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Archive-name: Casual/lib2s.txt

Archive-author: Evan Larsen

Archive-title: Summer Encounter

    Her  legs  were long and tan.   The kind of legs that  go  on

forever.   She  had  dark  curly  hair  that  cascaded  past  her

shoulders.   Her round, firm ass rippled when she moved as though

it  had a life of its' own.   She looked like walking sex,  and I

knew that I wouldn't be satisfied until I was lying between those

golden thighs.

    It was a real killer of a day,  about 90 degrees,  and humid.

I had been working in old Mrs. Harrisons' garden all morning when

I  decided to take a walk and relax for a while.   I have my  own

landscaping business so nobody tells me when I can, or can't take

a  break.   That's  the way I like it.   I guess I was  a  little

sweaty,  and  alot dirty,  but I really needed a breather  before

going back to work.

    I spotted her just as I entered the park.   She was about ten

yards  ahead of me,  and I increased my stride to catch  up  with

her.   As I closed the gap between us, I was able to get a better

look at her.   She had a soft sensual mouth,  and great big hazel

eyes.   Her  full  breasts pushed against the thin fabric of  her

blouse,  and I could see the outline of her hard nipples.   Nice!

Real  nice.   She glanced at me,  and I gave her one of  my  best

smiles.  I've been told I'm kind of good looking in a rugged sort

of way, and I just hoped she liked the earthy type.

     Well,  like I said,  I was pretty grimy from working in that

garden all morning,  but somehow it didn't seem to matter to her.

She stopped walking and smiled back at me.

     "Hello,  I'm  Rhonda Banks." She said,  extending her  hand.

Her  voice  was like velvet.   "I've seen you in the  neigborhood

before.  You're from Eddie's Landscaping aren't you?"

     I  took her outstreached hand in mine.   She had  long  cool

fingers, and her touch seemed electric.  I felt my pulse quicken.

"That's  right,"  I said,  "I'm Ed Landon"  We stood there for  a

minute,  and  I could feel the sparks fly between us.   Then  she

stepped a little closer,  and looked right into my eyes. When she

spoke again, her voice had a breathless little catch to it.

    "I  feel like a nice cool shower," she said,  "why don't  you

come home and join me?"  She didn't have to ask me twice.

     We  walked to a well-kept building right around  the  corner

from  where I'd been working.   Her apartment was nice and  cool.

She had her air conditioner turned on high, and it felt real good

inside.   She  must  have been turned-on high  too,  because  she

didn't  waste much time showing me around the place.  Instead she

took my hand, and led me into a huge bathroom.

     She was standing directly in front of me, and I could almost

smell  her excitement.   Slowly she began to unbutton  my  shirt,

running  her cool fingers all over my chest.   Her  feather-light

touch  sent  shivers through my body.   I felt  my  cock  stiffen

against  my jeans.   She smiled at me,  and slowly reached up and

took off her blouse.   She had full,  round, perfect breasts, and

as I ran my hands over them, I could feel her nipples harden with

anticipation.   I pulled her close, and kissed her roughly on the

mouth,  crushing my lips against hers.  I could feel the heat  of

her body as she pressed herself against me.   We quickly took off

the  rest of our clothes,  and tossed them in a heap.   Then  she

turned on the water,  and we both stepped inside the large shower


     The  spray caressed her sleek,  sexy body,  and she  relaxed

under  it in sensual pleasure.   I just stood there a minute  and

watched her.   She was tan all over, and her pussy was covered in

a  soft  brown silk that I ached to touch.  She was  sensational.

"Come here,  Baby!"  I said hoarsely.   She stepped right into my

arms and kissed me.  I felt her tongue exploring my mouth.  I ran

my  hands down her back and kissed her hungrily.   Then I  kissed

her  neck and her shoulders,  working my way down to her tits  as

the  water  washed over us both.  My hands caressed her  inch  by

inch.   As  I  kept kissing and licking her,  she began  to  make

little moaning sounds.  Finally my hand found her cunt, and I dug

my finger inside.

      "Suck me there.....Oh,  please Ed!"  She gasped.   "Suck my

pussy!"   I knealt down on the shower floor and  started  licking

her cunt.   "Right there..   Oh God!"  She moaned,  spreading her

legs wider.   I grabbed her ass roughly, and sucked her clit into

my  hungry mouth,  probing it with my tongue.   Her juices  mixed

with  the  water  to  form  the best drink  I  had  ever  tasted.

"Harder!"  She pleaded.   "Suck me harder!"  I sucked her clit so

hard  she should have screamed in pain.   Instead she twined  her

fingers through my hair and moaned even louder.  This was one hot

lady!  I stuck my finger deep in her pussy, all the while sucking

her  throbbing clit.   She cried out,  spasams shaking  her  body

again and again.   "Oh Eddie,  you're so good. So, so good."  She


     After a while she reached for the soap and began to wash me.

I  stood up and closed my eyes,  enjoying the feel of those soapy

hands all over my body.  Too soon, we rinsed off, and stepped out

of the shower.   The bathroom was all steamy,  and she opened the

door to air it out.   Then she handed me a big towel and  smiled.

"Would  you  like a drink?"  She asked,  putting on a white  silk

robe.  "I have some wine on ice."

     "Sure," I answered.   "That sounds good."  She took my  hand

and led me into her bedroom.

     "Why  don't  you wait here and get comfortable?"  She  said.

"I'll go get the wine."  Now that sounded even better!

     She  had a king size bed with lots of throw pillows  on  it.

They   were  the  kind  you  collect  from  different  places  as

souvineers.  When she came back I asked her about them.  "Oh, I'm

a buyer for a department store."  She said,  handing me my  wine.

"I have to travel alot,  and I like to collect them from each new

place I visit," she laughed.

     The silk robe she had put on really set off her creamy skin.

She  was  one fantastic looking lady,  and I told  her  so.   She

smiled  at me,  and started to blush.   I sat down on the bed and

enjoyed  the  effect  my compliment had on  her.  With  her  face

scrubbed  clean,  and that blush of pleasure on her  cheeks,  she

looked  like a little girl.   After a moment,  she put  down  her

glass and walked slowly towards me.

     You  know,  Ed," she confided,  "I've had my eye on you  for

weeks now.   In fact, I've wanted you to make love to me from the

first moment I saw you!"  I looked up at her, amazed.  I couldn't

belive  what  I  was hearing.   "I would pass by while  you  were

working," she said,  stepping close to me,  "but you'd be so busy

that  you would never notice me at all.   I'd watch you  all  the

time!   When  it got too hot....  you would take your shirt off."

She said,  running her hands along my shoulders.   "You looked so

sexy  working  out there in the sun....  getting all  sweaty  and

dirty.   I  wanted you to take me right then and there!" She  dug

her fingers into my shoulders.  "I wanted you to throw me down on

the  ground and tear my clothes off!"   She  said,  huskily.   "I

wanted  you  to fuck me right there in the dirt...  shoving  your

cock deep inside me.....  not caring if anyone could see us," she

breathed.   "I wanted you to fuck me until I begged you to  stop,

and then... I wanted you to fuck me some more!"

     My  breath  caught  in my throat!   I could  almost  see  us

rolling around on the ground, devouring each other.  Oblivious to

anyone who might be passing by.  Just thinking about it got me so

hot I could hardly stand it.   My temples pounded.  I had to have


     With  trembling fingers,  I opened her robe and slid it  off

her shoulders.  I started sucking her breasts, cupping them in my

hands,  and I felt the nipples harden in my mouth.  Then I parted

her legs and began massaging her pussy,  thrusting my finger into

her wetness.   She threw her head back and moaned.   My prick was

getting harder by the second.   I wanted her so bad I could taste

it. Suddenly she knealt down in front of me.

     "You're so incredibly big!"  She said, taking the head of my

prick  in  her mouth.   She worked her tounge around me in a  way

that  sent waves of pleasure through my body.   Then she  started

sliding her mouth up and down,  all the while flicking her tongue

in fast little circles.   She was making excited little noises as

she  sucked me deep in her throat.   My cock was rigid,  and  her

tongue was driving me crazy.  The pleasure was so intense, I felt

like  I was going to explode!   Not yet!   Not  yet,  I  thought,

struggling  to control myself.   I grabbed her roughly and  threw

her down on the bed.

     "I'm  going fuck you!"  I said,  spreading her legs open and

climbing between them.  This was where I wanted to be...  Where I

had to be!   I took my cock in my hand and slowly guided it  into

her.   She  was  sweet and tight,  and she gasped when  my  prick

entered  her snug little pussy.   I stopped to let her catch  her

breath,  and  then I began ramming it little by little until  she

had taken my whole rod deep inside her.   Her eyes went wide.   I

felt her pull me even deeper as she wrapped those long sleek legs

around my hips.  "You feel so good inside me!"  She breathed.

     We started moving to our own beat; slowly at first, and then

faster.   Me thrusting in and out, and her rising to meet me.  We

meshed  together  in perfect rythmn,  and I felt as though I  was

born to fuck her!   "Harder, Ed, fuck me harder!"  She commanded.

I  started  ramming her so hard it lifted her body off  the  bed.

"Oh  yes,  that's it!"  She gasped.   Slowly,  I pulled  my  cock

almost  all the way out,  so that just the tip of it was  resting

against  her.  Desperatly  she tried to pull my cock  inside  her

again.   Her eyes pleaded with me.   I teased her like this for a

moment  longer  before I complied and plunged all the  way  back,

even harder than before.   Again I did it,  and then again.   She

arched  her back and moaned as each thrust inflamed her more than

the last. She felt like silk and fire inside as she moved with me

faster  and faster.  Then I reached over and shoved one of  those

throw pillows under her ass, bending her legs all the way back so

that I could angle even deeper into her.  "No,  Eddie.   I  can't

take it that way,  you're too big!"  She cried as I forced myself

deep inside her.

     "Sure you can,  Rhonda!  Sure you can."  I whispered.  I was

too far gone to stop now!   "Feel how good it is... feel how deep

I am.  Feel it!"  I chanted slamming myself into her.

     "Yes,  oh it's good,!"  She moaned.   I could feel her pussy

squeeze   my  cock  even  tighter  as  she  started  heaving  and

thrashing.   I felt my balls beginning to tighten,  and I knew  I

wouldn't be able to hold back much longer.

     "That's right!"  I said urgently, grinding my hips into her.

"Come  with me,  Baby,  come with me."  I felt her orgasm  begin,

cunt  pulsating  all around me.   I heard her scream something  I

couldn't  understand,  and with a final thrust,  I  plunged  deep

inside her.  I came with a force I didn't think possible, and the

spasams  shook  us violently.   She dug her nails into  my  back,

moaning  and sobbing her pleasure.   I lay down beside her on the

bed,  kissing her again and again.  She clung to me as though she

was part of me, and we held each other like that for a long, long


     I  must have dozed off for a few minutes,  because all of  a

sudden I felt her cool hands gently caressing my prick.  I opened

my eyes slowly, and looked at her.  She had moved down on the bed

so that her head was level with my belly,  and she was smiling as

she  played with me.   Soon her hands were covered with our  cum.

Deliberately she began to sucked her fingers one by one.

     Watching her,  I felt a wave of desire hit me.   She knew it

too, and she looked me right in the eyes as she slowly licked her

fingers clean.  Then she began kissing and licking at the insides

of my thighs, and at last she took my rapidly hardening cock into

her  hot mouth.   I felt myself getting bigger and bigger  inside

her, forcing her lips apart.  Soon I filled her mouth completely,

and she sucked on my engorged cock with obvious pleasure.   After

a  while she slid that moist little tongue all around  my  balls,

sending  shock waves through me.   Gently she drew each ball into

her mouth,  sucking on them one at a time.  I closed my eyes  and

drew  in  my breath sharply.   The pleasure was almost too  much.

She  licked up and down that big rod of mine and finally took  me

deep  into her mouth once more.   Her head moved back  and  forth

faster  and  faster!   I felt like my cock was the center  of  my

life,  and I groaned in pleasure as she worked on me,  fucking me

with her mouth.   She was fantastic!   I was hotter than I'd ever

been before, and I was rapidly losing control.

     As  she  felt me starting to come,  she reached  around  and

quickly spread the cheeks of my ass.  Before I could protest, she

inserted  a finger up my asshole,  twisting and pushing until  it

was  all the way in.   I've never felt anything like it!   As she

applied more pressure,  the combination of pain and pleasure  was

unbelievable.   My  balls began to contract,  and I felt like the

top of my head was coming off  "My GOD!"  I yelled,  hoarsely, as

I came in violent spurts.   The force of it nearly lifted me  off

the  bed.   Quickly she grabbed my still pumping cock in her hand

and squeezed,  milking me even more.  She swallowed as much of my

cum as she could while it was still spurting out of me,  and then

she began licking the rest of it off my throbbing prick until she

had  sucked me clean.   She was insatiable!   I was so  sensitive

after  that  shattering  orgasm,  that the  pleasure  was  almost

unbearable!   I  heard  someone moaning in the  distance,  and  I

suddenly realized it was me...

     I just lay there for a while trying to catch my  breath.   I

knew  I  had been given the best head of my  life!   "Oh  Rhonda,

baby,"  I groaned, when I could finally talk, "you're fantastic!"

She smiled with pure satisfaction,  and snuggled in my arms.   We

just lay like that for a while, contented and spent.

     A  short  time later,  I started to get up.   "I  guess  I'd

better  be getting back to work."  I said,  not really wanting to

go.   I  felt like I'd been rung out to dry,  but I still  didn't

want to leave this sensational lady.

     "I'll  let  you go," she said with a  sexy  smile,  "if  you

promise  to  come  back tonight so we can pick up where  we  left


     I  was just about to tell her that she had a  deal,  when  I

remembered   her  steamy  fantasy  about  fucking  in  the  dirt.

Thinking about it really turned me on, and incredibly, I felt the

excitement  building  in  me again.   "I'd  love  to  come  back,

Rhonda," I said,  kissing her.  "I'll tell you what, though, just

to  make  sure that I don't forget,  why don't you come  down  to

where  I'm  working a little later,  and tap me on the  shoulder?

I'll  be around the corner today...  in that big secluded  garden

set  back  from the road."  I said,  looking meaninfully  in  her


     A  slow,  knowing smile came to her lips.   "I'll be  there,

Eddie," she said,  her voice husky with desire.   "You can bet on



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