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Archive-name: Casual/hhlisa.txt

Archive-author: William A. Brien

Archive-title: HitchHiker Lisa

It was all just too obvious, too pat.


But I did stop.  I haven't picked up a hitchhiker since I was in

college.  I always figured that a cute girl standing by the side

of the road with her thumb in the breeze had to have a 250 pound

boyfriend in the bushes, ready to commandeer my car at



I can see from a distance that you are cute, your long brown hair

whipping about your face in the wind.  As I drive closer, I can

see your faded cutoffs, cut so short that the cheeks of your ass

are peeking out invitingly.


You are wearing a pale yellow t-shirt, the veteran of many

washings, faded to the color of tapioca.  Your breasts,

unencumbered by a bra, poke proud erect nipples at all who pass

by.  Even from a distance I can see the dark circles through the

thin shirt.


You are smiling.


I stop next to you and roll down the window.


"Where are you headed?"


"It doesn't really matter.  Can you take me?"


I swallow.  "Sure.  Hop in."  You slide into the passenger seat

and I am suddenly conscious of your smell; the smell of sun and

sweat on your buttery skin.  I realize that you have slid closer

to me than is really necessary.  I swallow again.


"What's your name?"


"Lisa."  You don't ask mine.  Out of the corner of my eye I can

see your breasts jiggling slightly as we ride.  You catch my

sidelong glance and smile slightly.  I look away, embarrassed.


"You don't usually pick people up, do you."  It is a statement,

not a question.  I look back at you, more directly this time, and

see that you have turned ever so slightly towards me, and have

inched almost imperceptibly closer.  I feel my mouth go slightly

dry.  I cannot keep from looking at your breasts.


I begin to imagine...No!  Things like this just don't happen!

There is always a catch.  I feel a light sweat on my upper lip.

I roll down the window.  We ride for a moment in silence.


You cross your legs and you have moved slightly closer.  Your

left hand is on the seat next to your thigh.  With another

sidelong glance I can see that the top button on your cutoffs is

undone.  Was it like that before?  I realize that you are looking

intently at my face.  Do you see what I am thinking?


If I move the slightest bit, I am sure my erection will burst

through my pants.  So I sit very still and drive carefully and

slowly.  Suddenly I realize I am going barely twenty miles per

hour.  It seems as though we are barely moving; the fields to

each side of us creep by.


There is a wide spot ahead, next to a broad expanse of tall



"Could we stop for a bit?" you ask.


"If you like," I reply, sure that you can hear my heart pounding.


We stop and you are out of the car, skipping through the tall

grass of the field laughing and turning around, your eyes

sparkling.  Cautiously I follow you.  You come back to me,

breathless, your sun-sweat smell nearly overpowering me.

Watching you in the grass I am nearly overcome with desire and I

and I can think of nothing but you.


You stand very close to me, looking up into my face.  The impish

smile nearly disappears as you stand very close to me, searching

my face.  I stroke your cheek with my palm and gently bend down

to kiss your soft, full lips.  Suddenly your arms are around me,

your mouth wide open, tongue probing.  Your body presses

insistently against me, your hands are moving up and down my

back, stroking my ass and the backs of my thighs.  I am certain

my body is going to explode.


Suddenly you stop.  You draw slightly away from me.  Your cheeks

are slightly flushed, and you are breathing heavily through

parted lips.  Your firm breasts strain against the flimsy t-

shirt, erect nipples challenging me.  You cross your arms and

reach slowly for the bottom of your shirt and pull it over your



Your breasts, now free in the warm sunshine, invite me.  I catch

my breath, a half sob, really, as I gaze at you there.  You come

to me again and take my head in both your hands, drawing my mouth

first to one breast, then the other.  Greedily I run my tongue

over the nipples, feeling them harden at the touch.  You pull my

head harder to you, as though you want me to devour you.  I am

aware of the salty-sweet taste of your sweat.  Your breast fills

my mouth.


Suddenly, panting, you push me away.  Your eyes cloudy with

desire and yearning, your hands move to the top of your cutoffs.

Slowly you lower the zipper, and drop the shorts to the ground.

Keeping your eyes on mine, you step out of them and stand there

before me, naked.  Your legs slightly apart, you move your right

hand over your dark pubis and stroke the mound.  You step close

to me once again and put your hands on my shoulders, pressing me

to my knees in the tall grass.


Your dark mound, very close now, fills my vision and the scent of

you, warm and dark and musky, clouds my senses.


You pull my head towards you and I am immersed in your body.  You

spread your legs to straddle my head, forcing your cunt into my

face.  I move my tongue over your clit, feeling it protrude and

harden.  I point my tongue and run it around the base of your

clit, pressing hard, and feel your body vibrate in response.

Moving down, I thrust my tongue into your cunt, now dripping with

your juices.  You are breathing in sobs now, still forcing my

mouth against you, constantly moving your hips to bring my mouth

into tighter contact with your body.


Your juices now cover my face; the taste of you is overpowering.

Your legs are spread ever wider, and so I put first two, then

three, then four fingers deep in your wet cunt.  You moan in

response, an animal sound from deep in your throat.


You take my face in your hands and your lips are all over my face

licking your own love juices from me, kissing me deeply and

demandingly.  I wonder how much longer you can continue.


Then your hands are grasping my shirt, pulling it out of my

pants; you claw at the buttons then, impatient, rip the shirt

open, sending buttons flying.  You unfasten my belt and unsnap

the top button of my trousers, roughly parting the zipper.  My

cock jumps out, already moist.  You push my pants and shorts down

to my knees and kneel in front of me.  Your face and breasts are

flushed with your desire, your eyes smoky.


You put your hand on my bare chest and push me back to the

ground.  You pull off my shoes, then my pants.  I lie on my back

in the long grass, my cock throbbing obliquely towards the sky.

I, too am naked, except for my ruined shirt.


Your urgency seems to have subsided now, as you lie next to me,

propped up on one elbow.  You place your palm flat on my chest

and I can see your hand jumping slightly with my heartbeat.

Slowly you move your hand up to stroke my cheek once, then down

my chest, to my belly, then farther down towards my erect cock.

Playfully, you pluck at the pubic hair, then stroke the insides

of my thighs.  My cock strains and throbs.  My heart is pounding,

yet I lie on my back passively, waiting to see what you will do.


I want to seize you roughly and enter you, possessing you

completely.  But I lie there docilely in the grass, waiting to

see what you will do.  I wonder if you have any strength left.


You put your fingers on my eyelids, closing them, and you kiss me

softly on the lips.  You move to my chest, kissing and licking

and nibbling on the way down.  You lick and nibble my nipples,

first one, then the other.  My cock stirs impatiently.


I feel your tongue in my navel, then your hand on my erect cock.

You grasp my shaft with surprising firmness.  Gently you cup my

testicles in your two hands, as though testing the weight.  You

stroke them and release them.  You lift first my right leg, then

the left, separating them, and kneel in between.


With my eyes still closed, I can hear your calm breathing, then

feel your warm breath on my cock, and then I feel your hot, wet

mouth slide over the head.  You do not move for a moment, but I

can feel the slightest caress of your tongue against the tip of

my member.  I wonder how long I can stand this teasing without



Slowly you take more of me into your warm mouth, until I am

completely surrounded by you.  I can feel the gentle flick of

your tongue as you pull back, and the light scrape of your teeth

against the shaft.  Slowly and deliberately you continue, first

taking just the head of my cock into your mouth, sometimes

sucking, sometimes teasing with the tip of your tongue, then

slowly sliding the entire length of the shaft into your mouth and

down your throat, your tongue busy all the time.


I am panting now, nearly ready to come, when you stop.  A single

drop of fluid emerges at the tip of cock my and hangs there.  You

smile at it and flick it off with your tongue.  My world is hazy

with pleasure.


You rise to your knees and straddle my chest.  As I look up, your

breasts fill my vision.  I am conscious of your wet cunt on my

bare chest.  I reach up and take your breasts, one in each hand.

I gently pinch and roll the nipples, feeling them respond.  You

squirm as you squat on my chest and I can feel the slipperiness

of your cunt.


I hold the cheeks of your ass with my hands and pull you towards

my mouth, until your warm and dripping cunt is inches from my

mouth.  I pull your body to me until my mouth is sucking greedily

at your clit once more.


Abruptly, you pull away.  I try to pull you back to me, but you

have turned around, presenting your sweet, firm ass to me.  I

stroke your buttocks, and as I spread your legs to suck on your

clit once more, I feel your hot mouth on my cock.  There is an

urgency now which has not been present before, as though our time

together were nearly expired.  Your mouth is busy at my cock,

sucking, licking, nipping.  I suck and lick your clit, putting

three and four fingers deeply into your hot cunt.  I lick your

sweet ass, then insert a finger.


I hear you gasp in response.


You withdraw from me once more, and turn around, lowering

yourself onto my cock, burying it to the base.  Your knees are

drawn up close to your shoulders and your eyes roll back, showing

the whites.  You rock back and forth, impaled on my throbbing

cock.  I grasp at your breasts, now slippery with sweat, then

spread the cheeks of your ass with both hands.  As I continue

thrusting, I gather some of the juice coming from your wide cunt

and spread it on the middle finger of my right hand.  I thrust

that slippery finger deep into your ass.


You are wailing and screaming now, gyrating and bucking wildly,

impaled on my throbbing member, as you approach orgasm.  I marvel

that I have been able to last so long, but I, too, feel the

inevitability of my own climax.


Locked together, we writhe on the matted grass, slick with sweat

and with the profuse juice from your cunt.  We are breathing as

one now, gasping for breath; you begin to give out short cries,

rising in pitch as your body reaches orgasm.  All sensation in my

body seems to be focused on my cock, throbbing with a life of its



Then, with an explosion we can nearly hear, we come.


I feel the hot semen spurt from my cock, filling the cavern of

your cunt.  The mixture of our own juices spills out onto our

bellies, mixing with our sweat and making us slippery.


You pull away and spin your body around, presenting your dripping

cunt to me.  I feel your lips on my cock again, and I press my

face into your cunt, licking the mixed juices.  I feel your mouth

and tongue on my cock, sucking it clean.  Soon we lie side by

side on our backs, head to foot, exhausted.  Your hand plays idly

with my now limp cock, my fingers dabble in the juices of your

cunt.  Our breathing returns to normal.


Sadly, reality seems to be returning.


"How do I reach you?" I ask, feeling a sense of impending loss.


"I'll call you," you reply, unsuccessfully attempting your

earlier pixie smile.  You sit up and reach for your shirt and

cutoffs.  We dress together, silently.  The sun is lower in the

sky, and there is already the hint of a chill in the air.  I take

your hand as we walk back to the car, but your hand is slack and

cool in mine.  I open your door and you slide in.


I get in, start the engine and drive slowly away, willing the day

not to end, somehow knowing that I will never be the same.  You

sit silently against the passenger door, staring through the



"You never told me where you wanted to go," I offer, my voice

sounding hollow in my ears.


"It really doesn't matter," you reply. "I'll tell you where to

let me off."


We come into town and you gesture absently at the bus depot.


"This will be fine."  I start to protest, but you put your

fingers to my lips, giving me the smile I first saw in you, so

long ago.  "I'll see you again.  I promise."


And you are gone.  I curse myself for not getting your last name,

your telephone number, your address.  I don't know anything about

you, just the secret places of your body where I was able to

bring you pleasure.  Sometimes I drive back to that field where

we made love and imagine that you are back here with me.


I can still see where the grass was matted down by our bodies,

although it is beginning to spring up again.


I can hear your laughter as you skip through the long grass.


I can hear your moans and cries as your pleasure reaches its



Who are you, Lisa?  Do you exist only in my memory, having no

life outside my fantasy?  Or are you real?  You have taught me

the secret places of your body, where in giving you pleasure I

receive tenfold, a hundredfold.  You have taught me true

intimacy, not just performance; and I haven't had a chance to

thank you.


Standing at the edge of the field, feeling the sun pale on my

back, I sense that I am not alone.  Slowly I turn and you are

there, standing beside me.  I catch my breath; it is as though

you have never left.  You are wearing the same thin yellow t-

shirt and cutoffs, and the same smile.


I can think of nothing to say.


"It's okay," you say.  "You don't need to say anything.  I'll

stick around for a while this time."


You take both my hands in yours, looking deeply into my face.

Then the smile is back and you pull me to the car.


As we drive off together, I look at you sitting there, your legs

crossed, the cheeks of your ass peeking out from under your

cutoffs.  You catch me staring at you and grin back.


You slide over close to me and pull my free arm around your

shoulders.  My fingers brush your breast and you murmur



"Yes," you say happily, "I'm  definitely going to stick around

for a while."


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