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Archive-name: Casual/erotammy.txt


Archive-title: Erotic Adventures of Tammy

They were out of instant pudding mix.  She shrugged her shoulders and

began walking out of the store.  But a cute hunk of a checker

caught her eye at checkstand 4.  She sauntered over, deftly snapping

up a pack of Juicy Fruits out of the rack along the way.  She gingerly

placed the pack down on his conveyor belt and it inexorably rolled up

to his waist.

He looked up as she did and their eyes held each other just a little

too long, self-consciously.  He smiled at her and she felt a little

embarassed.  So she looked down and smiled, brushing the bangs out

of her eyes as she looked up again.

He turned his attention to the pack of Juicy Fruits.  As he picked

it up and swiped it across the barcode reader, she could see his

rather muscular hand ever so gently squeezing the pack.  She then

pretended the totals display was the center of her attention by looking

up at it, but she could care less how much the cost was.  She could

feel him pretending not to watch her, and her cheeks flushed red with

that knowledge.  As the numbers flashed on the display, she reached

into the back pocket of her tight-fitting jeans and pulled out her

coin purse.

She then noticed that he was standing there absentmindedly gripping

the pack with his thumb and forefinger of his right hand, moving it

up and down the pack, smoothing out the slight crease he had put in it.

She had become somewhat mezmerized by this motion he was making; he

noticed her interest.  She shook her head a little to snap herself

out of it.

As she handed over the coins and withdrew her hand, her fingernails

brushed against the palm of his hand.  This was partly accidental, partly

her intention.  His hand trembled a little with this exquisite sensation.

He handed back her change and the receipt and made sure his fingertips

brushed the inside of her upturned palm, too.  Her face broke into a

wide smile as he did this, and she bit her lower lip to try to hide her

smile at this gesture.

She turned to leave and just as abruptly turned back around holding the

pack and said, "Do you want a stick?"  At first, he wasn't sure if he

had heard her correctly.  Then he smiled and said, "Yeah, sure".  There

was no one else in line.

At first she had problems starting the pull-tear that would uncap the

pack.  He noticed her difficulty and said, "Here, let me help."  He

reached over and held her hand holding the pack and used his other

hand to start the tear-cord.  She noticed his hand over hers was so

much bigger than her own, but it was warm and soft.  She had leaned

over toward him during this operation, intently watching him pick at

the tear-cord, and the ends of her soft hair were dancing on his forearm

sending warm sensuous waves through his neck and shoulders.  He could

smell a wonderful fragrance around her, of clean soap and lilacs.  He

wondered what it would be like to nuzzle the back of her ear.

He withdrew a stick and handed it to her.  Then he took one for himself.

At that moment, he realized that he was still holding her hand, and he

let his fingertips "accidentally" glide down the back of her hand as his

hand fell away.  He popped the stick in his mouth and began chewing.

She did the same.  She stuffed the pack into the pocket of her jeans;

he noticed how tight they were.

She smiled and said thanks and out of shyness again started to walk

away.  He smiled and watched her as she left and said, "Come by again

anytime you need help opening something up."


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