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Archive-name: Casual/janis.txt


Archive-title: Janis series - 3 to 9

Chapter 3

The alarm was terribly loud as she tried to find it in the room.  She hated

waking up in a strange place because she wasn't sure where everything was.

She looked around for her lover but he was no where to be seen.  She wondered

if she had just dreamed what had happened last night, but the stiffness in her

abdomen and soreness in her pussy told her it had been real.

"When did he leave?", she wondered.  Suddenly, the phone rang.  "This is your

wakeup call," she heard him say softly.  Her pussy was instantly wet at the

sound of his voice.  "God, that was good last night," she whispered.  "I love

you," she blurted out.  "You kind of drifted off to sleep so quickly, I

thought I should leave you alone for the night," he said.  "I'm going down to

breakfast now - I would wait for you but I think that you had better get a

move on if you are going to show up in the workshop in time." he said.  She

glanced at the clock and saw he was right.  "What time did you leave?" she

asked.  "Oh, it was around 2 or so, but you were sound asleep.  Did I tell you

that you snore?" he teased.  "I do not," she giggled.

She wanted to hug this man right now but he was on the telephone and she knew

she had to get ready for her work.  "I'll see you in the classroom," he said.

"You think you can keep your eyes open all day?" he asked.  She giggled as he

hung up the phone, but wondered if she would have a problem.  She was used to

the 8 to 5 routine but staying up 'til 2, with plenty of the right kind of

exercise, may take its toll.  "We'll have to see," she thought to herself!

She hung up the phone and headed for the shower.  It felt good to have the

warm water rush over her body.  As she soaped her body, she thought over last

night's activities.  She knew how wonderful he had made her feel and she began

to think about her husband and children.  "How could I do this to Ray," she

thought.  "He's such a wonderful man and Tommy and Billy - if I would have to

give them up.......  Oh God, how can I be so careless?"

She toweled herself dry and began to dress for the day.  She suddenly realized

that she was tired; "Oh cripes, and I have to go through this whole day

feeling like this!" she thought to herself.  She finished dressing, picked up

her stuff for the meeting and left for the meeting room.  Fortunately, it was

in the motel and she dropped by the office for a cup of coffee from the

Continental Breakfast they had set up.  She saw some of the food there and

quick grabbed a sweet roll to have with her coffee at the meeting.  She

quickly walked down the corridor to the main meeting room.

As she entered, she looked for a familiar face.  The meeting had just begun

and the 500 or so attendees were mostly in place.  A vacant chair presented

itself in the back row and she slipped in there to prevent disturbing anyone.

As she sat down, she glanced to her right and noticed that she was sitting

next to a tall, trimly shaped blonde lady whom she had really never met but

whose name was quite familiar to her, Garolynn Warren.  Garolynn was extremely

attractive, divorced with one child, and eagerly sought after by most of the

men in the agency.  Although Janis didn't know for sure, it was rumored that

she had an occasional affair with different men from time to time.

She found herself a bit jealous of Garolynn because of her beauty and, as she

thought about it, her apparent freedom to have an affair if she so desired.

She knew Garolynn was originally from Montana and wondered if she knew Peter.

"I wonder if she and Peter have had an affair?" she said to herself,

unconsciously.  She began to feel a little more jealous just thinking about


Soon it was time for a break and she introduced herself to Garolynn.

Recognizing her position in agency, Garolynn asked if she knew Peter.  "Why

did she ask me that?" Janis thought and replied that she had met him once when

he came to the home office to work on some problems.  "Well, he sure has been

asking some interesting questions around here," Garolynn replied, "Besides,

he's kind of cute, don't you think?"  "What kind of questions?" Janis asked,

choosing to ignore the second part of the question.  "Oh, like who's in charge

and what their qualifications are, what they know about automation, and stuff

like that!" Garolynn replied.  "Its refreshing to have people ask those kind

of questions, isn't it?"  Garolynn asked.  "Yes," Janis replied.  She notice

that Garolynn was dressed well and had a full bust.  She also noticed that she

was more than interested in Peter, which was raising the feelings of jealousy

that Janis found herself harboring.

"Ssssooooo, you can't make it to class on time," she heard his soft voice

behind her.  "I.... have you met Garolynn Warren," Janis asked.  "Yes, we have

met at a couple of meetings, but I doubt that she remembers me," as he took

Garolynn's hand.  They shook hands and Garolynn looked him right in the eyes.

Janis could see the flash of electricity pass as Garolynn passed on some small

pleasantries.  Since this break signaled the adjournment of the large meeting

into several smaller meetings, Peter suggested that he accompany Janis to the

meeting they were holding.  They both bade a "See you later," to Garolynn and

moved off toward the smaller meeting room.

"What are you my brother's keeper," Janis snapped.  "Whoa," he stammered, "I

apologize for whatever!"  "Oh, I'm sorry," she said, "Garolynn was talking

about you and I got a little jealous."  "Jealous?  What for?" he asked "I

hardly know the woman - I mean I know who she is but I think this is the first

time that I have actually spoken to her.  Good grief - get a grip."  "I said I

was sorry," she said looking into his eyes.  "Ok, ok - apology accepted," he

whispered, "Can I kiss you here or would over there be better!"  She was taken

back by this proposal but quickly realized that he was being facetious -

enough so that she knew he genuinely accepted her apology and held no ill

feelings.  "You're so damn cocksure of yourself, aren't you?" she asked.

"Hell, no," he replied "But if it looks that way, far be it from me ever

telling anyone different!"

The rest of the day went by quickly, although Janis began to feel as if she

was going to drop by about 3pm.  She grabbed another cup of coffee and in

about 15 minutes began to feel as if she was going to make it through the day.

She was glad that Peter was so discreet.  He hardly talked to her and made

sure that he only touched her lightly as he walked by or passed her a paper

during the course of business.  She felt the electricity and knew he did too.

It was dangerous but she believed they were being discreet enough that if

anyone noticed they would believe it was inadvertent contact.  It was, for the

most part, but still she felt the electricity each time they touched.

When the meeting broke up, she had some papers to gather up and a little

setting up for the meeting tomorrow.  When she came out of the meeting room,

there were hundreds of people standing around in the corridor.  Peter was in a

group talking to several people.  Garolynn was standing right beside him with

her hand on his left arm.  Peter appeared to be talking to a man on his right

and when he finished, he turned to Garolynn and they exchanged a few words.

Garolynn patted him on the back and he appeared to give her arm a squeeze.

She left the group and Peter continued to talk to the person to his right.

Since most of the people in this group were part of the bunch that had just

left the room, Janis wandered over there.

"Hi," she said as she joined the group.  "We were just talking about going to

the Rusty Pelican for supper," Peter said to her "Want to come?"   "Sure,"

Janis replied "But I have to change clothes first."  "Us too, - why don't we

meet in the lobby in an hour?"  Everybody kind of agreed and the group began

to disband to their respective rooms, the bar or wherever.  Peter quietly

whispered in Janis's ear, "Race you to my room!"  Janis was taken back and

then realized that she didn't know his room number anyway.  Besides, her

husband might call now since it was dinner time at her house.  "Come to my

room," she said under her breath.  "OK, soon as I get my clothes changed we

can arrange to do something, legal or illegal," he said loud enough that she

was sure Garolynn, whom they just passed, was sure to hear.  He rode up on the

elevator with her, and several others.  She got off on the second floor,

glancing at him as she exited the elevator.

By the time she got to her room, she noticed the elevator was just getting to

the 6th floor and she watched him leave it.  She didn't know what to expect,

except she knew that she was upset with herself the way she noticed how he

paid attention to Garolynn.  "After all," she said to herself "I don't own

him, I'm not married to him and he's white, free and over twenty three!"  She

drew the shades and began to undress, shedding her skirt, slip and unbuttoning

her blouse.  She put her blouse in a drawer of the dresser and folded her

slip, placing it in another drawer.  She was hanging her skirt up when she

heard a soft knock at the door.  "My God, who can that be?" she thought.

Since she was standing right at the door, she looked through the peek hole.

It was him.  "How could he have gotten dressed and down here so fast," she

wondered,  "Should I let him in, or finished getting dressed."  "Just a

minute," she said as she grabbed another blouse and her levis.  She opened the

door and stepped into the bathroom at the same time.

Chapter 4

The group was standing near the door and Garolynn and Janis quickly walked

toward them.  "Who's all got cars?" Peter asked.  3 hands raised and they each

collected enough riders that the whole group was accommodated.  "See you at

the Rusty Pelican, " one of the drivers said.  Garolynn and Janis got in

Peter's car along with three other people.  Both of the ladies sat in the

front seat, Garolynn next to Peter, in the middle.  A cringe of jealousy leapt

into Janis but she tried hard to ignore it.

As the car started to move, somebody from the back seat asked Peter if he knew

where the Rusty Pelican was.  "Yes, its really across the street," he replied,

"But its really easier to drive than walk because of the traffic and the

street here."  "Actually, its about a block down the street but it will take a

few minutes because its next to the freeway and we have to wind around through

a back road or two," he said.  Garolynn leaned over to Peter and whispered

that she thought there was something funny going on near her room. "Why?"

Peter asked.  "Well, I thought I heard someone screaming right next door and

then Janis came out of the room next door so it must have been somewhere else

on the floor," she said.  Peter looked over at Janis and saw she was beet red.

Garolynn looked at Janis too and Peter said jokingly, "You have something you

want to tell us about or is this a private matter?"  Janis stammered something

to the effect that she had heard some weird sounds also but was not paying a

whole lot of attention.  The three in the back seat were having their own

conversation and had not heard any of this.

As they got to the Rusty Pelican, they all got out of their cars.  There were

16 total bodies to be fed.  They entered the building and indicated they would

like seating for 16.  "It will take just a minute," the maitre de said.  As

they waited, they made small talk, mostly about the meeting, the arrangements

and various people in attendance.  "We have you table ready," the maitre de

called to Peter.  They filed to the rear of the building where a large, oval

table sat with sixteen chairs.  Janis sat on Peter's right with Garolynn on

his left.  It was a tight fit, with Peter on one end of the oval table and the

rest crowded into the rest of the table.  The waitress came and took the

orders and food soon arrived.

As they began eating, Peter noticed Garolynn's leg began rubbing against his

with some regularity.  Since he was doing the same thing with Janis, he found

this a little odd.  During dinner, Garolynn put her hand on his leg a couple

of times.  Feeling kind of brave, Peter let his hand find her leg as he leaned

over to ask her a question.  Feeling no resistance, he moved his hand to her

crotch and noticed she slid a little closer to him.  Since he needed both

hands, during various parts of the meal, he found himself rubbing both Janis

and Garolynn upper legs and lower stomach during different times of the meal.

Neither seemed to notice the other as he was casual about it, usually leaning

toward one or the other as they carried on casual dinner conversation.  Both

were responding to his touch and Garolynn had actually placed her hand on his

cock, rubbing it for a short period.

They had a couple of after dinner drinks, white wine for Janis, Amaretto for

Peter and Kalua for Garolynn along with various drinks for some of the others.

It was getting close to 7pm when someone suggested that they go back to the

hotel.  Garolynn and Janis were beginning to exhibit small signs of

intoxication, although nothing that would be noticed except by someone like

Peter who was sitting next to both of them and had been paying close attention

to them all during dinner.

As they got in the car, Janis made sure she sat next to Peter.  "I'll keep her

away from him," she thought to herself.  The car moved away from the

restaurant and it was just a short drive to the hotel.  Peter stopped at the

entrance to the hotel and, as the people in the back seat began to depart, he

asked the girls if they wanted to see a movie.  The back seat was emptied as

they both agreed and they decided to go to Janis's room to look through the

paper to see what was playing at local theaters.

Peter sent Garolynn to the lobby to bring a paper to the room and he left to

drive Janis and himself to a parking place near the rooms.  "What kind of a

movie are you interested in," he asked Janis.  "Whatever, a romantic one?" she

said.  "I just wanted to spend the evening with you," Janis said in a quiet

manner.  "I'm sorry," Peter said.  "I was just going to ask you but Garolynn

was sitting right next to you and it would have looked funny if I didn't

invite her."  "Yeah, I know," replied Janis.

They met Garolynn at the room and Janis quickly let them in.  Garolynn found

the movie page in the paper and they began to scan through the ads.  They

talked about several movies but not agreeing on any.  "Lets go to this adult

movie," giggled Garolynn pointing to an ad in the paper.  Janis giggled and

said, "One guy walking in with two girls - what will people think?"  Who cares

- I'm game," Peter smiled.  They got the address and the map of Phoenix and

found their way on the street.  They were giggling as they all started toward

the car.  "Lets take my car," Janis said as they found the exit.  They

strolled over to the little white Chevrolet and all three got in the front

seat, Peter in the middle.  It was getting dark as Janis nosed the car out of

the parking lot.  "So who is the map reader?" Janis asked.  "Lets just get on

the freeway south to Indian School Road and exit on that exit.  Turn right and

then we'll navigate from there," replied Garolynn.  Off they went, all three

feeling an air of anticipation in this adventure.

They arrived at the theater, a run down looking affair after driving by it

only once in their search.  "I'm not sure I want to go in there," Janis said

tensely.  "Oh, come on - you can't chicken out now," dared Garolynn.  They got

to the window and there was a sign that accompanied ladies were free.  The

girls paid for Peter and they walked into the theater.  It was darker than

usual and they stood in the entry for a minute as their eyes got accustomed to

the light.  A woman was sucking on a giant cock and it came all over her face

just before Peter suggested that they sit three rows down from where they were

standing.  As they sat down, two studs were feeling up a large breasted woman

on the screen.  She took out one of their cocks and began to suck on it.

"Wish someone would do that for me," Peter whispered to both the girls.  They

giggled nervously as the second man removed the woman's panties and began to

lick her pussy.

Peter moved his hands to both women's legs and began moving them up until he

felt his hand in their crotches.  He began to slowly massage his hand up and

down as the ladies both spread their legs a little to allow his hands access.

Soon, Garloynn's hand was rubbing up and down on Peter's cock.  She could feel

it beginning to swell as they watched the three actors on the screen.  The

woman was sucking on the cock of a man kneeling in front of her and she was

being fucked by the guy in the back.  Janis's hand slid over to Peter's leg

and began to move up toward his cock.  Peter knew it would just be a second

before both ladies discovered that they were playing with his body.  There was

hesitation, as both ladies' hands touched lightly.  Movement stopped by both

ladies but they left their hands where they were.  Peter increased the

pressure of his hands rubbing their pussy's through their pants.  He raised

his hand up to the button on Garolynn's pants and loosened it.  The zipped

almost unzipped itself as he barely had to help it.  She began to rub his cock

again and he began to unbutton Janis's pants.

Peter looked around, now, as his eyes had become accustomed to the darkness.

There were four other people in the theater, all men.  They were all sitting

in front of he and the two girls.  He slipped his hand inside Garolynn's pants

and found her clit with this finger.  She let out a slight moan and began to

rub his cock harder.  He took his other hand and put it around Janis shoulder

and began to massage her breast, lightly pinching her nipple.  Janis's hand

began playing with Peter's balls and the girls hands were touching at

intervals in this playing.  Neither were hesitating now and both were having

slight quickness of breath.  Garolynn's pussy was wet with desire having Peter

playing with her clit was driving her crazy.  Janis's nipple was hard as a

rock.  Garolynn began unzipping Peter's fly and soon had his cock out in her

hand.  She began slowly moving her hand up and down, jacking it off slowly.

Janis had turned and was watching Garolynn play with Peter's hard dick.  Peter

had pulled her blouse up and was cupping her breast in his hand, slowly

kneading it and rubbing her nipple with his fingers.  As Janis watched

Garolynn play with Peter's cock, one of the men in the movie began moaning

loudly and starting cumming all over the actresses ass as he pulled his dick

from her pussy.  That done, the other began cumming on her face as she

alternately sucked and jacked him off.  Slowly, Janis leaned over and began to

suck on Peter's cock.  It tasted so good.  She had waited for this for a long

time and she could feel Garolynn continue to slowly jack him off.  Garolynn

leaned over to watch Janis blow Peter.  She had never participated in a

threesome and was intrigued to have seen two blow jobs on the screen and was

now witnessing a live one right here in the theater.

Chapter 5

There were several vignettes left in the movie.  The next one consisted of two

men and a lady.  As the scene started, the woman was on her knees, sucking on

both of men's cocks.  When the cocks were hard, one man moved to her rear.

The man in the front got down on his knees and the woman bent over still

sucking on his throbbing hardon, while the man in the back began to fuck her

wildly.  Suddenly, the woman said to the man in the back, "I want you to fuck

him in the ass."  The two men got up and walked to a table where the first man

leaned on the table with his arms in a bent over position.  The woman spread

his cheeks and began tonguing his asshole.  When she felt he was wet enough,

she turned to the second man and sucked on his dick for a little while,

jacking the man off leaning against the table.  She then guided the cock she

was sucking to the other man's asshole and watched as the first man began

entering him.  Then she quickly ducked under the man leaning on the table and

began sucking his cock as she played with the first man's balls.  The man

fucking began stroking harder and faster.  She kept sucking on the cock of the

man being fucked.  As the man doing the fucking started to cum, she jerked his

cock from the first man's ass and began jacking it off and sucking the cum

leaping out of the slit in its head.  She got cum all over her face and in her

mouth as she sucked him dry.  Then she moved to the second man and, as he

stood up, began to blow him.  He began cumming in big spurts as she sucked and

jacked up off.  It was a hot scene with cum flying on her tits, face and in

her mouth.  The scene ended with her alternately sucking both cocks as they

began to soften.  Jism was all over her body and she would pick up long

strings of it and suck it in her mouth as she continued to blow the two men.

"Oh God, I'm hot," whispered Janis. "How can she suck a cock that came out of

somebody's ass like that?"  "Did that turn you on?" Peter whispered as his

hand began to massage Janis's clit again.  "Oh yeah, Peter be careful," Janis

responded.  "You could get me over the hill without even trying - and you know

what THAT means."  Garolynn began massaging Peter's cock again while he was

playing with her tits.  She had great tits, large but not saggy and nipples

that got hard as rocks.  While Peter had not seen them yet, he could imagine

sucking those nipples to hardness.

The next scene was two women with one guy.  Both women had big tits and both

appeared to love sex, any kind of sex.  The scene opened with the bigger woman

eating the smaller woman's pussy.  She was sucking on the clit and the smaller

woman, with dark hair, was a quickly on the verge of cumming.  A man entered

the room, obviously the husband of the dark haired woman.  He quickly stripped

and moved to a position where the dark haired woman could suck his cock.  This

man had a big cock, about 12" long and big around.  As it grew during the

sucking process, Janis whispered, "My God, can she take all that?"  It didn't

seem a problem for the dark haired woman.  Several thrusts of his cock in her

mouth had his balls banging on her chin.  She was in an orgasmic state with

him fucking her mouth and the blonde woman sucking on her clit.  The blonde

woman had inserted 4 fingers into the dark haired woman's cunt and was pumping

her wildly.  As the scene changed, both women began sucking on this man's

tool.  First one then the other deepthroated him and then began to suck, one

on each side, as they played with his balls.  The blonde woman bent over on

the bed and the man kneeled behind her as the dark haired woman guided his

cock into her pussy.  He began thrusting and the dark haired woman began

playing with his balls and kissing his chest.  Several times the man removed

his cock and the dark haired woman would deepthroat it.  This drew quick

breaths from Garolynn and he could feel Janis shudder as he continued to play

with her clit.  The man said, "Now I am going to fuck your ass, but first lick

it to lube it up."  The dark haired woman deepthroated him and then began to

lick the blonde woman's asshole.  When is was wet, she deepthroated that cock

one more time and eased it up to the woman's anus.  He slowly inserted it as

the darkhaired woman bent over and applied spit to his tool, massaging his

balls with her hand.  When he was fully in the blonde woman, he began

thrusting as the darkhaired woman continued to play with his balls and kiss

him.  He pulled out of the blonde woman's ass a couple of times and the dark

haired woman would deepthroat him again.  Peter switched from playing with

Janis's clit to Garolynn's during this action and Garolynn began to softly

breath faster.  Finally, the man would switch from ass to pussy to ass several

different times and you could see that he was ready to cum.  He pulled it out

of the blonde's ass the last time and both girls began sucking on his cock as

he came in big spurts.  There was jism in each girls hair, on their faces and

they kissed and exchanged jism with their tongues as he finished cumming.  He

bent over backwards and the blonde began sucking on the softening cock while

the dark haired woman began to lick his balls and tongued his asshole.

"We gotta get out of here," whispered Garolynn.  "I'm getting so horny."  She

spread her legs a little further letting Peter have better access to her clit.

She was so wet, he hand was fairly sliding up and down her cunt.  Janis was

feeling left out and moved over to begin playing with Peter's cock.  With both

ladies' hands on his cock, Peter was beginning to wonder if he could prevent

himself from cumming a second time.

The third scene was three women making love.  There were dildoes, fingers and

tongues in pussies, assholes and mouths.  The two ladies could not believe

their eyes for neither of them had envisioned making love to another woman.

"Well, lets try that when we get home," Peter suggested.  The two girls

giggled and Peter took that as a yes!

The last scene was the "orgy" scene.  Cocks going in and out of assholes,

mouths; jism flying through the air and faces covered with cum.  Both girls

were wiggling in their seats by now and Peter had come close to cumming about

three different times.  He had to tell Janis to slow down twice and had gotten

three fingers in Garolynn's pussy before she made him quit.

It was time to go and they all three buttoned up their pants and straightened

themselves up before looking around and getting up.  They fairly raced to the

parked car.  "Lets get home, NOW!" screamed Garolynn.  As they arrived at the

hotel, Garolynn was giving Peter a blow job and Peter was rubbing Janis's

pussy through her levis while playing with Garolynn's tits.  "God, if people

could see us now!" said Peter.  Garolynn sat up, wiped her face and Peter

tucked his cock in his pants.  Janis pulled up to the parking place and they

all jumped out of the car and raced to Garolynn's room.  Upon entering the

room, clothes were flying everywhere.  Janis leaped at Peter's mouth and they

began a deep, tongue probing kiss.  Garolynn began massaging Peter's cock and

as it came to life, she began to suck on it.  None of the lights had been

dimmed and as Janis and Peter broke their kiss, Janis began watching Garolynn

suck on Peter's swollen member.  She had never actually seen a woman give a

man a blow job, nor anything else for that matter.  "Come join me," Garolynn

said with an inviting grin.  Janis was a little taken back but as Peter

offered her his cock, she quickly took it into her mouth.  She could taste

Garolynn's saliva and she began to suck and play with Peter's balls.  Peter

was thrusting in and out of her mouth, going deeper and deeper down her

throat.  Peter pulled his member from her mouth and Garolynn began sucking on

it as Janis continued to play with his balls.  Peter was in orbit, watching

two women suck his cock and play with his balls.  He slowly walked over to the

bed and sat on the edge as Garolynn continued to suck his dick.  Janis began

kissing him on the mouth and his hand found her wet pussy.  Juices were

running down both legs as he laid back on the bed and brought her pussy to his

mouth.  She straddled his face as he began to tongue her clit.  Her breaths

were starting to come in short gasps and moans were beginning to escape from

her lips.  Peter was beginning to stiffen as Garolynn was running her mouth up

and down his cock.  He could feel her mouth reach the base of his cock and her

tongue would venture out and tickle his balls.  "God, what a cocksucker," he

thought to himself.

He needed to move in order to keep from cumming and rolled Janis off his face.

He moved down to Janis's cunt and continued licking her clit.  Peter guided

Garolynn up to Janis's cunt and she began to lick Janis's pussy.  Janis began

moaning more loudly.  Peter began inserting fingers in her cunt as Garolynn

kept flicking her clit with her tongue.  Peter began rhythmically finger

fucking Janis as her moaning began to get louder.  Her pelvis began to gyrate

to the movement of Peter's hand.  Peter guided Garolynn's hand to Janis's

pussy and slowly removed his fingers.  Garolynn hesitated slightly as Peter

inserted two of her fingers in Janis's pussy.  Janis was beginning to buck

wildly as Peter left.  Garolynn could feel Peter's tongue on her pussy as she

bent over the bed licking, sucking and finger fucking Janis.  She began to

feel the knot of passion boil up in her abdomen.  Her breathing began to

shorten as she began to pay less and less attention to Janis.  Janis's moaning

began to subside a little as Garolynn's breathing began becoming faster and

the movements of her tongue were not as well coordinated.  Suddenly, Garolynn

felt Peter's cock enter her cunt.  She had been waiting for this all evening

and she began to buck against his thrusting.  Janis raised herself to see

Peter fucking Garolynn, a sight she had never seen in real life.  She moved to

Garolynn's rear so she could watch Peter's cock slide in and out of Garolynn's

hot, wet cunt.  She was so hot that she began to unconsciously massage her

clit and finger herself.  Peter removed his cock and thrust it at Janis's

mouth.  She took him into her mouth tasting the juices of Garolynn.

Chapter 6

Janis began to sit up as she watched Garolynn fistfuck her.  She had never

seen that before and found it interesting that something as big as a fist

could be in her cunt and still provide the pleasure that she was deriving.

Peter noticed Janis watching Garolynn and said, "OK, so now that we have all

finally cum, lets play fantasy and do whatever someone else wishes, as long as

it doesn't hurt either party, OK?"  The girls thought a minute and then both

agreed.  They checked the clock on the TV set and it was only 10 pm so Peter

said, "Janis, what would you like to see?"  Janis thought a minute.  "I don't

know," she said.  "I guess I would like to see two guys sucking and fucking

but we don't have that situation.  How about if you fist fuck Garolynn.  If I

like what I see, maybe you can fist fuck us both."  "OK, but you'll have to

get her juices flowing," Peter said.

"I...I don't know," Janis began.  "Oh, for Pete's sake, you just sucked her

pussy a few minutes ago.  What's the matter.  You surely know how to heat a

woman up, you are one you know," Peter stated matter of factly.  Garolynn

raised herself off the floor and sat on the edge of the bed.  Janis moved her

head between Garolynn's legs and slowly began to suck and flick her tongue

across Garolynn's clit.  "That's good," Peter said.  Garolynn began moving

slowly against Janis's motions.  She placed her hands on Janis's head and

moved it up and down her pussy as she watched Janis tongue her love hole and

clit.  Peter moved to Janis's left and began inserting fingers into Garolynn's

love hole.  First one, two, finally four.  Janis was still licking Garolynn's

clit as Peter slowly, rythmically finger fucked her.  Garolynn was lying back

on the bed now with her pussy fully exposed at the edge of the bed.  Janis was

sucking on the clit and Peter was fucking her pussy.  Garolynn felt Peter's

thumb enter her asshole as he continued the motions that were beginning to

bring the knot of climax to her stomach.  She could feel the juices running

down her ass as they flowed out of her pussy.  Janis tongue was driving her

crazy and the combined motion was something she had not felt before.  Suddenly

there was a sharp pain in her cunt.  She cried out, but the pain subsided

almost immediately.  She could feel his fist in her.  Janis quit licking her

pussy as she watched Peter fist fuck Garolynn.  Janis could not believe that

Garolynn would accept that large fist in her cunt without cries of protest,

yet Garolynn was gyrating her hips in unison with Peter's thrusts.  Peter's

arm went in Garolynn up to his wrist and she noticed all the fluids leaking

from Garolynn's hot cunt.  Garolynn began to cum.  Her hips were gyrating with

each thrust Peter made.  Janis had never seen this before and she was amazed.

"Put some fingers in her ass," Janis whispered.  Peter rubbed his fingers in

the juices flowing from Garolynn's cunt and slowly inserted 1 then 2 and then

three fingers in Garolynn's rectal orifice.  He moved both hands to her hip

gyration as she began moaning louder and louder.  "Play with her tits and

nipples as she starts cumming," Peter suggested.  Janis continued to watch

Peter fist fuck Garolynn as she squeezed those mammaries that she had envied

when they fell from their restraints.  She noticed that Peter had inserted a

fourth finger into Garolynn's ass and was fucking both holes as Garolynn

thrust against them.  Garolynn began to stiffen as she approached another

climax.  Juices began running down Peter's arm as Garolynn became lost in the

rippling from her mons to her tits and back down to her toes.  Her toes were

opening and closing now as she bucked wildly against Peter's hands.  As Janis

watched, Peter inserted his whole hand in Garolynn's ass and was fist fucking

both her ass and her pussy at the same time.  Garolynn was rigid now, sucking

little short breaths and bucking with short little strokes.  She didn't even

notice that she had two fist in her orifices and that Janis was watching the

whole thing.  She didn't care.  All she cared about was the rippling flames

running up and down her body.  She was wild with emotion.  All her nerves were

screaming at her.  She started down and began to notice Janis transfixed

looking at her crotch.  She was a little uncomfortable as she sat up and then

noticed that Peter had a fist in each of her holes.  They felt good and she

wished that he would not quit, but he slowly extracted them as she rose from

the bed.  "Oh God, that was good," Garolynn stammered.  "I have never seen a

blow job up close.  Can I watch Janis blow you?" she asked Peter.  "I guess

so.  Is that OK, Janis?"  Janis blushed.  "Well, I haven't ever performed for

anyone before, but..."  "No buts," Garolynn giggled.  "I want to watch you

suck him off so he cums in your mouth and you swallow it.  His cum tastes so

good, I may help you."  "OK," said Janis.  "Are you ready, Peter?"  "I hope

so.  I'm going to watch too, at least until I can't stand it any longer!!"

Peter sat on the edge of the bed as Janis scooted between his legs.  Garolynn

rested her chin on one or Peter's knees as Janis began working on Peter's

crotch.  She raised his flaccid cock and began to lick and suck on his balls,

slowly stroking the flaccid cock up and down.  Garolynn watched Janis's tongue

lick Peter's balls and sweep down toward his asshole.  She sucked in one of

his balls at a time making slurping sounds as she did so.  Garolynn watched as

Peter's cock began to gorge itself with blood and become hard.  She had never

watched someone give a blow job in real life and she had never closely watched

a man's cock turn from a flaccid penis to a hardon.  She was beginning to get

turned on.  She could feel the fluids start flowing in her pussy.  She

reminded herself that she was watching and not participating.  She looked at

Peter's eyes as he watched Janis move her tongue up his now hard cock and

begin licking the head of his penis.  She noticed the look of enjoyment that

he had and determined she would what she could to keep such a look on his

face.   She thought back on their first meeting that day and how they had

quickly become such good friends, the three of them.

Janis was sucking on Peter's cock now.  Janis enjoyed sucking Peter's cock.

It wasn't too big, six or seven inches at the most and she didn't have too

much trouble taking the whole thing in her mouth.  She thought about the man

she had seen in the movie they had been to.  She could never have taken a dick

that big in her mouth.  Peter's cock was becoming harder now and she noticed

that he was beginning to breath a little faster.  She licked the head of his

penis and looked up at him watching her give him a blow job.  She glanced at

Garolynn who was watching her intently.  She had never done any of the things

that had happened over the last two days and was amazed that she could

willingly do any of this.  As Peter's cock became harder, she knew he was

about ready to cum.  She could feel the juices flowing in her cunt as she

became excited, wanting him to cum in her mouth.  She like the taste of his

cum and she like pleasing him.  She liked Garolynn too, and was excited that

the friendships had worked out this way.  She began sucking harder on Peter's

cock, anticipating his cumming.  Peter was breathing quickly now and his cock

was rock hard.  She knew an explosion was imminent.  "Aaahhhh," Peter sighed

as he lay back on the bed.  Sperm leapt into her mouth as his cock began

throbbing.  There wasn't much jism left to coat her mouth as Peter had already

cum three times during the night, but she enjoyed what his cock could feed

her.  She swallowed his cum and kept sucking on his swollen member as it grew

soft in her mouth.  "Oh, that was great, Janis," Peter whispered.  "You give a

great blow job."  She looked up at Peter with a grin and turned toward

Garolynn.  Garolynn's mouth met hers and they kissed in a long slow kiss.

Garolynn' tongue was exploring Janis's mouth, seeking out some of Peter's cum

for her own taste.  As their lips parted, Janis was a bit taken back.  She had

never kissed another woman like that and didn't know what to think about her

apparent involuntary return of her kiss.

"You are an expert," Garolynn said as she licked her lips where some of

Peter's cum had rubbed off from Janis's mouth.  "Where did you learn to do

that?"  "My first husband," Janis replied.  "He made me suck his cock right

after we were married.  He liked to get sucked off and we would practice a

lot.  His sperm tasted way different that Peter's.  When I got divorced, I

dated several men.  Sometimes I would suck them off rather than fuck them.  I

found that most men like to be sucked off and if I swallowed the sperm, they

appreciated it more.  I'm no expert, but I suppose I have sucked 3 or 4

different men off over the last several years.  I have gotten to where I

really enjoy sucking men off, albeit some men's sperm taste far better than

others."  "My, that's quite a summary of your sex life," replied Garolynn.

"Well, we're all friends here, aren't we?" asked Janis.  "At least I hope so

as we have each played with the other's sexual fantasies here for the last

couple of hours."  "My husband was not nearly as sexually oriented as your

first husband, I guess," said Garolynn.  "He fucked me about once a week but

would never consider oral sex.  He thought it was dirty, or something.  Since

our divorce, I have had some experience with other men, but not in the oral

department, like you Janis.  I have had men please me orally, but that was a

new experience just a few years ago.  I have sucked on men's cocks but,

believe it or not, Peter was the first person to cum in my mouth just this

afternoon.  I was surprised by the amount of cum and the taste, although I

must admit, Peter, it didn't taste as bad as I thought it would.  But then

Janis says everybody is different, so maybe I started at the top of the taste

pile," she giggled.  "I have never made love to a woman before today and

really had negative feelings about it.  However, while I would not say it is

my preference, I enjoyed making love to you Janis.  You are a treat to watch

when you are cumming.  I knew that was you this afternoon, but I couldn't be

sure until you came tonight.  I wish I could get into it that well.  When I

cum, its good, don't get me wrong; but when you cum, your whole body is in it.

Its like you are in some other world.  And Peter, you are a great partner.

Chapter 7

When the phone rang, Garolynn jumped from the bed.  "Hello," she said.  "Thank

you."  "That was the wakeup call.  Its 6:30."  The three of them looked at

each other's naked bodies.  All of a sudden, they all began kissing one

another.  "Thank you for a very wonderful evening, ladies," Peter said to both

the women.  "And thank you too," they both chimed in almost simultaneoulsly.

The girls both giggled and Peter began laughing.  He reached up and stroked

Garolynn's tits, "Those are mighty fine mammaries," he joked.  "Big or small,"

as he squeezed Janis's nipples, "I like them all."  "Can we do this again?" he

asked.  "Well, we've got tonight and tomorrow night," giggled Garolynn.  "I'll

look for another movie," laughed Janis.

"Well, I better get out of here and get my clothes changed, shower and do all

that man stuff, before breakfast.  Lets discuss this a little later.  We have

to be careful for Janis because there are a lot of people here that know her

husband.  You can probably approach her more easily than I can Garolynn, but I

have to be extra careful," said Peter.  "Please do," said Janis.  "I don't

want a divorce or any other problems."  "OK, OK, you two.  Janis and I can

become friends and no one will be the wiser.  If any moves have to be made,

I'll make them and people will just think you and I are screwing around with

one another."  laughed Garolynn.  "OK, see you all at the meeting," Peter said

slipping on his shoes.

Peter slowly eased out the door, checking up and down the hallway as he left.

"Gosh, I had a good time last night," Garolynn admitted to Janis.  "Me too,"

Janis replied.  "I better get next door and take a shower."  "Why don't you

take one with me," Garolynn offerred.  "But, I won't have any clean clothes,"

said Janis.  "Look, we have a connecting door," said Garolynn.  "You just go

into your room, open your door and we can go between."  "OK," said Janis.  She

quickly slipped on her levis, without putting on her panties, pulled her

sweatshirt over her head and grabbed her key.  She slipped through the door,

opened hers and made sure it was shut before she opened the door to Garolynn's

room.  Garolynn was standing there, naked as a jay bird, as Janis opened the

door.  Garolynn turned and walked into her bathroom as Janis began to remove

her clothes.  When Janis got to the shower, Garolynn was already in.  Janis

tenatively pulled back the shower curtain and slipped in.  Garolynn offered

her the soap.  Janis began to soap her body as she watched Garolynn rubbing

her breasts.  Janis was a little jealous of Garolynn's breasts because hers

were so little.  She reached out and began to soap Garolynn's breasts.  As she

did, Garolynn brought her mouth down on Janis's.  They had a long, slow kiss,

each other's tongues darting in and out of the other's mouth.  The shower

water rinsed the soap from Garolynn's breasts as Janis brought her mouth down

to Garolynn's nipples.  The nipples hardened immeadiately as Janis adroitly

massaged them with her mouth and tongue.  Janis found her hand moving to

Garolynn's crotch where it found the pink bud of Garolynn's clit.  Garolynn

moaned as Janis began rubbing the swollen patch of flesh.  Janis raised her

head and kissed Garolynn on the mouth again, their tongues intertwining.

She continued to run G 's clit as she slowly worked herself down on her knees

and began to suck and run her tongue across the sensitive love bud that G

supported in that slit.  G  was moaning and J  began to taste the love juices

dripping from the cunt she was licking.  Although she had licked G  before,

this was the first time that she had done it alone with G  and she had not

been all hot and bothered before she started.  She found this a little

disconcerting since she had never considered herself as a "bi" prior to this

episode.  Now that she was with G , she wondered if she really was what people

considered "bi."  She sucked on G 's clit and began to finger fuck the cunt

that she was licking.  G  had raised her leg and set her foot on the tub rim

so J  could have better access to her pussy.  J 's tongue proved to be as

skilled as her lips.  She had G  writhing within a few minutes and with her

stomach knotted up, hips thrusting she came.  J  continued to pump her fingers

in and out of G 's pussy as she came.  J 's lips and tongue sucked and flicked

the sensitive clit until G  was wringing wet with sweat.  She came three times

in less than two minutes.  She had never done that before but found herself

loving the attention that J  was giving her.  She took J 's head in her hands

and drew her face to her waiting lips.  They kissed long and hard.  Their

tongues ran around each other's mouth, G  tasting the her own love juices from

J 's lips and mouth.  J  noted that G 's tits had become hard and were pushing

hard against her own.  This caused a twinge of excitement to push her nipples

into the hard tits that were pressing against hers.  "I don't know what is

going on her," J  breathed into G 's ear, but this is almost as good as

getting fucked by some man with a hard cock."  G  grunted in agreement as her

hand found J 's clit.  J  practically jumped off the tub floor as a flame of

passion swept from her toes to her throat.  She groaned loudly as she mashed

her lips to G 's.  She felt G 's fingers invade her cunt and she exploded in a

climax as her juices ran down her leg.  "Oh God," she moaned as she bucked

against G 's fingers moving in an out of her pussy.  "I don't know if I will

ever be the same after this week."  "Me either," said G  as the two women

clung to each other regaining the strength to finish this shower.

They rinsed one another off and stepped from the tub, turning off the water.

They began to dry themselves.  "Why have we been able to just turn ourselves

into practically nymphomaniacs during this week?" asked J .  "I don't know,"

said G .  "This is the most sex I have had in months.  I know these breasts

attract men like flies, but I mostly just turn them away.  Sometimes I like to

tease men with them - I wear some low cut outfit with no bra underneath and

watch men's eyes jump out of their heads.  Men are so stupid sometimes."  "I

know, I wish I had a set like that.  People look at me and think I don't have

a tit one.  It used to really bother me but I finally quit trying to grow

bigger and just accepted the fact.  P  is the first person I know of that

hasn't said a word about them.  He just seems to accept me the way I am." J

replied.  "Yeah, he never has really gawked at me either.  I tried to get his

attention several times but he was always pleasant without really making me

feel like he wanted to squeeze my tits.  Matter of fact, since we have been

making love this week, I'm not sure that he has paid them any attention.

That's kind of unique.  Most of the men I have made love with - and that's not

many by the way - have tried to squeeze the damn things off my chest.  P 's

pretty unusual." G  smiled.  "Yeah, I know," J  said with a far away look in

her eyes.  "He is the first man I have ever had an extramarital affair with.

He never pushed me.  He just looked into my eyes one day in a meeting and I

knew he knew he could have me.  We had casual touches and he flirted with me

over the phone until I practically ran over him trying to get him to make love

to me."  "Well, I've tried to get his attention several times to no avail."

said G .  "Had it not been for the other night at the restuarant, I probably

still would be trying.  He's nice, I like him.  And he is pretty intelligent

too.  Whenever he says something, I find myself listening.  He is a bit

critical at times and I think he should keep his mouth shut once in a while.

He does have good points most of the time but people have to be careful about

what they say in this outfit.  Criticism is not high on the list of the things

that one should be doing.  It sounds like there is more to your relationship

than just sex and friendship though?"

"Well, I don't know," said J  as she put on her bra and began stepping into

her panties.  "Maybe its just infatuation, but God, there is sure something

there.  I just want to grab him and put him somewhere where no one else will

find him.  When he makes love to me, I go completely beserk.  He takes me over

heights that I have never been to before.  When he gets me going, there is

nothing I wouldn't do.  I bet if he got me all heated up, I would fuck every

man at this convention if he wanted me to.  I just can't explain the way I

feel about him."  "Well, I have to admit, he is one hell of a lover.  He sure

doesn't have a big cock so we can't blame it on that.  He just says and does

all the right things and just about breaks you in two with a climax.  You,

God, I wish I could cum like you do.  I mean I have some orgasms but what I

watch you do makes mine look like I never cum.  Is P  the only one that makes

you do that?" asked G .  "So far, yes.  But then my love life has not been one

of thousands of guys.  Maybe five or six."  "Me too, I think.  My husband, a

boyfriend before that and two guys since I've been divorced.  I have to be

kind of careful with my daughter and, since I leave her with my ex when I go

anywhere or stay overnight, he always knows what I'm up to.  Not that he would

do anything.  We're pretty good friends, we just can't live with one another."

said G .

"I have to go get dressed," said J .  "Wait just a few minutes and meet me in

the hall and we'll go down to the meeting together.  Want any breakfast?"  "No

answered G .  "See you in a few minutes.

Chapter 8

When the girls got the Janis's car, Peter was already there waiting.  The

girls had on loose fitting sun dresses and Garolynn plainly was wearing no

bra.  They all got in the car and headed toward a drive in restaurant that

Garolynn had suggested.  The meeting had run longer than anticipated and it

was already 6:30 pm.  All three were famished and all they wanted was a

hamburger, fries and something to drink.  As they gulped down their food, they

wandered toward the theater that Garolynn had picked out from the newspaper.

It was a run down looking affair that both girls agreed they would not enter

unless Peter was with them but since he was there, they all three went in.

Again, there was a sign that said escorted ladies were free so the girls got

in for nothing.  Peter paid the $6.00 fee and they went to the theater door.

As they entered, the saw the theater had small dim lights allowing them to see

the seating was in couches that were scattered about  with a large isle down

the middle.  There were 8 or 10 people in the theater, most of which were

sitting in the back rows on either side of the door.

Peter led them to a couch on the right side.  There was a large arm chair next

to the couch on the left side and in front was another couch in which a man

was stretched out with his feet on the couch in front of him.  The three sat

down and began to look around.  Almost immediately, a man from the back of the

room came and sat in the chair next to the couch.  Janis was sitting nearest

the man, although about 2 feet away.  There was much more light in this

theater and it didn't take long before one could look around and see

practically everybody there.  On the screen, two guys were screwing a woman,

one in the back and one had his cock buried in her mouth.  She was moaning as

each man pumped the orifice to which his cock was attached.  The man in back

pulled his cock from her vagina and came all over her ass.  It was a large cum

shot with cum spurting from the end of his cock nearly to her head.  Cum ran

all down her ass.  The man in front then blew his load all over her face as

she attempted to take as much of it as she could get in her mouth.  As the

last man finished cumming another couple wandered into the room on the screen.

The lady was leading the man by his cock.  He had a very large cock, 12 or so

inches long and very big around.  Janis leaned over to Peter and whispered, "I

bet that would rip me in two."  As she turned back to the screen, she noticed

the man sitting in the chair had his cock out and was jacking himself off.

"She began to watch him, out of the side of her eye, as the two women on the

screen began giving this new man a blow job.  One would suck his cock while

the other would lick his balls, ass or tits.  Suddenly, another man came over

to the man sitting in the chair and began to give the man in the chair a blow

job.  Janis darn near leapt into Peter's lap.  "Look at what is happening

right next to me," Janis whispered nervously.  "Well, you told me last night

you wanted to see two guys suck each other off," said Peter under his breath.

Suddenly the man in the chair slightly arched his back and Janis could see

that he was cumming.  Garolynn watched as the man kneeling on the floor

continued to suck the seated man off.  Soon it was over and both men got up

and moved away.  The two women on the screen were both sucking on that huge

cock, one on each side.  Suddenly, sperm shot from the end of the cock.  Both

women leaned forward trying to catch strings of jism in their mouths.  They

were both partially successful as sperm hit them in the mouth, nose and eyes.

It was a messy cum scene with both ladies getting a facial bath of cum.

The next scene was a party scene.  Couples were dancing to gently music.

Hands were seen massaging breasts and cocks as couples swayed across the dance

floor.  One couple found a set of stairs and began kissing .  Soon, he was

standing on steps high enough so that the girl was sucking his cock.  As she

sucked his cock, she removed his pants.  This seemed to set off a rash of

clothes removal and soon there were 10 couples naked in the room.  One woman

was sucking another woman's pussy as she was being fucked by a man.  The other

woman was being face fucked as a cock plunged in and out of her mouth.  Two

women were jacking another man off, one woman perched over the head of the

man's cock waiting for him to cum.  The remaining man was finger fucking the

woman sucking the man standing on the stairs.

A couple entered the theater and seated themselves in the couch in front of

Peter, Janis and Garolynn.  She had on a very short skirt and a tube top.

They watched the movie and as men began cumming on various parts of women's

bodies on the screen, the woman in front of Garolynn leaned over and said

something to the man who had been seated on the couch when the couple arrived.

She then leaned forward and unzipped the man's pants and began to suck on his

cock.  Garolynn began squirming.  "This woman is blowing this man right in

front of me," she whispered to Peter.  The man slid her tube top down and

began playing with her tits.  The man that had come in with her got off the

couch behind her and began to fuck her.  "Christ, this is better than the

movie," Garolynn giggled.  Janis, Peter and Garolynn leaned forward and

watched as the three continued fucking and sucking not 5 feet away.  Garolynn

felt a hand sliding her dress up her leg and a finger found her clit.  She

whimpered quietly as she continued to watch the lady in front of her suck the

dick of the man sprawled across the couch.  She could see the cock of the man

who entered with the woman plunging in and out or her cunt.  The woman's tits

were not as big as hers but as they hung there being pulled, massaged and

played with, they took on a larger size than they probably were.  The man

being blown stiffened as he began cumming in the woman's mouth.  "NNNnnngggggg

- uh," they heard the man grunt.  The woman kept sucking on the cock as the

man at her rear increased his thrusts.  Soon, a small grunt could be heard

from him as he shot his load up her cunt.  The man sat back on the couch.  The

woman pulled down her skirt and sat back on the couch.  She turned and smiled

at Peter as he reached up and felt her breasts.  They were small breasts but

felt firm and smooth.  Garolynn was going wild as Peter's finger furiously

rubbed her clit.  She came in bursts, trying to pull Peter's finger into her


As Janis leaned back on the couch, she saw another man sitting in the chair

next to the couch.  He had a tremendous hard on.  She was tempted to reach

over and touch it, but refrained.  She felt a hand on her knee and moved over

toward Peter.  "Peter," Janis whispered.  "This man is bothering me."  Peter

grabbed the man's hand, "Take a hike," Peter said firmly to the man.  The man

scurried to the back of the theater.  "I bet you would have like to lick that

dick," Peter teased.  Janis grabbed his cock through his pants and gave a

quick twist.  "Ow," giggled Peter.

Two women on the screen were making love to one another.  One woman was

sucking on the other's clit.  She had a big dildo stuffed in her pussy and was

moving it in and out as she sucked on the clit.  As the woman came, the other

rose and placed her pussy on the woman lying on the bed.  The woman began

licking and sucking on the pussy that was nearly smothering her.  Juices began

running down the woman's legs as she approached climax.  Soon she began

gyrating wildly, as each flick of the tongue on her clit drove her to ecstacy.

Janis's mouth was dry at the end of the scene.  She didn't know how to react.

She had just watched two women making love to one another and nearly came as

the screen enacted what she had not considered until just the previous day.

Coupled with the two men blowing each other, the woman fucking and sucking

right in front of her, she could hardly stand herself.  She looked over at

Garolynn and noticed that Garolynn's skirt was raised up so her pussy could be

seen by anyone who looked.  Peter's hand as slowly flicking her clit as

Garolynn involuntarily thrust her hips into his flicking finger.  Janis was

going crazy.  She had seen so much sex in the last half or three quarters of

an hour that if she didn't cum soon she thought her stomach would explode.

All she needed was for Peter to flick her clit like he was doing to Garolynn.

She grasped Peter's hand and moved it toward her pussy.  As he touched her

thigh, she started to moan softly.  Peter quickly moved his hand away.  "Do

you want everyone in the theater to be over here as you cum?" Peter asked.  "I

don't really care right now," Janis whispered.  "All I want to do is cum."

The girl in front turned around and grinned.

"Do you want to invite them to our room?" asked Peter quietly.  "No," said

Janis.  "Who knows what you might catch!"  "You're right," said Peter

dismissing the idea.  Garolynn began to moan softly as she came again under

Peter's fingering.  "Oh God, Peter,  I have to do something," said Janis.  A

woman on the screen was giving a giant cock a blow job.  As Janis looked at

the screen, the man began to come wildly.  Semen squirted all over the woman's

face.  It ran down her chest as he finished squirting on her tits.  She raised

her left breast to her mouth and licked the cum from its nipple.  The man

moved to her slit and began to lick the clit.  Juices were flowing from her

cunt as her hips began to gyrate wildly to the movements of his tongue.

Screams began issuing from her lips as she began to cum.  Juices flowed across

the face of the man sucking her pussy as she flailed wildly to spasms shooting

through her hips.  Janis was so wet that she felt the wet spot soaking through

the dress that covered her pussy.  She raised the dress as she began massaging

the swollen clit that ached in her crotch.  Peter grabbed her hands as

Garolynn and he guided her from the theater.  Janis could hardly make it to

the car.  Janis climbed into the back seat as Garolynn climbed in behind her.

Peter watched as Garolynn bent over and began tounging Janis's clit.  Janis

began screaming almost immediately as waves of emotion rocked her body.

Chapter 9

Back on the screen, two black men were having their cocks sucked by a white

lady.  It looked as if she really liked to suck cock.  She was deep throating

both dicks, one at a time while jacking off the other one.  Soon they

exchanged places with one man fucking her from behind and the other

continuuing to be sucked on by the white lady.  Both men were pumping away

furiously.  "How does she get that much cock in her mouth," Janis leaned over

and whispered to Peter.  "I don't know, having never suck cock before," Peter

whispered back.

"You just relax your throat and concentrate, initally.  Soon, its no problem

and you can take the biggest cock in the world," volunteered the girl sitting

in front of them with a smile.  She still had not pulled her tube top up and

was sitting there with her tits exposed.  Peter was glad that he had asked her

to have a drink, but with her response, he began to wonder if she might be

carrying some type of disease.  While not paranoid, Peter was concerned about

disease, as he knew both of his "charges" were.  "Well, while we are having a

drink, we'll discuss that," he thought to himself.

Back on the screen, the man banging away on the girl from behind, suddenly got

up and rushed to her face.  She sat up, taking both cocks in her hands.  The

man that had been fucking her from behind began to cum.  She started to suck

on his big dick, while spurts of jism escaped from her mouth and sprayed

across her face when she removed her mouth.  The other man began to jerk

himself off as the woman sucked on the other pulsating cock.  Soon, he too

began to cum.  The woman moved to his cock, but several spurts landed on her

face and neck area before she could get it in her mouth.  She had cum all over

her face as she continued to suck on the dick pumping sperm into her mouth.

As the man finished cumming, she returned to the first cock and sucked on it

longingly, back again to the second cock.  As the scene finished, she said,

"Thanks for cumming boys."  Peter's cock was so hard he could barely stand it.

He looked over at Garolynn.  Her fingers were working furiously on her pussy

and, as he noticed Peter looking at her, she giggled and leaned her head on

his shoulder.  "God, what a scene," she mumbled.  "I'm so horny I could fuck

and elephant!"  "OK, OK, lets wait for one more scene," Peter said.  "It

should be an "orgy" type scene, if I am not mistaken and then we can go get

that drink.  I think Janis invited the guy next to her for a drink, is there

anyone you might be interested in?"  Garolynn looked around the theater.  It

really wasn't light enough to see faces well or to see if there were any

"handsome" men in the theater.  She could see some guy in back of her sucking

on  the dick of the man sitting next to her.  Her eyes widened a little as

they moved down the line of the back row.  There was a guy bouncing on the lap

of another man seated in a chair.  She leaned over to Peter, "There's two guys

fucking one another in the back row and another giving a blow job!" she

exclaimed.  "Christ, we could shut off the movie and still have a show."  She

glanced back across the theater but couldn't see anything that interested her.

"I don't see anything," she told Peter.

She turned back to the screen.  Sure enough, Peter had been right.  There were

3 guys and four girls on the screen in various sexual encounters.  Two women

were giving head jobs to two of the men.  The other guy was getting sucked off

by two women, alternately.  First one would blow him for a while and then the

other.  When they weren't sucking cock, they were licking his balls or kissing

his mouth, neck, ears or nipples.  Soon, one of the women laid down on the

floor and the other put her pussy over the lower woman's mouth as she placed

her head between the woman on the floor's legs and began to lick her pussy.

The man moved to the rear of the top woman, inserted his cock in her cunt and

began to fuck her.  The woman underneath, flicked the man's balls with her

tongue as he pumped the top woman furiously.  Every once in a while, he would

remove his dick as fuck the lower woman's mouth.  Then he would put his cock

back in the cunt of the woman on top and begin fucking again.  Meanwhile one

of the other couples began fucking missionary style.  The other had the woman

on her knees and slowly inserted his cock in her anus.  Soon all three men

were fucking away furiously.  The man in the missionary position, suddenly

moved to his woman's face as she took his cock in her mouth.  He began

spurting his white love juice in her mouth as she licked up every drop.  She

made an obvious action of swallowing the cum and started to suck on his cock

as it began to go limp.  The man pumping away on the woman's ass, soon pulled

his dick out and came all over the woman's ass and back.  He jacked himself

off as his cock pumped sperm in white strings down the crack of her ass, up

her back and over the cheeks of her ass.  The man with the two women, pulled

his cock from its wet pussy hole and began spurting on the woman's tits that

was lying on the floor.  The woman who was just being fucked, turned around

and jacked the man off as he came on the pointed tits of the woman lying on

the floor.  As the scene ended, both women were taking turns sucking on his

cock and licking cum from each others lips.  The one woman would lean down and

take a tongue full of jism from the other woman's tits and they would string

it between thier tongues until one or the other would swallow it.

"Lets get out of here," whispered Janis.  "I'm about to blow up.  If I sit

around here much longer, you'll both be sorry, if you know what I mean."  "OK,

OK," Peter and Garolynn both chimed in together.  As they rose, so did the

couple in front of them.  She adjusted her tube top so it covered he tits.

The man in the seat sitting next to Janis began to rise as well.  So, there

were six wandering from the theater.  As they came to the outside, Peter

guided Garolynn and Janis toward the bar.  "Lets have a drink and talk a

while," he said to the couple and the tall man.  All three nodded and they all

moved toward the bar.

Inside, they found a large round table that would accommodate all six of them.

They all ordered bottles of beer.  "I thought you didn't drink beer," Peter

said to Janis.  "Well, normally I don't.  I probably won't finish this one

either," she said.  "Waitress," Peter called out.  "Bring that lady a glass of

white wine rather than a beer, please."  "My name is Peter,"  Peter said as he

extended his hand to the tall man sitting next to him.  "Chuck," the man

replied back.  Peter could feel in the handshake the man was no threat.  Peter

reached across the man to the shorter man with the woman.  "Peter," he said.

"Hi, I'm Randy and this is Sue," the man replied.  "This is Janis and

Garolynn," Peter said indicating the two ladies to his right.  "We are here on

business and met yesterday.  We went to an adult theater last night, sort of

on a lark, and had the wildest night we've ever had afterward.  I guess we

sort of got "caught up in it" as it were," Peter said.  "I suppose you could

say that we are "new" to anything like this and, me not being the nervous

type, I am expressing all of out fears as well as trying to make conversation.

I don't really know what to say except we are all three concerned about

disease and would like to hear what kinds of things that you all might be

anticipating.  Is that right, ladies?"  "Uh huh," Garolynn managed to stammer.

Janis just shook her head, blushing slightly.

Sue smiled at the girls and said, "Randy and I have been swinging for two

years now.  We are into almost anything that doesn't involve pain.  I am bi

and so is Randy.  We enjoy participating, watching and being watched.  Randy

particularly likes to watch me give guys head and I like to watch Randy do the

same.  Sometimes we blow the same man as a lark," she giggled.  The

conversation sort of died as each set of eyes turned to Chuck.  "I .... uh,

well I usually just go to the theater and watch the movies," he stammered.

"This is the first time anything like this has happened to me.  I often

wondered if, maybe even fantasized, it would happen.  Now that it looks like

it may, I don't quite know how to act."  Garolynn giggled as she blushed, "So,

don't you worry about disease?" she asked Sue.  "Yeah, but we try to be

careful.  Just listening to the conversation, I don't think that we have to

worry about you guys.  Randy and I both were tested last week.  The test was

clean and we haven't had sex with anyone else since then."  The beers and wine

came.  Peter paid for all of it with a twenty dollar bill.

"So, do you all want to come to our motel room?" Peter asked.  "You should

tell them that we have two rooms that are connecting," Janis chimed in.  "You

do!  I didn't know that," Peter exclaimed.  "Well, we just discovered it this

morning, after you left," Garolynn chimed in.  Peter glanced at his watch as

he took a drink from his bottle.  It was 8:30.  "We have to work tomorrow, as

I suppose you all do," Peter said.  "If we are going to do this, lets make up

our minds."

"I'm in," said Chuck.  "We are too," Sue chimed in.  They all grabbed the

beers and began to leave.  "Bring your wine with you," said Peter.  "Its just

in a plastic glass anyway."  "We'll follow you," Randy said as if speaking for

Chuck as well.  "Its the Holiday Inn in Metro Center, in case you get lost,"

said Peter.  "Go to the back side, next to the freeway.  We'll wait for

everybody there."

As they got in the car, and started toward the motel.  "Just drive more slowly

than usual," said Peter.  "If they can't follow, they know where we are."


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