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Archive-name: Casual/mary.txt

Archive-author: Dave

Archive-title: Mary

This is a true story that happened to me about 2 years ago.

Being a single man, all sorts of friends are always trying to fix me up.  

One night I received a call from an old friend.  His wife wanted to talk to 


Susan asked me I was interested in meeting a friend of her's.  She said that 

she was attractive, tall and had huge boobs.  I figured what the hell and said 


There was a dance, at a local VFW hall the next week.  Now,normally, this is 

not the type of establishment that I frequent butI figured that if this is 

where they wanted to go, I would go along and see what happened.

Once there, I was introduced to Mary.  Mary was all that they said she was, 

she was tall, about 5' 9", had an OK face but humongous boobs.  She was also 

wearing a very short, suede skirt.  She had drop dead, long legs.

Things went OK and we were together until about 3 am, when we left and went 

to our respective homes.

I have a job where I travel around the state and I happened to end up in 

Mary's town a few nights later.  We were supposed to go out on a real date 

the following Saturday but I figured I was close so I would call her.

She said to come over and we sat in her parlor talking.  While we were 

talking, she laid back on the couch and put her feet on my lap.  She was 

telling me that she was tired as she was on her feet all day.

I started to rub her feet and ever so slowly slid my hands up and down her 

legs.  She was wearing loose gym shorts and soon I was at the hem of the 

shorts.  I was trying to decide if I should go for it or not and figured, 

all she can do is say no.

I slid my hand up under the shorts and was massaging her upper thighs.  My 

hands are not that big but I was still having a time of it as they were 

restrained by the shorts.

She stopped me and said let me help you.  She stood up and pulled her shorts 

down.  She was just wearing a pair of Calvin Klein panties.

I was sitting up on the couch and she stood on the couch and straddled my 

face.  While her crotch was right in front of me.  She said do you have 

anything to say to me?

I started kissing her crotch thru her panties and could feel her getting wet 

or was it only my saliva.  I was sticking my tongue in her slit thru her


I pulled the panties aside and was greeted by her hot cunt.  I continued to 

probe her with both my tongue and fingers and she was just about pulling my 

ears off.

She started to shake, I knew she was cumming and then shot off into my mouth.  

I had heard about this but had never had a woman shoot into my mouth.

She went very rigid and stood there for a moment.  She then looked down at 

me and said "it's my turn to have some fun.  She slid down the couch and was 

soon on her knees in front of me.  

She undid my belt and pulled down my pants.  Since I down,t wear underwear, 

I was exposed to her.

She grabbed ny dick at the base and was holding it with both hands,it's not 

that big but this is what she did anyway.  She stared to lick up and down 

the sides of my dick and every so often would just go at the head and suck as 

hard as she could on the head.

While she was running her tongue up and down my dick, I decided that it was 

time to see how big her boobs really were.  She was been wearing a sweatshirt 

to go along with the shorts so it was hard to tell.

I pulled the sweatshirt over her head and was greeted by a HUGE set of boobs.  

I later found that they were 36 Ds.  I unclasped her bra and she let if fall 

to the floor. 

While she was sucking my dick I was having a grand time playing with her boobs.  

She had really huge nipples and when they got fully excited they were about 

1/2 inch high.

She stopped sucking my dick and said that men always went for her tits.  She 

then said that she had a trick that men liked and proceeded to wrap her tits 

around my dick.

She had gotten some pussy juice and between that and my saliva, she had no 

trouble sliding my dick between her tits.  She said that men liked to fuck 

her tits.

She had her hands on the side of her tits and was pushing them up and down on 

my dick.  I told her that I could not take much of this and she said that she 

could tell.

I told her to watch out and she pulled her head back.  I let go with a huge 

stream of cum that went up in the air about a foot and then fell all over her 


She grabbed my cum and rubbed it around her nipples and then took my dick and 

also rubbed that around them too.  She then grabbed her right tit and 

proceeded to lick all the cum off it and then did the same with the other 


She saw that my dick had gotten soft and said, "we can't have that"and sucked 

all the cum off my dick and then washed my balls with her tongue.

We decided to go back top the bed room where it was more comfortable.  We 

both got undressed and fell onto the bed.  I went down on her again and was 

lapping at her cunt.

She had a very large clit and I was pulling on it with my tongue and lips, 

it appeared to drive her wild.  She locked her legs around my head and I had 

trouble breathing.

While I was doing this, I was also slipping my middle finger up her butt.  

She was bouncing all over the bed, even more so when I started slipping her 

my finger.  I then put another finger in her cunt.  This drove her even 


She said she loved it, having two dicks in her at once.  She kept slamming 

herself on my fingers and then asked me to put two fingers up her ass.

I did this and off she went again.  She said that she needed something bigger 

up her ass and asked me if I went in for that. Little did she know that this 

was my favorite way.

She got down on all fours and said there was a tube of flavored jelly in the 

drawer under the bed.  I smeared some of this on my dick and her butt and was 

just about ready to slip it to her.

She stopped me and said that she wanted to get something else.  I didn't know 

what she was going to do so I said sure.  She got up and went into the 

bathroom and came back with a 6 inch dildo.  She said she was ready and I 

started to put my dick in her ass.

I noticed that she had swallowed the dildo and while I was giving it to her 

up the ass, she was sucking on the dildo.  

Her ass was so tight, aren't they all, unless they had a million in their 

ass?  I don't have a big dick, it's only about 6 inches when angry and was 

able to slip the whole length in after a time.  My balls were slapping on her


I was pounding away at her and she sucking on the dick like it was real.  

The thought of fucking someone while they blow another guy has always been a 

fantasy of mine and I soon lost it up her ass.

I came again, not much as I had only cum about 15 minutes earlier and as 

she felt me cumming, she made the muscles in her ass tighten and locked me in.

I collapsed on top of her but she wanted more.  She pulled my dick out of her 

ass and started sucking me again.  I only had one other woman do this before.

She soon had me hard enough to fuck her and she sat on my dick.

She was fucking me from above and at the same time she was kissing her 

nipples until she collapsed on top of me.

She said later that she always wanted to try it with two dicks for real and 

was I interested?  Not one to look a good thing in the mouth, I said sure.  


We'll save this for another time if people are interested.

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