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Archive-name: Casual/makwaves.txt

Archive-author: Hai Truong & Andrew Truong

Archive-title: Making Waves

Special thanx to: Walks-by-Night, The Unknown, Mr. Spock,

                          Midnight Orgy and Mad Bones

        While out shopping at one of the many malls located conveniently near

me, I wandered into a water-bed store. When I entered, I saw the most beautiful

woman that I have ever seen. She was as beautiful as some of your monthly Pets.

I thought of my secret fantasy of fucking her in front of the few people in the


        This goddess of beauty made her way over me.

        "Can I help you?" she said.

        You sure can. honey, I thought to myself. "Oh, yes," I answered. I

asked her for a certain model of sheet cover and she went in the back to check

on it. I couldn't help but stare at her gorgeous buttocks, and thought to

myself that she had to have the nicest ass in the history of split flesh. Her

body did not stop. My thoughts were interrupted when I noticed her standing in

front of me, staring at my now-erect love tool.

        "I found what you were looking for. Come back with me and I will show

you," she said. I followed and before I could offer any resistance, she tore

off most of my clothes and threw me on the bed. We kissed passionately and then

she started to nibble on the head of my penis. She worked down my rod and

licked my balls, and she didn't stop until I spewed my penis cream over her

face and down her throat. As I was coming, I told her my fantasy of making love

in public. It was easy to convince her to move our copulating to one of the

water beds outside in the shop. Since it was almost closing time, I gussed she

figured it would be safe.

        We dressed and walked casually toward one of the sensual water beds set

up in the middle of the store. We lay down as if we were just a young couple

testing out the bed to see if it was comfortable. I unbuttoned her shirt to

reveal her large, firm breasts and rock-hard nipples. I was really turned on. I

slipped off her dress and panties as she disrobed me. Our sexual act caught the

attention of several customers. I lifted her up and placed her under the

sheets. She whispered in my ear to fuck her with all I had. I got under the

covers and slid my rod into her tight love tunnel. I was so aroused that I came

almost immediately, and her climax followed several seconds after mine.

        She was moaning for more. So we turned around and got into a sixty-

nine position, this time without the concealment of the cover. She began to

suck like there was no tomorrow. I slid my tongue around the circumference of

her labia and tongued her clit until she was about to climax. I finally dove

right in and tongue-fucked her until she had four consecutive orgasms. We

fucked again while standing. Our screams almost cracked all the windows in the


        We finally got up and dressed. She locked up the store and told me that

she would call me again. She never did, but it didn't matter. My fantasy had

come true.


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