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Archive-name: Casual/hippie90.txt


Archive-title: Hippie of the 90's, The

You know, the last weekend I was majorly pissed off. There was work

more than enough and I felt miserably lonely. I had been depressed for

a couple of months, ever since the woman I was having a sexual

relationship with had to move away because of her job.

My depression prevented me from having a social life for a long time;

I didn't feel at all like being with other people, rather be a hermit

isolated in the ivory tower of my dorm room, working my butt off.

I was wise enough not to try to suffocate my depression with a load of

alcohol or other drugs, I was too clever to cheat myself like that. I

used marijuana every now and then to enhance positive vibes, but from

experience I knew it wouldn't cover up depression.

Finally I got fed up with suppressing my sexuality for so long. I've

always been a very sexual being, but before I reformed my character to

get rid of shyness and meekness I didn't have much action. The

relationship with the career woman was tailor-made for me; she didn't

want to bother with formalities such as marriage, but she was damn

good company both in bed and outside bedroom, as well physically as

intellectually. So you can imagine how hard it was to return to


So, on Saturday night I started getting myself in gear. I've received

some compliments for my appearance, although it is fairly moderate in

my opinion. Having a longish, dark hair makes me shine through the

masses of conservative-looking students that populate the computer

science department. That draws some fascinated looks from the few

technically inclined ladies, but I don't care about them - mostly they

are just as much nerds as the guys.

Since I've been fascinated by the sixties' - early seventies' music,

I've guided my wardrobe accordingly. For the evening I wore a

turquoise silk shirt with ornamental patterns and the bellbottom jeans

I finally had managed to find in a second-hand store. As I put a

necklace with a largish copper ankh, ornamented with runes, around my

neck I was feeling HOT!

In the city I was delightfully aware of the wondering, admiring and

violently disapproving looks I received. Every face that looked at me

gave me little electric vibes. One of the little hobbies I have liked

the most is to look intensely back if someone glances at you and then

observe the reaction, especially when girls are concerned!

At the entrance of my regular club I saw her, just going in. She was a

strange mixture; she looked innocent, yet very sensual; immaculate,

yet eager to learn new ways of sinning; the good girl, yet willing to

be a desirous beast!

I decided to take it slowly and observe her from a distance; the

evening was young and there was no need to rush, unless someone else

decided to have a go at her, but I would break that up with

ruthlessness I have discovered myself to be capable of when I want it.

The club was good: they played music loud and fast. Speedmetal

followed by techno followed by classics from Hendrix was a perfect

audio cocktail for me. I like to dance - although I lack some at the

skill department I make it up with aggresiveness and force that was in

harmony with the music. If there's enough force no one cares if you

miss a beat sometimes. When they finally played the Doors I had the

scene almost all to myself; I accelerated myself into a shamanistic

performance in the middle of the dance floor. When the music stopped I

was exhausted for a while but felt great pleasure from my dance and

the fact that I had certainly been the focus of attention.

As I moved to the bar to have a nice, cool beer I noticed that the

girl I saw before actually followed me! I turned around. - Hi, having

any fun? I asked. - Sure! You certainly pulled an act over there,

shit, for a while I thought I saw a reincarnation of Jim Morrison in

the nineties!

I was surprised. I knew that especially if I dressed right I looked a

bit Morrisonesque, but that a girl who had barely crossed the 18 year

limit knew something about him, that was a surprise. - Thanks! Let me

buy you a beer for that, ok? Then you can tell me what you know about

that particular demigod while I can stare at your beautiful eyes. She

blushed a bit but recovered with a tiny laughter. - Hey, why not...

So, we started talking. I was being a bit too straightforward to be

polite, but she enjoyed it and adapted her style to match mine, and I

loved every second of it. 

She was interesting. I've never liked dumb chicks, and she was

definedly intellectual. I found out that she was a freshman at the

university, came from a small country town and was a bit puzzled over

the new things around her. So that's why she looked so innocent, a

country girl... but she seemed very eager and ready to see how she can

deal with anything that comes her way.

When we came to talk about art, I revealed that some months ago I had

been so fascinated with the Giger's demonic and erotic art that I did

some sketches of my own. - I want to see them - right now! That was a

surprise. - Huh? - C'mon, you don't resist a crazy idea every now and

then, do you? - No! Ok, let's go...

We walked to the bus station. I put my arm on her shoulders and

squeezed her a bit teasingly. She responed by pressing her lips

against mine. It was electricity! After we finally broke up I couldn't

do anything but look into her eyes which were as full of desire as


When we reached my apartment, she promptly had a look at my CDs while

I dug up my artwork. As she put a Doors disc on tray I presented her

with the best of the bunch: A naked woman body partly deformed and

melted into an alienlike piece of machinery.

She looked at the picture and smiled with approval. - It's good.

You've done a perfect job in shading it with dark gray. Although it

looks a bit too much like Giger, you seem to be perfectly able to

develop your own style...

We browsed through the rest and after finishing with them, I raised my

look to meet her wanting eyes. I couldn't keep my desires quiet

anymore. - You know that I can hardly stand being here without

touching you, tasting you... She pressed a finger gently to my lips. -

Hush... Don't talk, but follow your instincts.

I didn't need to be told more than once. I leaned to her, forcing her

to lie on her back while kissing her all the time. After she was

completely lying on the carpet I started to tease her body with my

fingertips through the soft and thin fabric of her clothes. I moved my

head to touch her neck and throat with my lips. As I ran my tongue up

and down the sides of her neck, occasionally probing under the cloth,

I heard her breathing getting heavier.

She wasn't motionless either; her hands grabbed my butt and squeezed

with a good grip. Good! She lifted my shirt a bit and caressed my back

with soft movements.

When she started searching for the zipper in my jeans I started moving

down on her whispering "Not yet, darling, let's have some fun before

that" and started to undo buttons on her jeans. 

I took her jeans off and started kissing the insides of her thighs,

moving my tongue up and down. I've always liked to examine a woman's

skin with my mouth, my lips and tongue. She was moaning softly and

started pulling my hair to make my head move nearer to her crotch. I

resisted, because I wanted to take it slow.

Finally I took her underpants off. They were already moist with her

juices and I could sense that wonderful smell I had been without for

such a long time. She parted her legs wide and moaned: "Please! Lick

me... I can't stand being this hot..."

I hadn't yet stopped my teasing. She let out a cry of slight anger

when I turned her on her side and bit gently her ass cheek. I've

always been turned on by a nice ass, and hers was one of the best I

had seen. The ass cheeks were simply perfect, round with soft skin

that just screamed to be touched and nibbled. And so I did. I spent a

lot of time caressing those perfect flesh mounds. I knew that even

if she liked me kissing her ass she wanted something else.

So finally I turned her on her back again. She started panting when I

tenderly kissed the area between her vagina and asshole. I gently

rubbed her asshole with my left hand, playing around the edges with my

fingertips and carefully probing the inside with my index finger. I

didn't know if she had ever had anything at her back door before, so I

observed her reactions.

Yes! She definedly liked it as she started moving her hips and moaned

when I fucked her asshole with my finger. Then I put my lips on her

pussy lips and started sucking them taking them alternatively in my

mouth. Her moans got harder and she was almost hurting me when she

pulled on my hair and pressed my head against her pussy. 

I licked the outside and inside of her pussy and inserted my tongue

inside her pussy, still avoiding touching her clitoris. She started

really thrashing and I had some difficulties keeping in contact with

her pussy. As she bucked her hips more strongly I sucked her pussy

lips more intensely and inserted a couple of fingers into her moist


Ok, so it wasn't too easy to fuck her asshole and pussy with my

fingers while eating her when she was moving so much, so I

concentrated on her pussy and withdrew from her asshole.

Her slit was wet and my fingers were covered with her delightful

juices. I could taste her sweet pussy with my mouth and it was so

wonterful that my erection was getting painful in my jeans. I opened

the zipper without stopping too much and had some relief.

- Oh, you are good... I come soon, I come soon... I started to suck

her clitoris and her moans came suddenly much louder. She breathed

and moaned intensely at the same time. I sucked more and more and

pumped my fingers in and out faster and faster. 

She shouted out short but intense screams of pleasure as she came. She

pressed her pussy tightly against my face and I was forced to hold my

breath for a while. I felt with my fingers her vaginal muscles

contract as she came with a powerful orgasm. She was pulling her legs

together and it was an incredible feeling to have my head squeezed

between her legs and her pussy, hot and orgasming being pressed on my


I sucked her clitoris as hard as I could and moved my fingers

intensely inside her to keep her coming as long as possible. As she

gradually came down and her breathing got lighter I adjusted my

movements to be gentler to make her land softly.

- Oh god... oh god oh god oh god... I never came with my boyfriend,

only when I was playing with myself and it was never like this... she

whispered as I placed myself beside her and caressed her softly while

kissing her. - Good you liked it, but don't think it's over. Somebody

down there has been waiting anxiously for some time now, I said

pointing to my cock.

- If you make me come like this again you'll drive me mad... - It will

be sweet madness, and probably better than being sane, don't you think


I swiftly took a condom from a drawer and rolled it onto my hard cock.

I don't like condoms all that much but you've got to do what you got

to do, maybe if we would end up in a longer relationship...

- Have you tried any positions you like? - I don't know, I've been

lying on my back every time. - Ok, so let's do it like this... Go on

all fours. She obeyed, although a bit hesitantly and I kneeled behind

her with my stiff cock eagerly awaiting to be swallowed by her

love-hole. I had a brief glimpse at the most beautiful view on this

earth: her wet love-hole seen from behind, accompanied with the tiny

asshole and the best pair of asscheeks there is.

She still had her shirt on, so I put my hands under the cloth and

removed her bra. I started to play with her nipples and felt them

harden. Then without a warning I entered her moist slit. She gasped

with a surprise - Ah, you're big! I knew that my cock was perfectly

medium-sized but there was no need to start telling her statistics,

and she was tighter that normal.

I started pumping, first slowly, then with a gradually quickening

pace. She felt so good that if someone would have asked me if there is

a God I would've said a definitive yes, even if I am an atheist. She

was responding to my movements by moving her hips back and forth. She

was clearly enjoying it and hell, so was I! It was so much better than

my right hand who had been my sexmate for a couple of months too much.

We gradually ended in raising ourselves up from the floor until I was

sitting on my legs and she was sitting on me, pumping furiously. I was

squeezing her tits and nipples maybe a bit too hard, as she let out a

slight cry but I was too excited to care much. Her tits were a perfect

handful, not too big or small.

I bit her neck, gently and not so gently, and she let out cries of

excitement when I massaged her earlobes with my mouth. She pumped on

me harder and harded, and I could feel that familiar tightening in my

balls. I was having the time of my life, I was right on the edge of

orgasm but not quite over it for several minutes and it felt so good I

could've died right at the spot and not cared if the sensation would

have continued.

Her pussy muscles started to vibrate again as she had another orgasm,

shouting a bit obscenely "FUCK! FUCK! FUCKK!"  I was almost ready to

come but not quite. Because she was slowing her pace I had to push her

back on all fours and start a furious pumping for an orgasm. It didn't

take me long anymore and as I came I swear I saw stars flickering in

my eyes.

We collapsed onto the carpet to a heap. I was completely covered with

sweat and her skin was trembling all over. I don't know for how long

we just rested there with my cock still inside her, caressing each

other, looking into each other's eyes and kissing, kissing...

So that's why I've been so happy this week, even if I had to write

that gigantic document ready. We'll see again on Friday as soon as her

lectures end...


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