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Archive-name: Casual/deb.txt


Archive-title: Deb

Deb looked classy -- I liked her tightly creased pants and high

heels.  Her short, light brown hair had blond highlights and

swept over the top of her head.  She wore dark glasses that

framed her piercing brown eyes.  Her lips were shiny with

lipstick and when I saw the stain on her beer glass I thought

about what it would be like to have a similar stain around my

cock.  Her small mouth seemed barely big enough to fit around my

generous member -- but I wanted the chance to see.

She was keeping up with me in beers and since I was starting to

feel pretty good, I knew that she had to be as well.  We talked

about dope.  "I haven't been stoned in years," she said.  I

invited her out to my Jeep for a smoke and she agreed.

We tuned up and talked.  "God, I'm horny," she blurted.  No need

to tell me twice -- I leaned over and kissed her.  We sat kissing

for several minutes, then she rested her hand on the inside of my

thigh.  My hardening cock was only a couple inches away.  She

moved her hand up and rest it gently on my dick.  It wasted no

time in getting hard as rock; "you're hung like a horse!" Deb

exclaimed as she ran her hand over my masterpiece.  "Take a

look", I offered as I unzipped my pants and pulled them to my

knees.  My rockhard shaft bounced free and pointed straight up.

Deb bent over and put the head of my cock into her small mouth. 

I could see her cheeks expand as she worked more of the shaft in. 

She lathered up the head with her spit and went to work on me.  I

leaned back and relaxed, watching Deb's head bob and parry on my

engorged penis.  My orgasm came quickly under her expert suck;

"I'm cuming!" I groaned.  She moaned something and put in the

little extra effort necessary to bring me off.  My hips thrust

forward as I popped into Deb's mouth.  She continued her up and

down motions as my balls burst forth their nectar deep into her

mouth.  When she withdrew my cock, its shaft was gooey with my



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