

``Well, there's more where that came from and I think your tongue feels

quite talented, hmm?'' he questioned.  Rubbing the palm of his hand across my

nipples he said, ``Want some more?''

He kissed me deeply with his hands exploring and his dick started

to rise as I rolled over on top of him.  Straddling his chest I played

with his hair, kissing each eyelid.  With the tip of my tongue I

outlined his ear and we kissed again with our probing tongues.   I moved

down his chest and swayed my tits from side to side rubbing my

nipples against his nipples.  His

hands were never still on my body; his hands were on my tits or his

fingers in my twat.  I kept going lower kissing and licking.  I stayed

with his nipples for a while, tonguing, sucking and gently tugging with my

teeth.   My hands

were playing with his thighs starting from the knees and caressing up

and I lightly touched his balls.  Then I caressed around his balls and

stomach and everytime I circled down to his balls I would cup them for a

second.  I paused, reaching for the lotion on the

nightstand and started rubbing it on my boobs.  Paul insisted on

helping, although he put more  into tweaking my nipples as I rubbed in the

lotion.  Then I surprised him and swallowed his pulsing cock in one

gulp and came up and tongued and sucked just his head running my tongue

around the rim.  I swallowed him whole a few times sucking hard and

then stopped.  I moved up beside him and told him to hover over me

because he was going to fuck my boobs and my mouth and he grinned from

ear to ear.  I pushed my boobs together and he shoved his cock through

my tits to my mouth where I sucked and licked as he humped.

``Oh, god,'' he gasped, ``I'm coming!'' With one final thrust into my

mouth his cum started squirting 

into my waiting mouth.  I caught what I could and the rest went down my

neck.  I licked the remainder off of his prick.

He stopped humping and rolled over on his back with his hand resting on

my bush.

``Let's take a bubble bath,'' I suggested.

I ran into the bathroom and adjusted the water temperature pouring my

favorite bath jel in.  As I bent over he came up behind and reached

between my legs playing with my lips moving his fingers to my ever

receptive hole.

``Just wait a minute'' I giggled and stepped in taking his hand.

``These are the rules,'' I said mock serious.  ``I'm going to give you a

bath and you must not touch me while I bathe you.''

I took the wash cloth and washed his face and neck, then I took my

herbal soap and sudsed it in my hands as I rubbed up his arms and across

his chest.  As I straddled him to get to his back he took advantage of

the situation and fingered my twat and grabbed a nipple in his mouth,

but I pulled back and told him, ``No fair''.  I got a lather again as I

bent his legs up and played with his toes, slowly rubbing up his legs as

he straightened them.   I took the washcloth and filled it with water

and dripped it all over the soapy parts.  Then I lathered my hands again

and rubbed his nipples pinching and scratching with my fingernails.  I used the

washcloth again to rinse his chest.  Then I lathered my hands and soaped

his stomach making circular motions down to the fun parts.  I gently

soaped his balls and his trusty dick was definitely hard as my hand

soaped it.  I continued to soap it up and down its length looking into his

eyes and running my tongue over my teeth and lips.  His hands automatically

reached for my tits and he squeezed.  I gently shook my head, smiling,

licking my teeth.  My hand slipped under his ass and I traced his anus with my

fingers and then rotated my middle finger in rubbing his balls with my

thumb.  He groaned and closed his

eyes.  ``I think you're clean now,'' I said and stopped.  

He raised up with a leer in his eyes and said, ``Oh, it's your turn now.''  

We switched positions in the bathtup.  He lathered his hands and

bending my legs to my chest he started with my toes.  As he rinsed them

off he sucked them and he lathered up my legs to the tops of my

thighs never touching my pussy.

Then he lathered my neck and arms and reached behind to my back.  I

couldn't resist licking his swinging balls and  cock, but he didn't seem

to mind.  He rinsed off my arms and

neck and sucked my fingers.  Then he lathered his hands and started on

my boobs circling and circling never touching my nipples.  He moved down

and lathered my stomach and then my pubic hair.  He soaped and

rubbed but didn't touch my pussy.  ``I'm going to make you beg,'' he whispered.

He rinsed my boobs and stomach and drenched my bush with water again and

again.  The warm water trickled down my slit making me catch my breath.

Then he licked my nipples and sucked until my pussy was aching

for attention.  ``Please!'' I begged.  He stuck his thumb in my pussy

and his index finger in my ass and moved them around.  Smiling he said,

``I think we should towel off, don't you?''  

The water was dripping from his balls and I knelt down and licked them


He cupped my breasts and licked off the droplets there.  

Then he sat down on the edge of the tub and bent me over away from him

while he licked my pussy and dragged his tongue across my anus.  ``Go

lie down on the bed with legs apart, your knees up and your pussy waiting.''

He followed me in lightly smacking my bare ass and he watched as I

layed down and gazed at my cunt.  He started licking my tits and sucking

then he kissed me on the lips and raised up looking at me and said,

``Now I`m going to watch'' and he guided my hand down to my pussy and

his fingers rubbed as I started to rub.  He sucked on my tits for a very

short time and then got off of the bed and sat in the chair watching.

I continued to rub, closing my eyes, sticking my middle finger in my

pussy and rocking my hips.  

``Open your eyes and look at me.'' he commanded.

I looked at him and his lids were lowered in a lustful gaze.

``Stop,'' he said, ``Your cunt looks nice and juicy, I think you need a cock.''

``Yes,'' I gasped.

``Tell me exactly what you want or you won't get it.''

``I want your cock.''


``In my pussy.''


``In my cunt.''

``Describe it.''

``My hot, juicy cunt.''

He walked over to the bed and rammed his middle finger into my throbbing

pussy thumbing my clit.  Then said, ``Feel my cock.''

He knelt over my head and my mouth opened to receive his dick.  I licked

the precum off the tip and my tongue circled the head, then I swallowed

his dick.  He pulled out.

``Now describe my cock.''

``Big, hard cock.''

``What do you want me to do with it?''

``I want you to fuck me.''


``Fuck me with your big, hard cock in my hot, juicy cunt.''

He knelt over me and and took the head circling my pussy just barely

putting it in.

``Please,'' I begged, ``Fuck me.''

``How, baby?''

``Please, fuck my hot, juicy cunt with your big, hard cock.  Please,

please fuck me, fuck me.''

``Tell me again.''

``Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, please.''

Slowly he stroked in and took it out.

``Look at my cock.''

It was so hard and glistening with my juices.

I licked my lips and whispered, ``Fuck me, please.''

Ever so slowly he stroked in rotating his hips as my hips rose to meet

him.  I bit my lips and whimpered.  He pulled out, then rammed his rock

hard cock into my pussy  pushing my legs into my chest.  He pumped and

pumped and my hips slammed up as he slowed and circled, his cock slipped

out and rammed into my welcoming cunt with increasing tempo faster and faster.

I screamed and screamed as my orgasm shook my body.  ``Oh, god!'' he yelled

as he shot his jism and we continued humping  until we both stopped shaking.

Slowly he rolled off onto his back and we layed there panting.  My

thighs were  shaking as I lowered them.  We both rolled on

our sides facing each other.  He reached over and pushed my hair back

from my face as we kissed, our legs entwined and we fell asleep. 

The next morning I awoke first and was in the shower washing my hair

when I felt a hand on each boob and a hard cock rubbing my ass.  I

turned my back to the spray to get the shampoo out of my hair and as I

bent back he gently pulled my hair bending me back further and he

leaned forward to suck my nipples.  

``Good morning!'' I gasped out.

``Mmmmm'' he mumbled still sucking my tit.

``Here,'' he offered, ``Let me wash your back.''

I turned my back to him and he took the bar of soap and started rubbing and

sliding it down my back.  As he slid the bar of soap around he started on my

belly and moved up to my boob circling around and then down where he

soaped my bush.  The bar dropped out of his hands as he started playing

with my inner lips and strumming my clit.  Then he asked me to get the

soap and as I bent over I felt his cock head pushing into my pussy.  

He wrapped his arms

around my waist pulling me onto his pole and reached down flicking my clit.  

I started with his back

kneeling down and sucking his ass cheeks while reaching through his legs

and fondling his balls.  I stood up 

and pressed my boobs against his back as I soaped his chest and stomach.

I moved around in front of him to work on his balls and rinsing them

with water I started licking them working my way up his shaft.  My

tongue circled around his cock and I played with the head, then

swallowed him whole as my hands reached around his tight buns for


I stopped and said, ``I've GOT to get dressed.'' and jumped out of the


As I was leaning over wrapping my hair in a towel  I felt a familiar

pressure working its way into my pussy.  Struggling to stand up I said,

``Getting dressed is going to take some time, isn't it?''

Paul nodded and smiled.

Facing the full length mirror I was putting moisturizer on my face when

his hands cupped my tits from behind.  He dropped his hands to my legs

parting them and he slipped his cock between and rubbed it back and

forth stimulating my pussy.   His hands moved back to my tits and he

looked over my shoulder at the two of us in the mirror.  Undulating his

hips his cock kept rubbing my outer lips and would peak out of my bush.

Watching in the mirror doubled the fun.  

``I think we should move to the bed, don't you?'' he said.

I nodded my head in agreement looking into his eyes in the mirror and we

walked to the bed together.  He sat me down on the edge and knelt in

front of me as he pressed my legs apart.  With his fingers he parted my

outer lips and pointing his tongue he traced my inner lips over and

over.  Once in a while he stuck his tongue in my pussy and then would

dog lick my whole pussy.  Even though I was on the verge, I didn't want to

come that way.  I sat up and and pulled him on top of me, then rolled over

straddling him.  I licked and sucked his nipples and licked the water

out of his bellybutton as I worked my way to his cock.  Slowly I tongued

his head then I took his whole cock in my mouth sucking and feathering

the length with my tongue over and over.  I could tell he was on the verge

when I cupped his balls.  He sat up and grabbed my wrists and said, ``I

want to fuck you.''  I moved up and slowly lowered myself over his rock hard,

quivering cock.  Paul jammed his cock in all the way and my eyes closed as

my pussy ate up his thickness.  I leaned forward with my hands on either side

of him to brace myself and started circling my hips.  His hips started

bucking up to meet mine and he reached forward to clasp my tits as our

hips slammed together.  Looking into each other's eyes he licked his

lips and said, ``You are a great fuck.''  I answered, ``Your cock is

where it belongs.''  He rammed even harder and I bit my lip never looking

away from his eyes.  We increased our speed and he  gasped as he squirted his

hot seed into my cunt I moaned and pressed my hips down hard onto his

still pumping cock while my orgasm finished.  

Slowly I climbed off and he cradled me in his arms.  Leaning over me we

kissed deeply our tongues searching.  ``This has been the best time I've

ever stayed in this motel,'' he said while his hand gently circled my

boobs.  His hand strayed down to my bush and he gently slipped two

fingers in  while we kissed again.  My hand reached for his stiffening

cock and encircled it.  His thumb started flicking my clit

and I closed my legs forcing his hand out.  ``I have to get on the

road,'' I said reluctantly.

``Look,'' he said, ``I'll go to my room, then check out and I'll meet

you back here, okay?''

I watched as he put on his speedos slipping his pleasure tool out of

sight.  I involuntarily sighed and licked my lips.  He came over and

kissed me again pressing himself against me and rubbing my ass.

``I won't be long,'' he promised as he walked out the door.

I finished dressing and packing and was just snapping my suitcase shut

when he knocked on the door.  He was twirling his sunglasses in one hand

as he walked back in the room and threw them on the bed.

As I shut the door he hugged me tightly

backing me against the door.  He kissed me deeply and as his arm went

around the back of my head he reached up under my shortie blouse and

released my boobs from my bra.  ``No, no,'' I mumbled in his mouth.  The

same hand rubbed its way down under the elastic band of the shorts and

knowing fingers found their way to my pussy through my panties.  Vainly

I struggled as his insistent fingers pushed the fabric aside to slip

inside and caress my inner lips.  With his fingers working their magic

he stopped kissing long enough to say, ``Darcy, I've got to fuck your sweet

pussy just one more time.''  I was beyond arguing and my hands reached

under his shirt and rubbed his chest moving down to his jeans.  I undid

the snap and unzipped him.  Then I reached inside his shorts where I

grasped his stiff dick and started pumping him.  He let go of my pussy

long enough to push my shorts and panties completely off.  Then he put

his hands under my hips and pushed me against the door.  My legs circled

his waist and he drove his rock hard tool home.  He humped me against

the door and with his prick in my pussy place carried me to the desk.  He

moved my legs to his shoulders and then we both made a panting, intense finish.

``Darcy, Darcy, the things you force me to do,'' he said as he zipped

and I dressed.

``Me!  Now just a minute.  I didn't climb in your pants on sight'' I

replied.  ``And I HAVE to go''.

``Okay, okay,'' he said in mock apology.  ``I'll take your bags to your

car while you check out.  I'll wait for you there.''

I met him after I checked out.  His motorcycle was parked by my car and

looked like it had been there all night.

The helmet was on the seat of the bike and he had his glasses on.  He

smiled as I walked over.

I said, ``Well, it's really been nice'' and I stuck out my hand to


He laughed and gently grabbed me kissing me.  His hand snuck down the

back of my shorts and his fingers found my pussy again and slipped into

my hole.

``Wait a minute, Paul'' I said trying to jerk out of his grasp.

``Darcy, I just want to remember you,'' he said sheepishly.  He grinned

back at me and rubbed his fingers across his nose.

``Listen, I have an idea.  Where are you stopping for lunch?''

``I don't really have plans to stop.  Why?''

``Well, I know a really great place we could have a special lunch.  It's

by a lake and since it's a week day I think it will be fairly quiet, if

not deserted,'' and he winked.

I looked at him skeptically (let's not make him too sure of himself)

and said, ``Maybe''.

``Okay, great,'' he said undaunted and proceeded to give me directions

to get off at a certain exit and on from there.  ``Just stop and get

the food you want and I'll do the same and we'll meet at the lake, okay?''


We kissed again and his hands roamed to my buns.  I got in my car

and he shut the door for me.  I rolled the window down and he reached in

to kiss me and his hand stole up my top and squeezed a tit and

then down my shorts again before I could stop him.

He put on his helmet and got on his bike.  I watched his crotch as he swung

his leg over and noticed he was hard.  I couldn't pass up this lunch.

No way.

He got on the highway before me and as I passed him I blew him a kiss

and he pointed to his cock.  I knew he was still hard.  I was definitely

looking forward to an satisfying lunch.


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