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Archive-name: Casual/inflesh.txt


Archive-title: In the Flesh

A true story

      I walked off the jetway and spotted her right away.  Even though

I had a GIF picture of her, I wasn't sure if I'd know her, but there

was no doubt in my mind.  I stepped up to her and asked, "Cindy?"

      "Ed?"  She smiled at me, hesitating.  I know how she felt, I

felt the same way.  Here was this person I had been... well, intimate

with, all via computer, and now we were seeing each other in person

and still felt awkward.  I gave her a hug, and she murmured in my ear,

"It's good to hold you, finally."

      I stepped back for a moment to appraise her better.  She did

look good in person, tall and slim but with a full, shapely figure.  I

thought to myself, "I am a lucky guy."

      We were still a little nervous as we got into her car.  We

chattered about all kinds of things, not getting to the point yet. 

I'm not a kid, but I felt like I was on my first date.  I was looking

straight ahead and blathering about something I can't recall.  Then I

felt her warm hand move over onto my thigh.

      It was an electric moment, almost literally.  I felt myself

getting excited right there on the freeway.  I looked over and our

eyes met.  I knew this was going to work out fine.

      There was no more need to talk.  Her hand was stroking my leg

and making me crazy.  She was smiling over at me, like the cat eying a

canary, and her fingers were doing the walking.  Up my thigh, slowly

and softly.  And like a cat, she suddenly pounced!  I gasped for a

second, trying to maintain my decorum.  She rubbed my bulging crotch

and I swear she let out a little purr.

      With terrible timing, we came up to some traffic and she had to

shift gears.  Not wanting the moment to end, I decided it was my turn. 

My hand moved over to her leg.  It felt great through the thin cloth

of her slacks, slim and muscular.  I had wondered if she was

describing herself accurately to me on the computer.  

      You see, we had met online, on GEnie.  I'm a bit of a flirt, but

not really adventurous by nature.  I don't even remember how we became

friends, but it didn't take long before we became a lot more than

that.  We'd meet almost every night, at first in the chat area and

then moving over to Imagine*Nation, which is like chat combined with

an adventure game.  We would lock ourselves into an online hotel room

and ravish one another.  It was amazing, how realistic it felt.  She'd

rub my back and nibble my ears, and I'd lick her until she cried out

for mercy.  She told me she liked giving oral sex, and that she really

got off on swallowing.  Music to my ears, if she wasn't just getting

into a heavy fantasy trip.

      I was about to find out.

      We got to the hotel and I ran inside to check in.  Neither of us

had eaten dinner, so we decided to go out and grab a bite.  I tried to

talk her into room service, but she just laughed and told me to wait.

      We sat next to each other in a small booth, getting close and

really feeling comfortable with each other.  Still, it's different, in

person, and we still had some exploring to do.  Playfully I put my

hand back on her thigh and she let me explore for a moment before she

giggled and shooed me off.

      "It's not very dark here," she said to me in a throaty voice.

      "I know," I groaned.

      "Poor baby."

      But when the food arrived, somehow her hand found its way under

my napkin.  It was really hard to concentrate on my sandwich.  She was

just using her fingertips, running them up and down my cock.  She

toyed with my zipper for a moment, then blushed and pulled back her


      "I don't want you to have to walk out of here all hunched over,"

she whispered to me.

      "Got that right."

      Finally we got back to my hotel.  On the way up the elevator we

grabbed each other passionately.  All the way up to my floor near the

top of the hotel, our tongues explored each other.  I ran my hands up

and down her back and caressed her bottom.  A nice bottom, to be


      Panting just a little, we entered my room.  I moved to grab her

but she just skipped past me over to the window, opening the drapes.

      "Great view!"  She stood there, staring at the city spread

before us, all dark with jewels of light scattered all around.

      I nodded behind her, not looking at the buildings much.

      I walked up to her and put my arms around her waist from behind. 

I nuzzled her neck and her ears.  She sighed and relaxed into me. 

Feeling adventurous, I reached up to her breasts.  Oh lord, she had

nice ones!  Full and firm.  Keeping one hand up there, I moved my

other one down her belly.  I heard a sharp intake of breath.  A good

sign.  I moved my hand down to her groin.  It was warm.  Very warm. 

She was leaning back against me and breathing heavily.  She started

running herself against me.

      "Cindy, let's back away from the window for a minute."

      She didn't answer.  Standing in front of a window more than 20

stories above downtown, she started unbuttoning her blouse.  I helped

her.  In a flash, she was down to a pretty lace bra and matching

panties, still with her back to me and facing the window.  I unclasped

her bra and tossed it off.  Her nipples were firm against my palms.

      I knelt down and pulled off her panties.  I kissed her all over

the back of her ass and her thighs as she stood there, naked in the

window.  I reached around and rubbed her pussy.  She was incredibly

hot and wet.  She ground herself against my hand making low noises.

      Keeping one hand inside her, I peeled off my clothes.  It

wasn't easy but it sure was a good cause.  I stood up behind her and

pressed myself against her.  Somehow I wasn't all the way hard at the

moment.  Probably because of the window.  I'm not an exhibitionist,


      Cindy turned around, finally, and looked down at me.  She moved

her hands down my belly and I shivered.  She took my semi-hard shaft

in one hand and moved up and down, very softly.  We kissed deeply. 

She stroked me a little faster, then stepped back a moment.

      She smiled.  "You never can tell how big these things are going

to get!"  The she looked a little sober.  "I think you'll be a little

to big for me to take all the way in my mouth."

      I have no way of knowing how big I am.  I never considered

myself huge or anything.  But a guy doesn't have much to compare

himself with, right?  Who was I to argue with flattery.

      She knelt down and kissed the tip of my cock.  I closed my eyes

and leaned forward against the window.  She had one hand on my ass,

the other at the base of my cock.  She squeezed my cock rhythmically

while licking my knob.  Then I felt her lips move around me.  She

stroked me with her hand while nibbling me lightly.  I looked down and

saw that she was having trouble getting it in.  Inwardly I cursed. 

Then I felt her tongue on me and she started stroking me in earnest.

      "This will work," I thought.  I closed my eyes again.  Faster

and faster, with her lips at the tip and tongue working fast, she

stroked me, up and down.  I felt my knees growing weak.  This was

fantastic!  With her other hand she encouraged me to move my hips a

little.  She was stroking me, licking me...]

      "Oh god Cindy..." I said, groaning.  In a moment I was cumming. 

True to her word, she didn't back off for a second.  She kept her lips

on me, taking all my cum in her mouth, stroking me with her soft

hand, milking it all out of me.  I felt like I had never cum so hard

in my life.

      Finally, I pulled her off me.  She stood and game me a warm hug. 

We kissed, and I guess I tasted myself on her lips.  I could feel her

squirming so I started working my way down her fine body.  I sucked on

her neck, then down to her full breasts.

      "Bite them," she whispered.  I started gently nipping at her

nipples, but she said, "Harder!  I want you to bite them a lot


      I bit harder.  I never met anyone who wanted me to do that

before, but she didn't want me to be gentle at all.  I tried not to do

any permanent damage, but the harder I bit the hotter she got.  She

was gasping hard.

      I moved down, licking her belly, then knelt and put my lips to

her pussy.  She tasted nice, a mild and spicy flavor.  No time to stop

and sightsee though, she needed me and fast!  I put my lips to her

swollen clit and started working my tongue around her.

      "I don't think I can do this standing up," I heard her say.  She

lay down on the carpet and I got back to work on her.  I licked her

fast and hard, working my head around in little circles, occasionally

reaching up to pinch her nipples.  She had hold of my head and was

pressing me into her.  I licked as fast as I could.  Glancing up, I

saw her stomach tense and her back arch.  Very quicky, she came.  Her

legs began to twitch and she came again.  I kept licking her but

slowed down as she relaxed.  Finally I came up for air.

      She opened her eyes and said, "I don't usually cum that fast."

      I smiled.  "You were kinda ready, you know."

      She smiled back and we cuddled for a minute.  She started

stroking me again.

      "I don't think I'm ready yet," I told her.

      She started whispering in my ear.  "I want you to fuck me right

in the window.  I want to feel your great big cock filling me up." 

She licked my ear.  She was definitely getting my attention.  "I don't

care if anyone can see us, I want you and I want you now!"

      She was getting me, too.  Smiling, she got on her hands and

knees in the window and pulled me behind her, doggie style.  She

lifted up her ass and pulled me to her.  She was still wet, and I

entered her in a moment.  She started making noises again, so I

decided not to worry about grace and just pumped for all I was worth. 

In and out, I watched myself jam it to her soft pussy and I listened

to her moan.  She thrashed her head around and bounced her ass into


      I groaned as she leaned forward and my cock fell out of her, but

she just rolled on her back and pulled me in again.  She wrapped those

long legs around me and we both started pumping again.  She bit my

neck.  I kissed her eyes.  All the while my cock was moving in and out

like a piston in an engine.  She was making those animal noises and

all at once she came.  I kept on moving as all her muscles went tense

and her eyes rolled back.

      She smiled up at me and rolled me over, getting on top.  Sitting

straight up on my cock, she started bobbing up and down.  I looked up

at her and enjoyed the show.  Her tits were dancing there in the dim

city lights.  She looked truly fine, with her slim waist and great

round hips.  She especially looked good on my cock.  Her eyes were

closed and she was lost in the rhythm.  Then she leaned down to me and

started rubbing our bellies together.  I arched my back and lifted my

knees so I could pump into her.  She started gasping and I felt myself

getting close, too.

      "Oh Ed!"  She got off, and she got me off too.  I must have

filled her with a quart of hot cum while I felt her moaning and

writhing on me.

      By dawn, we both were exhausted and fell into a deep slumber. 

When we woke up there was no more time for fun, I had to get to the

meeting I was really in town for.  Afterward, she picked me up and

drove me to the airport.  

      I don't know when I'll get to see her again in person, but

somehow I know that when we meet online, it will be even better than

before.  And sooner or later I'll have business back in her town. 

Despite our busy night, there are plenty of things we still want to

try on each other.


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