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Archive-name: Casual/des-adve.txt

Archive-author: Appolonia Kotero 

Archive-title: Desire's Adventure


     Desire(pronounced dez-er-ray) O'Neil was her name.   She was

the sexiest woman that Michael had ever seen.  Michael clearly 

sensed her loveliness across the room. Her cascading brown hair,

her beautiful face, her wonderful red dress that clung to her

entire voluptuous body, and her chocolate colored skin all came

together to make up an resistible creature. 

     Desire had been watching Michael across the room all night. 

She imagined his deep-brown chest clung to her naked breasts and

him  kissing her all over her body.  She winked at him across the


     Pushing his way through all of the people, Michael found his

way across the room.  Because of the loud party music Michael had

to shout in her ear," How would you like to come to my place

after the party?"

     "Sure," said Desire,"How about now?"


     In the car both Michael and Desire were anticipating what

was about to occur.  Michael pulled up to his apartment complex. 

They got out of his car and then entered his apartment.  "How

quaint.",Desire thought to herself.  Michael left Desire on the

couch and went into the other room.  Desire heard mumbling.  When

Michael came out, she asked him about it.  He told her that she

must be hearing things.  She believed him since she had quite a

few drinks at the party.

     Michael looked deeper into her brown eyes.  "You're 


     "Thank you."

     "Would you like to watch a movie?"


     Michael inserted the movie in the machine and returned to

the couch.  He kissed her gently.  She loved his manly scent.  It

was  getting her really horny.  She could feel her underwear

getting  wet.  He kissed her harder and caressed her body.  She

began to notice that this hum-drum movie gradually had turned in

to a porno flick!  She had sex many times and enjoyed it but

never really watched porno movies or tried anything too kinky. 

She observed the woman on the screen sucking dick.  She wondered

how on earth she fitted the man's dick in her mouth.  It looked

interesting to her.  The man in the movie began fucking the woman

real hard and fast.  The man's dick was incredibly large but

somehow he managed to get all 10 inches of it inside of her. 

Desire was getting really turned on and Michael knew it.  Then

two other men joined in, one sucking her tit and the other

receiving a blow job.   Michael whispered, "Are you enjoying the


     "Yes.",said Desire who was getting very wet.

     The woman's multiple orgasms caused her to pant

involuntarily.  "Would you like to be in her place getting all of

that attention?",said Michael.

     "Yes.", Desire said hypnotically.

     Michael pealed off her dress.  He sucked and teased her

brown nipples as they stood at attention.  He felt the springy

pubic hair.  She wanted him to feel her clit so bad.  She reached

for his crotch.  He stopped her and got up.  He told her to go to

the bedroom and remove everything else, lay down in the bed and

wait for him.  She did as he asked.  She couldn't wait to have

that black piece of meat in her pussy.  In and out, in and  out. 

Oh how she wanted and needed it bad.  He entered the room naked

and when she saw his twelve incher she was on the brink of an

orgasm.  She lay still in the bed as he crawled on top of her

like a savage beast.  He stalked his prey.  He licked her nipples

wildly and found his way down to her springy triangle.  He licked

the juices of her purple pussy like a crazed man.  She climaxed

immediately.  She now was dying for that twelve-inch love muscle. 

She spread her legs wide.  He gradually entered her warm pussy. 

He pumped her in a rythmn.  It felt so good to her.  After each

thrust he would say a word that finally formed a


t--ah--ah-for---yooooooou."  She closed for eyes then she felt a

man sucking her tits and some skin touching her mouth.

     It was just like in the movie!!!  He had been talking to

someone.  She took the cock slowly in her mouth since it was her

first  blow job.   Was this heaven or was this heaven?  They all

changed position so one man was in her ass, Michael's twelve inches

in her pussy and the other remained in her mouth.   Her eyes rolled

back in her head as she had her next orgasm and  simultaneously the

cock in her mouth exploded.  She swallowed every drop.  He then

played with her tits awaiting for Michael and the other guy to cum. 

She let them pump till their hearts content.  It was earth

shattering.  They had timed it while one cock was going in, the

other would be going out.  Finally they both climaxed as she had

her final and biggest orgasm.  She felt the sperm oozing out both

her ass and pussy.  The other two guys left.

     She and Michael took a warm shower together.  Michael's shaft

was erect again!  She sucked on his cock with confidence.  She

wanted to fit it deep in to her throat.  Realizing it as being

impossible she came back to her feet and let him fuck her one last

time before they retired to his bed where both Desire and Michael,

bodies intertwined, fell into a deep pleasureful slumber.


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