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Archive-name: Casual/hitch.txt


Archive-title: Hitch

 I stopped to pick up the girl on the side of the road.	She was

wearing	a soft cotten dress. As	we drove on we talked about all	sorts

of things. Then	she asked me if	I wanted a blow	job in payment for the

ride! I	am no fool ,so I quickly pull off and pull down	my jeans!

 As we drive her head bobs up and down my fat cock! She	pushes two fingers

up my ass and dives down till the head of my cock is pushed

down her throat! I cum in long thick spurts! she gags on the sticky

fluid as it fills her cheaks.

  She pulls her	mouth off my cock but continues	to pump	it with	her

hand. Her breasts are big and hang heavy. Her skin is a	deep brown

from many hours	of sun bathing.	 I watch her nipples poking through

the cloth of the dress!	My dick	is still like a	rock, so I pull	into the

median strip on	the highway. She gets out and I	step out also.

she climbs onto	the hood of the	car and	spreads	her thighs. I stand

there (with out	pants on) my cock pointing towards her.	I push my

mouth onto her cunt! The fat lips part as the juices she had been

holding	back come gushing out into my mouth! I eat and suck and

lick her sweet pussy. I	slip first one finger ,then two	,then three

fingers	up into	her asshole  and pump them as I	tongue fuck her

cunt! I	bite and pull on the fat lips and smear	her juices on to

her thin line of pubic hair! She moans and twists around my fingers

shoved up her ass and my mouth on her mound!

 She shoves me back (my	fingers	make a little  -pop- as	they slip

out of her ass)	then turns around and bends over the front of the

car. I slowly push the head of my cock up into her pussy. She grunts and

trys to	get more cock in in a shorter time, but	I will not

allow that. I finally get all 7	1/2"s of cock up into her! We start

fast and she screams and pounds	on the hood of the car as she is

fucked savagely!! I pump and pump and pump into	her. Her cunt is tight and

she works my cock like a pro!

  I pull out quickly!! She gasps and almost falls off the car. But I

grab her and quickly re-insert my now slick cock up her	ass hole!

She Cums like a	banshee	as I fire my wads of hot sticky	cum up her

ass! I continue	to pump	her ass	till she is completely satisfied!

  As we	drive along she	rubs her dress on her ass to collet the

cum as it dribbles out.	She blows me again as we pull into her

drive way. She gives me	her phone number and tells me that I

owe her	a fuck and that	I have to cum up her cunt to get all her

holes filled! I	promise	and drive off...


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