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Archive-name: Casual/him.txt

Archive-author: Private Moments

Archive-title: Him

         There was an amber glow on the ceiling from the logs that were burning

brightly in the fireplace.  It warmed me with its radiating heat as I sat on

the floor before it.  I slowly sipped the wine which he so readily poured.  It

was sweet with a robust aroma that was clouding my head and thoughts.  I

watched him as he turned to place another log on the fire.

         Who was he?  I only met him this morning.  We talked briefly at our

chance meeting while browsing the shelves at a local bookstore.  He was strong

and muscular.  Tall, about 6 feet, with sandy brown hair.  I suppose I was

attracted to him, for when he asked me to his place for a glass of wine, I

readily accepted.

         As I sat there before the fireplace in his den, my thoughts drifted to

this afternoon, of the private moments I enjoyed as I prepared for this

evening.  I recalled having completed my shower and feeling warm all over as I

passed the soft towel over my naked body.  Standing naked before my mirror, I

admired the shapely form of my body.  My rounded well proportioned breasts were

firm with large cherry-red nipples.  Looking down, I could just see the

glistening folds of my vaginal lips, through the dusty blonde hairs of my pubic

mound.  I remember trying to decide what to wear.  I selected a sexy, loose

fitting button down blouse and matching shorts, which I laid out in preparation

for this evening.  I chose a dainty bra and panty set.  Both were made of red

silk with a touch of black lace.  Dressing, the bra fit snugly, firming my

round breasts, the panties were briefs, ending just above the line of my pubic

mound.  As the cool silk of the undergarments touched my warm skin, I felt a

tingling sensation which sent a shiver through out my body.  I sat at the edge

of my bed, wearing only the bra and panties.  I remember the internal stirring

I felt in anticipation of what this evening would bring.  The desire within my

groin began to spread upward towards my abdomen, and slowly consumed my mind

and body.  Looking at the clock, I knew I had time to lie back and give in to

my yearnings.

         I remember,  lying on my bed, the coolness of the silk bra stimulating

my breasts.  I remember thinking of the pleasures I have come to enjoy in

private moments of solitude.  I remember slowly sliding my fingers under my bra

and  caressing my breast, slowly kneading the nipple, gently rubbing it between

my fingers.  I remember closing my eyes and letting my mind ease into the

pleasure my caresses were creating.  I remember becoming aroused, as my other

hand slipped under my bra, and I caressed both my breasts.  I thought of the

pleasures I experienced as I massaged my hardened nipples between my fingers.

         A crackle of a burning log returned me to the present.  The thoughts

of this afternoon, along with the effects of the wine began to have an effect

on me.  I could feel myself becoming aroused.  As I looked into the fire, I

felt the familiar yearning deep in my groin.  My breasts began to ache, as my

nipples engorged and hardened.  I tightly crossed my thighs and began a gentle

rhythmic tensing of my pelvis.  I could feel the moistness forming within the

lips of my vagina.  I looked up at him, he seemed preoccupied with the fire,

unaware of the sexual desires slowly building within me.

          Again my thoughts left the present and passed back to this afternoon.

I remembered, as I lay on the bed, reaching down over my pelvis, running my

fingers over my panties. I remembered the moistness of the thin piece of silken

underwear, as I let my fingers slip under the panties.  I thought of my moist

vaginal lips, how the wetness felt.  I remembered how I slowly began to gently

tease my soaking vagina, the intense feelings as I ran my fingers between the

soft labial folds, carefully sliding along side my swollen clitoris. I remember

gently stroking my clitoris, slowly forming circles around it.  I could almost

feel the quivers my throbbing clitoris passed upward into my abdomen during

that afternoon's pleasures when I brought myself to a very fulfilling orgasm.

          I took another sip of wine, and my mind returned to the present.  He

looked back at me as he stood before the fire, stoking the logs.  A soft smile

appeared upon his lips before he turned back to the fire.  I watched him as he

knelt before the fireplace and played with the burning ambers.  The glow of the

fire, and the rush of the wine was slowly making my head spin. I could feel the

heat spreading through out my body.  In an effort to cool off, I unconsciously

opened the top buttons of my blouse. I felt the coolness of my silk bra upon my

breasts.  Through clouded eyes I looked for him.  He rose, and walked from the

room, stating the need to get another bottle of wine.  I heard his footsteps,

descending the stairs to the wine cellar.  There I sat, the warmth of the fire,

the coolness of my silk undergarments upon my skin, alone.

          I closed my eyes, and laid my head back upon the soft cushions of the

couch behind me.  My head was spinning, both from the wine and the thoughts of

the pleasures I gave myself earlier.  I could still feel the tingling glow from

the orgasm I had this afternoon.  Opening my eyes, I starred at the burning

logs.  The warmth of the fire spread up over my chest and radiated up to my

neck.  The heat was stirring a desire within me.  In a daze, I opened the

remaining buttons of my blouse.  The coolness, as the open blouse bared my

chest, stirred me to greater desire.  My hand moved again to my chest.  I undid

the front clasp of the bra, and let the cups fall away from my breasts.  My

fingers reached for my nipple. I began to massage the swollen tip with my thumb

and index finger, and gave in to the pleasure of the moment.  My thoughts were

no longer of the pleasures of this afternoon, but rather of the intensity that

was now building deep within my groin.  I could feel my nipple hardening as I

continued to massage the tip.

          Slowly, my other hand moved towards my breasts.  Its fingers reached

for the nipple, and I began to gently massage the hardened nipple between my

thumb and index finger.  Both nipples were now engorged and throbbed with

pleasure as my fingers massaged the tips.  I moaned softly as the waves of

pleasure my fingers created upon my breasts spread to my pelvis.  I was in a

world of my own, concentrating only on the throbbing within my groin & abdomen

as I continued the intense stimulation of my nipples.  I crossed my legs and by

tensing my thigh muscles applied a gentle pressure upon my groin.  I began to

rock my pelvis, increasing the intensity of the pressure upon my vaginal lips

and clitoris.  I could feels the wetness forming between the lips of my vagina.

The stimulation from the rocking, as I continued to massage both my breasts

aroused me to further desire.

          All thoughts of where I was passed from my mind, as I wanted only to

satisfy the craving for sexual fulfillment my body needed.  I let one hand drop

from my breast.  It slowly passed down my abdomen towards my pelvis.  Softly, I

caressed the area of my navel.  Making small circles around it before I gave

into desire and slipped it under the elastic waistband of my shorts. I felt the

top edge of my panties, and gently twirled the fine hairs of my pubic mound

which extended above the lace of my panties. I reached further to feel the soft

folds of labia against the silk fabric of my panties.  The fine lace of my

panties were soaked with the moisture my vagina was producing. From the outside

of my panties, I gently teased my soaking vaginal lips.  They were wet and

sensitive as I ran my fingers over the silken material.  My body yearned to be

caressed.  Through the wetness of my panties, I continued the gentle massaging

of my labial lips.  I yearned to slide my fingers into the depths of my vagina,

but was prevented from doing so by the fine silk of my panties.

          I was oblivious to my surroundings.  The only sounds I heard were my

own breathing and the crackling of the fire.  I was giving into to my pleasure

now.  I began to softly moan as the intensity of sensations spread from my

vagina upward into my abdomen.  Consumed by the pleasure, I pushed aside the

crotch of my panties and slid my fingers over the folds of my labia.  My labial

lips were very wet as I massaged the recesses of my vagina.  With my fingers I

formed rhythmic circles around my clitoris.  I pressed upon my throbbing

clitoris, pushing and pulling it along my labial lips.  The intensity of the

sensations created by the rolling pressure as I slid my fingers along my

clitoris caused a tingling which spread throughout my body.

          My other hand continued to caress my breast and nipple, gently

massaging and kneading the tip passionately.  I began a gently rhythmic rocking

of my hips against the fingers which teased my clitoris and vagina.  I slid my

fingers along the labia of my vagina, extending & forcing them deeply into the

folds of my vagina, and slowly withdrawing them back towards the recesses of my

clitoris.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on the waves of pleasure that was

passing from my pelvis towards my abdomen. I began gasping for each breath.  My

soft moans were now loud cries of pleasure.

          Opening my eyes, and through the haze of my passion I saw him. He was

standing in front of the fire, looking down at me.  He smiled as he saw my eyes

look upon him.  My orgasm was fast approaching now.  He continued to watch me.

I was beyond control, and I could not stop.  The burning desire between my

thighs was all my mind could think about. As he watched, I continued to massage

my clitoris and vagina, as my other hand gently stroked and manipulated my

swollen nipples.

          But how can I do this?  Here I was, bring myself to the heights of

sexual ecstacy before him.  I have never masturbated in front of anyone before.

Yet his standing over me seemed to heighten the waves of pleasure that were

building within me.  My eyes became glassy, as I fought to hold back the tears.

Tears, I knew I could not contain. I wanted to stop, to not let him see me as I

so intimately caressed myself.  But I could not stop, the warm tears rolling

down my checks only heightened my sexual urges.

          The fire within my body could not be contained.  The aching in my

groin screamed for more.  With my index finger I probed deeper into my vagina,

while my other fingers maintained their pressure upon my clitoris and labial

lips.  With my other hand, I continued to gently squeeze and knead my nipple.

Through my eyes, I pleading with him to come to me, to hold me and caress me,

help satisfy the burning in my groin and abdomen.

          He smiled, and slowly moved towards me.  I knew that if he only

touched me I would explode in orgasm.  I was moaning loudly now, giving in

totally to the waves of orgasm that were about to overtake my body.  He knelt

over me, his arms out stretched.  With all my being I wanted him now, at this

moment, just at the onset of my climax. I wanted his hands to take the place of

my own and bring me to climax.  I wanted to feel his fingers massage my labia,

to probe the depths of my vagina.  I wanted his lips upon my breasts.  His

tongue to lick my nipples.

          As he approached me, I closed my eyes in anticipation of his taking

me totally.  I eagerly awaited the explosion of climax.  Just as my body was

reaching its height of orgasm, he reached for me and pulled my hands from my

pants and away from my breasts.  He held my arms out, away from my body so I

could not touch myself.  I was suddenly deprived of all stimulation.  The

heightened explosion of climax was interrupted, halted.   I screamed out.  My

body trembled.  It felt as though all that there was to life came to a halt.

Every nerve, every muscle ached.  I crossed my legs tightly, desperately trying

to apply pressure upon my throbbing clitoris.  I could feel myself shaking,

trembling, as he held my arms away from my body.  The burning that only a short

time before was the heights of ecstasy, was now throbs of pain.  My breasts and

vagina ached with desire as I have never felt such unfulfillable yearnings.  I

shook violently as my body yearned for climax.  A climax now removed.  I cried

out pleading with him to release me, to allow me to continue the stimulation my

body so desperately needed.  I begged him to allow me to continue to stimulate

myself.  He only smiled, and continued to keep me from caressing myself.  After

what seemed like forever, he released my arms.

          I laid there, gasping, my arms at my sides, looking at the ceiling,

feeling the warm glow of the fire.  My breathing was slowly returning to

normal.  I looked at him.  Nothing needed to be said.  He knew what he did, and

the sexual pleasure it caused him was evident upon his face.  He sat before me,

and for the first time since he returned to the room, I noticed he was only

wearing a bathrobe.  Looking down, I saw his manhood, firm and erect.

Knowingly, he nodded and I slowly reached out to him.  I took his large, erect

penis in my hands, and slowly stroked it.  I ran my fingers along the length of

it, pausing momentarily at the tip before passing back down the shaft.  I looked

up at him, a tear passing from the corner of my eye, as I recalled the passion

and embarrassment of the past moments, when I had brought myself to near orgasm

before him. He smiled again, and I slow brought my head towards his groin.  All

thoughts of my own orgasm had passed as I took his penis into my mouth.  I now

realized that in his depriving me of climax, he created in me an even greater

desire to give him fulfillment.  And as I slid my mouth down the length of his

penis and slowly passed my tongue over the tip and down the shaft, I knew that

whatever else this night brings, he will reach ecstasy.


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