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Archive-name: Casual/

Archive-author: Felix

Archive-title: Encounter on the Beach

It was summer, and like all girls love to do, she went to the


She was proud of her body, and she took care of it. From her wavy

brown hair that feathered lightly in the breeze, to her long,

beautiful legs that drew appreciative glances, she was happy with

the way she looked. She was proud of her flat stomach, and firm

breasts. Her nipples were large, and she loved how they drew a

man's attention when they poked through her blouse. Or in this

case, her bikini top.  

Laying in the hot sun, she worked a little more sunscreen into

her brown shoulder, and turned up her radio.  

She was alone that day. Actually, she wasn't planning to be. Two

days prior, she had broken up with her boyfriend over a petty

thing. She knew that they'd probably work it out, but she

understood that they needed this time apart now. So she came to

the beach anyway, not expecting anything.  

She lay back on her towel, wishing that she and her boyfriend

were there together, his arms around her, putting lotion on her

skin. Her hands gently carassed her tummy, and she suddenly

realized that she was hornier than she thought.  

About a hundred yards away, a man was playing with a dog. She had

seen them when she drove in and set up on the beach. She

recogmized the dog, it was owned by one of the summer people who

owned a nearby cabin. She looked up at the cabin, but didn't see

their car. She looked back down by the water's edge.  

He was a nice looking man, not a body builder, but you could tell

he was strong, and had control of his body. He was sporting a

summer tan, but you could tell that laying on beach wasn't his

style. He appeared very relaxed, laughing and throwing a stick

for the dog to chase. She noticed that he had a wonderful smile.  

She felt a little hornier.  

Time passed and she listened to her radio. She was dozing in the

sun when she suddenly felt a wet tongue on her face. She started,

looked up and before her stood a muddy, familiar face. Hairy,

tongue lolling out, it barked at her playfully.  

"Hey, geez, I'm really sorry about that, miss, let me get him

away from you." Then sterner, "Hey, get away from her - move!" 

"Oh, it's OK, don't worry about it..." 

"Are you allright," he asked looking in her eyes.  

"Yes, I'm fine..really." 

"I'm sorry he startled you, he's just friendly." 

"Yes, I've seen him before." Then before she realized she was

saying anything else, she said "But I've never seen you before,

have I?" 

"No, you haven't. I'm up from North Carolina, visiting my

grandparents. They own that cabin over there." 

Where the dog lives, she thought. Maybe it was the sun, but later

she decided it was the loneliness of not having her boyfriend

around. She said, "Want to go for a swim?" 

"Sure!" He smiled again, wider. Boy, I love that smile, she


They swam and played together in the water. They were both good

swimmers, and the water was warm. She slapped him and laughing,

he chased her around the beach, the dog yapping and following. He

caught her and held her, while the waves crashed down around


The afternoon went on. He invited her up to the house for a drink

of something cold. When she accepted, she wasn't even surprised.

She was beginning to feel very turned on to this polite man with

the nice smile.  

He made them milkshakes, strawberry, and they sat on the deck,

looking out at the ocean. While she toweled dry and put on a

bathrobe, he went down and collected her things from the beach.

He told her about his work, and listened to her relate her

experiences in law school. He was very funny, but with a

sarcastic wit, not a comedian. He obviously wasn't trying to

impress her. And she loved that even more.  

So she wasn't surprised when she accepted his invitation to

dinner. He suggested she shower and change while he prepared it.

She got her clothes from her car and went into the bathroom.

Although she didn't lock the door, he did not come to her then.

But she wanted him too, badly. When she was done she came into

the kitchen, and found he was just about finished. The table near

the large glass window was all set, and the salads were waiting.

He offered her wine, which she accepted.  

The food was good, and the laughter was real. She wanted him

badly, and she knew she would have him, but for now, she was

enjoying herself. This was a totally pressureless evening, no

tension between them.  

When they were sitting on the couch, looking at a fire he had

set, she went to him. She took his face in her hands and looked

him in the eyes. "I want to make love to you." He smiled again,

and she melted. He did not speak at all, but instead picked her

up and carried her outside onto the white beach. The stars were

moving above them and a warm breeze moved their hair as he slowly

undid the buttons on her shirt. She undid her own pants and

pushed them down, and undid his pants as he removed his sweater.

She was wearing no bra, so her breasts came to light as soon as

he removed her shirt, her nipples went hard and stuck straight

up, begging. She moaned softly, and pressed herself against him,

she pushed down on his pants and freed him. She held him, and

moaned as he grew larger in her grip. He cupped her breasts, his

thumbs over her nipples, while he kissed her neck and face.

Naked, they stood there, sliding their hands over skin and muscle

building their desire. She began to sink lower, lower, until her

mouth took his penis. She slid her tongue around the head and up

and down his length. She could hear his moans, and she worked

faster, taking him deep inside and then almost all the way out,

showing him what she would like done later. He fell to his knees

and pulled her to him, lifting her up slowly, so that his face

was near her breasts. He sucked her nipples until they hardened,

and then lightly teased them with his cheek. Not speaking, she

lay back in the sand, still warm from the sun of the day and

opened her legs. She was expecting him to enter her then, she

wanted him to enter her then, but he had a better idea. He

started at her feet, and kissed her legs all the way up to her

inner thighs, and then kissed around her swollen mound. She was

moaning with pleasure as he gently kissed and sucked her, his

tongue laving her mons until she could no longer stand it.  

She pulled him up onto her, and he was in her. She cried out with

the pleasure of penetration. He was so big! They moved together,

at first, slowly, but as time went on they got faster, harder, in

and almost out again and again. Breathing in lurge gulps of air,

their bellys slapping, and the sand. All the sand mixing with

their sweat. She came twice, a small one and then as he came in a

gush, a second, stronger. They lay together, staring up at the

stars in heaven, naked to the world. She cuddled close to his

warmth and he held her tight.  

They showered together, and she dressed. She had to leave, and he

was to be leaving for North Carolina the next day. Her life would

go on, and so would his, but she would always remember that night

with a special guy with a great smile and making love on the

beach. She kissed him long and hard, and drove off. She felt no

regret, only a good feeling inside. A satisfied feeling.  

And, of course, she would come back next summer.  


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