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Archive-name: Casual/hummer.txt


Archive-title: Warrior's Dream, A

     He had just returned from a three week field operation, and being the 

typical Marine Sergeant he had only three things on his mind.  A steak dinner,

a pitcher of beer and a pretty, young female companion to share it all with.

     As he sat at his favorite table in a nearby restaurant eating his steak

dinner "she" walked in.  She had shoulder length brown hair and the most 

beautiful brown eyes he had ever seen.  She was dressed in a floral pattern

dress that accentuated her body, with black seamed hose and 4" spike heels.

From the moment he laid eyes on her, he knew that he had to do whatever it

took to get to know this beauty.

     As he thought of the best approach to take, he tentatively made his way

over to her table.  When she looked up at him with those piercing brown eyes,

he almost forgot what it was he was going to say.  Quickly regaining his 

composure, he introduced himself and said, "I just had to tell you that you

are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen".  She smiled and thanked him 

for the compliment.  She told him that she thought he was quite handsome as

well as she introduced herself to him.  He asked her if she would join him 

at his table and allow him to buy her dinner.  She accepted with a smile as

he tried to be the gentlemen and held her chair.  He pointed the way to his 

table and followed her there, all the time watching the way her rear end 

swing back and forth as she walked.

     As they ate their meal and got to know each other a little better, they

completely lost all track of time.  The next thing they knew, the waiter was

telling them that it was time for the restaurant to close.  He offered to

drive her home, all the time wishing he didn't live in the barracks so he

could invite her back to his place.  She accepted his offer with that smile

that bedazzled him.  As they drove, he kept glancing over at her and admiring

the way her black hose clad legs looked.  He could almost swear that each 

time he looked there was more leg showing as her dress rode higher up her 

thighs, but he chalked this up to his over active imagination.  When they

reached her house she invited him inside for a drink.  He jumped at the 

opportunity without a moments hesitation.

     Once inside, she poured them each a glass of wine and they sat on the 

sofa to continue their conversation from the restaurant.  As they sat talking

and staring into each others eyes, they could feel the sparks from the 

electricity that flowing within them.  He slowly leaned over and brought his

lips together with hers ever so lightly.  When she offered no resistance to

his kiss, he took the wine glass from her hand and gently set it down on the 

coffee table.  He slowly turned back and taking her head into his hands, 

returned to those luscious lips.  He felt her tongue lightly probing his lips

and opened his mouth so that his tongue could meet hers.  

     As their tongues jockeyed for position with each other he gently began

to caress her back and slowly worked his way down to the firmness of her 

buttocks.  He lovingly squeezed her ass before moving his hand back up and

around her body to capture her firm breast.  When she offered no resistance

he slowly and teasingly began to open the buttons of her dress.  After opening

the dress far enough to get a hand inside, he worked his way in to feel the 

silky softness of her bra.  He opened the next button in order to gain better

access and discovered that her bra was black lace that closed in the front.

He opened the closure hook and unbuttoned the dress down to her waist.  As 

they continued to kiss, he worked the dress and bra off her shoulders exposing

her ample bosom to his view.  He was amazed at their firmness as they stood

practically straight out with no sag at all.  They were capped off with her

erect nipples which were as thick as his pinky and stood out at least 1/2".

These were surrounded by aureola the size of silver dollars and as pink as

the blush in her cheek.  He had to fight his desire to just attack her tits

so that he could work slowly in order to give her the maximum amount of

pleasure possible.

     He lovingly started to move his lips from hers and lick his way around

her jaw line and down her neck toward her breasts.  As his lips were coming

down, his hands were cupped around each breast with his thumb and index finger

pinching and rolling her nipples.  As his mouth came down her body he started

to plant little kisses all around the soft flesh of her mounds.  When he 

reached the apex of her mountains, he stuck out his tongue and started to 

flick it across her nipple, slowly at first but increasing his speed as he

saw the effect it had on her.  As he looked up at her face he could see the

ecstasy that she was feeling.  He continued to alternate his ministrations to

her breasts going from one to the other until she grabbed his head and told 

him she felt like she was going to cum just from his sucking her tits.  He

stopped what he was doing only long enough to tell her that he didn't mind

as long as she was happy.  He told her his intention was to make her feel

better than she had ever felt in her life.  He returned his attention to the

job at hand and continued to glance up at her face occasionally.  Suddenly 

she sucked in a deep breath of air and he could tell that she was almost 

ready cum so he went for his big finish and squeezing her globes together, he

sucked both nipples into his mouth.  This was all it took to send her over the

edge as she shouted out her orgasm.

     Now it was time to work his way further down her body.  As he unbuttoned

the rest of her dress he was delighted to discover that what he had thought

were black panty hose turned out to be black silk stockings held up by a sheer

black garter belt.  This excited him even more than he already was because one

of his favorite sexual feelings was the feel of silk stockings on his lover's

legs as they wrap around his body.  She also had on the flimsiest black lace

panties that he had seen in a long time.  He could feel the dampness of her

first orgasm as he slowly removed her panties, exposing her sparsely haired

slit.  While he was removing her panties, he asked her if she had ever heard

of the hummingbird and she replied no.  He said "well then, you just lie back,

relax and enjoy".  She was puzzled, but after what he had already done to her

she was willing to try anything new that he offered.

     Starting at her heaving chest, he teasingly worked his way down her body,

planting little kisses everywhere he went.  He completely bypassed her venus

mound as he worked his way down her legs and back up again.  As he approached

her slit, he stuck out his tongue and lightly fluttered it over the opening.

Her legs opened in order to allow him access to her most private being.  As 

he positioned himself her legs he placed his thumbs on the lips of her vulva

and spread them apart to see the inner pinkness there.  He found the tiny 

button of her clitoris and flicked his tongue ever so gently over it.  Her 

hips involuntarily convulsed as she tried to push her pussy right up into his

mouth.  He held her down and told her to relax because the best was yet to 

come.  He went back to his oral work while at the same time inserting his

finger into her hole.  He gently took her love button between his lips and she 

moaned out in sheer ecstasy.  Then he did something that she had never felt

before.  He started to hum.  She couldn't believe the feeling of the vibra-

tions and came almost immediately while bucked her hips uncontrollably.  Even

after her orgasm, he didn't stop his humming until she experienced her third

orgasm of the evening.  As her orgasm subsided, he worked his way up her body 

to see the reaction on her face to his special treatment.

     Once she was able to catch her breath, she knew that she had to repay him

for the joy that he had brought to her.  She reached down to feel the hardness

between his legs and knew what she was going to do.  She pressed her lips to

his as she unbuttoned his shirt and started to play with the hair on his chest.

Once his shirt was open and off he worked her way down to his chest and return-

ed the favor of the attention he had paid to her nipples.  During this time she

reached down and opened his trousers.  Reaching inside she began to play with

his hard member.  Not wanting to wait any longer, she stripped him of his 

remaining clothing.  She started to administer light kisses all over his body.

She told him to lie down on the floor.  Leaning over him so that her breasts

hung down, she started rubbing those luscious mounds all over his body starting

at his chest and working her way down.  As she reached the region of his hard-

ness, she could see it twitching in anticipation of what was to come.

     Taking his cock into one hand and cuddling his sac with the other, she

slowly began moving her hand in an up and down motion, slowly lowering her

mouth to his rigid member.  She stuck out her tongue and lightly flicked it 

over the tip.  She then moved down just under the rim and continued her tongue

movements.  She slowly worked her way down the underside until she reached the

sac that contained his family jewels.  She wrapped her voluptuous lips around

the right one and gently suckled it in her mouth.  After about 15 seconds of

this she switched to the left one.  She continued this back and forth motion

for about three minutes.  Leaving his sac she worked her way back up the 

underside of his organ until she reached the tip.  Slowly she worked her lips

over the head and started down the pole.  She gradually took more and more of

him into her mouth and throat.  When she reached bottom, she started a steady

up and down motion while continuing to play with his nut sack.  When she could

feel the beginnings of his orgasm boiling up in his balls she wrapped her hand 

around the base of his cock and squeezed it, causing his pending orgasm to 

subside.  She then continued on with the blow job she was giving him.  She 

repeated this process about five times before finally deciding that she wanted

to see him erupt like a volcano.  As he moaned out his pending orgasm she 

removed her mouth but continued to pump him until he shot his load up into the


     As his orgasm subsided, they laid together on the floor resting, finger-

ing each others organs into arousal for the sex that each of them knew was 

going to happen.  As they looked into each others eyes, each told the other

how much they had enjoyed what had happened so far.  He promised that the rest

would be just as enjoyable.

     As their arousal reached a peak, they knew that it was time to pick up

where they had left off.  He slowly reached over and cupped her breast as she

reached down for his manhood.  When he reached the junction of her legs, he

could feel the wetness waiting for him to enter her.  She pulled him over on

top of her and reached down between their bodies.  As she guided his erection

into her waiting hole she spread her legs as wide as she could to accept him.

He slowly slid his cock into her sopping wet pussy and proceeded to administer

to her needs.  After about 20 or 30 strokes, he removed himself from her and 

told her to turn over.  She looked at him with a worried expression until he

assured her that he only wanted to screw her doggy style.  As she turned over

and got up onto her hands and knees, he reached over for his shirt.  He wrapped

his shirt around her waist to hold onto while he entered her from behind and

proceeded to slide his cock up into her wetness once again.  As their bodies

came together, he held on to the shirt as if he was riding a horse.  Letting 

go of the shirt he reached down under her body and surrounded each of her tits

with a hand.  He brought her body up so that only her knees were on the floor.

Moving one hand down her body, he began playing with her love button until she

bucked back against him and shouted out her orgasm.

     Once she had calmed down a little bit, he withdrew himself from her and

laid down on the floor.  Grabbing her by the waist and bringing her over his 

body, he told her that he wanted her on the top so that he could suck on her

beautiful mounds while they made love.  He told her that this was his favorite

position because it allowed him to see as well as touch and suck her tits while

he loved her and also to watch the different looks on her face all during

the different stages of their lovemaking.  She gently lowered her body over

his tool with long, slow strokes in order to make the experience last.  She

ground her pelvic bone against his at the completion of each down stroke in

order to cause friction on her clit.  Then she started doing something that 

he found to be extremely enjoyable.  She placed her feet flat on the floor 

and rose about half way up his rigid member, and started moving her soaking 

wet hole around in circles.  Finally, he could stand it no more and told 

her that he was going to shoot his cum into her.  He grabbed hold of her 

ass and pulled her against him as they experienced the ultimate simultaneous


As she collapsed onto his body their lips met and during the ensuing tongue 

battle, she told him how good she felt.  They fell asleep in this position 

and when they awoke they couldn't decide whether to start again right then 

or to continue their games at a later time.  However, looking at the clock 

and seeing what time it was made the decision for them.  It was time for 

him to get to work and being a Marine Sergeant did not give him the ability 

to just call in sick.  They both decided to continue the relationship at a 

different time so that there could be more shared intimacy between them.


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