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Archive-name: Casual/emt-girl.txt

Archive-author: Al Edwards

Archive-title: EMT Girl

  I have an interesting story...

  In September,  when I was going thru my EMT course at  the  Police  and  Fire

Academy in Mahwah, I met a girl.  Her name is Susan. At first I thought she was

one of those stuck up types and I didn't want anything to do with her.

  One day we were practicing patient examinations and I  was  stuck  with  this

girl  Susan.  Well  we didn't talk much just the usuall Hi hello stuff.  Well I

started to do my accessment on her and when I had to check her ribs  I  started

to  sweat.  She had a nice pair of tits,  I paused and was staring at her shirt

where I noticed her nipples were getting hard,  she noticed that I was  staring

and  she  said,  "Go  ahead  touch  them  it's the only way to see if there all


  They were all right I'll tell you.  I started to feel her  tits  and  I  said

"nothing wrong there." She started to blush and so was I.

  I then said,  "How about going to dinner after class?" She agreed and we went

and had a nice time.

  The next day was Saturday and we had class in the morning.  I found out  that

she was a nurse,  5'6" tall, blonde hair, baby blue eyes and a perfect body.  I

wanted it badly.

  "How about going for a ride later I said.

  "Ok I know a perfect place we could go"

  I picked her up later that night and started driving.

  "Where to?" I asked.

  She gave me directions and we ended up at 7 Lakes Park (Haramin I think).  We

found a place to park and I reached over and started kissing her madly.

  I  wanted her and I think she knew.  My left hand eased up her shirt and came

to rest on her left tit,  where I rubbed it to make her nipple hard.  I started

gently  pulling  her nipple and she responded by putting her hand on my already

bulging pants.

  Soon the stick shift brake handle and steering wheel all got in the  way  and

we  decided  to  move  outdoors.  It  was May and that night was very cold.  We

brought a blanket with us and walked to the other side of the field and  placed

the blanket down and became very comfortable.

  We  resumed  our  little  games only this time I was so horny my cock was wet

with anticipation.  I removed her shirt and bra and got my first look at  those

beautiful  breasts  of  hers.  Her  nipples  were  hard  partly because she was

aroused and partly due to the cold.  I slid her jeans and panties off and  then

started to remove my clothes.  WOW it was cold!!! But I didn't care. I began to

rub  her  tits and kissing her lips my tongue searched the inside of her mouth.

I then kissed her neck and on down to her tits,  where  I  licked,  sucked  and

gently  bit  her  nipples.  She was wriggling around.  I then started making my

way down to her legs.  I licked and kissed her thighs.

  There I got a good wiff of her love  box.  It  smelled  fresh  and  alive.  I

buried  my  tongue  in her cunt and started licking madly.  It tasted so good I

never wanted to stop.  My tongue found her  clit  and  I  started  paying  some

friendly  attention to it.  Soon her breathing was getting heavy and she begged

me to stop, but I just kept right on sucking and licking her beautiful pussy. I

was in heaven.  I finally stopped just before she came and layed down  next  to

her  wiping  the  pussy  juice off my face when she got up and planted her face

between my legs and started madly sucking my stiff cock. She was no novice. Her

tongue could do wonders with the tip of my  prick  that  my  other  girlfriends

couldn't come close.

  She  stopped  too  soon.  I  wanted  to  cum in her mouth but she slid up and

started rubbing my cock with her pussy.  I was getting pissed off.  I wanted to

stick  my  cock  up  in  her  and with a carefully well practiced move I lunged

forward and my cock went right into her wet warm hole.  I was fucking her  like

mad  and  she loved it.  Her breathing was getting very fast as was mine.  Then

she said, "Oh Shit I...mmmm Starting cum!  AHHHHH!"

  She fell on top of me but I didn't stop fucking,  not  yet.  About  a  minute

later I stopped just before I was about to cum.

  She said "what's wrong" I said that I didn't want to cum inside her, for fear

of getting her pregnant.  She said "Fuck, you stick that cock in me. I want you

to cum inside me."

  I didn't need to be told twice. I stuck my dick right up inside her again and

this time she started to pump up and down.  Soon I was beathing very  fast  and

she knew I would climax soon.  I started moaning and she fucked wildly, "I'mmmm

cummming AHHH!" I shot my load inside her and it seemed to last forever.

  Afterwards  we  just  lay  there,  but soon the cold got to us and we put our

clothes on and left.

  I've seen here quite a few times after that and  plenty  of  times  in  deed.

Like the motel room at the Holiday Inn. But thats another story...



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