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Archive-name: Casual/fixvixen.txt

Archive-author: Dastardly Dave

Archive-title: Fixin' Vixen

 Sunset on the Atlantic... What a beautiful sight!  The rays from

behind me as I gazed out over the water glimmered off the water,

shimmering on the waves.  I was sitting on the deck of my beach

condo, sipping (ironically) a Tequila Sunrise and listening to a CD

of my favorite music from the sixties.  I probably had the music

playing too loud, but no one was complaining, so I left it on high.

 I heard something on the beach below me and looked over the

railing of the deck.  A beautiful lady in her early 30's was dancing

by herself to the sounds coming from above.  She was quite a good

dancer and obviously enjoying her solitary dancing, unaware that

anyone was watching.  She moved and swayed to the sounds of "When A

Man Loves a Woman" by Percy Sledge, lost in her memories.

 As the final strains of the classic faded, I said, "You dance

divinely, my dear."  She spun her head around, looking for the

speaker; startled.  Then as she spun around, she looked up at me and

lost her balance, falling to the ground with a sharp cry of pain as

she twisted her ankle on the unsteady sand.

 I ran down the steps to her side.  "I am so sorry, I didn't

mean to startle you," I told her. "Are you alright?"

 "NO, I twisted my damn ankle again," she replied with a

grimace. "It's not really your fault.  I twisted it a few days ago

and should have known better than to dance on it so soon."

 "Can you walk on it?"

 "I don't think so... I need to put some ice on it."

 "Let me help you up to my apartment; I've got an ice pack you

can put on it. It's the least I can do."

 She stood on her one good leg and put her arm around my

shoulder and tried to hop up the stairs.  She was obviously hurting,

so I reached down and picked her up and carried her up the stairs.  

She felt good in my arms and I enjoyed the feel of her breast against

my chest.  I carried her inside and put her down on the couch; placed

her injured ankle on a pillow and went to get the ice pack.

 When I came back, she put her good foot on the floor to give me

room to sit down and tend to her ankle.  I gently placed the ice pack

on her foot and let my eyes rum up her bare legs to her cutoff blue

jean-covered crotch.  Her legs were spread, and I could see a few

silky hairs peeking from the vee of her sex.  I tried not to stare,

but I couldn't help my self.  My eyes traveled on up and I could see

she was not wearing a bra under her tight T-shirt.  She was either

horny or cold, because her nipples were as hard as rocks, tenting the

fabric of her shirt.  I looked on up into the most beautiful

eyes I had seen in a long, long time.  She was smiling slightly.

 "Did you enjoy the view?"

 "Ah, uh, well, uh... would you like something to drink?" I

stammered, embarrassed at being caught being so obvious.

 "Sure," she replied with a mischievous grin. "Some white wine

would be nice if you have it."

 I stood to go to the kitchen and turned quickly to hide my

growing erection.  In the kitchen I reached down and readjusted my

cock.  "It ain't gonna do you any good to get up, boy," I told it

tersely. "This lady's hurting and you ain't got a chance to get any

tonight, so just calm down."  But, as always, he didn't listen to me.  

He had a mind of his own and it was one-track... but at least it

wasn't so obvious after the adjustment.

 I came back into the living room with our drinks and as I

walked toward her she was staring at my crotch.  She turned on her

side a bit and patted the couch beside her for me to sit.  "You

didn't answer my question," she said after she had taken a sip.  She

looked at me prettily over the rim of her wineglass.  "Did you enjoy

the view? I sure did."

 "I can't help looking when I am that close to someone as

beautiful as you are," I replied.

 She reached up and pulled my head down to hers. "You're very

sweet," she said and kissed me.  "Thanks for taking care of me."

 "It's my pleasure."

 "Not yet it isn't," she said and kissed me again, running her

tongue deep into my mouth, moaning softly.  We kissed passionately

for a few minutes, then I broke the kiss.

 "If you don't watch out, this is going to get out of hand and I

don't want to hurt your foot."

 "Let me worry about the damn foot," she replied. "I'll let you

know if it hurts, you can be sure of that!"  And with that, she

reached down, grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it over her

head.  She shook her brown curly hair as the shirt came off and

dropped the shirt on the floor.  She grabbed my head and drew it to

her breasts.  I wallowed my face in those glorious mounds of flesh,

licking and kissing them all over.  I ran my tongue around and around

her nipples, first one then the other; making them even harder, if

that is possible.  They seemed to swell and grow before my eyes as I

sucked each one again and again.

 As I sucked and lapped at her breasts, she reached down and

unbuttoned my shirt, running her fingers through my chest hair and

sliding the shirt off my shoulders.  I went back up and kissed her

deeply, my chest resting against her warm, wet nipples.  She pushed

me back and grappled with my belt buckle.  I stood up to give her

better access.  She undid my belt, unsnapped my pants and jerked them

and my underwear down, revealing my throbbing manhood.  I stepped out

of my clothes as she grasped my cock and pulled it to her.  She

darted her tongue out and touched the head, licking off the drop of

pre-cum there and running it over her lips.

 "Mmmmmmmmm," she moaned. "I want more!"  and pushed my dick

between her lips.  I could feel her running her tongue around the

glans, then down the sensitive underside.  Then she drew me into her

mouth deeply, my pubic hair brushing her chin as she ran my cock deep

into her throat, giving it exquisite tongue action as she did.  My

legs started to give way in pleasure, so I rested my knees against

the couch, being careful not to jar her foot.

 As she sucked and licked my flaming cock, I reached down and

ran my hand into her jeans, sliding the middle finger into her slit.  

Her pussy was already very wet and I let the tip of my finger enter

her sopping cunt.  I drew it back out and let it slide slickly over

her clit.  She moaned loudly around the cock in her mouth and the

vibrations nearly made me shoot my wad down her throat right then!

Talk about a hum job!

 I unbuckled her jeans and unzipped them, pushing them as far

down her luscious legs as I could with my cock still in her throat.  

She spread her good leg as wide as possible, but the jeans were

binding her.  I pulled my dick from her mouth and slid her pants and

panties down, taking extra care sliding them off over her injured

ankle.  She spread again and I could see the lips of her pussy

winking at me wetly.  I dropped to my knees beside her and buried my

face in her pussy.  The sweet smell of her hot, horny pussy was like

perfume.  I spread the lips to reveal her hard clit, extending redly

out at me.  I nibbled at it gently, causing her to squeal in

pleasure.  I reached up and ran my fingernails softly across her

nipples  as I lapped at her pussy.  Then I took them between my

fingers and lightly pinched as I ran my tongue deep into her hot

snatch, lapping her juices up hungrily.

    I laid my tongue flat against her clit and gave it long, slow

licks as I reached down with my right hand and slid my thumb into her

cunt, with the rest of my fingers running down into the crack of her

cute little ass.  My thumbnail was quite long, but I kept it dull and

well-rounded.  It pressed up against that special bundle of nerves in

her pussy as I continued to lap at her clit with long, slow strokes.

 She began to buck against my hand and tongue, her passion

building to a peak.  As she started to cum, I withdrew my thumb and

inserted three fingers deeply into her as her orgasm grew.  I

continued to lap and jab her clit with my tongue as I thrust my

fingers in and out of her dripping pussy, faster and faster.  She

grabbed a throw pillow and pressed it to her mouth and screamed in

pleasure as her cum reached it's peak.  Even with the pillow to

muffle her cries, I was afraid the neighbors would think there was a

murder going on.

 She writhed against my tongue and fingers as I backed off on

the speed with which I was stimulating her as she cam down from the

heights of ecstasy.  As her cum ended, after 15 or 20 seconds, I let

my fingers gently slide out of her, covered in her spendings.

 I sat back on my haunches and massaged her mound softly as I

licked my other hand, drinking down her juice and marveling at the

sweet, yet tangy flavor.  Then I leaned down and put my arms around

her and held her tenderly as she basked in the afterglow.  I couldn't

believe it when I looked up.  Throughout the encounter, she had not

moved her injured ankle and the ice pack was right where I had left


 After a sort while, her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at

me with a beautiful smile.  "That was fantastic!" she said.  "And it

didn't hurt my foot at all!  Now I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard

and deep and fill my pussy with your cum, mix your cum with mine,

baby."  She pulled her good leg to her chest and spread as wide as

possible.  With one foot on the floor and the other knee on the couch

between her legs, I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy

and slid it in slowly.

 Her pussy was very hot and slick with her cum; and very tight

in spite of the serious fingerfucking I had given it.  Her cunt

grasped my cock and squeezed as I fucked her.  She put her good foot

in the small of my back and pulled me into her steaming pussy harder.  

Her pussy was clenching on my cock as I went faster and faster;

harder and harder.  I palmed her nipples and mauled her breasts as I

pounded my cock into her.

She had her eyes clenched tightly shut and grabbed for the

pillow again, so I knew she was going to cum again.  I felt the juice

boiling up from my balls, but I held off until she started to come;

then I thrust and pounded my cock into her furiously as the cum

blasted from the head of my dick, filling her pussy with jism as she

flooded with her hot pussy juice again.  Our love fluids flowed

together and ran from her pussy down the crack of her ass, puddling

on the couch between her legs.

 I collapsed on her, panting heavily from the exertion.  As we

recovered, we nuzzled and cuddled, kissing each other gently and

whispering nonsense words.  She reached down between us and said,

"I'm afraid we've stained up your nice couch."

 "Not to worry, my dear," I replied. "That's what ScotchGard was

invented for!"

"Oh, goody, then can I come over tomorrow and sprain my ankle


 Well, my little Vixen, How'd you like your fixin'?  Hope you

enjoyed it.


Any other ladies out there who would like a custom fantasy

created for them have but to ask by leaving a message for Dastardly

Dave on any of the boards where I am a member.  Give enough

information so I can personalize it, give me a name to use for your

character, and list any turn-offs to avoid and I will be happy to

weave a tale for you.


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