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Archive-name: Casual/margoass.txt


Archive-title: Margo's Utterly Fabulous Ass

I was in town for a weeklong class at a University downstate, and I found

out that on Thursday nights there was Folk Dance in town.  Folk

dancing has been a fantastic way to meet women; if there's any way

to find out if the magnetism is there, dancing close to someone is

perfect.  It's also easy to send little signals and look for the

right response.  When I'm dancing normally, I hold a woman

in one way; but if I'm attracted to her, I hold her in kind of a grip

that's more like lovemaking:  I give a real firm palm in the small of

her back.  If I don't get resistance, something may be cooking.

The lights were all green with one lady, whose name I eventually learned

was Margo.  In some ways Margo wasn't my typical lady:  she had a huge

head of hair, and huge glasses, and generally had a kind of "loud"

personality and appearance.  But what a body!  She had large earth-mother

breasts that were not hidden by the dress she was wearing.  She had

a nice waist the contours of which I loved feeling as we danced.  Though

there's only so much of a "feel" you can cop and still be polite, my

hand could tell that that waist flared out in the most sensual way to

a quite generously-sized ass.  From that feel, and my many glances down

while we were together, or when her back was to me, I extrapolated what

her whole body must look like, and it was spectacular.  Spectacularly

generous in proportion, without being fat.  Actually, I'll be honest,

she was maybe a bit more filled out than she needed to be; but, call

me weird, that often turns me on a little more.

"We have the same glasses frames," I said.  It was true, they were

nearly identical.

"You're right, we do!!" she gushed with more than a little enthusiasm.

And on that basis we got a conversation rolling; it was inane, making

stupid small talk about glasses frames for several minutes, but there

was a subtext.  We were locking eyes, estimating each other sexually,

and the heat was rising.  I was invited to come to her house, and in fact,

why not stay?  Now, I was a guest of some old friends there, funnily enough,

a former girlfriend of mine and her current SO, so I had to

let it be known that I was going to be "taken care of" by my new

friend Margo.  Boy did their eyes roll.  Laura, my former girlfriend,

made a crack when Margo wasn't around about Margo looking quite a lot

like a recent girlfriend of mine, and I knew what she meant:  that

big ass.  I knew that Laura and Daniel were sizing up Margo personally

(clearly not my type) and thought me and my "preferences" were a

little kinky.  At the time I was a little embarrassed, but in time I

discovered that the wide-hipped woman was my personal "archetype," and

discovering this made it a lot easier for me to find really compatible

girlfriends.  I might add that Laura was the last girlfriend i had who

didn't have a big butt!

It was a long drive to her apartment, and although we didn't actually

verbalize that we wanted to fuck, we were caressing each others thighs.

At the apartment, I let her walk upstairs ahead of me.  Oh, that

beautiful ass, moving side to side!  Umpteen fantasies raced through

my mind.  Pulling her underwear down right there and doing her from

behind.  Sitting her down on the stairs and eating her pussy.  Fucking

her in the ass as her legs straddled three different levels on the 

stairs and she steadied herself with the handrails.  Yeah, right...she was 

asking me if I wanted a cup of tea as I was thinking this.  There was a 

whole lot of foreplay to come first.

And lots of little information-sharing.  What music we liked.  What

we studied at school.  She showed me how she was translating medieval

English, and the tape she made of one particular Irish tune played by

all sorts of bands.  Then she offered me a foot massage with some

special massage oils.  During this I reached over and gave her a

passionate kiss.  A little later she got up to get some tea, and

I followed her to the kitchen.  There I embraced her standing up,

and we kissed some more.  And at last I put both my hands on the

prize that I couldn't stop thinking about, that large, round ass.

It was so firm as I explored the way it rose as two mounds from

the bottom of her back, the way it curved in to where it joined

her thighs, and the "cleavage" that her two buttocks formed.

Meanwhile her large breasts were spilling onto my chest, and it

was heaven.

We headed to bed, but Margo was getting a little funny about the

issue of sex.  She thought it would be a good idea just to sleep

together, and I was dying inside.  But what she said and what she

wanted appeared to be two things.  In bed I kept trying to sneak

my hand under her nightie, and she repelled me...but as soon as I

moved my hand away she gave this whimper of desire suggesting that

she wanted my hand.  This oscillation got more and more manic as

it led to me fingering her pussy, and her being alternately

discouraging and encouraging.  Like I said, she wasn't quite my type,

and it was a little weird, but this "devil made me do it" drama was

getting kind of exciting!  By the time she spread her legs and let

me get on top and inside of her, she was actually crying tears. 

The cries led to moans, REALLY LOUD moans on each of my thrusts.

Soon I maneauvered her to be on top, and those large grapefruit breasts

hungs over my face.  Speaking of crying, I felt a bit the baby myself

as sucked and sucked on those nipples.  After some time of this, I gave

the hint that I wanted to go into the position I'd been dreaming about

when I first laid eyes on her.

When she got the message, she crossed the line into utter abandon and

wildness.  What she did then I've recalled to memory night after night

ever since then, as my own sensual lullaby before I fall asleep.  She

got on her knees and thrust her buttocks really high in the air, and

arched her back as far as she could go.  Her head was buried in the

pillows, and she was pushed all the way up to the head board of the bed.

She got in this position so quick, that in the time it took me to get

behind her, she was already quivering from head to toe and making sounds

like she couldn't wait any longer...with a bit of the sob still in

her moaning voice from when she was crying.  I was out of control myself.

Those two giant globes, so big...I was overwhelmed.  I entered her and

tried to keep from coming right away, so I went slowly.  Eventually I

got my cum-muscles under control and proceeded to heavy thrusts, as my

hands wandered all over those wonderful spheres of hers, up so high in

the air they were up against my chest.  Eventually my groans joined hers

(not as loud, though), and I came, and I came huge.  I shot myself dry,

getting that feeling that the cum-muscles kept pumping until every last

trace of cum was sucked out of my body.  Oh, it was great...

Afterward, everything was great...the crying didn't seem to mean much,

she had no regrets or anything.  Margo was a little strange, but strange

in the good way that made me return to that part of the state some

months later, where we met at the dance again, Laura and Daniel watched

us go home with the same smirk as before, and the sex wasn't quite as

good, but it was still wild.  A third time we met, I was involved with

another lady (guess what her body was like), and it no longer seemed

comfortable with Margo (which was a shame because she really had her

heart set on a third time together).  Maybe that was a mistake, because

I never saw Margo again, and I'm not sure where she lives now.  But that

one night is up there among the three greatest sexual experiences of my



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