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Archive-name: Casual/fantasy.017


Archive-title: The Beach

As I lay day dreaming on the beach, I suddenly and casually 

glanced to my left, only to see the most gorgeous

girl I had ever seen.  She looked up while I was surveying

her, and gave me a smile and a wink...I pulled my towel

over near hers, and then introduced myself.  She 

told me her name was Debbie, and we began talking...

After about 30 minutes of small-talk, she suddenly asked

me if I would rub some suntan lotion on her back.  Trying to

hide my excitement, I agreed.  She turned on her stomach, 

and unstrapped her top.  I began rubbing the lotion up

around her neck, and slowly worked my way down, .  Her  skin 

was soft and sexy, and her tan was very dark.  I found my 

hands wandering off of her back, around towards her breasts,

but she gently guided them back to where they started,

whispering "LATER"..I continued down her sensuous back, until 

I reached her ass.  I leaned closer, staring at it in 

awe.  It was a piece of art.  I longed to guide my cock in

between her buns, but I managed to resist.  I jumped past

her gorgeous ass, down to her long, sexy legs.  I took my

time there.  Finally, I reached her feet.  She wore purple

nail polish on her toes, and I was so horny that even this

began to turn me on.  When I was completely done, she asked 

me if I would go back to her beach house for some lunch.

I agreed, but lunch was not what I was hoping for!

When we got there, she asked if I would like to take a

shower first..I thought that she meant with her, but we ended

up taking separate showers...She made hamburgers for 

lunch, and as we were eating, she began to run her toes up and 

down my leg under the table.  Then she lifted her foot as high

as my crotch, and started to gently rub my shaft with her toe

The two of us quickly swallowed what was left of lunch, and

she led me to her bedroom.. We both quickly stripped, and

she sank to her knees and began sucking my swelled rod.

She deep throated me, and I came.  She swallowed with a 

smile and lay down on the bed, motioning for me to eat

her pussy.  I assure you that it was a very sweet and 

juicy desert.  Then we got into the 69 position, and enjoyed

one another at the same time.  Finally, she pulled me

on top of her, and guided my rod into her hot, steaming

cunt.  The rest of the day was spent making mattress magic.


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