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Archive-name: Casual/labrys.txt

Archive-author: Warren T.

Archive-title: Labrys......., The

A beautiful red head, looking prim and proper, sat at the table next

to me in the pub, with her long legs crossed and her serious looking

face planted in a book.  I had just walked into the Coffee House when

I noticed her and she looked up from her book and gave me one long

appraising look.  Her eyes walked up one side of my body and down the

other, stopping in significant places and continuing on with some

slight hesitation.  Then her eyes closed, she shook her head, and

returned to her book.  I had seen part of her look and decided that

I'd introduce myself.

I walked over and asked her if she minded if I shared her table.  It

was early and there were several tables available, but I wanted to

chance it anyways.  She said it was fine and then went back to her


The waiter came over and I ordered just a cup of coffee as I wasn't

in the mood for much more than coffee and her.  The waiter winked at

me, smiling.  I was a regular here, and he rushed off, swishing this

way and that, to get me my favorite house brand.  The lady appeared to

not have noticed he was even there.

I was used to this sort of thing... lots of young, career,

professional, yuppie females come into this place, looking to meet Mr.

Right, or looking to impress this boss or that.  They liked to drink

their coffee, sit at their tables and look good, and more often than

not I'd end up taking them home and using them like they wanted to be

used, then sending them on their way.  Tonight seemed like it'd be

nothing out of the ordinary.  I could get through her book and touch

that animalistic part of her that brought her here.

The waiter brought me my coffee and swished away, trailing his hand

across my shoulder as he past me by.  I smiled and shook my head,

looking around surreptitiously.  I caught her glancing my way and

smirked.  She could be had...

I looked at the book she was so enthralled by and read the title.  I

was slightly surprised and pleased to see that she was reading one of

my favorites, a new book called "The Living One".  

"You read much horror?" I asked her.

She looked up at me, slightly confused, and said "Beg pardon?"

"You read much horror?"

"Oh!  This.  Yes... I pick up a book now and then.  I like coming in

here and finding some dark corner and curl up with a good suspense

story.  What about you?  I take it you've read this?"  She held up her

book so that I could get a better view of the spine.

"It's one of my favorites... in fact I have an autographed copy in my

library.  Maybe you'd like to see it sometime."  I hinted with a

slight smile, just barely parting my lips.

"Maybe.... but you'll have to do better than that."  She laughed

lightly, shaking her head and tossing her hair to the side.

With her hair out of the way I could see her ear, smooth and clean and

milky white.  And pinned neatly in the lobe was a gold and silver

labrys, with a diamond at the head of the axe-handle that caught the

light and sparkled.  Then her hair fell back into place and the sight

of her ear was taken from me until some later time....

I continued to look at her, roaming my eyes across her face, seeing

each line in her forehead, each little smile-crease around her eyes,

and each pore of her cheeks.  Her skin was white and powdery.  Her

cheekbones were high and well pronounced.  Her eyelashes were just

long enough to twitch when she smiled at me.

Her eyes.... one was a deep green and one was brown, and in both the

pupils had "broken" making trails down through the color and into the

white.  She looked like a cat, with those eyes.

She had sat there the entire time I was staring at her, with a slight

smile on her face, and her tongue just barely flickering in and out of

her teeth.  When she saw that I was done she locked gazes with me and

asked me, "You like what you saw?"

I just barely breathed "very much."

"Good."  She returned to her book.

I thought my chances were nill at this point so I moved to get up,

before I had even half-risen her arm shot out and grabbed mine.

"Sit," she said.  Her eyes never left the page that she was reading.

I sat back down and looked at her.  Now it was my turn to be puzzled.

What did she want?  Who did she think she was?  Who did she think *I*


So we just sat there for a little while, the waiter coming back now

and then to ask me if everything was okay, to wink at me, to get me

more coffee, and to swish in my general direction.

People came and went, talking, flirting, picking each other up,

looking each other over, and still we just sat there, not a word said.

But every time I tried to get up she'd pull me back and I'd hear that

one word again.  "Sit."  Then I heard a sharp snap as the book was

closed and placed on the table.  She folder her hands on top of the

book and looked at me.  "Ready?" she said.

"For what?"  Where was this going?

"You're going to take me out dancing..."  Her eyes dared me to say no.

"Then let's go."

She put the book in her purse and stood up, her dress falling down the

length of her body, looking like it was made just for her.  Then she

grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door.

We went out to a local dance place that she said would interest me.  I

paid the cover for both of us.  I bought the drinks.  There was even a

young man walking around selling roses, so I bought one of those.  I

gave it to my lady friend.  She smiled, held it to her nose, and then

placed it sideways in her mouth, standing up as she did so.  I could

see a very slight drop of blood where a thorn had cut into her lip,

but she didn't seem to notice.

There was no one on the dance floor as she pulled me up to it and out

to the middle, but that didn't appear to concern her.  The drop of

blood on her lip grew to a small bubble and then rolled lazily down

her chin, leaving behind a red trail.  She moved in and started

dancing up against my body, sliding in out away, up and down.  Her

hands where on my shoulders caressing my ears and the back of my neck.

So I started moving with her, stepping in and back in synchronicity

with her, swaying my hips side to side.  Another drop of blood was

welling up on her lip and as we danced it broke and rolled down her

chin.  I reached out with my right hand and caught the drop on my

fingertip, bringing it to my lips to taste.  Her eyes sparkled and her

eyebrows twitched up ever so slightly.

The music had taken us and we moved together and the sound flowed and

we danced.  Her hands moved down off of my shoulders and down my

chest, rubbing around my nipples which were taut under my shirt.  Then

she grabbed my tie and began undoing it.  Deftly she untied its knot

and slid it off my neck and over my head. 

She held my tie in her hands for a minute, just moving and flowing

with the song, then slid it around my wrists.  Before I totally

understood what she was doing my hands were thoroughly tied together

and she held the ends in her fists.  She smiled around the rose and a

drop of blood rolled down her chin.  With one hand she lifted my tied

hands into the air and with the other she pushed me down to my knees.

Then she danced around me, jerking my hands so that I had to keep

facing her.  Rubbing her hips behind against my back and then twirling

around, still keeping my hands in the air, and rubbing her groin into

the back of my head and sliding around to my face.  She was turning me

on something fierce, but she kept me on my knees, with my hands tied

together and held above my head.  Then she leaned over and kissed me,

transferring the rose to my teeth.  I tasted her blood on the stem and

in her kiss, and felt the pinch of the thorn as it poked into my


She raised me off of my knees and led me off the floor, slowly untying

my hands as we walked back to our table.  When we got there she picked

up her purse, beckoned for me to follow her, and walked towards the


We left that club and got into my car.  She told me to take her to my

place.  She wanted to see my autographed copy of "The Living One" it


When we got to my place we stepped inside and she went right through

the apartment as if she'd been there before, heading straight towards

the bedroom.  I put our jackets in the hall closet, neatened myself up

in the mirror, and headed back that way myself.  When I got back there

she was waiting for me, her shoes set to the side of the door, rubbing

her hands through her hair, spreading it out and letting it fall back

to her shoulders.  I slid out of my shoes.  Her ears showed through so

I reached out a hand to rub along the outer edge.  She purred slightly

at my touch, then moved her hand along my arm, across my shoulder and

to the buttons of my shirt, her other hand joining the first one in

perfect timing to meet at the top button.  It came undone easily, then

she slid down to the second one.  It slid free.  Then, with shirt to

hold onto she ripped outwards, spraying the remaining buttons around

the room and uncovering my chest in one hard motion.  I stopped

stroking her ear, and looked at her.

Her hands continued moving, sliding the open shirt back and over my

shoulders, forcing my arms down to my sides.  The shirt fell away from

her and slid down my arms, getting caught on the cuffs.  My hands were

effectively tied behind my back.  She moved in for a kiss, locking

lips with me and forcing her tongue into my mouth.  There was still a

slight taste of blood in her mouth and, oh god, did it turn me on.  I

started ripping at my shirt, trying to get it off, but her hands came

up to my arms and stilled them.

"But..." I started to say, but her finger came up to my lips and she

shook her head, looking me right in the eyes, as if to say "No words."

She walked me around the side of the bed and layed me down on it,

freeing my hands in the process.  I could see that she hadn't just

been standing there while I was putting away the jackets, as there

were two of my cotton ties lying on the nightstand next to me.  She

grabbed one and slid it along my arm, coming to a halt at my wrist and

then wrapping it around.  She lifted that hand to the headboard and

secured it in place.  She grabbed the other tie and walked around the

bed.  I watched her every move, awaiting the moment her skin would

touch mine again.

This time she trailed the tie across my chest, teasing my nipples with

the roughness of the cotton as it slid across.  Then she tied my other

hand to the headboard and stepped away, looking at me.  There was

nothing I could do but look back.  She smiled and slid onto the bed,

sitting on it sideways so as to keep her legs off the bed, bent at the

knee, and her back to me.   Her hands swirled around and around my

nipples and across my chest and down to my belly button.  There her

lips met her hands.

She kissed downwards until her lips touched the hem of my pants, and

she grabbed it with her teeth and pulled, popping the button open.

She slid her tongue down to the zipper and bit that, pulling down.

Her hands had never moved from where they had stopped when her lips

met them.  When the zipper was down her hands moved down to grab hold

of my pants and pull downwards, freeing them from my legs.  Then she

stood up and stepped away, looking at my body.

There's nothing more erotic than to be tied to a bed, while a fully

dressed woman does whatever it is that she wants to you.  I was

completely enthralled.   And I loved every single second of it.

Once she had looked enough, teasing me by just standing there, she

came back to the bed, only this time she slid all the way onto it,

sliding her feet underneath my knees, straddling my waist.  Her dress

hiked up to conform to her position and rubbed against my erect penis

sending shivers coursing through my body.  I looked up at her and saw

the light through her hair, making it look as if her head was

surrounded by a long, luxuriant, liquid fire which draped down to my

chest, burning me with each touch.  My skin tingled everywhere her

hair touched.  So she just dangled it for a little while, allowing it

to trail around my chest, leaning back occassionally to rub it along

my legs and feet.  Her hips ground against mine ever so slightly.

Then she leaned forward and kissed my right nipple, her tongue

slipping out and wetting my skin, flicking back and forth.  Her lips

slid across my chest to my left nipple which she bit down on, bringing

blood instantly.  I thought I would scream, but she eased up and moved

back to my right, kissing ever so gently.  She kissed her way back to

my left, an inch at a time, then bit down again, bringing sharp pain.

She went back and forth between my nipples like this for awhile,

alternating between pain and pleasure, sometimes biting the right, and

sometimes biting the left.  I never knew which one she was going to

hurt, so I looked forward to feeling the light kisses, and was pleased

when instead she bit down.  The pain became something more erotic and

dark with each bite.  And still her hips ground against mine.

She moved up to my neck biting slightly, and kissing alot.  Then she

ran her tongue up to my ear and around the rim, then inside to the

center swirl by swirl, taking her time, until her tongue was probing

the hole.  Her lips slid around my whole ear and her teeth sank slowly

into the dangling lobe, pulling on it while biting down harder.  The

swaying of her hips increased in pace.

Then she moved her mouth away from my ear and up along my temple and

across my forehead, kissing me ever so lightly.  Her tongue ran across

my eyebrows.  Then she lightly ran it across my eyelids, one at a

time, very gently so that I could barely feel it.  It was fire.  The

motion of her hips increased and the cotton of her dress was rubbing

against my cock urgently.

She arched her back up as she rocked her hips, and her thighs squeezed

mine, and her hands ran through her hair spreading it out and letting

it drop back a strand at a time.  She was in complete control.

And just when I thought that I could take no more she stopped her hips

and slid her body down my legs until her face was in my crotch.  She

blew one short quick burst of cold wind along the length of my penis

and that was all I could take.  My legs tensed up, my arms tightened

and the ties strained against the headboard, my stomach muscles

contracted, my eyes squeezed shut and I came, erupting along the

length of my body, just reaching my chin with the first shot.

She slid her body slowly upwards along mine, her tongue gathering in

my cum as she moved closer to my face.  Finally her tongue flicked my

chin, grabbing the last drop, and she leaned in to kiss me,

transferring some of my own cum back to me.  I kissed her and took it

all, tasting some of the blood from my nipples mixed in with the

bittersweet juice.  

She undid my hands and picked up her shoes, heading towards the door.

I scrambled to pull on my pants before she got out, but when I left

the bedroom the front door was already hanging open.  I ran to it and

looked along the street but she was nowhere in sight.  I stepped off

of my porch and went to my car, looking as far down the street to the

right and left as I could.  

"Owww! Fuck!"  I had stepped on something in my barefeet and it had

punctured my skin.  I lifted my foot to pull it out and sticking

there, right in the arch, was the labrys earring that I had seen in

her ear.  But she was nowhere to be seen.

	Warren T.


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